What Is Ctor In Email Marketing

Tips On How To Make Your Email More Clickable

Email Marketing: What is CTOR? (Click to Open Rate)

Now that weve covered the click-through rate and other email marketing metrics, lets look at some tips for making your email more engaging.

Make It Scannable

Since everybody is busy, most of your subscribers may not have time to read your entire email. Make your emails more scannable to help frantic readers get the most important information.

People read content on the internet differently than they would in print. Break up your points into easy-to-read bits to satisfy their needs in your inbox.

Also, make sure the most valuable information is first, and then add photos and links to support it.

Use Dynamic Content

Make sure the readers see content that is tailored to them: This is possible with dynamic material.

Dynamic content is an email experience that is tailored to the recipients demographics, data, and email preferences.

You can display the best content for their interests based on what you know about your recipient. Add entire parts of a text, photos, or even call-to-action buttons depending on whos reading the email, rather than just a persons name.

Your reader is more likely to click through if the material is interesting to them.

Design For Conversion

Of course, you want your email to be successful and persuade your recipients to click through, so keep a few design tips in mind when you write it.

Make The Content Easy To Scan

A recent study by the Technical University of Denmark found global attention spans are declining because of the amount of information available to us. With so much information to choose from, focusing on one brand, product, or piece of content becomes increasingly difficult.

For marketers, this statistic reminds us of the importance of making our content stand out. In email marketing, with more than 300 billion emails sent per day, competition for customer attention has never been higher.

Bring up key points immediately and use headlines to capture user attention quickly.

Break up your copy in short chunks and ensure your sections flow logically.

Heres an example from Target, with their special offer shown right at the top, simple, clear copy showing items they want to promote, and sections that break up the content.

Why Does Ctor Matter

You dont hear about CTOR as much as CTR and open rate, so what makes it such a valuable metric for your marketing?

Like any email marketing metric, the value of CTOR is that it provides you with information about your emails performance. Specifically, it gives you feedback about your email copy.

Think of it like this. The purpose of is to let you see when elements of your campaigns need improved. In email marketing, there are multiple levels where that could happen.

  • First, you have the subject line. Maybe someone sees the email in their inbox, but it doesnt look compelling enough to open.
  • Second, theres the email copy. Maybe someone opens the email, but the copy fails to convince them to click.
  • Finally, theres the landing page on your website. A user might open the email and click on the link there, but not convert once they reach your site.
  • The first and third levels the subject line and the landing page each have a metric that tells you if things arent going well. If you have a low open rate, it means theres an issue with your subject line because people arent even opening your emails.

    Likewise, if you have a high CTR but a low conversion rate, it means people are clicking but not converting, so the issue is on your landing page. But what about the email copy?

    Thats where CTOR comes in.

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    Ctor May Be The Most Telling Measurement Of Content

    Current email best practice is to create campaigns that are optimized for images blocked. This is achieved with an email including a healthy mix of HTML text and images. However, a large number of retailers still create and send email campaigns that are almost entirely image based . In these particular cases, the CTOR metric is critical in evaluating the content, offer and creative of the email, especially when an A/B test may have been performed on the campaign. Why? Because open rates can vary. CTOR stands as a more telling and useful measurement of the content and creative.

    There is a lot of inconsistency in the calculation of email metrics , and some analysts argue that CTOR is an ineffective measurement. This argument stems from the fact that the denominator unique opens is somewhat flawed due to the fact that an open is recorded when images are downloaded. This leaves an unknown number of subscribers who opened the email but didnt download images, not to mention those who clicked-through the email without downloading images , unaccounted for in the metrics calculation.

    If Your Email Open Rate Is Flat And Your Total Opens Are Flat

    CTR vs. CTOR: Which Email Metric Should You Track?

    This could indicate that, although your list isnt growing much, youre sending emails to a core group of engaged subscribers.

    Or it could also show that your list is growing, but youre adding new people who are engaged with your content just as fast as youre losing engagement from previous subscribers.

    To improve your results, consider segmenting your list based on subscribe date to see if the engagement of your older subscribers is declining rapidly.

    If it is, you could try dazzling this group with winback emails offering access to limited products, free shipping offers, or discounts.

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    Make Your Links Easy To Find

    If generating clicks on the links within your email is your priority, consider formatting links to ensure they’re easy for readers to find. When choosing a format for links, remember to use colors and fonts that make links distinct from other text. When using hyperlinks in images, consider including text on the picture that identifies the link and encourages the reader to click. You can ensure every link is clear and easy to read to help enhance your CTOR.

    Interpret And Improve Your Email Open Rates

    Using industry benchmarks to gauge good email open rates is a great place to start, but how do you spot and interpret trends in your own email open rates? And how do you improve them?

    When youre diagnosing your own email open rate data, there are two key points to consider: Your open rate and your raw number of opens.

    If youve been cleaning or growing your list regularly, the trend in the raw number of opens will help you figure out whether theres something in the composition of your list thats helping or hurting your results.

    For both metrics, there are three potential trends youll see once youve aggregated your results. Generally, theyre either increasing with each send, decreasing, or flat.

    Keep in mind, your results will almost always be a little irregular. The predominant trend will help you diagnose overall performance.

    Once youve mapped out the trends for both your open rate and your total number of opens, you can interpret your findings.

    Unsure how to analyze all that data? Dont worryIve already done the hard work for you. Heres a guide to the common combinations of trends you might see between your open rate and total opens, plus what steps you can take in response to the data.

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    What Is Email Click

    Click-through rate for email is the percentage of people who clicked on at least one link in your email message. To calculate it simply divide the number of total people who clicked by the number of delivered emails and multiple that ratio by 100 to arrive at your email CTR percentage.

    Of course, make sure you are not overcounting clicks. While most formulas will tell you that click-through rate is the number of clicks your emails get, what they mean is the number of individuals who clicked any link in your email. Therefore, if Bob clicks two links in your email, he counts as 1 click not 2.

    To be more specific, there are two types of click-through rates: TCTR and UCTR.

    How To Calculate Click

    Email Marketing: Difference between CTR vs CTOR (Click Through Rate vs Click to Open Rate)

    To calculate click-to-open rate, divide the number of unique clicks by the number of unique opens. Multiply that number by 100 to get the percentage, and youve got your email click-to-open rate!

    For example, lets say in your last campaign, you sent 50,000 emails. As a savvy email marketer, you A/B tested your subject lines and segmented your list, of course, so you have a strong open rate of 25% meaning 12,500 people opened your email. Your click rate is hovering around 2.5%, so 1,250 people clicked on at least one link in your email. To calculate click-to-open rate, divide the number of unique clicks by the number of unique opens , then multiply by 100 . In this case, your click-to-open rate is 10%.

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    What Is An Email Open Rate

    Email open rates are the percentage of subscribers who open one of your emails out of the total number of subscribers who received it.

    Email open rates allow you to measure the performance of your email marketing campaigns or email automations, otherwise known as email flows.

    Theyre the first metric in your arsenal of email marketing data that can help you understand whether your emails are resonating with your customersif few people are opening your emails, then its an indication that theres room to improve.

    Are you sending the right content to the right people? Are your subject lines enticing? How strong is your email deliverability or sender reputation?

    These are all important questions to consider when evaluating your email open rates. Ill dig more into how to diagnose early warning signs and the steps you can take to make improvements below.

    What Is A Good Click

    There are a lot of different metrics that help determine the success of an email marketing campaign. Open rates, click rates, unsubscribe rates, bounce rates all of these play a really important role in overall email performance. As email marketers, keeping track of all of these metrics is just as important as actually sending out the messages. But theres one metric that doesnt always get the credit it deserves: the click-to-open rate.

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    Use Email Design Hacks

    CTOR helps you check how effective your email design is. Heres what you need to do to make your emails look professional and trustworthy:

  • Make use of ready-made email templates. With SendPulse, you can use over 130 pre-designed responsive templates. Select one based on your goal and customize it to your liking. Another option is to use our drag and drop editor to create stunning email templates.
  • Master mobile-friendly email design. Make your email width 600px, use a short subject line, stick to a single-column layout for your email to be easy to read. Optimize your images for faster loading. Use 13-14px font size so that users can easily tap the buttons. Leave some white space around the CTA to make it more eye-catching. Avoid placing links and menu bars as they are too difficult to tap on a smartphone.
  • Write the subject line properly. Do not use CAPS excessively and note that 30-50 characters is the optimal length for email subject lines since longer ones may not display correctly on tablets and smartphones. Another great option is to use emojis to grab subscribers attention and stand out from your competitors in the inbox.
  • Add the perfect preheader. It should be short and to the point. Stick to 40-70 characters. Ideally, your preheader and subject line should complement each other
  • Check out some email design best practices and improve the visual side of your messages.

    Ctor Vs Ctr Vs Open Rate

    CTR, Or CTOR? What You Should Be Monitoring And Why

    Unlike your click-to-open rate, your email open rate shows you how many people opened your email campaign.

    For example, if you sent your campaign to 2,000 people, you may see that 850 recipients opened your email. This would be a 42 percent open rate, which is a strong metric by email marketing standards.

    On the other hand, focus on the number of clicks and opens an email receives. This can show you how many people viewed your email but often misses the more direct actions you want to gauge, such as who clicked your call-to-action or navigated the links in your email.

    While open rates and CTRs are important in judging whether or not your subject lines and headlines generated interest in your audience, your CTOR can show you if the content of your email is achieving desired customer actions.

    Ultimately, all of these metrics can be important when understanding the success of your email marketing campaigns, but its key you dont overlook your click-to-open rates.

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    Bajas Y Quejas De Spam

    Es importante calcular la cantidad de bajas que tienes. Esta métrica te indica la cantidad de destinatarios que ya no desean recibir tus emails. Debes tener un proceso de baja claro y sencillo.

    Las quejas de Spam es otra métrica relevante que te indica que, a lo mejor, estás enviando demasiados emails y/o contenido poco interesante a tus suscriptores. Esta métrica indica la cantidad de gente que marcó tus emails como Spam. Para evitar que tus clientes te clasifiquen como correo no deseado, aconsejamos tener un link para darse de baja bien visible, tener asuntos creativos que te animen a abrir el email y controlar la cantidad de envíos que haces.

    Tips For Improving Your Ctor

    Here are four tips for boosting your email CTOR!

    1. Keep your emails simple

    One of the first things to note in your email copy is that it should stay minimalist when possible. Emails arent the place to write full-length articles save that for your blog. Limit the text of the emails to no more than a couple of short blurbs.

    Additionally, dont fill your emails with so many elements that users dont know where to look. Rely on white space to break up your text and images, and keep everything centered around one topic.

    2. Use compelling visuals

    Visual appeal is incredibly important in marketing, and emails are no exception. When you design your emails, approach them the same way you would a landing page on your website.

    One way to create an appealing visual design is to keep it simple, which we already covered in the previous tip. You should also focus on branding use color schemes, font choices, and more to communicate your brands unique look and feel.

    Most of all, though, just ensure your email looks good. Use complementary colors, high-quality images, and good alignment to make your emails look professional and attractive.

    3. Center each email around a single CTA

    In addition to being simple and attractive, your emails should focus on a single topic.

    The best way to focus your emails is to build everything around a single, primary . Make it abundantly clear where you want users to go to convert, using your text blurbs to lead up to it.

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