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There are a multitude of viable, available options out there when choosing a secure messaging program that emphasizes data privacy. We have created a list of the best, most reliable messaging apps that keep your information secure and confidential- to make our list, an app must have end-to-end encryption, synchronization over multiple platforms/devices , and multi-mode communication . Then, we have listed out additional features after those key ones that make an app secure.

Here is our take on the best secure messaging apps on the market today:

Google Chrome Secure But Short On Privacy

+ Pros:

  • Hard to customize
  • Privacy issues

Over a decade since its introduction, Google Chrome is now the most popular web browser on the planet. While it scores exceptionally high in terms of security because of frequent updates and an abundance of useful features, many would hesitate to call Google Chrome a secure browser. Heres why.

  • Security rating: high. With features like automatic download scanning, automatic updates, automatic phishing and malware website warnings, Incognito mode, and sandbox tabs, Chrome is certainly no slouch when it comes to security. Not to mention the fact that Chrome has been the back-to-back winner of two Pwn2Own hacking events. Despite trying their hardest to find vulnerabilities within the browser, hackers just couldnt crack its defenses.
  • Privacy rating: low. All the privacy options in the world couldnt make us recommend Chrome as a privacy-friendly browser. The primary reasons for that are Chromes interaction with your Google account and the Sync feature, which automatically collects your data and sends it back to Google, including things like your browsing history, website permissions, and search history. Whats more, the mobile version of Chrome provides Google with your location data as well.
  • No of secure extensions: high
  • Supported platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome OS

If you want to learn more about Chromes privacy concerns and its security features, check out .

Safest Browser For Mac Mozilla Firefox

Once again, we recommend Mozilla Firefox. While Mac users might feel inclined to use Safari, which is not a bad option by any means, Firefox offers much more privacy and add-ons. However, if you dont care that much about data collection even when youre in private mode, Safari can still be a great choice.

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Need Hipaa Compliance For Healthcare Communications

Viable communication solutions between medical organizations and patients is a need that is taking off across the healthcare industry. In this field especially, messaging platforms must be secure and HIPAA compliant. After carefully researching this specific space, you can read our take on the top 10 secure healthcare messaging programs or review our list of the 34 best telemedicine apps.

Apple Safari The Most Secure Default Browser

9 of the Most Secure Email Providers

+ Pros:

  • Few extensions
  • Privacy concerns

Since Googles Chrome exploded onto the web back in 2008, pretty much every default browser has suffered in its wake. Safari is no exception its Windows version has been discontinued since 2012, making it available only to Apple users. That said, we still consider it a fairly secure browser in general and probably the most secure default browser despite its sluggish update delivery.

  • Security rating: high. Safari runs websites in a sandbox, preventing unauthorized data access and malicious code from one of your tabs from taking over your entire browser. This is done by separately quarantining each open tab. Other cool features include a built-in password manager, protection from phishing and fake websites, as well as a private browsing mode.
  • Privacy rating: medium. Although Apple is known to have been accused of data collection in the past, the companys decision to have users opt into data gathering techniques has made Apples products a lot more attractive from a privacy standpoint. Still, its creators are part of the NSAs PRISM program, were hoarding Safari browsing history, and even collected it when users were in private mode.
  • No of secure extensions: low
  • Supported platforms: macOS, iOS

To learn more, check out our in-depth Apple Safari review.

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Security Features To Look For In An Email Service

You probably already use Gmail or Outlook. What’s wrong with those services? Are they not secure? Well, it depends on your threat model and adversary.

Some of the biggest differentiators between security-focused and regular email are pertinent if you’re a large organization or enemy of the state, but could be seen as overkill by everyday users.

For example, server location might only be pertinent if you’re an activist who can reasonably expect their communications to be subpoenaed by the government. On the other hand, end-to-end encryption can help both individuals and businesses keep their information secret: Unencrypted emails were to blame for at least four major breaches of the past few years, leaking millions of emails and causing millions of dollars of avoidable damage.

Below are the features you’ll often find as part of secure email, along with thoughts on why they mayor may notmatter to you.

Is Zoho Mail Safe

With a selection of excellent security features in Zoho Mail, your emails are safe and secure both in your inbox and while theyre in transit. Zoho Mail also makes it easy to add 2FA without having to download an authenticator app. Although the physical security isnt quite as next-level as the nuclear bunker used by ProtonMail, it still feels a lot safer than email servers that store data in the cloud.

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The Most Secure Email Providers

  • ProtonMail Free, easy to use and highly secure
  • Tutanota Extra features at a great price
  • Mailfence Lacking features but packed with value
  • Hushmail Secure emails for health care and law
  • CounterMail Security with no compromises
  • 1
  • Cons:

    • Expensive paid plans

    When it comes to secure email services, it doesnt get much better than ProtonMail. It allows you to send encrypted emails free without any sort of arbitrary limitations. Plus, its open source and comes from the same company behind ProtonVPN, which currently ranks as one of the best VPN services on the market .

    The big deal with ProtonMail is that its easy. No matter if youre an OpenPGP pro or just learning the encrypted email ropes, you can get set up with ProtoMail with little fuss. It uses tried and true encryption standards our guide to email security explains why they work and maintains a strict stance on physical security and customer privacy.

    Furthermore, Proton Technologies, the company behind ProtonMail, is based in Switzerland, which has some of the best privacy laws in the world. If youre looking for an encrypted email account without the hassle, ProtonMail is for you. You can learn more in our ProtonMail review, or sign up for a free account to try it yourself.


    • Add-ons can get pricey
    • Little in the way of handholding
    • Limited support
    • Expensive
    • Collects a lot of data
    • Expensive
    • Difficult to use

    Email Interception And Surveillance

    ProtonMail Review: is it the Most Secure Email Provider?

    Your emails, like all other data you send or receive through the internet, are susceptible to monitoring by network administrators or hackers with access to your network, especially on public WiFi. Because the most popular free email providers dont encrypt your messages, theyre easy to intercept and read as theyre sent and received.

    This makes email a huge security vulnerability after all, pretty much every site you join is linked to your email. Password resets, private links, coupon codes, personal photos, tax forms, you name it when you use an unsecured email provider, every message you read could potentially be read by someone else on the network.

    But even if you only use your private home network for email, someone may still be watching and gaining access to your personal communications.

    Law enforcement agencies routinely issue subpoenas, search warrants and court orders to email providers while investigating crimes. As long as the request conforms to the proper procedures, it must be fulfilled and in many cases, email providers are legally prohibited from notifying users that their data has been given to authorities.

    Many people have no problem with this, claiming that they have nothing to hide. But its not just the worst criminals who are targeted by these investigations: friends and relatives of suspects, unwitting lawbreakers, political dissidents and unlucky innocents are all vulnerable.

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    Email Jurisdiction And Data Privacy

    Where your email service is located can seriously impact the security of your data. Depending on your threat model, this could be a major consideration. For an overview of jurisdiction and privacy, you may want to read our article on the Five/9/14 Eyes surveillance alliances.

    Here are some reasons to pay attention to jurisdiction.

    United States

    Tech companies in the US can be forced to give government agencies direct access to their servers for extensive, in-depth surveillance on live communications and stored information as explained in the PRISM surveillance program. Data requests can also be accompanied by gag orders, which forbids the company from disclosing whats going on .

    There are a few known cases of US email providers being forced to give up data. In one prominent example, Lavabit decided to shut down the business rather than give up user data. Another US email provider, Riseup, was also forced to give up data to authorities.

    After exhausting our legal options, Riseup recently chose to comply with two sealed warrants from the FBI, rather than facing contempt of court .

    There was a gag order that prevented us from disclosing even the existence of these warrants until now. This was also the reason why we could not update our Canary .


    While Germany has long been a rock-solid jurisdiction for privacy-focused tech companies, Ive noticed some troubling trends recently:

    Europe in General

    Well let you know what happens with this.

    Which Email Service Is The Most Secure

    You can simply use ProtonMail for encrypted email. It is based in Switzerland… You can use Tutanota to send emails without the risk of SPAM. Tutanota is a well-protected email service based in Germany that values the privacy of its users. We use Mailfence at Mailfence.com. You are receiving CounterMail…. He sent you a secret message. I can’t run the program. You have a message in your mailbox…. The Posteo website.

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    What Is Secure Email And How It Works

    Back when email entered limited use in the 1960s and 1970s, security wasn’t anyone’s top priority. Today, our security requirements are radically different, yet email hasn’t changed all that much. The internet email message format, as it’s defined by RFC 5322, specifies a syntax for text messages that are sent between computer users, but it doesn’t deal with encryption or any other means of preventing unauthorized access to personal information exchanged via email.

    Over the years, many technical workarounds to ensure better privacy of email communication have been implemented by email providers, and several secure email services have emerged, offering high levels of privacy and security.

    All best email service providers today have implemented transport level encryption using TLS, which is a cryptographic protocol that provides communications security over a computer network. Without TLS, the communication between email servers is transmitted as plain text, and anyone with relatively rudimentary knowledge of computer networks can intercept it and read it.

    However, most secure email providers go a step further and offer full end-to-end encryption, meaning the data is encrypted and decrypted only at the endpoints. In practice, end-to-end encryption allows you to encrypt an email at your end and send it to someone using a secure email service without any possibility of the email being decrypted by the secure email service.

    Ease Of Use And Setup

    Most secure email providers

    Once youve got your domain sorted, its actually really easy to use. Naturally, you have to verify that you own the domain but once thats done, you can set about adding users and migrating your emails. Its really user-friendly and has a responsive, streamlined interface thats one of the nicest weve tested.

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    Secure Sensitive Data Within Your Messages

    Emails often include sensitive information such as your bank account details, passwords, and other personally identifiable information. Hence, unwarranted or malicious access to these details can easily make you fall for identity theft and other cybercrimes.

    With secure email providers, you can communicate freely via emails without worrying about unauthorized access to your data.

    Secure Your Browser With A Vpn

    No matter which browser you choose, securing your connection with a VPN is still a must.

    A VPN routes your traffic through a remote server, encrypting your connection and hiding your IP address in the process. This means that anyone trying to spy on you will only see that youre connected to a VPN, not knowing which websites youve been visiting or where youre connecting from.

    We recommend choosing from our best VPN services for securing your browser and other online activities. All of them will provide you with military-grade encryption, no-logs, and good connectivity.

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    Email Is Not Secure By Design But These Email Providers Allow You To Send Emails With Top


    Email was never meant to be safe. Most people dont realise that others can easily see what you write in an email, which is why its a good idea to use the most secure email service you can find.

    Compared to more modern forms of business communication, such as Zoom, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, email is an ageing technology and has limitations that can lead to security issues. However, over the years, security researchers have made email more secure in an age when hackers are never far away.

    What Is Secure Email And Should You Switch

    The Most Private And Secure Email Service – Now This Is Email!

    Tim Brookes is a technology writer with more than a decade of experience. He’s invested in the Apple ecosystem, with experience covering Macs, iPhones, and iPads for publications like Zapier and MakeUseOf. Read more…

    Email was invented in 1971 and has changed very little since then. In that time, its managed to become a major security risk to individuals, governments, and private companies around the world. This might explain the rising popularity of so-called secure email providers.

    So what exactly makes secure email different from regular email?

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    Is Icloud Email Safer Than Gmail

    That said, Apple Mail relies on S/MIME for end-to-end encryption, so its one of the most reliable mail apps available. Gmail also has this option. Apple and Google are two of the most popular and reliable tech companies in the world, so neither security nor reliability are concerns with either Gmail or Apple Mail.

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