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The Best Email Service Providers Of 2021 Are:

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Reasons to avoid

Signing up with an email provider will often involve some privacy compromises. Yahoo Mail asks for your name and mobile number, for instance. Gmail and other services might scan your messages to carry out useful actions , and just about everyone serves you with ads.

ProtonMail is a Swiss-based email service that focuses on privacy above all else. You can sign up anonymously, there’s no logging of IP addresses, and all your emails are end-to-end encrypted, which means there’s no way ProtonMail can read their contents. Also, address verification and full support for PGP email encryption is available. In late April 2019, elliptic curve cryptography was introduced, which adds additional security and faster speeds. Paid users also have the Undo function and the import-export app which they can use to easily transfer emails between accounts or download messages to their device.

There are some significant limits. The free product has a tiny 500MB storage space, only supports sending 150 messages a day, and is distinctly short in terms of organizational tools . And as the end-to-end encryption is specific to ProtonMail, emails sent to other email clients won’t be encrypted .

Still, it seems a little unfair to complain about a service which is no-strings-attached free, and doesn’t even show ads. In reality, ProtonMail is a specialist tool which is intended for use alongside services like Gmail not to replace them and overall it performs its core tasks very well.

Top Features To Look For In A Great Business Email Provider

Because yourbusiness email is so important, deciding on the best email provider for yourneeds can be a bit demanding. Every business will have its own specific needs, butthere are some basic features that a good business email should offer, and is a good starting.

Here are ninefeatures to look for when you select your business email service:

  • Spam Filter – Spam messages are a huge time waster. Youdon’t want to spend your valuable time reading them. That’s why you want an emailservice that has a system in place to detect and filter out inbox spam.
  • Reliability – Your business email provider needs tobe up and running when you need it. Your email should always be available.Email downtime could result in lost or unhappy customers.
  • Integration – Some email services work well withother business tools such as calendars, and productivity suites. If yourbusiness relies heavily on such tools, consider an email package thatintegrates with the other tools you already use.
  • Security – With email hacks being a regular newsitem, you want your business email provider to offer strong measures to keepyour accounts secure. You need to keep your messages safe and don’t want any unauthorized use of your emailaccount.
  • Ease of Use – As your business grows, more of yourstaff members need to create and use email accounts. Reduce staff training timeby selecting an email service provider that’s easy to use.
  • The Best Free Email Providers

    If youre trying to decide on a good free email service with just the right features, youll find there are lots of options to choose from.

    This is great, as theres something for everyone, but it can give you a little bit of decision paralysis.

    To help you pick the right one for your needs, heres a breakdown of some of the most popular free email services. Well look at how much storage they have, what they let you do, and why they might work for you.

    These are the email services we’ll be checking out in this article:

    • Gmail
    • Hey

    So let’s dive on in.

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    Top Types Of Free Email Accounts

    The best types of free email accounts are easy to use and reliable, offer ample storage, filter spam and work well with your other business programs. Choose the one that’s best for you depending on how much storage and security you need and the types of advanced features you require. Here are 12 of the best free email providers for professionals, organized alphabetically:

    Do I Have To Change My Email Address

    10 best free business email accounts in 2021

    On the one hand, starting fresh with a never-before-seen email address can be freeing. You know that the new address hasnt been bandied about on the Dark Web or hoovered up by data aggregators. On the other hand, you must let all your contacts know that your address changed and reconfigure all your online accounts to use the new address.

    ProtonMail, Private-Mail, StartMail, and Tutanota all require that you switch to a brand-new email address. As with any other webmail system, it must be unique within the system. But since these services dont have the millions or even billions of users that a Gmail or Yahoo does, you may well be able to get your own name without tagging on a bunch of numbers or other characters. Wouldnt you rather have a address than a one?

    With Preveil, SecureMyEmail, and Virtru, you keep your existing email. In fact, Virtru requires that you use a Gmail address. Preveil doesnt limit you to any specific email provider. It integrates with Gmail and Outlook on Windows and Apple Mail on macOS, and with the native mail app on your mobile devices. Likewise, SecureMyEmail can handle accounts from any email provider that supports IMAP.

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    Is There Such A Thing As An Untraceable Email

    While no one can guarantee you 100% untraceability, you can significantly improve your privacy by using anonymous email accounts. They keep your address anonymous and encrypt your connections, and you can also use an alias system to create several profiles, thus protecting your identity.

    However, even the most robust security tool wont protect you if you dont protect yourself. So, make sure to use strong passwords, never click on suspicious links, and use NordVPN to protect your traffic everywhere. Common sense and awareness will make you much more untraceable.

    How Is My Email Protected

    Using PGP encryption requires that you enter the PGP passphrase for your encryption key. When you send non-PGP encrypted messages, each can have its own password. Preveil and Virtru dont require a passwordyour possession of a trusted device is enough for basic authentication. And yes, you can revoke trust for a lost device.

    Tutanota encrypts everything, including message headers, subject lines, and contacts. You do use a password to log into your account, so make it a strong one. As noted, communicating with contacts who aren’t already using Tutanota requires that you create a password for each contact and transmit it by some channel other than email. Tutanota securely stores that password along with the contact record.

    Whether basic authentication relies on a password or trusted device, you can crank up security by enabling multi-factor authentication, when available. ProtonMail, Private-Mail, StartMail, and Tutanota all support multi-factor authentication using Google Authenticator or any work-alike that can provide a standard Time-based One-Time Password .

    Tutanota also supports authentication using a Yubikey or other U2F authentication key. You can register multiple keys and even use U2F along with a TOTP app. If you don’t have your U2F key at hand, authentication rolls over to the TOTP app.

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    The Best Free Anonymous Email Accounts In 2022

    Strong encryption isnt enough if you want to send truly anonymous emails. Your email service providers can still keep a record of your name, track your IP and your location, and see email subject lines and recipients. But what if you need to send and receive secret emails that won’t reveal your identity? Then you need a trusted anonymous email provider that wont collect your data.

    Emily Green

  • Protect your identity with a VPN
  • No 6 To : Paid Email Providers

    Best Free Email Software for Windows 10

    If you are using one of the free email providers described above, you are still paying – not with cash, but with yourdata and ultimately with your privacy.

    If you are willing to pay for an email service, you will also get to choose providers that do not use and sell yourdata for their own profits. Here’s our list:

    No 6: Hushmail, based in America, $9.99 per month

    No 5: Fastmail, based in Australia, $3 per month

    No 4: Startmail, based in the Netherlands, $59.95 per year

    No 3: Posteo, based in Germany, ââ¬1 per month

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    Best Free Email Hosting Services

    Considering email marketing comes with a massive return on investment of 38-to-1, the added performance perks of reasonably priced hosting plans bode extremely well for your personal and business communications.

    Sheer simplicity represents the major benefit to operating your web hosting and mail account through one web host theres one bill, one support team, one account interface.

    Your service provider will be plenty eager to help you connect your custom domain names, SMTP server, MX record, and webmail clients, drastically shortening the setup time and headaches commonly associated with configuring email inboxes.

    Aside from your web hosting provider, though, tons of other companies offer email-only plans centered around productivity and business communications.

    These email hosting specialists often provide extra oomph to the storage, security, and spam-fighting features, and sometimes come with added software for contacts, calendars, and chatting.

    Pricing for business email plans, however, can quickly exceed what many young companies can realistically afford.

    Sure, you can sign up for a free email hosting account just about anywhere. In fact, we utterly love the functionality that industry leaders at Google and Microsoft provide inGmail and Outlook, respectively, but neither free plan allows users to use a custom domain name.

    For that, youll need to sign up for G Suite or Office 365 or check out one of these free options for business email communications.

    How To Create A Free Email Account

    Here is how you can create a free email account:

    • Step 1) Open any browser and visit any of the above-listed free email account providers
    • Step 2) Now, go to the Sign Up option
    • Step 3) Provide required details like name, mobile number, preferred email handle, etc.
    • Step 4) Fill in all the details and create a password
    • Step 5) Complete mobile authentication if required
    • Step 6) Click on the Create Account button
    • Step 7) Your free email account will be created, which you can use to send and receive emails

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    Good For Multiple Email Accounts

    Reasons to avoid

    Zoho, a cloud-first productivity company, makes a slew of apps and services for consumers and enterprise users. So, it’s perhaps no surprise that the company is competing heavily in email.

    Zoho Mail comes with a colorful design that makes it easy to switch between your email and other apps, like your calendar, tasks and contacts. Better yet, it comes with the option to integrate all of your email accounts from other services, and if you want to use folders to boost your email productivity, rest assured that Zoho can get it done with ease.

    This service is a great value because of the sheer number of features that you get in the free version. For most consumers, there would simply be no reason to upgrade to the paid version. And even for some companies that don’t care about a vanity URL, opting for the base, free option makes some sense.

    If you are a business user, however, you may want to look elsewhere. While Zoho puts plenty of apps at your disposal, its services are sometimes underpowered compared to some alternatives from Microsoft and others.

    Pricing on the business side also leaves a bit to be desired. At $1 per user per month, Zoho Mail Lite is affordable, but it comes with only 5GB of storage per user and 25MB for email attachments per use. You can bump up to Zoho Mail Premium, which has 30GB of storage per user and 40MB for email attachments per user, but it would have been nice to get that in the Lite version.

    Whats The Best Paid Email Service

    11 Best Free Email Accounts for 2019

    Well, perhaps our web-and-email hosting double dipping is getting out of hand. Although the email services are included for free with even the most affordable plans, youre still technically paying something.

    However, partnering with platforms that specialize in just email hosting and delivery can be an important tool for medium and larger businesses that require large numbers of inboxes, top-notch reliability, and tons of storage.

    Even better, many of these premium products boast extra features for productivity and collaboration, from analytics and automation to marketing templates and social media integrations. Take a look at the paid services you should consider:

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    Concluding The Best Email Service Providers

    So, these were our top picks for the providers of the best free email accounts. You can compare their features with your requirements and then select the one that fits your needs perfectly.

    If you know other email service providers that deserve to be on this list, kindly use the comments section below to notify us about the same. We will review and add them as soon as possible.

    Outlook: Best For Multiple App Integrations

    Image Source

    Unique Feature: Multiple App Integrations

    Sign up here.

    Type of email: Email client

    Who should use it: Anyone who uses many different platforms to connect with others.

    If you ever cringed at the sight of a Hotmail.com email address, you can thank Outlook for this outdated domain name.

    But theres good news: Microsoft has reinvented its longstanding email service, and your free Outlook.com email address has many advanced features waiting for you.

    While it touts a calendar and message filter similar to Gmail, Outlook also integrates with several other popular communication apps.

    For example, you can connect Skype, Facebook, PowerPoint, PayPal, and even task-management software such as Trello making it very easy to reach and work with non-Outlook users without leaving your inbox.

    Article post on: cohaitungchi.com

    Outlook offers 15 GB of free storage for each user, along with a super-clean interface.

    Notable Features:

    Unique Feature: Media and attachment history

    Sign up here.

    Type of email: Webmail

    Who should use it: Creatives and anyone who sends and receives attachments frequently via email.

    Yahoo! Mail, another well-known platform, sits just behind AOL in storage space with a whopping 1 TB for free, along with a few key social media integrations.

    You can have custom background themes and search for key information from your inbox with Yahoo! Mail.

    Notable Features:

    • Instant notifications for new emails

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    Mozilla Thunderbird: Best For Managing Multiple Accounts

    Image Source

    Unique Feature: Customization features and the ability to open multiple emails in tabs

    Sign up here.

    Type of email: Email clients

    Who should use it: Anyone looking for a simple but customizable email inbox.

    Thunderbird, a free email application from Mozilla, known for Firefox, offers a quick email inbox setup and a simple, easy-to-use user interface.

    Article post on: cohaitungchi.com

    The app offers customizable features, such as theme settings and app extensions to improve your email experience. The email app also allows you to open multiple emails in tabs, similar to how you would open various web pages in Firefox browsers.

    Notable Features:

    • It has a large extension library
    • Integrates with Google Calendar to make task and meeting scheduling easier
    • Smart email organization to reduce cluster

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