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Tips And Tricks For Creating A Professional Email Address

How to Create a Business Email | Complete Setup with Gmail for Free
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    If you are a professional and want to be perceived as a professional, you need to have a professional email address. It makes sense, doesnt it?

    Just imagine finding the service you need and then realizing their business email was If you were a customer, a custom email address like that would definitely not help to earn your trust.

    It is as simple as that all you have to do is put yourself in customers shoes and create a professional email address that will not make your business seem completely unprofessional or even a scam.

    Amelia, our WordPress appointment booking plugin, knows exactly how to set up and handle professional emails that are intended to be sent to your clients. Whatever this might be an appointment email or a reminder, you can get help.

    Best Practices For Picking The Perfect Professional Email Address

    The best email addresses keep things simple. While using your name seems ideal, many simple first-last name combinations may have already been allocated to other digital users. Or, you may have a lengthy name or one that varies from traditional spelling formats, both of which can potentially create issues.

    Why Should I Create A Professional Email Address And Not Just Use A Free Email Provider

    Creating a professional email address can help you craft an online presence that inspires a credible and trustworthy first impression of you and your company. With a free email account you can only change the part of your email before the sign, meaning you may have to compromise on your name due to limited availability. This kind of compromise is not ideal when handling business communications as it may raise doubts about your credibility.

    The advantage of creating a business email is that it can be customized both before and after the @ sign, i.e., you can choose your own email name and domain name. This gives you the freedom to create a unique professional email, such as. What’s more, you also have the option to forward emails from your old email address to the new one, and vice versa, making the transition smooth and easy. Email clients like Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird help you to work even more effectively by managing your mails, appointments and contacts across all your devices. Finally, when you create a business email, your account will be free of advertising, which isn’t the case with many free email providers.

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    What Is A Domain

    If you want to provide internet or online presence for your business, the first step is to get your own domain. A domain name is typically formed by combining your business/ organization name with a standard internet suffix called TLD . The domain names look like yourdomain.com or yourbusiness.info. A domain cannot do anything on its own. When you register a domain, the registrar provides a DNS Manager which holds the critical details like the IP Address of your website, MX records to deliver your email and so on.

    In case you do not own a domain, you can buy a new domain from Zoho.

    How To Use Your Professional Business Email With Google Workspace

    How to Get Started Using Gmail for Business (G Suite Email)

    It is worth reiterating that the Google Workspace email works like any other Gmail account. For this reason, sign into your normal Gmail account.

    Alternatively, you can access it through the admin console on Gmail.

    Feel free to exercise your full admin powers by adding or removing users appropriately depending on the business needs.

    Each of these users has a maximum storage capacity of 30GB. They also have similar features to yours. The only difference is they are unable to access the admin console.

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    How To Select A Name For Your Personal Email Address

    Having an email address is common these days. Almost everyone has at least an email address because it is an integral part of your online identity.

      There is a high chance that you will be using your email address for years. In fact, the more you use the email address, the more likely that you are going to stick with it the longer. This is why choosing the right email address, whether it is for personal or professional use, is important.

      Unless you are creating an email address for the domain that you or your company owns, most of the best names have been registered and used by someone else. For instance, if you are going for free email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook, you will find that most of the names that you want have been registered and there is no way you can re-register them. Thus, you will have to choose another option and use a different name instead.

      There are hundreds of millions of emails have been registered, so how are you going to register the right one?

      And this is what you are going to discover in this article. We will cover the complete guide in choosing the right email address for your use.

      Hostgator Business Email Step

      HostGator is a WordPress hosting provider that offers amazing hosting packages that include business email. You can set up an unlimited email account with the starter package on HostGator for $3 per month. This also includes a free domain and unmetered bandwidth.

      You will need to set up your HostGator hosting account first. You can purchase a domain name or transfer a domain name over to HostGator to start setting up your business email.

      Once youre a paid memeber, you will need to do the following

      1. Log in to your HostGator account and click on the Mail section in cPanel.

      2. Click Email Accounts to open up your email dashboard. You should see email, password, and mailbox quota fields.

      3. In the email field, type in your business email that you want to create. Just like with Bluehost, this can be any kind of email address you want to start. You can always remove accounts later.

      4. Enter a secure password and type again to make sure that its secure. Check the password strength if you are worried about security or spam problems. You can set up your spam filter later in cPanel.

      5. Enter a quote in mailbox quota if you have a preferred limit. The default is 250 MB for HostGator as well as Bluehost.

      6. Click Create Account to finish creating your first email account.

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      How To Create A Professional Email Address

      There are several email service providers available on the internet today that will let you sign up for a professional email address. While you can create a professional email account on services like Gmail, iCloud, Outlook and Yahoo, there are some other fantastic options like FastMail, ProtonMail, Zoho Mail as well. Many of these email service providers offer paid plans that allow the use of a custom domain name, which is especially useful when youre running your own business. Using a professional email address with a custom domain name gives your business a lot more clout. Scroll down a bit to read more about using a custom domain for a professional email address.

      Can I Set Up Business Email Addresses For Free

      How to Create Business Email & Use it with Gmail for Free

      Currently, there are no true free options for a custom business email with a web domain. You will at the very least have to purchase a web domain, which costs around $10 through most of the domain registrars out there on the market today.

      While Microsoft did have a promotion in 2014 for free custom business emails, it has since shut the program down. Now you have to create a web domain before you can set up a professional, custom email address.

      Bluehost and Hostgator do offer free domains when you purchase web hosting through them. I will go through this later on in this guide.

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      Examples Of Business Name Ideas To Get Inspired By

      To get you started with your name choice, weve gathered 40 examples of creative business names from our free Business Name Generator.

      If youre a new entrepreneur and youre still looking for a business idea, these names might bring some insights for you too.

      No matter which industry youre in, the key to a powerful business name is to capture your brand identity in it and to convey positive emotions.

    • StarHive
    • Madzilla
    • Urban Oasis
    • As you can see, many of these brand names work well because they create unique combinations from two words. They instantly evoke a feeling in you so you can get a sense of the type of brand identity these businesses have.

      Some business names include their industry or niche as well to make it clear what they offer. Lets look at a few examples that do so:

    • Titan Electronics
    • Unfair Advantage Consulting
    • Business Email Address Examples

      You can use name combinations, but, if you have a business, you may want to make sure that you dont run into multiple people with the same name. You could add a last initial to a first name, such as ChrisD or JorieT. But, if youre setting up a business email address, we strongly recommend that you set up a business domain and website.

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      Do You Need A Business Or A Personal Email

      Weve written in length about why a business email is more beneficial than a personal account. However, it technically isnt a strict requirement. To clarify, it will depend on your business needs but if youre unsure then go through the checklist below.

      Does your company employ or plan to hire more than three people?

      The more people there are in your company, the greater the likelihood that someone will get hacked. Most business email providers let you standardize security protocols, and if someone does get hacked, see where the breach came from.

      Do you plan on engaging in email marketing?

      Although the CAN-SPAM Act is only really enforceable in the US, its a good practice to always have an unsubscribe button because email clients like Gmail WILL penalize you if your communications are reported as spam too often.

      Will you be sending or receiving sensitive data or information via email?

      Legal due diligence requires that you do everything in your power to ensure the safety of your clients information. As most personal email accounts lack enhanced security features, they do not count.

      Is accountability important to your business?

      Business email clients let you easily archive and keep track of important communications between employees and clients. Personal accounts have this feature as well, but youll be unable to archive en masse.

      Will email be the main communication between you and your clients?

      Are you actively working to increase your brand presence?

      The Benefits Of Having A Professional Business Email Address

      Someone Sent Me a Business Email Addressed " Hi Zamunda ...

      Some of the benefits for creating an email address account are obvious. If you want customers to communicate to you through your website, your IT department may have already set up a professional email address to handle these inquiries.

      But there are other reasons that you need a business email. Lets run through the most important benefits

      Brand Name

      Your brand name is reflected in the communications that you send to customers. If you plan on sending any type of promotions, then you want to avoid the spam filter and create a professional business email address where your brand will be recognized. You will need a customer email address to use email service providers like MailChimp or Constant Contact in order to send out marketing pieces and customer communications.

      Customer Service

      Your customer service email address will become the most popular as soon as you launch your website. People naturally have questions, problems, or just want help. You can make it so simple by having a or to ensure that these customers are serviced quickly and understand they are talking to someone at your company with the right email address domain.

      Professional Response

      When you reply to customer inquiries and clients, you should have a custom domain that shows you are part of a real business and offer legitimate services. People may use the email address to go to your website, but overall, it sends the right impression when you are able to reply with a professional business email.


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      Add Your Educational Qualification

      Adding your profession, educational qualification or any sort of professional skill that identifies you is a great example of a creative email names. Remember to make it professional and not add something like nick names or funny words or else yours would fall into the funny email addresses debacle listed below.

      Check Out The Ideas Of Company Names Below

      But there is a lot to consider before quitting your job and undertaking this venture. Not only must your name reflect your brand and be memorable, there are also a host of legal issues to consider. The wrong name can send the wrong message about you, while the right name can give your business exactly the boost it needs. Here’s how to choose a name that’ll best suit your business. This represents perhaps the most complete picture of the most common names in the united states. Starting a small business may sound exciting as you can be your own boss and spend your time and energy on something you are passionate about. Naming your business is one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make as an entrepreneur. Every business needs a name. What’s in a business name? She uses this extensive experien. But what factors should influence what you name your business and, subsequently, the brand you will develop? Picking a name is one of the first steps in starting a business. Check if a business name is taken using databases from federal agencies as well as your state filing office.

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      Rule : Avoid Anything Unprofessional

      Everyone has a private life. Would you be willing to receive personal information to your business mailbox and vice versa? No.

      The same relates to electronic mail. Avoid any references to race, religion, sexual orientation and age like johnfromsixties, Your professional identity might be drastically different from your personal one. There should be a clear line between the two.

      Tip Number : Try With A Less Popular Email Service Providers

      How To Setup Your Business Email in Gmail

      With a widely popular email service , it is difficult to choose an email name of your choice. Gmail itself accounts for over 1.5 billion active users. So unless you started using it early, choosing unique email names on such an email client is a tough job. Moreover, Gmail doesnt allow to use underscores and hyphens in usernames. This makes it even more challenging to come up with good email usernames.

      Whats the solution then? Switch to alternative email clients. If you are looking for free email services, then Outlook and YahooMail are good alternatives to Gmail. Otherwise, if you dont mind spending out a few dollars for the highest level of security and privacy, then you may find ProtonMail as a great alternative to Gmail. Besides getting a good email name like OR , your emails will be end-to-end encrypted with no tracking and zero access to user data. Here are some screenshots from the ProtonMail iOS app:

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