What’s The Best Time To Send An Email Campaign

The Best Days For Sending An Email Campaign

Email Send Time Experiment [best time to send]

Based on the research from our friends at Campaign Monitor, the best days for sending an email campaign varies on the KPI you are using to measure overall success. With that being said, they found that the best day for highest email open rates to be Thursdays, while the best day for lowest unsubscribes and bounce rates to be Monday.

What Is Smart Send Time

Smart Send Time helps you understand the best possible time to send your emails. Were starting by solving send time optimization because its what customers told us they wanted. When we asked customers what new data science features they wanted to see, the most popular answer was, Can you help me figure out the best time to send my emails?

As a data science team, we set out to find the best way to answer that question. We worked with 35 different brands to test our send time optimization strategies. This extensive work led to the creation of our own Smart Send Time algorithm, which we developed after a year of research.

The new Smart Send Time algorithm leverages the Explore and Exploit philosophy for data science experimentation. It automatically sets up, executes, and analyzes a set of experimentswith no work needed on your partand it then chooses the best send time from those tests.

Once the algorithm determines the optimal send time for your emails, it continues to run tests to ensure the send time remains optimal. Klaviyos new Smart Send Time feature handles all the experimental setup, math, and analysis behind the scenes. All youll have to do is click a button and your emails will be scheduled to send at the best possible time.

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Choosing A Day To Send Your Newsletter

At the end of the day, the best way to choose a day to send your email campaigns is to do some A/B tests on your list. As a starting point, look at engagement data, past open rates, and click-through rates and formulate some hypotheses based on past information.

No matter what, if you regularly send weekly promotional emails or newsletters, be sure to send them on the same day every week. This builds trust and anticipation as your audience will come to expect your content at that time.

During holidays or special events, dont hesitate to send your newsletters at a later date or a different time. While consistency is important, its always preferable to send at a different time and get high open rates than to stick to your sending schedule and remain unopened.

Send your emails to the inbox with Mailjet

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Best Day To Send Email

The best day to send emails is a relative concept it can vary from country to country and from industry to industry. Let me give an example for your better understanding. E.g You offer a product that has a demand in late hours at the night, your product can be a 24*7 restaurant, cab service etc. then this study is not valid for you and you should rely on automation to choose the best time to send an email for each of your individual clients. If you have a business with regular timings then this data might be quite useful for you.

Disclaimer The data has been compiled by different email industry leaders, I have just analyzed it for you!!

A Whole Other Ball Of Wax For The Best Time To Send Emailthe Weekend Enigma

Email Marketing Campaigns  What

If after reading the first section of this article, you may want to dally in sending during the weekend and you may be asking what time is best for a Saturday or Sunday send?

Well unfortunately, most of the data reported is based on people sitting at their computers during the workday, so there arent many studies that pinpoint a great time during the weekends.

One study did show that people are getting ready for the work week on Sunday evenings, so sending after dinner time on Sunday may be the best time to send email during the weekend.

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Identify What Your Subs Want To Know And Create Interesting Content

Now that were clear about the timing for sending out emails. Another factor that can highly influence your open and reply rate is, what are you talking about in your email?

Are the emails youre sending actually relevant to your subscribers?

A simple way to generate email content that is interesting for your subscribers is through a quick search.

In this example, were using the BiQ Cloud to do so. BiQ is an all-in-one SEO suite that is not only handy for your usual SEO tasks, but they also have a Keyword Intelligencemodule that is marvelous for content ideas.

Now, lets imagine that youre a doing email marketing for a bicycle store, what are some informative content ideas that would interest your subscribers?

A quick way to identify relevant information is through the Popular Question tab in BiQs Keyword Intelligence.

As you can see in the screenshot, youll not only get the questions that your subscribers are asking about, you get all the answers directly as well. So this can act as a swipe file for your email marketing efforts.

And that marks the last tip for a successful email marketing campaign.

Whats the most successful day youve had with email scheduling? Id love to know what your experiences are with your own best and worst times to send emails. Let me know if you have any more handy tips to share in the comment section down below too!

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Your Audience Is Unique Your Email Schedule Should Be Too

The problem in saying that there is a single optimized time to send your marketing email campaigns is that everybody can access the data. This means that there are a lot of emails going out between 10 AM and noon on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. An analysis by the Radicati Group indicates that on average, an average consumer gets nearly 120 emails every day.


No wonder people arent opening your email its lost in a flood of others!

In an increasingly mobile world, off-hour emails stand out from the others. There may be less competition on the weekends, or late at night. This does not mean that you should all rush to schedule your emails on Saturday or at midnight, either. Your target audience is unique and deserves consideration and testing.

Are you selling computer parts or gaming peripherals? Your target audience might just be awake at 1 AM. If youre selling protein drinks to health-conscious adults, perhaps not.

Consider a strategy that makes sense for your audience, rigorously A/B testing to decide what works best.

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Send Time Strategy: Following The Sun

What if your email recipients live around the world and you dont have the capabilities or resources to segment out your email list for each time zone to receive their email at the right time? Consider following the sun.

Follow the sun campaigns are typically sent to recipients at or around the time that the sun is rising in their geographic location.

Following the sun gives you a higher probability that your message will be at the top of recipients inboxes. This will also reduce the burden on the ISP because the campaign will be split into 38 smaller sends based on time zones .

Depending on the capabilities of your ESP, you will need to figure out how to tactically send to your audience at the optimal time. Before you can implement this strategy, you will need to know the general geographic location of your recipient.

When it comes to transactional email, which is typically triggered by an action the recipient has taken, send time can be less critical. This is because transactional email is not sent in bulk to hundreds of thousands of recipients at once, it happens organically. Read more about the differences between marketing and transactional email.

The Right Timing Can Make Your Email Marketing

Best Email Marketing Platform for Small Business 2021 ð¥

The truth is everyones email inbox is packed with a bunch of useless stuff. In fact, an average U.S. worker has about 199 unopened emails, as reported by the results of the 2000-workers-large survey.

This means that many emails go unnoticed. Add the common perception that messages at the top of the inbox are the ones that are the most likely to be viewed, and youve got a good idea about the likelihood of your email getting a high opening rate.

Heres where the right email send-out time comes into play.

The sending schedule youre planning to adopt will depend on whether your company is classified as a B2C or B2B organization, too.

That is, Tuesday and Wednesday turned out to be the most optimal days for both B2C and B2B companies for sending business emails that yield good results. Sunday, in comparison, is claimed to be the least effective day as told by 55% of B2B brands.

Read on to learn when is the best time to send an email marketing campaign to get a response you want.

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Best Time To Send Welcome Emails

Making the right first impression can be tough. Its even tougher if youre in a competitive, cut-throat industry that doesnt tolerate mistakes.

The silver lining is that welcome emails tend to get some of the highest open rates. The average 15-25% here turns into a whopping 50%. According to Marketing Sherpa, they turn out to be 86% more successful than newsletters.

This should give you some peace of mind that comes from knowing that you can shoot high with these emails.

But just how high exactly?

For welcome emails to work, its recommended that you adhere to the following 3-step process:

  • Send out your first welcome email straight after the prospect has signed up/subscribed to your newsletter/service. You have to use this time to your advantage because your brand is still fresh on his mind.
  • Depending on whether or not the prospect has made the purchase after the initial email, you should either lead him on by sending a second one from the welcoming email series or resorting to the transactional email if the purchase is already made.P.S. Dont forget to remove your newly-acquired customers from the welcoming flow of emails so that they dont become annoyed with all the spam coming from your company.
  • The third and final welcoming email should reach the prospects inbox about two days after the original email. By including the appropriate content and sending it at a later time, you ensure that he receives the intended message and converts into a customer.

Send Time Optimisation With Sendinblue

You can easily create emails using drag n drop editor from scratch or choose from already present templates, once you create your emails then you can save them and schedule them to be sent at an apt time

You can schedule or send your emails in the following ways

  • Send Now Immediately sends your email
  • Schedule on some specified time Sends your email at the time you specify
  • Choose the best time to send your email campaigns Sends the email as per the opening habits of your recipients.

I recommend choosing Send at the best time to let the Sendinblue automation feature send the emails at each individuals best time according to their past opening habits.

If you choose the third option. You just have to choose the date on which you want to send your emails, Sendinblue using its AI and data will choose the apt time for you as per your individual recipients past opening habits. That gives you a better conversion than what you do yourself. Check out the features offered by sendinblue according to their plans.

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Time For Higher Open Rates

The perfect time to send an email has been a matter of debate for years!

While different individual studies have different results, there are always some converging points that we can use as a starting point.

After looking at the data, we found that:

  • Thursday is the best day to send emails with the highest revenue per recipient rate
  • 9-11 am seems to be the best time
  • Saturday is the worst day to send emails
  • After 6 pm is the worst time to target your audience

Using these as a blueprint is the best way to optimize your email marketing strategy. However, what might work for some industries might not work for yours.

So, always draw your own conclusions by monitoring your metrics and user engagement.

And dont forget! Advanced reporting and analytics are your best friend! If you dont know where to start, you can register for a Moosend account to always be up-to-date about your recipients behavior.

Its time to get those open rates to the moon!

So Whats The Bottom Line

10 of the Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples You

Timing is your marketing karma. You can only achieve your desired goals and KPIs if you schedule your bulk campaigns on the right day and time. It might not be easy in this constantly moving world, but thats what it takes. However, if you keep your eye on statistics and the latest marketing trends, you will be rewarded with high performance rates and satisfied clients.

If you want to maximize your efforts and breathe easy, we have a little something for you. Try out our email service and visual chatbot builder to automate your communication with customers, monitor your results, and create your own outstanding marketing campaigns. What more can you do?

Experiment. Test. Analyze. Repeat. Until you get desired results.

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Best Time Of Day To Send Campaign Monitor Beautiful Email

Are you interested in finding outBest Time Of Day To Send Campaign MonitorIts likely that youre checking out some e-mail marketing options? You have actually probably seen a couple of names that keep turning up.

Its a foreseeable situation. There are a great deal of recurring names out there in the email marketing tool market, all informing you that theyre the very best for your service and email assistance requirements, and theyll generate a bajillion leads, and therefore a lot of conversions.

Your Message Has To Be Mobile Friendly

People read email on their mobile devices all the time. If your emails arenât mobile friendly, they wonât get read. Thatâs the bottom line.

Thatâs why it helps to work with a third-party email service that can format your emails correctly for all devices. It makes it easier to reach people, and it increases the likelihood of high open and click-through rates.

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