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How to Choose the Best Email Marketing Services for Your Business

How can you make a first impression on your recipient, the second you send out an email? Well, when we consider that every second person or so decides whether to open an email or not depending on who its from. Ive got an idea…

Just think, youve crafted the perfect resume, written a beautiful follow-up to a client, or made an attractive offer to a lead with a catchy subject line… but the recipient doesn’t see all this cool stuff. First and foremost, they see that youre writing from a personal account which is categorically not a business one.

A professional email address gives your business a professional demeanor, ensuring the public takes your business seriously. In other words, your email address is your business brand name.

An email address has more significance than you think. You have no power in impressing your recipient with cracking content inside your email, because they might not open it. Your email address speaks volumes about how professional you are and if somebody can trust you. Its a key to lending credibility and building trust with customers and partners.

Well, I know youre absolutely on the edge of your seat to finally hear the answer to how can I make a professional email address?

Best Email For Business

Live chat, video conferencing, and project management tools have enhanced the way small businesses operate and succeed. Likewise, commercial email providers have long been essential for companies of all sizesand in all business sectors, from retail to restaurants, and personal services to healthcare.

When you choose the best email address service for your business, youll gain key benefits like:

  • Credibility as a genuine business
  • Effective communication with clients, colleagues and partners
  • A reliable way to send email

But different types of companies have different needs when it comes to email. So, theres no single answer to, What are the best email providers? In fact, many factors come into play when choosing an effectiveand cost-effectivesystem.

Wondering what is the best email account for business? Think about whats most important for your business. Consider security, speed, ease of use, and other value-added capabilities. We offer these insights to help you choose the best email service for your needs. Weve also looked into cost, account storage size, and functionality, along with related services. As you read, consider the following questions about what would make the best email provider for your business:

  • Can this system track email receipts?
  • Can you archive and sort messages?
  • Does it include automatic backup and recovery of messages?
  • Can you encrypt sensitive or confidential communications?
  • Does it include grammar and spell-checking systems?

How Do You Create A Custom Email Address For Business Use

Its easy to create a custom email address, such as an email address that uses your own domain name . First, get a domain , which you can purchase from a domain name registrar such as GoDaddy or Hover for around $12 per year. Then, get email hosting and set up access to your email with your favorite email app. Get the step-by-step instructions on how to create a custom email address.

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Best Email Hosting Service For Keeping Everything On The Cloud

If your organization prefers using cloud-based tools, is your best bet for email hosting.

Google Workspace is Google’s alternative to Microsoft 365, combining email hosting with the company’s own communication and collaboration apps. With a Google Workspace subscription, you get a minimum of 30GB of cloud storage space per userthough Enterprise-tier plans provide as much storage as you needas well as shared contacts and calendars.

You also get access to Google’s entire set of workplace communication and collaboration tools, including Chat for messaging and Meet for voice/video conferencing, Google Drive for cloud file storage, Keep for note-taking, and access to Google Docs, Sheets, and Slidessome of the most accessible file editing and real-time collaboration tools available. If you use Google’s suite of apps, you can also .

Google’s administration tools are simple to use as well, and increasingly have the advanced features businesses need, such as Vault for compliance archival. And since it’s still the Gmail your team already knows how to use, onboarding will be easy.

What Is Imap Pop3 Smtp

10 best free business email accounts in 2021

IMAP: IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol is a mail protocol that is used to access email on the web server from the local PC. It stores messages on a server and synchronizes the mails across multiple devices.

POP3: POP3 or Post Office Protocol version 3 is a mail protocol that is used to receive emails from server to local email client. It downloads mail messages on your computer and deletes them from the server.

SMTP: SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an application to send messages to the mail server for relaying.

When you send emails, the web server processes your mails and decides which server to send messages. The mail service provider downloads the mails and places in the inbox of the recipient.

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Invest In A Good Desktop Email Client

Youre likely someone who regularly uses multiple email addresses . Travel is something you do constantly for work, meeting clients and investors all over. Important emails and documents will be sent out and received every day. You dont have time to try to figure out an unintuitive user interface.

Most importantly, your business and personal reputation will live and die by your ability to ensure the safety of sensitive information.

Regardless of the email provider you have, the Mailbird email client can remove any weaknesses.

For example, youll be able to:

As good as some of the email provider options are, Mailbirds added tools provide you with an incredible amount of control over your email management.

For a longer breakdown of how an email client such as Mailbird can enhance your email experience, read our blog post on the best email services for businesses.

What Is The Best Free Email Service For Small Business

The two best options for free email providers that you can use for your small business are Gmail and Zoho. Your decision would come down to a few factors: custom domains, apps, and security.

With Gmail you will have access to a large part of the Google Workspace suite of apps like Google Drive and Docs. The Google server is typically quite secure but Gmail only offers multi-factor authentication to keep your account safe.

Zoho offers a custom domain even with a free account and end-to-end encryption. They have their own suite of apps you can use however they are not as popular as the ones everyone is already familiar with from Google. Another bonus: theyre completely ad-free.

If you want a custom domain especially, go with Zoho.

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Know Your Costs And Your Users

Cost is probably the most popular driver for businesses moving email to the cloud. On average, it’s simply cheaper on a per-user basis when you factor in not only the cost of server hardware and connectivity but also add-on security products and the knowledgeable staff necessary to run them. But there’s also the a la carte options menu.

Hosted email often comes as part of another service, such as web hosting or Infrastructure-as-a-Service . Since that means there will be many extras available with these services, it’s inescapable that you’ll be paying for those extras in some way. Purchasing them usually means a slight uptick in that per-user price. Many businesses find that, once they’re done selecting all of their needed “optional extras,” their end price can often reach as high as $10 or more per user. This can start to add up for larger teams. It’s somewhat like buying cable service: sometimes you need to pay for the channels you don’t want to get the couple of channels that you need. There is also the old adage that “you get what you pay for” when it comes to quality. This is almost always true when considering an email host.

Best Free Email Accounts You Should Consider

How to Create a Business Email | Complete Setup with Gmail for Free

A detailed look at their offerings

Email is such a huge part of your everyday life. Whileaccess to free email accounts is great, it isnt very useful if those emailservices dont offer all the features you need.

There are countless free email services online today. Someare tailored for privacy. Others are meant to be integrated with all yoursocial accounts and contacts. Still others are geared toward accessibility andcross-platform, mobile access.

The following are 7 of the best free email accounts you cansign up for right now.

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Which Business Email Account You Are Using

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Definition Of Professional Email Address

Before proceeding any further, it would be great to define what a professional email address is first.

In simple terms, a professional email address is defined as one that has your domain name or business name on it.

Essentially, these are email accounts that are not hosted on free email services such as gmail.com or yahoo.com to mention a few.As effective as those Gmail or yahoo emails are, they do not look all that professional.

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Make Liberal Use Of Smart Folders And Filters

If you are managing more than one email account, setting up smart folders and filters is a must. Doing so will save you hours of time a week, as email will be automatically sent to the correct corresponding folders. How you accomplish this will depend on the email provider or client you are using, but they are one of many tools you need to properly manage your inbox.

Use Clean Email To Manage Your Free Business Email Account

The 10 Best (Free) Email Service Providers for Your Business

Regardless of which free business email you choose, you can always use Clean Email to clean your mailboxes of emails you dont need. Many businesses either underestimate the importance of email software for inbox management, or they dont have the right tool for the job, resulting in a huge loss of productivity and revenue.

Thanks to its intelligent algorithms, Clean Email can automatically sort emails into easy-to-review bundles for bulk email management. It can also create automation rules with a single click, allowing you to apply any action to new emails coming to your mailbox without any manual work.

Clean Email works with all business email free services with IMAP support, which includes virtually all best free business email services that you can come across today. To start using Clean Email to manage your free business email account:

  • Sign in with your email address and password.
  • Explore what Clean Email has to offer.
  • The Quick Clean feature provides the simplest way how to tidy up a messy inbox since it groups the types of emails most commonly cleaned by Clean Email’s users. From there, you can automate different actions with the help of Auto Clean, an incredibly useful feature that makes it possible to create smart automation rules with a single click.

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    What Features Do I Need From My Email Provider

    This varies considerably depending on the type and size of your business. In broad strokes, though, you should consider taking a look at the providers:

    • Security Features
    • Pricing plans
    • Support Services

    It is also worth checking if the provider allows you to use custom domains and whether all of your employees will be able to easily access it on their devices

    If you dont have a custom domain, you wont be able to send your emails from a business address any business should be looking to have a custom domain, otherwise you risk losing a lot of credibility with customers and potential customers.

    You should also consider how you want your choice to integrate with other tools you use for business. If you already use a MS Teams for communication or the calendar on Outlook to organise your routine, there are benefits to using Microsoft for your email too since these functions are built to work together.

    In this article well outline the services of six popular providers using these parameters, helping you to make the right decision for the future of your enterprise.

    Which Business Email Hosting Provider Is Right For Your Company

    When managing email for an entire team or company, email isn’t quite the simple service you’re used to as an individual: the tools you use for your business require a bit more thought and care.

    But it can still be a set-it-and-forget-it service. With today’s cloud email services, you’ll only need a few hours to add your domain to your email service, set up new accounts for your team, and import their old data. Your service will take care of the rest, making sure your team has their emails, contacts, and calendar appointments whenever they need them.

    Originally published in May 2017, this post has had contributions from Jessica Greene and Eric Ravenscraft.

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    Do You Need A Business Or A Personal Email

    Weve written in length about why a business email is more beneficial than a personal account. However, it technically isnt a strict requirement. To clarify, it will depend on your business needs but if youre unsure then go through the checklist below.

    Does your company employ or plan to hire more than three people?

    The more people there are in your company, the greater the likelihood that someone will get hacked. Most business email providers let you standardize security protocols, and if someone does get hacked, see where the breach came from.

    Do you plan on engaging in email marketing?

    Although the CAN-SPAM Act is only really enforceable in the US, its a good practice to always have an unsubscribe button because email clients like Gmail WILL penalize you if your communications are reported as spam too often.

    Will you be sending or receiving sensitive data or information via email?

    Legal due diligence requires that you do everything in your power to ensure the safety of your clients information. As most personal email accounts lack enhanced security features, they do not count.

    Is accountability important to your business?

    Business email clients let you easily archive and keep track of important communications between employees and clients. Personal accounts have this feature as well, but youll be unable to archive en masse.

    Will email be the main communication between you and your clients?

    Are you actively working to increase your brand presence?

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