What To Include In Email Signature

Adding Your Signature To Gmail Account

How to Add Email Signature in Gmail [2021]
  • Open Gmail.
  • Select the gear in the top right corner of the screen .
  • Select See all settings.
  • Name your new email signature.
  • In the input box that appears, type or paste your signature.
  • Customize your signatures colors, fonts, size, and other components in this box.
  • Beneath the input box, choose whether you want this signature to appear in all emails and all replies and forwards from the two drop-down menus.
  • Choose whether you want the email signature to appear before quoted text in email replies with the checkbox below these.
  • Align With Your Brand

    If you want to showcase your business and your brand name to the world, its best to create a branded email signature using your logo. Plus, make sure to tailor your copy and the colors you use based on your branding guidelines.

    You can also design a specific format for all your team members to keep a consistent branding experience across your email communications as a company.

    Outlook For Microsoft 365

    Follow the steps below to set up an email signature in the desktop Outlook 365:

  • Open the Outlook for PC app from the Start menu or from the taskbar.
  • In Outlook, click File> Options.
  • In the Outlook Options window select the Mail tab and click Signatures in the Compose messages section.
  • Note: Another way to start configuring your signatures is to open a New Email message, click Signature in the Include group and again Signatures.

  • In the Signatures and Stationery window, click New and provide a name for your signature.
  • Create your signature in the Edit signature section. Use available formatting tools to modify its appearance.
  • Note: The formatting tools offered in the Outlook signature editor are quite basic. If you wish to achieve a more sophisticated and polished design, you can use a free email signature generator to create an advanced signature template. Simply choose Outlook as the target email platform, select one of the many available templates, adjust it to your needs and there you go. Your signature is ready to be copied and pasted into the Outlook editor.

  • The Choose default signature section can be used to define which email account should get the signature , and whether it should be added to new messages and/or replies/forwards. Once you are done, save changes by clicking OK.
  • In case you selected your signature to be treated as default for new messages, you will see it every time you compose a new email.
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    Email Signature Design Best Practices

    Now that weve seen some email signature designs in practice Id like to let you in on the theory behind email signature design. If youre in, then lets take a look at some advanced concepts that go into designing an email signature. To make things clear and easy to grasp, I sprinkled in signature examples in order to show you each concept in practice.


    Use The Triangle Hierarchy

    The importance of email signatures

    Add the most important information at the top of your signature. Then, use color to make certain elements pop. You can use the triangle hierarchy to guide the views where you most need them, like towards your name, logo, or another piece of information.

    The hierarchy of information is also vital because readers dont always scroll down to the bottom of an email. You want to capture their attention as quickly as possible.

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    Add Optional Visual Elements

    While business emails are simply black text, email signatures commonly use colorful text, photos or logos. Photos with people in them are generally more effective. A headshot is a great choice for an email signature. Other elements include animation, videos or sales and promotional links. These elements make your signature memorable. In some cases, they increase traffic to your website and improve sales.

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    Maintain Legal Compliance With An Email Disclaimer

    Even though they are a holdover from the early days of email, disclaimers are still a matter of lawful and safe operation for many organizations.

    Using an email disclaimer usually means:

    • The specific content of any disclaimer text will vary according to where your emails are going and when.

    • Sections of each email disclaimer may require a level of personalization such as the actual senders name in order to fully comply with certain rules.

    As best practice:

    • Place the disclaimer apart from the rest of the signature, pretty much after the logo and display banner.

    • Make sure the disclaimer font is small. No one wants their email completely taken over with a massive block of text.

    View our content on email disclaimers to learn more about their importance, how to add them to your emails, and different geographic laws.

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    How Should I Use Clickable Social Media Icons

    When you use social media icons, remember to link profiles that are valuable to your business. For example, dont link your Twitter feed if you havent tweeted since 2010.

    A note on design

    CTAs and social media icons are also visual. That means you need to design your banner, button, or icon properly.

    Make sure its the right size and not pixelated. If done well, clickable icons will be the first thing the recipient sees in the signature.

    What Should I Leave Out In A Professional Email Signature

    How to Setup Email Signatures for the Outlook Web App and Outlook Desktop – Office 365

    There are also some things that are better left un-said. Avoid the temptation to go overboard in your email signature.

    • Your favorite quote. Unless you are a writer and wrote them yourself!
    • Comic Sans font
    • A variety of different fonts in different sizes and colors
    • Attaching images. They should be hosted online and included in the code .
    • Attaching other documents like PDFs and Word Docs. You should host them online too. If the receiver wants to read them, they can click on a link to view them, not be forced to download them along with your email.

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    What Is Cold Email

    If youre in sales, you dont need to be convinced that cold emails work. Many entrepreneurs have relied on nothing more than cold email to start careers and launch new startups.

    Cold email is simple in concept. Its an email you send to someone that youve never met before to start a business relationship.

    To be successful with cold email, you need to understand what cold email isnt.

    Cold email isnt spam. Think about what you do when you get a spam message in your inbox. Delete it, right? And thats what your prospects will do, too. Todays prospects expect personalization. Generic, copy-and-paste messages will go straight to the trash.

    Cold email isnt about you. Your prospects have never met you, and they have no reason to care about your amazing product. Focus completely on your readers. Dig into their pain points. And show how you can help solve them.

    Cold email isnt focused on the sale. Most people arent ready to buy from a complete stranger. Thats why great cold emails focus on building a business relationship, not asking for a sale. Start the conversation now, and get the conversion later.

    Now that you know how to think about cold email, what does it look like in practice?

    Glad you asked.

    Read More:

      Easily Animate Your Email Signature

      Its a good option to use elegant animations in your email signature. Animation is a great eye-catcher, and you should use it to bring attention to your otherwise unnoticed email footer.

      Best animations you could use:

      • Picture/logo GIFs
      • Animated banners
      • Animated buttons

      You should try our animated signature GIF maker see some examples for how its done, and make your own animated email signature.

      Animated signature Dos and Donts

      The important thing in animation is not to go overboard. Getting too freaky can be counterproductive.

      Dont overdo it too much movement can be distracting

      If theres too much movement in your signature it can get very hard to focus on actually reading. The motion will compete against the information to which you wanted to pull peoples attention in the first place. And it can be seriously annoying.

      Do make sure your animation adds value

      Lets go over what that means

      Making use of your limited real-estate, grabbing attention or just plain being a cool feature is well and good but theyre not true value in and of themselves.

      To really add value they must compliment you or your brand in a meaningful way.

      For example, you can use an image strip add-on to add GIFs that show you or your product in action, or you could add a special handwritten animated sign-off to give a personal feel to your signature. Another thing that does the trick is adding your business slogan in addition to your photo and logo like dynamic typing effect.

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      Create And Add A Signature To Messages

      In Outlook, you can create one or more personalized signatures for your email messages. Your signature can include text, images, your electronic business card, a logo, or even an image of your handwritten signature. You can set up Outlook so that signatures are automatically added to all outgoing messages or create your signature and add it to messages on a case-by-case basis.

      Articulate Email Signature Template

      Email Signature

      The Articulate email signature template is one of our most versatile email template designs. It looks great with a wide variety of logo sizes and profile photos. You can fill it out and include as many contact details as you need, or keep it very minimal with just a few rows of text and social media icons.

      The Articulate email signature template comes in both Solo and standard versions. The standard version features two columns for your contact details to the side of the primary image and the solo version offers 1 column.

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      How Do Professional Email Signatures And Social Media Profiles Work Together

      • Email signatures have a strong situational element. A recipient is already thinking about your company when reading your email. This means they can probably spare a few minutes to take a look at your social media profiles once theyre done.

      • Social media often provides the most up-to-date information from your company. Linking your profiles to your email signatures means youre keeping your most important clients in the know easily.

      • Offering recipients another way to communicate with your company. People are more likely to engage with your brand on social media if they already have an existing relationship with you. Links in your professional email signature can then be used as a subtle lead nurturing avenue one that can work better than targeting them with ads and email communications.

      However, you need to make sure that the social content you link to is relevant and up to date. Dont add links to accounts you dont use anymore. Recipients only want to read relevant and up-to-date content, so adding links to inactive social media profiles is just wasting their time.

      Ready To Start Sending Better Emails Get Your Free Copy Of The Beginners Playbook To Running A Cold Email Campaign

      Once youâve perfected your email signature, itâs time to put it to good use. If you want to leverage the power of cold emailing to generate new leads, this guide will show you how.

      Get your free copy today so you can start sending cold emails that get opened, get read, and get leads for your business.

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      C Company Logo And Name

      Add your company name and logo to the email signature if you work as an employee. If youre a freelancer, you could include your blogs name/logo and attach a link to it.

      Doing this shows that youre reaching out professionally, which can establish credibility and can even improve brand awareness in the long run.

      First Name And Last Name

      Gmail – Make a Professional Email Signature for FREE!

      This is so obvious component of every email signature that I should perhaps not even mention it. But as I talk about a good signature this is the first element to put into your signature your first and last name. Nowadays, it seems that more and more companies try to be more casual in daily business conversations so you may find yourself in a situation when your recipients starts calling you by your name, replacing cold Hello Mr. Doe with a friendly Hi John.

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      Email Signature Ideas And Best Practices

      The best business email signatures are simple, professional, and provide the recipient with all of the relevant information they need. An email signature should be visually appealing without distracting from its purpose. It should clearly state who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. Continue reading for our email signature ideas, including best practices, what to include, and signature examples from Larry herself.

      Why Add Pronouns To Email Signature

      Think of it this way: even if it doesnt matter to you, it matters to someone. You never know the impact your words and action can have on others, and what business opportunities it can lead to.

      Aside from their email signature, Max also added their pronouns to their LinkedIn profile next to their name and encouraged their clients to do the same. One of their clients added he/him to his LinkedIn profile, and shortly thereafter, a university reached out to him to inquire about internship placements at his company.

      The university was looking for a placement for a transgendered student and though his company would be a good and safe fit.

      Max Masures email signature with a link to an article about adding pronouns to email signatures

      Something as small as adding a few words to your email signature or LinkedIn profile can have a huge impact on your business. Both your clients and potential candidates will know that your business strives for inclusivity and is open-minded when it comes to learning new things about gender equality.

      Again, even is misgendering or stating pronouns is not something youre concerned about for yourself, it can be important to the recipient of your email. You wont be seen as a bad or non-inclusive company if you dont add pronouns in your emails.

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      Keep Your Font Palette Even Smaller

      So, weve established that you should keep your color palette small, but what about your font palette? You guessed it keep that one small too. Just like with colors, using too many fonts can quickly overwhelm your signature and make it difficult and distracting to read.

      A common reason for people using too many fonts is that they feel the need to highlight certain titles and pieces of information, so they just introduce a new font into the mix. But, an easy solution to this hurdle is to instead just use a more flexible typeface.

      Find yourself a simple typeface that has a few weight and style options and just mix up your type size, weight and/or colors when needed instead of using a new font entirely. Plus, finding these useful typefaces is no hard task, you can find a plethora of flexible typefaces like Raleway pictured below over at Canva.

      Once youve found a typeface that you can work with, by using highlight colors, different weights, and sizes, you can create a myriad of different typographical effects while maintaining a simple, clean design. You can also check out Canva’s font combination tool for reference.

      Check out this signature example by Themesforce and note how it adds color to some pieces of type, uses a mix of all-caps and lowercase, and adjusts the font weights to make for a dynamic design.

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