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How to write professional emails in English

If youre using your email address to attract inquiries on your website, it can make sense to set up an address that details exactly what theyre contacting you about. For example, a journalist may not be interested in emailing an address that sounds sales-y, while a typical customer probably wouldnt understand why theyd need to connect with a PR manager:

21. Department = Sales

22. Role = MediaInquiries

23. General = Questions, Info

24. Name + Role = JimSales or AngelaAccounting

25. Community connection = Outreach, Sponsorship, Donations

26. Job searchers = Careers, WorkWithUs

Adding Your Signature To Gmail Account

  • Open Gmail.
  • Select the gear in the top right corner of the screen .
  • Select See all settings.
  • Name your new email signature.
  • In the input box that appears, type or paste your signature.
  • Customize your signatures colors, fonts, size, and other components in this box.
  • Beneath the input box, choose whether you want this signature to appear in all emails and all replies and forwards from the two drop-down menus.
  • Choose whether you want the email signature to appear before quoted text in email replies with the checkbox below these.
  • What Not To Include In Your Email Message

    • Font Style: Avoid ornate, playful, or colored fonts these simply distract the recipient from your actual message. Avoid overusing bold and italics as well, which make an email look cluttered. Do not write in all capital letters either this comes across as angry or overexcited in an email.
    • Emoticons: Do not include emoticons in a professional email save these for personal correspondence.

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    Business Fundamentals: How To Create A Professional Looking Email

    Email marketing isnt just a small business essential its one of the most effective marketing channels available. Businesses report that email marketing generates 174% more return on investment than social media.

    But the question remains: Are you still emailing your leads and customers from an old personal email address?

    If you said yes, stop everything.

    Its time to create a professional looking email address for your business.

    Keep reading to learn:

    • The elements of a professional looking email
    • How to set up a business email
    • Professional email best practices

    Rule : Gain Respect With A Trustworthy Domain

    30+ Professional Email Examples &  Format Templates á? TemplateLab

    A professional email address that is consistent with your brand, and uses the same domain name as your website and shop front, builds trust and brand awareness.

    Lets just compare: johndoyle@outlook.com and johndoyle@tesla.com. It is likely that a sales pitch from the latter guy is much more appealing, dont you think?

    Undoubtedly, we are all used to communicating via Gmail it’s one of few user-friendly, simple, and nice-looking email clients. But although the words Google and Outlook are associated with prominent companies, they lack originality since anyone can create an account using these resources. You need a one-of-a-kind domain which corresponds to the name of your company. An exceptional title after @ sign is the hallmark of classy, business email.

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    Which Email Address To Choose

    Once you are ready to take the leap and create your business email address, you need to decide what it will look like.

      Here it depends on your own needs. Most businesses even use both of them. What you should take into account here, is where and how you gonna need your professional email address.

      The multiple ways of making an email address :

      How To End A Professional Email

      When you write the ending, your aim should be to give your reader something to remember and act upon. Close your email with a call-to-action or an open-ended question to elicit a response. If we go back to the sales email example, you may end your message with an offer to discuss your offers further through a phone call or in-person meeting. Dont forget to respectfully close your whole email with an email sign-off, followed by your name and contact details.

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      Sample Email Message #: Resignation Letter

      Subject Line: Resignation Bob Smith

      Dear Ms. Jones,

      Im writing to submit my resignation for my position as unit coordinator at Town Hospital, effective June 10.

      Im more grateful than I can say for all your support and assistance over the past five years. Working here has been a first-class education in teamwork, healthcare administration, and getting the job done. Ill miss working with you all, and hope youll stay in touch.

      Please let me know if I can be of any assistance during the transition.


      Faqs About Professional Email

      The Benefits of a Professional Email Address

      How do you start a professional email?

      A standard professional email address format uses a combination of your first and last names and a domain name. However, if its a business email address, since the domain is usually the name of your company, the first part can be the name of a department.

      Is it professional to have numbers in your email address?

      Random numbers in a professional email address are not advisable. You could use a phone number as an email address however, that will hardly be deemed professional. Youre also giving up your phone number sooner than you might want to.

      How do I make a good email address?

      A good email address is always a combination of your first and last names. Its a safe bet however, if someone has a similar first or last name to yours and uses the same email service provider, then you might be in a bit of trouble. In such cases, its better to opt for a custom domain name.

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      Include An Email Signature

      A professional email signature carries massive potential to provide more context about you or your company and provide details to reach out to youyet, most professionals dont tap into this opportunity.Ideally, this email signature should include:

      • Full name
      • Social media profiles
      • Phone number

      Usually, all email marketing services and platforms like Gmail and Outlook allow you to add automatic email signatures to every email, in case you forget. Its an excellent way to automate this section however, you can always make changes based on the purpose of your email for a better response.

      Professional Email Tip #: Have Empathy

      When writing a professional email, put yourself in the shoes of the recipient. This way, you will be able to know their feelings. Think about what you could do if you were the recipient of the email you are writing. So when writing, ask yourself:

      • How would I understand this sentence, if I was the one reading it?
      • How would I feel if I was to receive such an email?

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      Start Your Professional Email With The Right Salutation

      Always start with a salutation. The most common and universal greeting lines also happen to be the best.

      The best ways to start a professional email:

      • Hi ,

      If you are addressing a group you can use:

      • Hi ,
      • Hello ,

      There is really no need to overcomplicate things. If you do want to mix things up a little, find out more about email opening lines here.

      Note: Even though Hi guys is a very common start to a group email, the phrase may not be your best choice. Why? The word guys is commonly associated with the masculine gender. When used as a greeting to a group that includes other genders, it may come across as offensive to some.

      Pro-Tip: If you are writing marketing emails, the rules are slightly different. They are less formal and dont follow regular email structures. Their designs and email templates usually call for a much shorter copy than real emails. You dont need to use salutations when sending mass email campaigns to your clients.

      How To Finish A Business Email

      30+ Professional Email Examples &  Format Templates á? TemplateLab

      The formal way to end a business email is by using one of two options. Here’s what they are and when you’d use them.

      • Yours sincerely â this is a formal sign-off if you are addressing the email to a person and you know their name
      • Yours faithfully â a formal business email sign-off if you don’t know the name of the person you’re emailing

      There are other, less formal but increasingly popular, business email closings include:

      • Kind regards
      • Describe the attachments you’re including

      How to introduce your business in an email

      When introducing yourself in an email, include your name, job title, and company. Don’t’ try to be smart or funny stick with the basic information that any reader might want to know.

      • My name is Lawrence Jones, and I’m the marketing director at

      How to say sorry in a business email

      Saying sorry in a business email can be challenging, but it’s best done quickly and cleanly, like tearing off a band-aid. So don’t beat around the bush or muddle the message just say sorry.

      • I would like to apologize for your recent experiences with our company.

      How do you say thank you in a business email

      When saying thank you in an email, keep things short but be specific. Don’t just say thanks explain what you’re thanking the person for and the impact that they have had. If you’re saying thanks for something they’ve done,

      • I’d like to thank you for your amazing work on the recent project. Your work has helped us to save significant amounts of time and money.

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      Professional Email Example : Post Interview Email

      Subject line: Thank You Sales Marketer Interview

      Dear James,

      Thank you for speaking with me about the sales marketer role, despite your busy schedule. It was a pleasure speaking with you about the job on Zoom.

      I am honored to have received a positive response, and I am excited about the possibility of working at your company as a sales marketer. I am eager to take on the role and begin work.

      “Career Karma entered my life when I needed it most and quickly helped me match with a bootcamp. Two months after graduating, I found my dream job that aligned with my values and goals in life!”

      Venus, Software Engineer at Rockbot

      After our discussion, I am more convinced that this role is for me. I am ready to use my experience and knowledge to increase your companys numbers through strategic marketing and sales techniques.

      Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information about my background and experience. I look forward to hearing from you.

      With gratitude,

      Add Google Workspace Users

      If youre not the only employee in your company, this is the best time to add the other users. Especially if you already use a different email service to handle emails.

      Fill out the name and username, and click the Add New User button.

      Repeat for all members of your staff.

      If your company already has email addresses, ensure that every username matches the existing one exactly.

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      Example Of A Good Business Email

      This re-formatted email will help a sender build a more professional image in the eyes of the recipient.

      When you look at this business email, you will immediately notice that its ready to be sent, and the recipient will probably read it with pleasure. So, whats changed?

    • The subject line has changed dramatically. Its now the ideal length of 6 to 10 words as well as clear and specific.
    • The updated greeting makes it clear to whom the letter is addressed to new team members.
    • The introduction, body, and sign-off are not cobbled together into one huge paragraph, as in the previous example. The body text is broken down into short parts and includes a numbered list. This makes it easier to perceive information. And theres also a CTA in the sign-off that invites readers to contact the sender in case they have any questions.
    • If you want to start sending free business emails right now,on our website and use the Snov.io Email Drip Campaigns tool.

      Use The Right Sign Off

      How to Get a Professional Email Address With a Custom Domain

      The end of your email is as important as the beginning. It should not leave the recipient hanging but tell them what to do next. Once youve explained your purpose in detail, summarize everything in one or two sentences as the closing lines for the body.

      At this time, you should also include the call to action. This can be getting a response, clicking on a certain link, or taking a particular action like this.

      These ending lines and CTA need to be persuasive and highlight the importance of carrying out a particular action.It all comes down to what the reader does after reading your email. If its written well, highlights the value, and includes the proper closing statementsyou have a high chance of getting a response or seeing the desired result.

      You also need to ensure you use the correct sign-off. Some common ones include:

      • Regards
      • Thanks
      • Kind regards

      Pick the appropriate sign-off depending on your emails purpose and your relationship with the audience. The wrong sign-off can create a bad impression as it may come off as being over-familiar or unprofessional.So, pay attention to your closing statements, and sign off since they significantly determine if the recipient will respond to you.

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      Best Practices For Creating A Professional Looking Email

      Now that you know how to set up your business email, lets take a closer look at choosing the right username format.

      Its not enough to use a custom domain in your email address. You need to make sure the rest of the email address looks professional.

      Make sure to adhere to these best practices and pay attention to your industrys particular standards too.

      How To Create A Professional Email Address For All The Users Using Zoho Mail

      To create a professional email address with your domain, you need to set up your domain with Zoho first. Follow the step-by-step process explained in this page to complete your domain setup. Once you finish verifying your domain with Zoho Mail, you have to add users to create their email accounts. In case you do not have a domain yet, you can buy a domain from Zoho. The domains registered via Zoho are already fully set up and can be used instantly. You can start adding users directly.

      Zoho Mail supports multiple ways to create and choose professional email addresses for users

    • You can add the users one by one providing their first name, last name, and the email address to be created for them along with the password that should be used for them to log in. This method is better and well-preferred when you have to create 10 users or less.
    • However even if there are 5+ user accounts to be created, it is recommended to use ‘Import from CSV‘ to create users from the details uploaded from a CSV file.
    • You can use the ‘Import’ options available to import users from CRM or other Zoho Services or directly import from GSuite. Detailed instructions are available on this help page.
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