Why Did I Get A Text Message From An Email

How To Send A Text Message From Your Email Account

Why am I getting spam texts from email addresses?

With all the myriad methods of messaging available to us online and on our mobile phones, sometimes its easy to forget that some older methods of SMS still exist. Like the pneumatic tubes in mailrooms from days of old, the pneumatic tube of texting is sending an SMS via e-mail. If youre ever in a pinch and without your phone for whatever reason, here is a guide on sending a text message via e-mail.

First Never Open The Link

Scammers are tricky. They’ll send messages that appear to be from a legitimate company, such as your wireless carrier, bank or medical facility, and include a link asking you to verify your account information. The link then takes you to a site that may look real, but is actually fake. The object is to collect your username, password and other personal information for future use.

If you receive an unexpected message that includes a link, do not open it. If you happen to open it, do not enter any account details or personal information.

Look at this fake Verizon site that was being used in phishing attempts, as covered by How To Geek. The site looks real and even redirects to the official Verizon site after the nefarious actors have taken your account credentials. Scary stuff.

Don’t click on links in spam messages, and do some research before replying ‘stop.’

How To Recognize If An Email Is Spam

If youre struggling to determine whether a received email is spam, scan it for some common giveaways. There is no foolproof formula, but the pointers in the table below should provide some helpful guidance:

Not Spam

The email contains a lot of generic words and phrases
The subject line matches the message content

The email is titled randomly or without connection to the content in the email body

The email contains relevant and verified links and attachments

The message is missing a subject line, body text, or both
The message is sent via a well-known email service

The message is sent from an unknown domain

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How To Discover Why Your Email Is Filtered To The Junk Or Bulk Folder

If you find your email to constantly end up in the Junk or Bulk email folder, you can do this simple test to find out the reason of the email filtering.

First of all, pay attention to the links you include into the email. Remove all the links and send the test. Check the report. If the email is placed to the Inbox, the problem is in some URL you used in the email. Consider removing the problem URLs/domains or replace them with different URLs/domains.

If the email sent without URLs is still delivered to the Junk folder, the problem may be in the whole email content. Send an email with a single word Test and check how it is placed. If it arrives into the Inbox, the problem is in your email content. Consider revising it.

If the test email with a single word is still moved to the Junk folder, the problem is most likely in your mail servers IP address which has a poor sender reputation and/or misses proper sender authentication records. In this case whatever email you send, it will be moved to the Junk folder. Consider using a different mail server to send the emails to your recipients.

Well, now you get the idea why the ISPs may block the emails and what to do to pass through the filters. But what if youre already blocked and your emails dont reach certain subscribers?

How Do I Stop Text Messages From Being Sent To My Email Inbox

Why Can

How do I stop Text messages from being sent to my email inbox?


Depending on the version of Android you’re running these directions should get you close…

Select “Email” from home screen > Select “Account” that is getting the text messages > Select the “Options” menu from the bottom left of the phone > Select “More”, then “Account Settings”.

Scroll thru the account settings for an entry called “SMS sync”. This should be listed in the “Server settings” section of that page. Uncheck “SMS sync”. This should stop text messages from being delivered to your email account.


10 y ago

You might start, by sharing what device you have, and what operating system. If you don’t have a texting plan, you can always call customer service, and have them block any & all text messages coming in. Otherwise, you can be charged 20 cents per text, and 30 cents per MMS. I hate that they did away with the lower volume text packages, like 200 texts. Now, it’s either the charges I mentioned, or pay about $20 per month, for unlimited texting.

10 y ago

I have a Samsung Galaxy S II Android.

I have a texting plan – I just do not want the texts to go to my email too


8 y ago


5 y ago

I have a Galaxy S5 and there is no entry called SMS Sync to toggle on or off.

Never mind I found it. Was on the non default account.


5 y ago


4 y ago

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Customer Alert: Fraudulent Email And Text Message Representation Of Purolator

Purolator is aware that some customers have received an email and/or text message that appears to be from Purolator account or phone numbers. This email or text message are not from Purolator. Our contact information is being spoofed, which is the sending of messages with a forged sender address.

We are investigating now to determine the origin of these messages, which are likely part of a fraudulent phishing campaign, and posting this message for our customers out of an abundance of caution.

Please see examples of a fraudulent email and text message sent to customers below. If you have received such an email or a text message please do not click on any links.

Prior to opening an email or a text message, if you are suspicious about the validity or origin of an email from Purolator, please contact us by telephone to verify that someone from Purolator sent it.

If you have received such an email or text message please report it to your local police agency and/or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

We appreciate your understanding.

Spam Doesnt Stand A Chance Against Donotpay

If emails are an indispensable part of your personal and professional life, knowing how to stop spam and unsubscribe from emails is a must.

Thankfully, you no longer have to manage these tasks on your own. DoNotPay willunsubscribe you from random unsolicited emails and help you get compensation if the spam was sent illegally.

Here is how to fight spam with DoNotPay:

  • Open DoNotPay in your web browser
  • Select the Spam Collector option
  • Enter your email address to connect it with DoNotPay
  • Forward the next spam email you receive to
  • After you complete the process, we will automatically unsubscribe you from the mailing list in question.

    We will also notify you if there is a class-action lawsuit against the sender. If there is, a flag icon will show up in the Spam Collector tab on your DoNotPay dashboard.

    Should the court rule in the class members favor, you could win up to $500 in the compensation money!

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    Follow These Final Tips To Cut Down On Spam

    Spam can be a huge annoyance, but you dont have to accept it as inevitable. If youre still getting countless messages that throw a wrench in your daily workflow, follow these steps from the Federal Trade Commission.

  • Create two email addresses: Use one for personal use and the other for things like shopping, newsletters, surveys and chat rooms. You may even want a disposable email address that forwards messages to your permanent address. This way, if spam starts to hit your extra email, your main hub is clean.
  • Never display your email address in public: Scammers trawl social networking sites, forums and blogs for emails. If you do want to post your email address somewhere, write it out, so its hard for a bot to pick up, like name at domain dot com.
  • Creating an account online? Read through the privacy policy: Some websites may sell your email address to third parties. You can find this in their privacy policy, so dont skip it!
  • Uncheck boxes for email updates: Sometimes, when you make an account on a website, youll be signed up for marketing emails. Check no on the boxes asking for permission to send you updates if youre not interested. Otherwise, youre looking at a bloated inbox.
  • Test Your Deliverability And Spam Score

    How to Send a Text Message from Email

    Within minutes, GlockApps will show you where your email is placed at different ISPs.

    At Gmail, youll see whether your email lands in the Primary, Promotions, Social tab in the Inbox or in the Spam folder.

    Plus, GlockApps comprehensive test checks your email for:

    risky content blacklisting issues.

    and provides feedback for common ISP and corporate filters.

    Read through your report and note what score you received for each spam filter. If a spam filter did not pass well explain whats causing the issue.

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    Its Simple Yet Frustrating

    by Leo A. Notenboom

    What do you do? Nothing. Theres nothing you can do.

    Why is it happening? In a word: spammers. Lets look at what theyre up to.

    Spam often appears to have come from someone who did not send it at all. If thats you, then you may get bounce messages when that spam is identified as spam by its recipient, or when it was sent to invalid email addresses. Theres nothing to be done, as it was never your doing to begin with.

    Question: Q: Why Does My Iphone Send Texts As Emails

    why does my iphone send texts as emails?

    Thank you!!! This fixed my issue…. Not sure why it got changed…

    Go to Settings> Messages> Receive At> Caller ID. Choose your phone number rather than your email address.

    Had same problem the only way I found was to turn off iMessage.

    That depends on who you are sending it to.

    Are you sending to an email contact or to a mobile number?

    I am sending them to mobile contact numbers in my phone and not email addresses.

    Go to Settings> Messages> Receive At> Caller ID. Choose your phone number rather than your email address.

    Thank you!!! This fixed my issue…. Not sure why it got changed…

    Had same problem the only way I found was to turn off iMessage.

    I did turn off iMessage and it fixed the problem!!!

    The Caller ID setting is only visible if you have more than one thing listed in Receive At. I’m not sure what problem you are trying to solve, but if you enable iMessage and it is verified you will see both your number and the email address associated with your Apple ID listed in Receive At, and the Caller ID setting will be visible so you can choose which one you want to use to identify your outgoing messages.

    My phone won’t let me select my phone number. I just turned iMessage off — I’m guessing that’s where the problem began.

    This was driving me crazy but I’ve cracked it!!

    Hip hip hooray. I can relax at last.

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    How To Block An Unknown Number On An Iphone

    To block an unknown number on your iPhone follow these steps:

  • Open the text messageremember DONT click on any links in it.
  • Press the info button to the right of the senders number
  • At the bottom, click on block this caller
  • To confirm that you want to block this unknown number, click block this caller again
  • Now the unknown number is blocked and you wont receive anymore junk text messages from them. Youll notice that if you looked at the detail of this phone number again youd see this:

    You can see that this number is blocked because it now shows you can unblock the number by pressing on those words.

    The Bottom Line: Dont Click Any Suspicious Links

    Why am I sending text messages from my email?

    The links in smishing scams often contain malicious code that can encrypt your files and lock your phone. If that happens, smishers essentially hold your phone hostage and will demand money in return for access back into your phone. The code may even give them access to all of your personal online accounts. The text component is important because a lot of accounts we have now are using a text code to authenticate you, says Cobb. If the bank or Amazon asks for the text code they sent you to authenticate your identity, the hacker could intercept that code and access your account remotely. Its also a good idea to update your phone to the latest operating system, says Cobb. Most of the operating system upgrades for smartphones include security improvements.

    An additional precautionary step to safeguard your phone is to install a reputable app or software thats made for mobile device protection. One of these security solutions includes ESET Mobile Security for Android devices, which has an anti-phishing feature that prevents you from clicking on links within a message that are malicious. A spokesperson for ESET says, A product like this is a good layer of security to have in case you are tempted to click, or the scam looks so legit that you dont even think twice and intuitively click . Make sure you hang up immediately if you hear this phrase when you pick up the phone and definitely look out for these 10 other online scams everyone should be aware of.

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    Report A Bad Message To Your Carrier

    If you can’t verify who sent a message, or it’s clearly a scam, you can forward the message to 7726 .

    AT& T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon all accept spam reports through this number. You may receive a follow-up message after reporting a message, asking for more information or to confirm the number the original message was sent from.

    Some carriers, such as Sprint, will even block the number from messaging you after you’ve reported it.

    Getting More Spam Text Messages How To Avoid And Report The Latest Schemes

    Spammers are sending fake messages on behalf of companies to steal your information. Here’s what you should know.

    If you’re getting random messages from “AT& T” to claim a free perk or “FedEx” with alerts for an incomplete delivery, you may be tempted to click the link for more information. Don’t do it. These messages may seem real, especially if you have service with the provider that seems to be messaging you.

    But before you get excited about your “reward,” there are a few red flags to watch out for. Paying attention to these warning signs can protect your personal data and lower your risk of fraud from scam texts. Scammers are using trusted company names, links and urgency to steal your information after you click the link in a text message. The messages are expected to continue, even though wireless carriers submitted plans to stop robocalls. But that doesn’t include the workaround for spammers to send texts. In fact, Robokiller’s August report predicts 86 billion spam texts to be sent this year.

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