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How To Create A Landing Page For Free With Sendpulse

Email Marketing – Landing Page

SendPulse provides an easy-to-use drag and drop landing page builder that allows you to create an online store, mobile landing page, or link page for your social media bio in less than half an hour, and without any technical skills. If you have the inspiration and the time, you can create a landing page from scratch. SendPulse also offers pre-designed templates that you can customize to your liking.

You can add buttons with the links to your chatbots, as well as a subscription widget. Integrate a payment system to convert leads into customers. Track key performance indicators and improve your site’s search engine rankings with SEO settings. The builder is available for free.

Below you can see how the process of creating a landing page looks like. Drag the necessary elements from the left to your layout and edit them with the help of the right panel.

You can also see the statistics of your page, namely the number of views and clicks.

Follow this step-by-step guide to create a landing page with SendPulse.

How To Use Landing Pages In Your Campaigns To Increase Conversions

Creating a diverse array of landing pages can drive more traffic to your site. You should incorporate them into your paid, organic, email, and retargeting campaigns to get the most from your pages. Below are a few examples of how landing pages can benefit each of those campaigns.

Landing Pages for Paid Campaigns

Paid social media ads allow you to be very precise in your audience targets. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram attract people with very different attributes and preferences. Social media platforms aggregate these characteristics so that you can target particular groups even before they know they would be interested in your products.

Paid social media advertising gives you the flexibility to refine your targeting and retargeting strategies over time, but those features are wasted if your traffic is funneled to irrelevant web pages. Highly targeted ads require highly targeted landing pages to achieve maximum ROI.

Search engines also offer paid advertising based on browsing history, search terms, and demographic data. Similar to social media ads, pay-per-click ad campaigns guide prospects to landing pages as well. Landing pages are especially important for PPC ads because they contribute to Googles ad Quality Score. Campaigns with poor landing pages will have a lower Quality Score, causing a stark decrease in site traffic.

Landing Pages for Email Campaigns

Landing Pages for Retargeting Campaigns

Landing Pages for Organic Campaigns

Lead With A Compelling Headline

Like email subject lines, page headlines need to stand out. Its that foot in the door that keeps the opportunity for conversion alive. Think of an email landing pages headline as your second first impression.

Eight out of 10 people will get to a point where they can read your landing page headline. What those readers do after depends on the strength of your words. Your emails will hook readers into clicking links, but page headlines will help readers decide if your brand is worth their time. If you want them to read the rest of your copy, click on a pages CTA, or talk about you on social media, you have to make sure those headlines are flawless.

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Your Landing Page Should Look Like Your Email

If I click on a winter-themed email inviting me to download an ebook called Building the Perfect Snowman, then I wind up on a landing page covered in pink and yellow flowers and nary a snowman in sight, Im going to raise an eyebrow. Whats more, I might get immediately suspicious and close the window, suspecting a scam or phishing linkthats how unsettling uncoordinated marketing campaigns can be.

Flywheels email is on brand and attention-grabbing.

Any offer mentioned in your email should be prominently repeated in your landing page. The same goes for your aesthetic stylethe colors, fonts and design should make gliding from email to landing page a natural movement. Nothing jarring, nothing confusing.

And the email perfectly syncs up with the landing page it directs visitors to.

Incorporate Reviews Testimonials And Case Studies

Landing page template of email marketing 1222576 Vector ...

All of the elements of customer feedback belong to social proof as well. They play a special role for users who are considering using your service. Nothing works better than customers experiences of working with your brand. So, ask your clients to leave a review and place it on your landing page. That will motivate potential customers to give your service a try.

Look how Moz adds their customers testimonials to their landing page.

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Landing Pages Can Grow Your Email Subscriber List

In exchange for the content offered on your landing page, you’ll typically ask users to provide their email and name. This can help you quickly grow your email subscriber list, and segment that list to provide more personalized follow-up emails.

People who’ve filled out a form in exchange for content or information on your product or service have shown an interest in what you have to offer. This ensures your subscriber list is filled with potentially high-quality leads.

Consider how you might further nurture them by sending a “Thank you” email after they download your landing page offer, with additional resources related to the content in which they’ve shown interest.

Landing Pages Can Provide Additional Insights Into Your Target Audience

You could use the data you collect from your landing pages to create a more targeted, personalized marketing strategy. Plus, landing pages don’t just tell you which content your audience likes best they also tell you which channels your leads prefer. This can enable your marketing team to refine the strategy further, promoting content and engaging with your audience on the channel they’re already using.

For example, let’s say you notice your landing pages related to ecommerce perform exceptionally well, and most of those users find your landing page from your paid ads on Facebook and LinkedIn. This information can help you target future campaigns primarily towards your social audience. You would also have a basis for incorporating additional ecommerce content into your marketing strategy as a whole.

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Keep Your Email And Landing Page Coordinated

Make sure your email marketing campaign and landing page are well coordinated. If this isnt the case, the email subscriber might get confused and probably suspect your email for a scam or phishing link. Hence, to avoid any such confusion, sync your email campaign and landing page properly. It can be done by maintaining the same aesthetic style such as color, font, logo etc. from your email campaign to your landing page.

Also, if you are mentioning any offer in your email campaign, make it a point to repeat it in your landing page too. It can serve as a great opportunity for driving conversions.

Check out MOOs email.

See how it perfectly syncs with its landing page that the prospects visit:

Tips For Perfect Landing Pages For Email Campaigns

How to Create Free Landing Page for Email Marketing | Landing Page WordPress

A great email campaign is one thing, but if its conversions youre after, emails are just the tip of the iceberg. The goal is to get your audience to open your email and click through to take a desired actionsuch as making a purchase or downloading your ebook.

That means the place where your customers land after theyve received your email plays a big role in driving conversions from your email marketing efforts.

Each email promotion should have a specific landing page tailored to that campaign. If youre still in the early stages or have a large enough audience to wisely segment your lists, you should also use this opportunity to split-test elements of your landing page to discover what works bestdifferent colors, fonts and calls to action can have varying effects on your audience.

When looking at what to analyze, its important to cover all the basics and ensure you include the right stuff. These are the six elements of a perfect email-campaign landing page.

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Best Practices To Help You Better Promote Your Landing Page

Now that youre armed with various landing page promotion strategies, you can start utilizing them once youve created your own landing page.

Do you already have a landing page created? Awesome! You can skip to the bottom and read through our final list of best practices so you are ready to promote your landing page.

If you havent created your landing page yet, keep reading through these steps to get started.

Your first step, after signing up for your free account, is to choose a design from one of our many landing page templates. Our Landing Page Builder will then help you customize your landing page imagery and copy while connecting to your lead magnet offer.

Once youve created your landing page, you can access the shareable link by locating the Share tab in the top right corner and copy the page link. For more instructions, check out our landing page link help page.

Youre just about ready to create your own landing page, but before we cut you loose, here are a few best practices to keep in mind:

  • Add targeted SEO keywords to your social media posts and landing page
  • Include branded imagery, graphics, and logos
  • Write concise copy that connects with your audience
  • Use engaging visual and video content
  • Always include a direct call-to-action
  • A/B test your landing page variations to see which performs best
  • Shorten your landing page links with tools like Bit.ly
  • Test the landing page to make sure it is properly working
  • Proofread your landing page copy before you publish it

Keep The Page Short And Simple

Brevity and simplicity make pages easier to navigate, cutting down on possible human confusion.

Statistics show long-form content as better performers for ranking. However, the strategy works for blogs and articlesnot for landing pages. Keep the main copy of your landing page under 500 words.

The Charity: Water landing page detail above shows what the emails Join The Spring CTA entails. There will likely be a second form to fill after you click Donate Monthly, but thats expected of actions that require payment information.

Whats noteworthy here is how easy Charity: Water makes it for people to donate. Buttons designating suggested monetary amounts and a field to type in a custom number with a short note in fine print explaining in concrete terms how your donation will help are great elements of an uncluttered design.

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Benefits Of A Landing Page

Landing pages offer enormous growth potential for your company and are a powerful tool to help your business continue to flourish. Here are the main benefits of incorporating landing pages into your .

  • Dramatically improve your conversion rate. As mentioned earlier, landing pages focus on a single goal and compel your visitors to take action. In doing so, they move people further down the marketing funnel – from anonymous visitors to leads, and finally to paying customers.

  • Provide you with valuable insights about your audience. If you include a signup form on your landing page, you can ask for information about your audiences demographics to gain a better understanding of your target market. On top of that, the channels that work – or dont – for your landing page promotion say a lot about the interests and habits of your prospective customers. You can use this information to optimize your targeting efforts and marketing strategy as a whole.

  • Increase brand recognition and awareness. An attractive, well designed landing page conveys professionalism, value and appeal of your brand. Not only are landing pages an excellent tool for converting leads in the moment, but they help bolster your brand simply by getting the word out. The more people that know about you, the better off your business.

Brand Consistency Is Key

Email Marketing Landing Pages in Email Marketing Tutorial ...

Brand consistency is very important and you should ensure that your landing page looks like your email. Your subscribers shouldnt be confused about where they ended up after clicking your email call-to-action.

For instance, lets say someone were to click on a holiday-themed email inviting them to download a PDF with Christmas treasure hunt clues. They wind up on a landing page covered in blue and yellow flowers with no holiday-themed graphics in sight. You can see how that person may be so confused or unsettled that they might just click away from your website.

So make sure you maintain the same imagery, font, language, and design in the inbox and the post-click email landing page.

Pro Tip: You can use multiple landing pages for each of your email marketing campaigns. For instance, this site sells a wide range of medical alert systems. Their email marketing campaign might include different pages for each product they sell so they can increase conversions by driving visitors to relevant content.

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Characteristics Of A Good Landing Page:

1. Single focus The landing page focusses on all the information relevant to a specific offer: As opposed to a generic page on your store with all the products or general information about your store, the landing page will mostly focus on one product, collection or offer. You dont want people to get distracted with so much information and buttons where to click. You want them to fill in the information you want and then go. The copy is directed towards informing about, promoting, and creating a desired action you want the customer to take on that page.

2. Clearly defined CTA: Since the landing page is focused on a singular action of conversion, it needs a clearly defined CTA. Is it a sign up, a buy or learn more? The CTA button should be well defined, be easily distinguishable, and repeated at least a couple of times once in the first fold and another at the end of the promotional content.

Pro-tip: A study has it that red colour CTA buttons lead to more actions than any other!

3. Usually has an incentive: Most landing page whether its one created to collect emails or to promote a collection feature an incentive to push the landing page visitor to take the desired action faster. When it comes to collecting email addresses, it can involve giving them a valuable information, a piece of content or a welcome bonus to sign up. In case of an offer landing page, it can also offer a discount or another incentive to buy the product or download the information.

Take the URL

The Difference Between A Homepage And A Landing Page

Often, theres confusion between a homepage and a landing page, so heres the main difference: landing pages are used to further a single marketing strategy or sales goal. While a homepage is multifaceted – pointing to an About page, image gallery, online store and more – a landing page includes only the most essential information that will direct users toward fulfilling the desired aim.

You can also think of landing pages this way: they lack additional links that would otherwise cause visitors to stray from the CTA. As a result, users who land on them have no choice but to either exit the page or convert.

The laser focus of landing pages makes them highly effective when it comes to increasing conversion rates and lowering the costs of acquiring leads and making sales.

To give you a better sense of the difference between the two, we’ve provided an example template of each below:

Homepage template:

Landing page template:

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