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What Is The Best Time To Send An Email Blast

How to send an email blast using GetResponse

This is one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to running email marketing campaigns.

Theres no easy answer, even though weve tackled it a couple of times in the past in the Email Marketing Benchmarks report or our best time to send email by location study.

In my opinion, generalizing that your entire audience will open your email blast at a certain time or day of the week is not the right approach.

Consumers are all different, and they change their behavioral habits depending on the situation theyre in.

So here are the steps I propose, in this specific order:

  • Rather than picking the ideal time for everyone, use an algorithm thats going to adjust the email sending time for each of your contacts individually. In GetResponse Email Marketing software, this feature is called Perfect Timing.
  • If youd rather choose that your email blast reaches your audience at a specific time, go ahead and analyze this study to pick the most optimal hour.Once youve selected the appropriate time slot , send your email blast using the Time Travel feature.Similarly to Perfect Timing, itll adjust the time of the sendout for you, but this time only to make sure that the message reaches your audience at a specific hour according to their time zone.
  • And if you want to step your game, consider implementing a strategy using and sending messages triggered by your contacts behavior.

    Choose An Email Marketing Service

    While you probably already have an email account, youll need fully equipped email marketing tools for your email blast strategy. tools help minimize the grunt work, allowing you to easily create different mailing lists and send emails in bulk.

    There are several email marketing services out there, including:

    • ConstantContact

    • SendInBlue

    We recommend Wix email marketing because of its easy contact integration and beautiful, customizable templates that make your emails look instantly professional. The platform also provides easy-to-read stats on opens, views, and clicks so that you know which types of emails resonate best with your audience.

    Difference Between An Email Blast And An Email Campaign

    Email blasts and email campaigns are often confused with being the same and are used interchangeably. There are, however, a few striking differences between the two. Here are some common and essential elements of e blasts and email campaigns that will help differentiate between them.

    Email blasts

    Email blasts are single emails that are sent to the entire mailing list. They usually are not personalized or targeted to suit subscriber preferences, and are sent to everyone on the list irrespective of their location or time zone.

    Email campaign

    Email campaigns are sent to specific segments. They are personalized and targeted and have more of an impact. Theyre also location and time-zone sensitive, making them more relevant to the mailing list.

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    Stop Calling It An Email Blast

    Take a step back before sending your next email campaign. Does getting blasted with email sound like a good experience? This tip should lay the foundation for how you should think about your email marketing campaigns during the conception phase of your email marketing strategy.

    Consider and respect your recipients time and interest in your brand, and always keep them front of mind when you are designing campaigns. Youre not blasting your recipients you are providing them with valuable content that may persuade them into paying your brand money.

    To brush up on your email marketing manners, watch our video blog Email Marketing Manners: 4 Tips to Guide Your Sending Strategy.

    Time To Return Back To Inbox Land

    What is Email Blast? How to use Email Blast to get customers?

    After a heavy volume Email Blast campaign, due to the above factors, there is a high probability that your Email Deliverability might have got affected.

    If your subsequent Emailers are going spam and not providing adequate open rates then it might be because ISPs may have downgraded your domain reputation. The domain and IP reputation are just an indication of how well are your emailers doing based on their deliverability and engagement.

    In such cases, it takes a long time to fix these issues and get back in the good books of the mailbox providers.

    The time taken to return to Inbox land could vary anywhere between 1 week to 1 month depending on the impact!

    This could seriously derail your Email Program.

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    Triple Check That Your Email Blasts Are Legal

    The law comes first. Because non-compliance can cost you and get your emails blocklisted.

    Heres a fun fact to scare the crap out of you:

    Each separate email that is in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act is subject to penalties of up to $41,484.

    To offer some perspective on that figure:

    According to the most recent U.S. Census data, the median household income for a family of 4 is $57,652.

    Thats for four people. Not too far off the cost of just one measly non-compliant email. Imagine paying that amount for multiple emails that didnt take simple steps to be legal.

    No, actually, burn this image into your memory.

    And every single one is YOUR responsibility.

    All email blasts are required to follow the CAN-SPAM Act. But good news following the law isnt complicated.

    What does your email blast need to be legal?

  • A clear way to opt-out. Dont make this hard. Unsubscribes are not the end of the world, and people will find a way to leave if they want to. You need to give people a clear way to unsubscribe.
  • Permission. Only send to opted-in subscribers. This mistake can cost you big. Not just in fines, but in subscribers .
  • An honest subject line. Your subject line needs to be clear about what to expect from the email. Dont exaggerate claims for a click.
  • Who the heck you are. Your header info should plainly spell out who the email is coming from.
  • Analyze The Email’s Performance

    Sending your email blast and noting the number of conversions is not the end of your mission. It’s also important to examine how recipients interacted with the email’s content and links to better understand the results of your team’s efforts. Email analytics such as your open rate, click-through rate, and deliverability indicate levels of success as well as areas that need improvement. It is crucial to continually review this data to help refine your efforts and boost the results of your future email marketing campaigns.

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    Automation Example: Welcome Messages

    Here’s an example to help illustrate the power and value of automated email marketing versus the scatter-shot approach of an email blast.

    After a person provides their email address, it’s common to send an email that says “thanks and welcome!” . It doesn’t matter whether they’ve requested information on a specific home model or signed up for your newsletter, you should always send a thank-you/welcome email.

    In that first-touch email, you could include a link to some of your content library, or a video that gives them more information about your company. The key is you are not sales-y.

    If they click on a link in that welcome email, they are added to a workflow or sequence that will automatically send them an email the next day to ask if they have any questions – either about the content piece or the video, depending on what you sent previously. This is Touch #2.

    And if they don’t open the email within three days, you could send a friendly prompt to watch the video or ask any questions . Still not sales-y here.

    A week later, have another follow-up email with a link to content that they might find useful: first-time home buyer tips or how-to info. A key thing: this IS STILL NOT a sales pitch . If they click on the link, you might send another tip two weeks later .

    In this basic example, you can see how you can make four touches in the span of a few weeks and provide content that is relevant to that person, without coming across like a sneaky salesman.

    Are Email Blasts Outdated

    Marketing your Brand: Email Blasts!

    Email blasts might be an excellent way to communicate with a broad audience with little effort, but an unsegmented email is an email of the past. Lets face it no one is interested in receiving emails that dont reflect their choices or preference. Due to this, e-blasts can be too irrelevant to most of your email list, and they could mark your email as spam or unsubscribe. All of which spells lousy email metrics for your brand. Marketers have a whole range of advanced tools that can significantly improve their mass email strategy, but there are some problems with traditional email blasts. Theyre:


    Since these emails are sent to the whole mailing list, theyre almost always unsegmented. The subscribers are not segmented based on standard variables, and their preferences are overlooked. An unsegmented email results in sending an email that has no value to most subscribers.


    Since email blasts are unsegmented, they automatically become untargeted emails. That means youre sending people an email without considering their interests, preferences, their journey with your brand, or their needs. Untargeted emails result in higher opt-out rates because people dont find your emails useful.

    Not personalized




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    Email Blasts Can Be Fun

    When you send out an email blast, your message should warrant such an extreme outreach effort. It should make readers stop scrolling through their packed inbox and actually want to read more.

    Write exciting subject lines, make your email bodies vibrant and easy to read, follow email marketing best practices and always measure your results. Oh, and have some fun, too!

    Pros And Cons Of Email Blasts

    There are several reasons why a business may want to deploy an email blast. The main advantage of email blasts is the ability to target a large number of people in a quick and simple way. E-blasts can provide almost instant engagement boosts depending on the content, especially when they contain action-oriented language with a sense of urgency .

    The main downside of email blasts is the lack of personalization, which can lead some recipients to feel spammed. E-blasts are unsegmented and untargeted, meaning they may be irrelevant to certain subscribers. They might feel as if they’ve been sent at random, and the unexpected timing could confuse or even annoy your valuable contacts. If too many folks on your list send your email to the spam folder, it could have a negative effect on your future email deliverability rates.

    With so many risks at play, you may wonder if it’s worth sending a single email as a blast at all. Fortunately, there are several strategies you can use to get the best results possible.

    FYI: Due to the lack of personalization, be sure to consider your business model and habits of your most engaged users before implementing email blasts as a marketing strategy.

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    Analyze Your Email Campaign

    Your email campaign might take some time to get completed. It will be according to the date and time scheduled by you for primary emails and follow-ups. You can find a detailed analysis of your campaign, upon completion of the campaign.

    • Login to your SalesHandy web-app and click on Email Campaign
    • You can find the detailed campaign analysis with all the email open rate, reply rate, and bounce rate. You can choose between different stages of the campaign and get the individual stage analysis

    Voila! Now you can use the analysis to design a more effective strategy to power-up your email productivity.

    Random Spikes In Email Volumes

    How to Ace Your Email Blast Campaigns

    Consider the scenario where your sending domain is mailing to say a 50k user monthly volume. Now all of a sudden, you are blasting an Email campaign to 500k users on a single day.

    How do you think that will go down with major ISPs monitoring your delivery?

    Not good

    Such high spikes in Email Volumes lead to major ISPs classifying your domain as a spammer domain. This affects your Deliverability in a bad way. The ISPs could start filtering your Emails into spam even for your active users due to the mistrust created by your sudden spikes of large volumes.

    More spam = more deliverability issues.

    You can check if emails from your domain are landing in Spam – Email Blacklist Tool

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    How To Avoid The Spam Folder

    When youre sending mass emails, theres always a risk that your messages will get caught in your recipients spam filters, where they will sit in the dark until they are automatically deleted. As bad as that sounds, the worst risks associated with spam emails are financial penalties from the Federal Trade Commision. Each email in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act carries a fine of up to $42,530.

    To comply with federal regulations, any commercial message you send should adhere to these guidelines:

    • Header and routing information must accurately identify the person or business who initiated the message.
    • Subject lines should reflect the content of the message.
    • Each message should include the senders physical address or private mail box.
    • Messages should contain clear instructions on how to opt out of receiving future emails.
    • Opt-out requests, such as unsubscribe actions, should be honored promptly within 10 business days.
    • If a third party handles your email marketing, both that company and your organization carry the legal responsibility for complying with the law.

    Telling your readers how to unsubscribe from your email list may feel like an annoyance, but you can turn it into an opportunity. Track your unsubscribe rates to identify which messages are most objectionable to your contacts. If the number of opt-out requests spikes after an email blast, its the clearest indicator youll get that something isnt quite right.

    Email Blast Software To Enhance Your Marketing Capability

    Email Marketing has become an essential thing for online business. Email marketing is the type of marketing that use email blast software for sending email as the medium of communication with your clients, who have been subscribed to accept those emails. In this technique email marketing company adopt a double opt-in procedure that requires the recipient of the emails to click on the activation link exist in the email to verify their email address and give their approval to get these emails. Any other commercial email sent to the people without their permission marked as spam that is an illegal activity and most of the countries have been banned it.

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    Selecting An Email Blast Service

    Do you want to boost the ROI of your email marketing efforts? Crafting pitch-perfect messages packed with great articles, smart promotions, and social media teasers is a start. But even the best email marketing is a flop if it doesn√Ęt actually make it to the inboxes on your email list. Many marketers at small businesses and enterprise companies alike rely on email service providers and email marketing services to get the job done.

    Do you need an infrastructure that scales with you to send unlimited emails? If you have the technical resources that can handle an API, Mailgun is the right pick. If you prefer a friendly user interface with a wide set of marketing features, choose Mailjet. Both email service providers combine comprehensive deliverability features and powerful solutions to send out your best email campaigns.

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