What Is An Email Drip

The Ultimate Guide To Drip Campaigns

What is Drip Email Marketing?

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Email newsletters are ideal ways to keep your subscribers in the loop of your company’s newest developments.

But there’s one with major drawback

New subscribers only see the latest email announcements and never the older emails youve sent out.

This is where drip campaigns come in.

Drip campaigns are one of the simplest ways to get more sales for your business.

Drip campaigns are also called automated email campaigns, lifecycle emails, autoresponders and marketing automation. An effective marketing strategy that sends prewritten messages aka drips to prospects and customers over a certain period of time.

What separates drip campaigns from other varieties of database marketing is two things:

  • The message timing has a set course and arrival
  • The automated messages are released to certain subscribers depending on their status and behaviors.

Email marketing is the modus operandi of most drip campaigns, but other types of media can be used as well.

Research shows that running a drip campaign to a segmented list can drive 18x more revenue for businesses and leads that are nurtured over time make 47% larger purchases.

Craft Your Message Carefully

Pay a lot of attention to crafting your email drip campaign message. Most importantly, do not make your message too lengthy. Readers these days have a very short attention span. If its taking more than a few seconds of their time, they skip reading. Grab your readers attention with a clear subject line for your campaign. Create a message that is clear, helpful, attractive and actionable to the reader. As an independent agent, your message should convey the essence of your agency and should highlight your value to the reader. Briefly highlight the benefits of your product or service and let the reader visualize what they may be missing out by ignoring your message. InsuredMine has multiple simple drip campaign templates to choose from so agents can send out professional yet personalized messages. You can simply select from a host of messages and tweak them a little to customize them to your target group.

Benefits Of An Email Drip Campaign

Drip campaigns have many benefits if you implement them properly.

“The benefits of a drip campaign is that you can create a path that can lead to a customer following an action point, even if they didn’t open the first email you sent out,” said SEO consultant Daniel Foley. “Constant messaging can be a deciding factor in the behavior of your customers doing it right can mean that your brand will be stuck in their subconscious, therefore allowing you to make the most out of the opportunity.”

These are some other benefits email drip campaigns can offer:

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What Is An Email Drip Campaign A Beginners Guide

SEO / MarketingOctober 15, 2020

Theres no doubt that email should be a part of almost any companys marketing efforts. With ROIs as high as $44 for every $1 spent, email is one of the most cost-effective and powerful marketing channels available to businesses.

But not all campaigns are created equal. While regular newsletter campaigns are a good starting point, to truly get the most out of email marketing, youll need to use more advanced techniques.

Which brings us to email drip campaigns: automated email campaigns that send emails based on user actions or pre-determined timelines. Here, were going to go over the basics of email drip campaigns, give you some examples of them, and explain what makes them work.

Finally, well give you some tips on how you can plan your own campaign so that your emails are received like refreshing drops of dew instead of drops in an unrelenting episode of email water torture.

How To Create One For Your Campaigns

How to Create Drip Email Campaigns

Now that youve known all about drip campaigns, youre all set to incorporate them into your email marketing. Heres a flowchart thatll help you straighten all your steps –

Determine Your Target Audience

Drip campaigns are all about segmenting your subscriber list and targeting content to specific consumer groups. So an essential part of this is deciding which trigger and groups youll utilize for your drip marketing plan.

Drips are often triggered by one of two sorts of events: an activity in your app or on your website or the addition of user demographic data.

Construct Your Message

Now that you identify whom youre going for, you need to create a useful message and catch their attention. What action would you like the user to take? Alternatively, what would you like the user to understand?

Write text that is clear, actionable, and appealing based on your response. Maintain the voice youve developed for your business, but make sure your communication is consistent.

Create a Campaign Plan

Next, you must determine the mechanics of your drip campaign, including the procedure from initial contact through sale to support. This is also the time to define your campaigns goals, ensure that the text in each email flows in sync with the others, and establish how youll track your progress.

Begin Your Campaign

Evaluate and Modify

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Create A Mailing List

Register with SendPulse. Select the category Email and choose Mailing lists. Click on New mailing lists. Name your mailing list. Leave it empty until the launch of a drip email campaign. After the launch, you can add your existing subscribers to this mailing list, and they will all get this drip email campaign as well as new subscribers that you can gather from subscription forms.

Monitor Your Drip Campaigns Performance And Optimize It

Its true that your automated email drip campaign is on autopilot but that never means that you set it once and you completely forget about it.To keep track of your data, check Automizys drip campaign KPIs overview.

Having a clear overview of the performance of each email of your drip campaign enables you to optimize the campaign. Tweak your email content or AB test some different subject lines.

It is best to evaluate your ongoing drip campaign on a weekly basis and adjust it to reach the full potential.

The best way to be inspired is to see examples. Lets dive in.

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Email Drip Campaign Example

Suppose that a business has two different kinds of services. One service is affordable and popular it makes up for the bulk of their business. The other service is more expensive and represents the occasional windfall. The business wants to sell the second service more often.

They decide to set up an email drip campaign to be sent out to all of their customers who purchased the more affordable service. The drip campaign is designed to slowly-but-surely provide convincing information, counterarguments to common sales objections, and explain the benefits of the more expensive service. Over time, the business improves the sales of their more expensive secondary service.

Build Email Templates For Your Drip Email Campaign

Start A Drip Email Marketing Campaign For Your Business

Go to Email templates. Choose a template from the previously created ones or the library of pre-designed templates. If you want to create a new one, click on Add a template. Choose between Layout template editor, HTML editor, or Template import. If you choose the first option, select the style of your template: empty, basic, news, commerce, text.

Try out our user-friendly drag-and-drop editor. Drag elements from the left-hand side into the working field and set the elements to your liking on the right-hand side. Heres how to create an email campaign.

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The 5 Best Practices For Your Next Email Drip Campaign

Follow the industrys five best practices for email drip campaigns.

Keep reading to learn more about these proven and trusted strategies and how you can amplify your email marketing strategys return. Or, get started on your next email marketing campaign with our award-winning team. Call us at or contact us online to chat!

When Is A Drip Campaign Appropriate

The phrase drip marketing refers to a variety of marketing tactics. However, the aim remains the very same: keep consumers interested in your product.

Lets look at the below stages where an automated drip campaign might help you deliver relevant content to targeted readers and convert them into buyers. You may wish to test a couple of these with your consumers to test if these emails pique their interest in different ways for your service or product –

  • Lead Nurturing
  • Unsubscribes

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Email Marketing Drip Campaign Examples To Try In 2022

The simplicity of email marketing is what continues to make it one of the best tools for reaching your target audience. As a matter of fact, according to recent email marketing statistics, with email marketing you can achieve a return on investment of more than $40 for every dollar that you spend on it.

Though, to get this type of ROI, you need to use marketing automation and personalization in your campaigns. Close to 70% of marketers believe that email automation is the most important ingredient for boosting the effectiveness of their email campaign. So, how do some of the big brands use email to engage their audience and actually get them to buy something?

We took it upon ourselves to sieve through numerous email campaigns. Here are examples of drip marketing campaigns that dodged the trash can and for very good reason. They are creative and will persuade your email list to complete the calls to action.

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What Is An Email Drip Campaign? A Beginners Guide

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What Is Drip Email Marketing

3 min read

Email newsletters are an excellent method to send out your teams most recent updates, but they have a fundamental flaw: new subscriptions see only new emails and never see the initial emails you sent to your list. After they join up, all theyll see is the information you provide them.

Drip campaigns are a type of marketing email that is sent out periodically on a specified schedule. They are also known as drip marketing, automated reply campaigns, autoresponders, lifecycle emails, and marketing automation. Then one email will be sent when someone joins up, another three days later, and another the following weekend.

Alternatively, you can customize these emails depending on triggers or activities the user has taken, such as registering for your services or making purchases, and thats why theyre also known as behavioral emails.

Send Drip Campaigns With Mailchimp

MailChimp is one of the most popular email service providers in marketing. They offer a host of useful features along with ways to launch a successful email drip.

Heres how you can set up a Mailchimp drip campaign.

  • The first step is to log in with your account on MailChimp and provide answers to questions on what your goals are so that MailChimp can understand what you need to get done.
  • Next, go to Automate and choose the type of automation email you want. MailChimp offers a list of options along with explanations for you to choose from. For example, whether it is a Welcome email or a Happy Birthday email etc.Next, you can either go for a custom campaign or choose one of the fantastic email templates offered MailChimp.
  • Name your campaign once youve decided, and go on to set the different criteria for your emails. For example, you can change the subject lines or the addresses, or the times when you want the emails to go. The more personalized and specific you make your emails, the better.
  • The next step is to start creating content for all of your emails in the drip campaign. MailChimp comes with an easy to use email editor with which you can add text, buttons, images, icons, social sharing buttons, and more. You can also format the content to suit your brand image.
  • Once you are done, you can proceed to creating the next email in your sequence by following the same steps. All you need to do is go to the main page and edit the campaign.

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Establish The Goal Of Your Drip Series

Will your email drip campaign be successful? In order to ensure that it is, your digital marketing team needs a clear vision on what it is youre setting out to accomplish. Just like any other marketing strategy, you need to know the target of your automated drip campaign before you can try to hit the mark. For example:

  • Are you aiming to promote a new product?
  • Is your intention to increase brand awareness?
  • Will your business use the drip campaign to conduct a customer survey?
  • Are you hoping to use drip campaigns to reduce cart abandonment or sales reminders?
  • Will your email drip marketing center around boosting sales via click-throughs?

Now, imagine trying to accomplish all of those goals in one marketing campaign. It would quickly become hectic causing your campaign to fall flat. Your unsubscribe rate would rise and loyal customer gain would be minimal.

Space Out Emails And Create A Smooth Flow

How to Create Drip Email Marketing Strategy for Aged Leads – 2019

Be consistent, but pace yourself. Maintain contact, but also leave your audience wanting more. Too much contact could come off as aggressive and could make prospects unsubscribe. As a rule of thumb, dont send prospects more than one drip email per day. That gives them time to breathe and better digest your content.

Most importantly, an email drip campaign should tie together smoothly. To ensure this happens, write all of the emails in one sitting for consistency. While this may sound time-consuming and intimidating, many of the emails may only be a few paragraphs so they can be written quickly in a short session. There are also several writing tips to simplify the process.

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