Where Can I Find My Email Address

How Is The Email Finder Different From Other Email Search Tools

How to find my Email address
  • Hunter uses one of themost extensive databasesof more than one hundred million professional email addresses tofind the up-to-date contact information you need.
  • Every result you get with the Email Finder goes through a email verification.It returns the verification status and a unique confidence score to evaluatethe accuracy.
  • When an email address apears on the web, the Email Finder returns the publicsources where it has been found with the discovery dates.
  • The Email Finder isGDPR compliant.Even though the GDPR only applies to datafrom EU residents, we applied the requirements of the regulation broadly tothe entire database.
  • Find Your Email Server’s Imap And Smtp Information

    Applies to:

    All products and plans

    It is sometimes necessary to add more details in the Advanced Options section when connecting your inbox to HubSpot using IMAP. Your IT team should be able to provide your mail server’s IMAP and SMTP information. If not, you can take the steps below to find them in your email client:

    • Click Mail in your Mac’s toolbar, then select Preferences from the dropdown menu.
    • In the left sidebar, select the account you want to connect to HubSpot.
    • Select Account Information.
    • Find the field for Incoming Mail Server. This value is your IMAP server name.
    • Next, find the field for Outgoing Mail Server. You may need to use the dropdown menu to select Edit SMTP server list to view the SMTP server name. You can also find your SMTP port here.
    • Click Outlook in your Mac’s toolbar.
    • Select Preferences, then click Accounts.
    • In the left sidebar, click on the account you want to connect to HubSpot.
    • Find the fields for Incoming server and Outgoing server. The longer text box is the server name and the text box towards the right is the port. Use this information when setting up your connected inbox in HubSpot.
    • In Outlook, click File. Then navigate to Account Settings> Account Settings.
    • On the Email tab, double-click on the account you want to connect to HubSpot.
    • Below Server Information, you can find your incoming mail server and outgoing mail server names.
    • To find the ports for each server, click More settings… > Advanced.
    • Navigate to your iPhone’s Settings.

    If All Else Fails: Talk To Your Website Host

    If you still dont know who is hosting your email for your domain name or if you cant do whats listed above, talk to your website host. They should know or be able to help you figure out where the email portion of your domain name is being sent to.

    It might be them or it might be at another place but they should be able to tell you.

    The email host for a domain name can be on a different server than your website server . Sometimes hosting companies have to move things around to make them work better, so this happens from time to time.

    If youre not sure who your website host is or server is, there are a few ways to find out:

    • Check your credit card or bank statements who are you paying?
    • Check with your website design company they might know.
    • Check with your IT support department they should know.

    Be creative and do some digging. The answers are out there. Dont give up but just figure the problem out.

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    How Does Email Address Search Work

    Ever Googled an email address to find the owner of the account, and came up empty-handed? Search engines can only identify someone by email if the address appeared on a public platform, suchas Facebook or Twitter. Even then, search engines often fail to identify the true account holder.

    Unlike phone numbers, there are no âyellow pagesâ and âwhite pagesâ for email addresses. You donât have to give your real name or prove your identity to open an email account. There are noarea codes in an email address to give you clues about the ownerâs location. Itâs hard to find someone by email when thereâs no central email directory.

    BeenVerifiedâs reverse email lookup goes beyond search engines to sift through billions of public records to help you look up who mayhave sent you a message. An email address can unlock useful information about the senderâs background and identity.

    The Geek Way: Start With The Domain Name

    3 Ways to Change Your Email Address on Facebook

    First, always start from the beginning. Start with the domain. Do a whois to find out which name servers are being used with this domain.

    You will see this in the results:


    There are 2 or more name servers listed usually as there is a primary server and secondary server. Very often, where you have your DNS is where you have other things like your website hosting and email, so this is a valuable clue.

    I also have an article here about how to tell who is hosting your website and you might want to read that one as well.

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    Are The Email Addresses Guesses Or Found Somewhere

    Both cases can happen.

    • First, the Email Finder will search for a match in ourlarge database of email addresses appearing publicly on the web.
    • If there is no likely match, the Email Finder will use other variousdata points to deduce the most likely email address.

    In both cases, the email addresses go through an email verificationto validate the accuracy.

    Use An Email Lookup Tool

    One of the easiest ways to find an email address is to use an email lookup service. All you need to do is enter a persons name and/or a website, and the tool will search for the relevant address for you.

    Use an email lookup service

    While they can be incredibly useful, youre not guaranteed to get a successful result every time you use it. The free searches are limiting and the paid options can end up being quite expensive, especially if you dont get the addresses youre looking for.

    The good news is that theres an almost endless list of email lookup tools on the web, so youve got lots of options to see what works for you.

    Email lookup services all work in mostly the same way: you input a name, try to refine it down as much as possible, and the tool goes and finds the best email.

    Having said that, there are a few different pricing options and types of tools available.

    Here are a few of the most popular email lookup tools to get you started :

    How to Find Someones Email Address for Free?

    If your budget is tight, here are three quick ways to find emails for free:

    • Clearbit Connect is a Gmail and Outlook add-on that looks for a persons email from a variety of sources as well as their own database .
    • GetProspect is a Chrome extension that allows you to find someones email address by their name and domain.
    • RocketReach can quickly find emails for you, especially if your target is fairly high profile. Just sign up for a free account and start email hunting.

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    Dig In With Advanced Google Search

    You have a couple of emails that you think are correct. Now its time to search them on Google and see if your hypothesis is precise.

    For this, you can use , which are the symbols or words in your query that helps to make search more precise.

    Put your guesses on Google in a similar format and see if any search results appear.

    Using in your search query telling Google to search only for the exact matches.

    When you search, make sure to check the results for the company website, personal blog, or social media pages first.

    Here is an example of how easy it is to find an email from Buffers Founder, Joel Gascoigne.

    Searching Through Your Emails

    How to find all accounts linked to my email address

    There is another way to find all the linked accounts, and thats by looking through the emails in your mailbox.

    To make it easier, try typing in the most common words to find the linked accounts:

    • Verification
    • Welcome
    • Unsubscribe

    You can also type in your username in the search bar. Keep in mind, though, that this step may give you a larger result list, and most of the results will not be relevant.

    Various studies find that the average person in the U.S. has around 100-150 online accounts linked to an email address. Managing all those login credentials without compromising security can be tough! Luckily, a password manager can help – we recommend NordPass, which is currently available with a 70% discount!

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    Check If Your Email Has Been Hacked

    As our data is the new currency, its important we take good care of it. One of the best ways to do that is to regularly check whether your most sensitive information is safe.

    To do that, you can use our data leak check. After entering your email address, youll be able to know if your account has been hacked by online fraudsters.

    As this tool is completely safe you can use it once in a while for prevention purposes. It will help you know if an email address that you are using is safe. And if not, what to do to recover it.

    I Forgot My Mailcom E

    Your e-mail address is automatically saved by your browser per default. If you forgot it, you can view it with a few clicks.

    Your browser may still know it, and you can just look it up.

    Firefox: View the e-mail address

    Internet Explorer: View the e-mail address

    Chrome: View the e-mail address

    Safari: View the e-mail address

  • Switch to the Passwords tab. A list of saved passwords will appear.
  • To narrow down the list, enter mail.com in the search field. Check the box next to Show passwords for selected websites. Enter your Mac user password and confirm by clicking OK.
  • Thunderbird: View the e-mail address

  • To open the options, press the Alt and T keys at the same time. Click Options.
  • Switch to the Security tab and click Passwords. Click the Saved Passwords… button. A list of saved passwords will appear.
  • To narrow down the list, enter mail.com
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    Ask Via Provided Generic Email Address Or A Contact Form

    Even if the above methods do not work and the best you can gather is a generic company-run email address, you can still endeavour to acquire your desired email address.

    Simply send an email to the generic email address asking to get in touch with the person of your choice, stating your name and reason.

    Or if you cannot find any email address but the site has a contact form, make headway by submitting your details. Once you are contacted by the site via email, use that senders email address in the same manner mentioned above.

    Use An Echo Service To See Your Email Address

    Where Can I Find My Email Address on Facebook on Mobile and PC

    The best way to find out what the emails you send look like is, of course, to send yourself an email. If only you knew your email address.

    Well, you don’t need to know your address to do that. Send an email to an email echo service, and it is sent right back to you. That way, you can find out exactly what it is you send and from which address.

    Echo services, typically run by universities, are safe to use. Known services do not store your message or your email address, and they do not sell or otherwise use it.

    Use an echo service such as the one provided by the Vienna University Computer Center by addressing your email to echo@univie.ac.at. You will receive a response, and your email address will be in the To field.

  • Start a new email message in your email program or service.

  • Enter echo@univie.ac.at in the To field. No subject line or message is necessary.

  • Select Send.

  • Wait for and open the email from Vienna University Echo.

  • Find your email address in the To line at the top of the email address.

  • Other methods can be used to find your email address, but they vary depending on the service you use.

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    General Instructions For Finding Your Email Address

    To identify your email address in almost any email program or service, be sure your email is functioning properly and then open the program or service and:

  • Start a new email message.

  • Look fora line that begins with From. It contains your email address.

  • If you have more than one email address configured for sending, they usually show up as menu choices in the From line when you compose an email. All the email addresses listed are yours. You can use any of them.

  • Export Your Linkedin Connections

    Did you know that allows you to export your connections?

    So if youre connected with your prospect, you may be able to get hold of their email address.

    Heres how to export LinkedIn connections:

    Step 1 Click Me at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, then select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.

    Export emails from LinkedIn

    Step 2 Click to the Privacy tab and scroll down to the Getting a copy of your data :

    Step 3 Tick the connections box and hit Request archive.

    Copy LinkedIn data to get email addresses

    In about 10 minutes or so, youll get an email with all your connections email addresses in a handy spreadsheet.

    This method should be used responsibly to prevent you from losing your .

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    Sign In To Hotmail Or Outlookcom

  • Go to the Outlook.com sign-in page and select Sign in.

  • Enter your email address or phone number and select Next.

  • On the next page, enter your password and select Sign in.


  • Check the Keep me signed in box if you want to go straight to Outlook.com next time .

  • Uncheck the box to be prompted for your password each time you sign in.

  • Find All Online Accounts With A Username

    How to Find the Email Address

    If there’s a username you often enter for new accounts, you can tap into Namechk. The domain finder and username checker tool will scan for a username’s availability across dozens of platforms, as well as in domain-form.

    Just type in your most commonly chosen username in the search bar at the top, and Namechk will tell you if it has been taken. It’s easy and completely free.


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    What Is My Email Address In Mail For Windows

    To find out what your email address is in Mail for Windows:

  • Make sure the email sidebar is fully visible in Mail for Windows. Select the hamburger menu button to expand a collapsed sidebar if necessary.

  • See each account’s email address listed under the account name in the Accounts section.

  • If an account has more than one email address you can use for sending, you can create a new email and see all addresses by clicking the From line.

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