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Be Wary Of Warped Lumber

The Home Depot Customer Service | Home Depot Phone Number

Chances are youve seen the massive stacks of lumber at The Home Depot, especially of common dimension like 2x4s or 2x8s. If youre itching to start a project, you might be tempted to simply load up your cart and head to the check-out.

But take the time to examine each piece of lumber as you select it. Youll notice many are warped, cupped, checked or otherwise damaged. Sure, you can always return bad boards, but why go through the trouble of hauling them out to your jobsite and back again? If youre not sure what to look for, check out this guide for an in-depth explanation of how to select the best pieces at a lumberyard.

Another question customers often ask is Does The Home Depot cut wood? The answer is usually yes! If you need help cutting lumber before taking it home, ask an associate for help.

Home Depot Customer Care Number Head Office Address Email Id

Home Depot Customer Care Number, Head Office Address, Email Id details. Home Depot is an Online Shopping Store to buy appliances, bathroom decorating ideas, kitchen remodeling, patio furniture, power tools, and many more. Many Indianss looking for the contact information of Home Depot for complaints and product service-related queries. Right Now, we are sharing details of Home Depots toll-free number, email id, head office, and many more.

The Home Depot Names Ted Decker President And Chief Operating Officer Announces Additional Senior Leadership Promotions

ATLANTA, Oct. 2, 2020 The Home DepotĀ®, the worlds largest home improvement retailer, today announced that Edward Ted P. Decker has been named president and chief operating officer, effective October 5, 2020. Decker, a 20-year veteran of the company, has served as executive vice president of merchandising since 2014. As the companys chief merchant, he has been responsible for all store and online merchandising departments, merchandising strategy, services and vendor management, marketing and in-store environment. In his new role, he will assume additional responsibility for global store operations, global supply chain, and outside sales and service.

Ted is an incredible leader who has enhanced our competitiveness and interconnected strategy by blending the art and science of retail while also driving outstanding results with both our in-store and online customer experience, said Craig Menear, chairman and CEO of The Home Depot. We are extremely fortunate to have what I believe to be one of the finest executive leadership teams in retail. Teds promotion and the additional changes we are announcing will further strengthen the teams strategic leadership and operational efficiency, while I continue to focus over the next few years on the long-term growth and strategic positioning of the company.

About The Home Depot

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Home Depot Sends Hundreds Of Emails To Wrong Customers

Eh sorry! Home Depot Canada is red-faced after sending out hundreds of order-pickup notifications to the wrong people.

“Hey um… I’m pretty sure I received a reminder email for literally every online order that is currently ready for pick up at literally every Home Depot store in Canada,” tweeted Spencer Monckton, a graduate student in Toronto, yesterday . “There are 660+ emails. Something has gone wrong.”

@HomeDepotCanada Hey um… I’m pretty sure I received a reminder email for literally every online order that is currently ready for pick up at literally every Home Depot store in Canada. There are 660+ emails. Something has gone wrong. pic.twitter.com/mBcO40Ge3o

“This is a VERY serious data breach that has affected at least 900 consumers, not just in-store pick-up,” tweeted Bethany Frances of the London, Ontario area. “My ONLINE ORDER was sent to 300 people, and I received the ONLINE ORDERS of 43 others. Names, home addresses, order info and credit card info was all shared :(“

This is a VERY serious data breach that has affected at least 900 consumers, not just in-store pick-up. My ONLINE ORDER was sent to 300 people, and I received the ONLINE ORDERS of 43 others. Names, home addresses, order info and credit card info was all shared šŸ™ @HomeDepot

Craig Menear Wiki Age Wife Family & More

Home Depot says 53 million email addresses compromised ...

Home Depot CEO Craig, age 63, was born in Flint, Michigan in around 1958. His father was a tool and die maker at Flint General Motors. As a kid, Craig set up a lawn care business and bought his first car from his personal savings. Later he completed his graduation and took a decent job at the now-extinct company Montgomery Ward. He is a family man. He and his wife have two daughters. According to his wife, Craig is very competitive, collaborative, detail-oriented, and compassionate person.

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What Is The Phone Number For Home Depot Human Resources

Store HR went away back in 09. It got sourced to call centers. As far as the major concerns go. If mythdhrs associate advice and counsel group doesnt solve it. Theres always the awareline 1 800 286 4909. Reporting is anonymous. But taken seriously. Store management has to stop dead in their tracks and address the issue when those come up.

How Do I Report A Home Depot Employee

If you are faced with a situation where you think our Company values or compliance with the law may be in question, you should bring this to the attention of your immediate manager or supervisor, your Human Resource representative, Corporate Compliance, or, if you prefer, you may anonymously report your concern through

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How Do You Send Complaints To Home Depot

Complaints concerning Home Depot can be made by phone or by completing the customer feedback form found on the companys website. Complaints regarding the store, company, merchandise and services should be directed to 1-800-466-3337. Complaints regarding the companys website should be directed to 1-800-430-3376.

Home Depot encourages customers to direct complaints to the general manager of the store where the incident occurred. If the issue is not resolved, contacting the customer care phone number serves to lodge a formal complaint with the company’s headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. During the call to customer care services, the customer needs to provide details of the incident, the store’s location and personal contact information for a follow-up call or email regarding the situation. The customer care representative estimates how long it is likely to take for Home Depot to resolve the issue.

Customers can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The agency attempts to negotiate a resolution between the company and customers. If the proffered resolution is not satisfactory to the customer, it can be rejected and added to the company’s BBB profile. If it is satisfactory, the complaint is categorized as being resolved. BBB complaints can be made on the organization’s website.

About The Home Depot Canada

Customer Service | The Home Depot Careers

The Home Depot caters to do-it-yourselfers, as well as home improvement, construction and building maintenance professionals.

  • Installation Services Many customers choose to have qualified professionals complete home renovation projects for them. The Home Depot Canada offers installation services through pre-screened independent contractors for a wide range of products.
  • Pro & Tool Rental The Home Depot Canada’s stores offer professional customers, including repair and remodel contractors, special services and support to make them more successful on the job site. These services include a contractor loyalty program and an on-site tool rental department.

The Home Depot is publicly traded and is included in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index and the Dow Jones 30 Industrial Index.

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The Secret Language Of Price Tags

Most retailers use a series of codes and special prices to secretly label their products. Sales associates use them to sort and move merchandise, but savvy shoppers whove broken the code can snatch up items when theyre at their lowest price point.

In The Home Depots case, look for yellow sales tags. If the sales price ends with .06, then there are six weeks left before that item is priced lower. If the sales price ends with .03, then that item will be moved to clearance or donated to charity in three weeks. By keeping an eye on those yellow tags, its possible to get even better deals on low-cost, high-value items that every DIYer will love.

Home Depot Discloses That 53 Million Customer Email Addresses Were Stolen

Home Depot discloses that 53 million customer email addresses were stolen

The Home Depot security breach last spring has gotten worse. In addition to the 56 million credit-card accounts that were compromised, around 53 million customer email addresses were also taken, according to a statement from Home Depot about the breach investigation. Home Depot assures its customers that no passwords, payment card information like debit card PIN numbers, or other sensitive information was stolen.

The breach occurred when cybercrooks stole a third-party vendors user name and password to enter their network in April 2014. The hackers then deployed unique, custom-built malware on Home Depots self-checkout registers in the United States and Canada.

The company said that as of September 18, the malware had been eliminated from the network.

Request your free identity protection

The Home Depot is notifying affected customers and still offering free identity protection services, including credit monitoring, to any customer who used a credit or debit card at one of its 2,266 retail stores beginning in April. Customers who wish to take advantage of these services should visit homedepot.allclearid.com or call 1-800-HOMEDEPOT .

The Fallout

Home Depot said that customers should be on guard against phishing scams, which are designed to trick customers into providing personal information in response to phony emails.

Get more information from Home Depot’s Facebook page.

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Mailboxes Flooded With Random Order Pickup Notifications

A Home Depot Canada customer, Spencer K. Monckton tweeted to the company today:

“Hey um… I’m pretty sure I received a reminder email for literally every online order that is currently ready for pick up at literally every Home Depot store in Canada. There are 660+ emails. Something has gone wrong.”

Home Depot Canada floods customers’ inboxes with hundreds of order information emails unrelated to their accounts

The order numbers and the information contained within these emails had no relation to Monckton’s account.

Eventually, more reports surfaced on Twitter showing screenshots and videos of users’ flooded mailboxes due to what appeared to be an email system snafu.

The emails obtained by BleepingComputer reveal information such as the customer’s name, order number along with QR code, pick-up store addressor in some cases the customer’s home address, items in the order, and payment receipt containing the last 4 digits of the payment card number.

Home Depot emails leak customer name and order number and QR Code

Monckton further told BleepingComputer he had received 467 emails in total between 2:32 AM and 3:29 AM EDT.

All emails related to online orders placed between October 24th and 25th, submitted for in-store pickups. The first available pickup day listed on these was Monday .

The customers, not having picked up the orders lead to the system generating these reminder emails.

Pick up order emails expose last 4 digits of payment card number

Rental Tools For Sale

Receiving email from Home Depot? HereĆ¢s how to tell if it ...

The aisles of The Home Depot are filled with tools of all sizes and prices. Each one is new, never used. But theres another place in the store that has an even better deal on tools: the rental shop.

Rental tools are available to DIYers of all skill levels to try out or to use for one-off projects. As the various tools start to pick up scratches and dings or are replaced by newer models, theyre put up for sale usually at a big discount. But unlike used tools found at pawn shops, theyve been inspected by a qualified technician between rentals.

Of course, you can always simply rent tools to save money. But keep an eye on your local Home Depot rental stock for buying opportunities as well.

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Drastic Discounts On Wood Scraps

Many DIYers know The Home Depot will cut lumber and trim to custom length. Better yet, when these items are sold by the board foot, you only have to pay for what you need. But what you may not know is that all that excess lumber and off-cut trim ends up as difficult-to-sell scrap wood.

Ask an associate for the cull lumber or scrap wood rack, and youll find wood that sells for up to 75 percent off. If you need specific dimensions, you may not find what youre looking for in the cull lumber bin, but you may discover enough materials to help you make something great. As just one example, check out this shelf constructed entirely of scrap lumber!

Home Depot Headquarters Info

The Home Depot headquarters call Atlanta, Georgia home. You can write to the company or give the company a call. There is no corporate email to speak of and the corporate contact us link sends the visitor to the consumer website.

  • Address: You can write to the Home Depot headquarters at the Atlanta, Georgia location.

Home Depot Headquarters 2455 Paces Ferry Rd. Atlanta, GA 30339

  • Phone Number: The corporate phone number for Home Depot headquarters is 1-770-433-8211. You can also fax the corporate office at 1-770-384-5038.
  • Email: There is no corporate email address for Home Depot headquarters. There is a consumer contact form linked from the corporate page. We found a media inquiries email for reporters or members of the media. For investors you can email their investor relations team.
  • Website: We found a corporate website for Home Depot headquarters . The website offers company information, investor relations information and a jobs listing / application for employment.

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Enroll In Paperless Statements And Letters

To enroll in paperless for your account, start by reading the terms and conditions below. You are agreeing to receive your statements electronically only and some of your legal notices electronically only. If you do not wish to enroll, choose Cancel and deselect the Paperless Statements and Letters checkbox.

Hacker Used My Account To Place An Order But Not My Credit Card Why

BT Vancouver – Home Depot Warns About Phishing Scams

This scam involves my HomeDepot.com account. For those not in the US, Home Depot is a chain of very large home improvement / DIY stores.

Background / how I knew my account was compromised:

Yesterday I received 3 emails from Home Depot, followed by roughly 100 spam emails that all made it through the hotmail spam filter.The 3 emails from Home Depot were:

  • Shipping address change
  • Order confirmation

I did not have a credit card of mine on file. The credit card added was not mine. The shipping address for the order was a residential address about 10 miles from my address .

I contacted Home Depot using the customer service number on their site and explained I had not placed the order. The rep said she thought it came about through someone placing the order over the phone, giving an email address close to mine and a Home Depot rep entering that person’s information into my account. She said she would cancel the order and insisted my account had not been compromised.

At this point I did not make the connection between the deluge of spam mails and the Home Depot order so I considered her explanation plausible. I deleted the address and credit card from my account.

Today the same thing happened again. Another 3 emails from Home Depot followed by another 100 spam emails. This made me realize that my account had indeed been compromised.

This time I changed my password and enabled 2FA authentication. I contacted Home Depot again and the order was canceled .

Some things to note:

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