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How to Add Email Signature in Outlook [2021]

Your brand includes everything from the logo, font, icons and colors. Sticking to guidelines builds trust with clients. However, it doesnt mean your email signature has to be boring it could really help bring your company or team to life.

We love this fun example that uses a smart image to create depth. It looks like theyve stuck a polaroid picture into the email. Its also overflowing with personality a Lego engineer will bring a smile to everyones face!

In addition, with the personality oozing from the email, it means its much more likely that Jamies customers will give him some feedback using the buttons in his signature.

How To Write An Email Signature

How you should be writing your email signature depends on the recipient. Is it a business email signature that will be used in a professional capacity, or is it for your family and friends to see? If you are looking for a general but really good email signature, it is best to keep it easy, concise, helpful and to the point.

A few examples of writing what we think is essential and valuable information in your email signature and also some features to keep in mind:

  • A closing

The best email signatures contain a closing a closing could be anything from best regards to sincerely. We like to write Kind regards. Keep in mind to make sure that you think of the context of the email before writing your closing. For example, you dont want to write sincerely yours to your friend because your friend might misinterpret that.

  • First and last name

This one is easy. Write your first and last name in the typical fashion or change it up and write it in bold letters. Up to you. We usually write our names to let people know who is sending the email and to avoid the risk of the recipient misspelling our name.

Dont you hate it when you receive emails where the sender has misspelt your name? This is an excellent way to avoid that problem as the recipient can find out how to spell your name in your email signature.

  • Telephone number
  • Keep it simple
  • Hierarchy to guide the recipient
  • Mobile-friendly

I Want To Give You This Information

And finally: What else do you want to give your customers? A new registration for your newsletter, event or want to receive a reference? Please put this in your email signature.

This is also part of my signature that I often alternate and change. A mini banner design to make parts of your company visible.

Example: Freelance Graphic Designer Malaysia is growing thanks to referrals, so do you know someone I can help? Then I would really appreciate if you would recommend me. Thanks in advance!

7 email signature designer tips:

  • Dont make your email signature too small, but certainly not too big. Choose a modest size that stands out and looks pro.
  • It is important that you use the same colors as your corporate identity. Have a style that you can use in all your communication.
  • Use a standard font that resembles the typography you already use in your corporate identity. Otherwise, your customer may receive an email with a different font set as the default on their computer.
  • Always test your email signature before sending it to your customers. Think of different screen sizes, but also mail providers.
  • Do you work in a company with several employees? Do not let your colleagues create their e-mail signature themselves, but have a person set it up for everyone or create an easy template / grid that everyone can use.
  • Do not take an image of your signature. Make sure your readers can copy the text this also gives the possibility to include multiple links .

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Use The Triangle Hierarchy

Add the most important information at the top of your signature. Then, use color to make certain elements pop. You can use the triangle hierarchy to guide the views where you most need them, like towards your name, logo, or another piece of information.

The hierarchy of information is also vital because readers dont always scroll down to the bottom of an email. You want to capture their attention as quickly as possible.

What Are Cta Phrase Examples

How to Create A Professional Email Signature

CTAs should always directly address the customer. Dont waffle or use long-winded phrases as youll risk losing traffic.

If you’re at the top of the marketing funnel , use the phrases in the blue space. If you’re in the middle of the marketing funnel use the phrases in the purple space. And if you’re at the bottom of the funnel lean towards the phrases in the red space.

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How To Create A Student Email Signature

One of the easiest ways to create a professional student email signature is to use online email signature generators. Such tools allow you to create a clickable email sign-off in a matter of minutes. Besides, you can be sure that your email footer will be compatible with most email clients.

To make your signature stand out from the crowd, here at Newoldstamp, we want to make sure your designing process of university student email signature is comfortable and enjoyable.

Step 1. Go to the Newoldstamp email signature editor and choose one of the templates you like.

Step 2. Fill in the blank fields on the left and see how your email signature changes in real-time.

Step 3. Once you are done with the customization, save your signature, and follow the instructions below to add your new sign-off to the email client of your choice.

Show Your Dedication To Protecting The Environment

Add a green footer to discourage printing. We offer a selection of options for text which ranges from the short and direct Dont print this, ok? through to the gentler encouragement shown above.

Adding a green footer is a creative way of putting your values in the front. For many readers knowing that you represent values more than just business incentives is important for them to feel secure doing business with you.

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Add Logo To Email Signature

Adding your companys logo to your signature is a smart move. If you send lots of emails, it is great for increasing your brand visibility. You can also make the logo clickable and use it to generate traffic to your website. A logo is just a regular image, so the same rules apply. However, you may need to convert it into a png or jpg file.

Best regards,

A Professional Email Signature


You might be wondering what to put in a professional email signature. Think of it like this your business email signature is there to help you promote your image and brand. Besides your name and telephone number, you should also add your work title and even the company logo to help the recipient get a more rounded idea of who you are. Some people might also link the company website in their email signature. It really all comes down to you and what you want people to associate with your name.

There is a debate on whether or not to write down your email address as well. Some people believe it to be redundant while other people believe it is important if someone forwards your emails. We think that it cant hurt to write down your email address one more time.

Weve compiled a list below of what to put in your professional email signature. Remember that you decide what is important for yourself and your brand and use information in your signature that is of value. We want to write a good email signature and not to overwhelm our recipients.

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Emphasize Your Name Affiliation And Secondary Contact Information

As you might guess, your name comes first. Closely following your name, however, should be your affiliation and where else people can reach you.

Your affiliation could mean your job title, your company, your school, or a similar organization that you deem important to your recipients. Your name should eventually be its own draw, of course, but using a more popular brand name and even its logo ensures you get the attention of your readers and they take your message seriously.

Secondary contact information is important, too. You might not want to endorse your personal phone number, but you could take this opportunity to promote your personal website — a passive way to open the lines of communication without flooding yourself with outreach you don’t want.


Here’s a sample email signature that hits on all three things described above nicely. Kevin’s first and last name are accompanied by his affiliation with the University of Connecticut. He also promotes his personal website so his recipients have another outlet to see his work and contact him for more information.

Want to create a signature like the one below? Use HubSpot’s Email Signature Generator.

Focus On Your Product

Though previous two examples are pretty basic, theyre effective. But, youll want to take it a step further if you want your email signature to help boost sales.

The best way to do this is to create a simple, one sentence call-to-action and make it relevant to your message.

Relevance is important, so dont be afraid to change your email signature on the fly. If youre writing a message to a potential client, include a call-to-action for a free trial of your product. But if youre talking to an existing customer, you can change it to a message about a new feature or update youve released.

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Insert A Signature Manually

If you don’t choose to insert a signature for all new messages or replies and forwards, you can still insert a signature manually.

  • In your email message, on the Message tab, select Signature.

  • Choose your signature from the fly-out menu that appears. If you have more than one signature, you can select any of the signatures you’ve created.

  • Stay Informed About My Company

    What to Put in an Email Signature to Impress Prospects ...

    Limit your Social Media buttons to 3 or 4. Which channels are currently most important to your company? Where are you most active? Via which channel do you have the highest conversion?

    Keep these channels up to date and make sure that a message is posted on them at least weekly. It looks crazy when your customers go to Facebook and see that your last message was posted in 2020. So stay active, up to date and become more visible.

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    Make Use Of Space With Dividers

    When you have a lot of content and a small area, space is often a luxury. So, by using dividers you are able to fit a lot of info into a compact area without making things appear overly complicated or too busy.

    One type of divider is a graphic divider, as we can see in these beautiful examples by Graphic River. By using simple blue graphic dividers, each segment of information and content is organized in a cleaner, simpler and more digestible way.

    Another way to divide your content is by using glyph dividers. A commonly used glyph is the vertical bar, or pipe . Check out pipes in action in this example by Email Signature Rescue:

    Turn Your Everyday Emails Into A Powerful Marketing Tool

    Think for a minute about the number of emails your organization sends out each day.

    Every employee emails customers, partners and stakeholders all day long. If these emails use eye catching, cool email signatures, you could promote your business and generate customer engagement without any additional marketing effort.

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    Confidentiality Disclaimer And Other Disclaimers

    Please include confidentiality and other types of disclaimers when necessary based on position and department needs. Disclaimers used by multiple individuals in one area or unit should be consistent from signature to signature.

    Disclaimers recommendations:

    • Location a few line returns under your email signature
    • Size a point size or two smaller than the body copy of an email
    • Color black or dark gray

    Make A Big Personal Impression With Our Social Media Buttons Template

    How to insert a hyperlink in your email signature in Outlook 2013

    In this example, Eunice has chosen to include her personal social accounts as well as the corporate ones. By she reminds readers of her emails that they are dealing with an individual and not a faceless corporation.

    She could have been content with the little social media icons, but she chose to give her social media greater presence by using big outstanding buttons. She got way more clicks and visits to her Twitter and Facebook pages because of that a small change with an amazing impact.

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    How To Make Your Signature Eye

    There are a few bonafide actions you can take to make your signature stand out. To do this right Id like to introduce you to a very important concept that should guide your hand contrast.

    Contrast is the state of being strikingly different from something else . And in our case this means that your signature should be strikingly different from the rest of your email in color/shade, shape, size, and movement.

    So what can you do?

    • Add a round image to break the straight angle pattern of the rows of text in your email body
    • Make some of your signature text in vivid color
    • Make some of your text significantly larger than your email body text
    • Add a solid color background to your signature
    • Give your signature a drop shadow

    What Are The Benefits Of Using A Professional Email Signature

    There are many benefits a nice-looking email signature can bring.

    Email signatures:

    • Help to make an immediate personal connection
    • Make it easier for email recipients to reach you or your company
    • Increase your websites traffic
    • Promote your social media channels
    • Increase brand recognition and promote your company

    Possible email signature drawbacks:

    • There can be some problems with device compatibility
    • An email signature can look great in one email client app and encounter technical issues in another
    • A signature can distract from the content of your message
    • They need to be designed and created, which takes time and skill

    Did you know?

    Most emails are never opened or read to the end. You should always focus on your subject lines and email opening lines before worrying about your signature. Check out some of these examples used by professional email marketers to find inspiration: Best Abandoned Cart Email Subject Lines.

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