Why Does My Husband Get Emails From Dating Sites

These Are Random Spam Emails

Bronymate: The Brony Dating Site Scam

We dont assume that everyone who gets emails from different dating sites is really a user on these platforms, however, things might be different from one person to another one. If a boyfriend is flirting with other girls then, hell use a local dating site that will send him new pictures and messages from girls, however, that can also happen for a married man who never used such sites.

Once you see adult emails in your spouses Gmail account, try opening any of them just to see whats inside, if its a spam email, youll find it with a random name or even without any personalization. Thats the kind of telemarketing spam that Chinese companies and even others from Europe and the USA use.

In other cases, these emails contain bad pictures that no one wants to receive, especially in a serious relationship, and of course, these are not real girls that your husband knew or even talked to, but scammers who want to attract men by these photos, and guess what? They might have found his email like many others on blogs, forms posts, social media, or by hacking.

In all these situations, your husband is not cheating and he only gets these emails from fake dating sites that do not exist, so, be careful with these sites, and never even click on any of their links on emails.

What You Should Do Starting Right Now

  • Become more marriage-friendly. In every way, shape, and form. Completely stop any and all criticism, complaining, and expectations. There is no benefit from expressing anger. There is always a benefit from behaving in ways that express love even if you do not feel it at the moment. What would you tell your kids to do?
  • Be more loving.In ways he wants you to be loving. Dont ask him what he wants, though. He wont believe that you want to do better he may have given up on you and the marriage, already. He can never articulate what he truly needs anyway because of his biological and cultural preoccupation with sex. But this point is not about you becoming more sexual, anyway. Be loving, and show it in ways that are not sexual. Though sex is important, becoming too sexual all of a sudden can easily backfire at this point.
  • Pay attention to his needs for heart-based intimacy. Clearly, if he were deeply satisfied, he would not be looking online in most cases. If you are persistently pleasantly and loving youll see what he wants and needs. Intimacy is not sex. But sex can be intimate. Again, dont let your reactiveness cloud your judgment and patience. If you are currently having sex, then you need to make it much more heart-based than you currently are. Focus more on connecting at your heart, rather than your performance. If you do not know what I mean by this, you really need to read one of my books, at least.
  • My best.

    Free Site For Find What Social Media He Belongs To

    How can I find out what social media groups my husband belongs to without him finding out for free

    There is a free online search tool at Social Searcher that will allow you to see all web mentions, news blogs, forums and comments including Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp. However, this site might be just as good as using Google to find out information about him. If you input his name into the , you should be able to see what social media belongs to on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Remember, if he is using a fake name, you may not be able to see any information about what social media he belongs to, unless, by chance, you happen to know what his social media alias is.

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    Reasons Why Your Husband Is Looking At Online Dating Sites

    By | Submitted On September 08, 2011

    When you find your husband or partner looking at online dating sites it is fair enough to assume the worst and start packing the bags and phoning the divorce lawyer. However, before any drastic action is taken it is necessary to take a better look at the online dating scene in general and then find out what he was actually doing there – or at least what his intentions were.

    Discovering your husbands profile on an online dating site is probably the hardest thing to deal with because you have been taught by society and your own social circle that this instantly means he is cheating. Thoughts of infidelity come to mind and then it becomes hard to really communicate and get to the heart of why he is really looking at and signing up to these types of sites in the first place.

    Now let’s look at 3 reasons why he might be looking at internet dating sites

    1. There is not enough passion in his existing love life. He’s looking for a little more spice.

    As much as this may seem like a weak excuse – the fact remains that in 9 cases out of 10 the husband never had any intention of ever doing anything beyond ‘looking’ and ‘chatting’ and in actual fact it is the very act of looking in the first place that will more than likely keep him faithful to you for years to come.

    2. Your Husband is a Flirt

    What would you rather – that he flirts with people in public and embarrasses you too? or that he keeps it discrete and online.

    3.He intends on Cheating

    How To Fix A Marriage When The Husband Goes To Online Dating Sites

    Why Does My Husband Keep Get Emails From Dating Sites ...
  • How to Let Go After an Affair
  • Discovering that your husband is visiting online dating sites can be an emotionally devastating experience. Although such behavior constitutes a betrayal and many wives consider this a form of adultery, if you and your husband can communicate your physical and emotional needs to each other, it may be possible to fix your marriage.

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    How To Find My Husband On Dating Sites In 9 Easy Steps

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    Are you worried that your husband might be active on dating sites?

    Are you scared that he might be going behind your back and you’re trying to catch him red-handed and by finding his actual account on these sites?

    To get straight to the point, the most reliable tool is to use something like this .

    With this tool you simply enter his name, and the city where you live .

    The tool will take a while to scan the internet and pull up a list of dating sites on which it finds his details.

    Most popular dating sites are included.

    In fact, many wives and girlfriends were surprised that they did not only find the hidden dating profiles of their spouses with this tool – but in some cases these profiles had been active for many years.

    Therefore, I really recommend you use out this checker so that you can run a quick scan and find any dating sites that your husband may be on.

    Once you’ve done that, let’s get into some of the less reliable ways of finding your husband on dating sites.

    But before we go into business, I should inform you that my reason for writing this is not to be misinterpreted as a means to break your home but rather, as one to build it. This I believe, is to give you proof and to help you communicate better with your husband.


  • 1 Conclusion
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    Dont Take His Actions Personally

    Regardless of to what degree your husband has strayed, he didnt do it to you. He didnt do it to get back at you. He did it because he was dissatisfied with his marriage and has not been getting what he needs out of it. This doesnt mean just sex but primarily love, as we will explore more later on.

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    Online Dating And Romance Scams

    A recent study indicates that 15 percent of American adults use online dating websites or mobile applications. As the number of people looking to meet new people online grows, so does the opportunity for fraud.

    Some scam artists use bogus profiles to con the people they meet out of hundreds or thousands of dollars. Criminals who perpetrate online dating and romance scams use emotional appeals to quickly gain their victimsâ trust and then, just as quickly, exploit it. This leaves many victims not only embarrassed but also in financial distress. It is important for online users to be on the look-out for online dating and romance scams. It can happen like this:

    âMariaâ signed up for an online dating serviceand was contacted by âAndrew,â who claimedto be an American overseas on business inAustralia. Maria and Andrew seemed to hitit off and began planning a road trip for thatsummer when Andrew would come back to theU.S. Andrew sent Maria a check for $5,000 tocover the cost of their trip, but then suddenlyasked her to send $4,500 back to him becausehe needed money for rent after being laid offfrom his job. Maria deposited the check andsent the money, but was soon contacted by herbank, which told her the check was bad andshe had to repay the $4,500. On top of losingher money, the fake âAndrewâ disappeared,and Maria never heard from him again.

    Do Not Tell Anyone What He Did

    This is a cardinal rule for marriage, even when things are good. Yet it is so rarely adhered to. Marriage is a private relationship that is closed off to the world. Only the two of you are supposed to know what is going on within your marriage, and that practical rule is especially true for any problems.

    Dont go running to your girlfriends, mother, or sisters. We have seen situations where once the confidant became aware that there were marriage problems, she moved in now that she knew the husband was available to extra-marital activities. Even loving sisters have done this.

    Dont share your relationship with others. Even with counselors, keep the details minimal. Describing the details will not help in the slightest to improve your marriagechanging your behavior is the only thing that works. Spilling all the details will not allow a counselor to help you more. Asking about them only helps to keep the clock ticking or satisfy their curiosity they are people too.

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    What Are Dating Sites And Why Should My Husband Be There

    Dating sites are platforms that allows individuals across different locations to find and interact with one another through the internet with the aim of developing a personal, sexual, or romantic relationship.

    From the definition above, dating sites should be for individuals who are yet to be married, what then is your husband looking for there? You see, most times, married men join dating apps because of the dissatisfaction they get from you, their wives, in bed. Here are other reasons men visit dating sites

    This implies that if you get to find your husband on a dating site, the bulk of the work is yours to do in other not to lose your husband and marriage.

    Ask Ammanda: I Caught My Husband On A Dating Site

    Why is my husband getting emails from dating sites. Does ...

    Last year, I caught my husband on a dating site – actually, it was a swingers’ or ‘lifestyle’ site. At the time, we were recently engaged and very happy.

    His online profile had a fake name and age and hed been messaging both men and women explicit photos. He’d also arranged hookups. When I confronted him, he denied it until he realised Id seen the messages.

    He reacted angrily at first, almost blaming me, but was later very remorseful. He said he hadnt met anyone, but he enjoyed the flirting and getting people to hook up. I tried to believe him at the time and as there were no other issues in the relationship, we decided to stay together. We had some relationship counselling, but I didnt find it very helpful.

    Six months later we got married. But now, just under a year into our marriage, I feel increasingly paranoid – constantly checking his phone. I never find anything and I know its wrong, but I cant seem to stop.

    I love my husband so much and otherwise our relationship is great. I desperately want to trust him again but I just dont know how to go about this. We are talking about how I feel and my husband insists he loves me. I just dont know what to do.

    Ammanda says

    Im not surprised youre feeling this way. You dont actually have what you thought you had and thats a huge shock – it cant just be set aside and forgotten.

    Ammanda Major is a Relationship Counsellor and Sex Therapist and Head of Clinical Practice at Relate.

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