Why Has My Verizon Email Stopped Working

Verizon Email Not Working Inside Outlook: Easy Fix

Why did my AOL email stop working?

If you encounter an error message while setting up your Verizon AOL account inside Outlook, its probably due to the security changes made by AOL in June 2021.

AOL no longer allows connections from certain third-party apps unless the user updates their password settings. As a result, when you try to add your Verizon account in the Outlook app , an error message saying Something went wrong appears.

Dont worry.Just follow the steps below to resolve the issue:

Step 1Go to and log in with your Verizon Email account and password.

Step 2Click Account Security > Generate apppassword.

Step 3From the Select your app drop-down menu under the App passwords window, select Outlook Desktop, click Generate and copy the generated password.

Step 4Launch the Outlook app, type in your Verizon Email address and password, and click Change Account Settings.

Step 5In the IMAP Account Settings or POP Account Settings window that opens, ensure that your incoming and outgoing server settings for Verizon Email are accurate, and then click Next.

Step 6Insert the generated password from AOL into the Password field and click Connect.

Your Verizon Email account should get successfully configured inside Outlook, and you wouldnt have to do any more troubleshooting.

Next, Ill answer some commonly asked questions related to the Verizon Email Service:

Wrong Email Or Password May Cause Verizon Mail Sign In Problems

This is one of the most generous problem. If you are using the same password for more than 180 days and now not able to log in anymore, chances are there that verizon password is hacked, so you need to Change the Verizon mail password. To do this you need to-

  • Go to www. Verizon.com
  • Now put in your email address in the email address field
  • Now click on forgot the password
  • Google will now send you a verification code to your recovery phone number or email address
  • Now retrieve the code and enter in the box shown in the screen
  • Now create a new password.

Sometimes we unknowingly enter the wrong email while trying to sign in, so we need to make sure that we are entering the right email address.

What Else A User Can Try

It completely depends upon the choice of users whether they want to move to AOL or Yahoo Mail when verizon.net email not working. But, to keep their data safe and secure always, it is advised to download Verizon email on the PC. After that, the very first question asked by the users is how to save Verizon emails to computer. In order to have reliable and trustful solution, a user is advised to try third-party solutions.

AOL Backup and Yahoo Backup tool are the most popular applications that a user can use to download emails from AOL and Yahoo Mail in just few simple clicks. Both the application are easy and simple to use. Moreover, there is no risk of loss data during backup process. Apart from all this, one can install and launch these applications on any version of Windows OS.

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Some More Reasons Why Verizon Email Stops Working Properly

Apart from the few factors weve discussed above, there could be some more reasons why youd encounter issues while using Verizon email. One such reason is the incorrect setup of your account. You must ensure that the Verizon email account setup is configured correctly. In some cases, updating the third-party application on your device can get you rid of issues like Verizon email not working. Heres a list of some of the additional reasons why youd encounter issues with the Verizon email account:

  • Presence of outdated third party applications
  • Incorrect server settings
  • Disabled SSL certificate
  • Cache and cookies

If you can identify the root cause why your Verizon email is not working properly, you can check for the above-mentioned pointers and take the required action to resolve the issue.

Are You Connected To The Internet

Why Is My Verizon Email Not Working

Next important thing is to have a look at your network check if your device is connected to the internet or check if you are getting adequate signal strength. The Internet is a must if you want to escape the issues with Verizon email. So, whenever you realize that Verizon email is not working, switching to a better network is one thing you can do. After that, retry to log in to your Verizon email account.

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B Setting Up Verizon Smtp Settings In Outlook

Heres how you can add the SMTP settings for your Verizon account inside Outlook:

Step 1Launch the Outlook mail app on your computer. Then, go to File > Info > Add Account.

Step 2Type in your Verizon Email address, enter your password, and click Connect.

Step 3Once the connection between your Verizon Email account and Outlook has been established, navigate to File > Info > Manage Profiles > Email Accountsand click on your Verizon account.

Step 4Type in the outgoing mail server name: smtp.verizon.net and outgoing.yahoo.verizon.net .

Step 5Go to More Settings > Advanced and check if the port number for the outgoing mail server is 465 and that TLS or SSL encryption is used.

Step 6Click OK > Next, type in your Verizon password, and click OK.

Outlook will now send a test email from your Verizon Email account to ensure that everything is working as expected.

For more details, you can check out my detailed guide on Outlook SMTP settings.

Now that youve got your SMTP settings in place, youre all set to send emails to other people with your Verizon mail address.

Next, Ill talk about setting up the IMAP and POP settings for your Verizon account:

What Happened To My Verizon Email

Verizon has retired our email service. We have completed our notifications regarding this change, and customers no longer have the option to keep their Verizon.net email address or extract and move their data to another service provider. For support and help with your email, please contact your email provider directly.

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A Setting Up Verizon Pop Settings In Gmail

Note: With Gmail, you can only set up your Verizon Email account with POP and not IMAP. As a result, your emails will get downloaded but wont be synced back to the server.

Step 1Launch the Gmail web app and log in to your Gmail account. Then, click on the Settings gear icon and go to Sell all settings > Accounts and Import.

Step 2Scroll down until you see the Check mail from other account: section and click on Add mail account.

Step 3Type in your Verizon Email address and hit Next.

Step 4Click on the radio button next to Import emails from my other account and click Next.

Step 5Choose the 995 port number for the incoming mail server and enter the POP server name: pop.verizon.net and incoming.yahoo.verizon.net .

Step 6Click Add Account.

You should now be able to receive emails to your Verizon Email account inside the Gmail app.

Common Reasons Behind Verizon Email Not Working Problems

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Verizon email errors can be both familiar and unique at their times. In whatever situation your Verizon email would be, it is not that hard to fix the issues as you can try some great troubleshooting techniques on them. But before that, lets take a look at different Verizon login problems and the reasons behind them.

The above are the causes behind email, not working problems. You can quickly fix them by trying out the troubleshooting techniques and different methods.

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Solution : Register Properly For Setting Up Your Verizon Email Account

If youve encountered the Verizon email not working issue when signing in to your Verizon email account for the first time then, it may be because youve registered yourself properly. Thus, considering the same, lets see the following steps to know how you can register yourself for setting up your Verizon email account properly

  • Firstly, using your optimized web browser visit the Verizon Wireless Website.
  • Then, go to the My Account tab and there, select the option of Sign-in.
  • Next, what youve to do is enter your User-ID or else, you can enter your mobile number and Verizon accounts password.
  • After doing so, verify yourself using a Secure PIN that will be sent to you via email, text, or call.
  • In addition, you may have to answer a Security Question right before your registration setup process finishes successfully.

Find Answers To Your Common Verizon Email Issues

Verizon is a standard email service provider, like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. In the mid of 2015, Verizon stopped its email services because it required the AOL client to continue serving their services. However, in 2017, Verizon resumed its email services in association with AOL clients. If youre still using Verizon email, you can use your old email address, but you will have to switch to the AOL mail service. But if you have previously shifted your address to yahoo, you have the option of accessing them through yahoo. Using Verizon, you can send and receive your emails from anywhere on the web.

If you have a Verizon email account, you can configure it as a group mail. Some steps you need to follow are:

Step-1: Firstly, you need to fill user information in the text field provided. For example, your name and organization, which will be displayed to your recipients in the FROM field. You can leave the organization field blank too. But if you wish to fill up the organization area, it will display in the parenthesis after the content you have entered in the name field.

Step-2: Now go to the Delivery options tab and enter the Verizon SMTP email address. Tick the requires authentication option and click setup. If you wish to enter the number of deliveries, connections, and delivery pauses, you can do the same.

Step-5: Click OK.

You need to click OK to finish all these steps. You can go back and modify your settings at any time.

Setting up your Verizon account-

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Solution : Check Server Settings

If you are facing Verizon email not working problem, then you must check POP or IMAP settings of your Verizon email. By going to the server settings of your Verizon email account, choose the POP or IMAP settings.

Though you can either choose POP or IMAP but it is recommended to choose IMAP as it works with Yahoo, AOL, and other services.

How To Fix Verizon Email Issues With Quick Troubleshooting

Why Is My Verizon Email Not Working

Verizon emails have top security features and it is impossible to break into the account unknowingly. Emails can be sent and received faster now. Access the emails using an alternate device and save emails on a protected server. This modern-day email service also allows easy transfer of emails from one account to the other.

There can be instances sometimes when the Verizon email user might face problems in email access. There can be various reasons behind the problem. It is necessary to identify the issues at their core and provide quick troubleshooting steps. Verizon email not working is a common problem and this article will provide quick troubleshooting solutions for the problem.

Here are some of the troubleshooting steps to quickly fix the Verizon email problems –

  • Check if there is any problem with the internet connection? Problem or glitches in the internet connectivity can cause problems in quick email access. Contact the ISP if there is a break in internet connectivity.
  • Check whether the Verizon email inbox has reached its full capacity? There is a certain limit to storing emails in the Verizon email account. If we are not deleting any email in it, then it is overfilled and the user will not be able to receive any email. Delete emails from the inbox to get emails quicker.
  • Are the emails being deleted automatically? Set up the email filter or auto-deletion of your emails.
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    Update Verizonnet Account Info In Pop3 Email Applications

    These steps should be followed only if you’ve been using a 3rd party email client with POP3 enabled to send and receive Verizon.net email prior to migrating to AOL. If you’re not currently using an email client with POP3 enabled, you can set up your Verizon.net AOL Mail account using IMAP.

    POP3 lets you access your emails in a 3rd party application. Your messages are downloaded to a single computer or device from a server, then deleted from the server. This means the only copy of your emails are on that specific device.

    After migrating your Verizon.net email to AOL Mail, follow the steps below to update your settings based on your email client. Be aware some sections will link to the client’s help page, and they can’t answer questions about AOL Mail settings, or your Verizon.net username or password.

    Server Settings

    Why Did Verizon Retire Its Email Service

    In 2017, Verizon decided to withdraw its email service permanently. You can no longer access your verizon.net mail account via Verizons email program.

    Why?The company stated that as there are more capable email platforms available, theyd instead focus on other ventures that bring more value to the Verizon customer base.

    In contrast, the companys other products have remained more or less unchanged, like:

    • Wide bandwidth & low latency internet service provider offerings.
    • HD voice calling and video calling services.
    • Prepaid/postpaid mobile phone options.
    • Managed network services.

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    Optimize The Web Browser

    A browser requires time to time optimization for smooth functioning. Here, by optimization, we mean that you need to clear the browsing history, cache memory, cookies, junk files regularly. If your web browser is filled with files, you cannot access the email.

    So, clear the history and browsing data from the web browser. Sign in to the Verizon email account again and see if the problem is resolved. Else, you can proceed with the next solution.

    Having Problem In Receiving Emails In Verizon Account

    Unfortunately Gmail Or Email Has Stopped Fix || Gmail Keeps Stopping Android [Solve]

    Verizon email is good to fulfill all your email service needs you can use your Verizon email account service to any web browser, the email client application or mail app of your Smartphone. This is easy to use and send or receive emails, yet some users are finding it difficult to get emails in their Verizon email account. When you find the problem of not able to receive emails in the Verizon account you can take help from this quick guide. This will guide you through the various reasons and their respective solutions. You can do it easily with the help of this guide.

    One such common issue is that they cant receive email.

    This problem is very common with AOL or even Yahoo. There might be many reasons that you are not able to receive emails.

    If you are using any third party application to access your emails and you cant receive emails or even having problems connecting or sending emails, then one reason might be that you have not updated the application.

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