What Is A Good Professional Email Address

Use Names Rather Than Nicknames And Numbers

The Benefits of a Professional Email Address

Whenever possible, you should try to avoid using nicknames, numbers, and similar for professional emails. Using your name is always better.

Here are some examples of how to make a professional email address with your first and last name:

Full name + Your Domain Name =

You can also implement special characters if your name is already taken but that should not be an issue if you use your own domain. However, if that does happen, you could create a custom email like this

First Name + Your Domain Name =

Using the first name only is a good idea because even though it is professional, it also leaves a personal connection with the client. However, this might become an issue if you have more employees of the same name in which case, you should use one of the following 2 formats:

First Name and Last Initial + Your Domain Name =

First Initial and Last Name + Your Domain Name =

What Makes A Professional Email Address Great

For many people, a great email address is one that just has a nice ring to it. Something about it just makes it a natural and obvious but also original choice.

Every email address has three parts:

  • The local-part A personalized username at the beginning of the address and the name of your unique mailbox.
  • The domain name A destination mail server web address such as Gmail.com or your own custom domain.
  • The best and most professional email addresses will read well all the way through. Your personalized choice of email username will match well with the domain name you choose, whether its Gmail, Yahoo, or your own personal or business website.

    Professional Email Address Formats

    Now that you know more about the importance of creating a professional email account. Lets dig into that a little bit more and see the formats of business email addresses.

    Since the format you use depends on your business needs, you may want to create more than one email address at the same time. We can categorize email addresses based on different business needs. In this case, you will have five main titles.

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    Business Email Address Examples

    You can use name combinations, but, if you have a business, you may want to make sure that you dont run into multiple people with the same name. You could add a last initial to a first name, such as ChrisD or JorieT. But, if youre setting up a business email address, we strongly recommend that you set up a business domain and website.

    What Makes For A Good Professional Email Address


    A “good” email address is professional in appearance and simple to connect with, both vocally and in writing. It assists you in making a good first impression, obtaining references, and eventually succeeding in a variety of various professional fields. But what actually constitutes a decent email address? Here are some guidelines:

    The address should be unique. If you get a new job or start receiving emails from different people, it’s easy to forget about an address you’ve been using for awhile. Choose a name that will not be taken by anyone else on the internet. This is especially important if you plan to use your address as a contact point toward future jobs or opportunities.

    The address should be short but descriptive. You don’t want to give someone a long address to type out when they’re trying to send you something. However, at the same time, you don’t want the address to be so short that you can’t remember it either. Try to come up with a name that is also short but tells people enough about you to help them decide how to reach you.

    The address should be easy to type out. Unless you know exactly who will be sending you emails, it’s best to give someone a phone number instead. That way, you can avoid spelling errors and other typing mishaps that might occur when typing out an address word-for-word.

    The address should be easy to read.

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    Anything That Wont Stay Relevant

    Do not use your school email address!

    Some schools only let you keep that email for a certain period of time after you graduate, and then they will deactivate it. You dont want potential employers to not be able to contact you.

    Dont use your work email address! Once you leave that company, then that email address will no longer be relevant. Plus, you dont want your current company to know that you are job searching.

    You want to be able to stick with the same email address throughout your job search.

    What Is A Professional Email Address

    With everything happening online and in the cloud, each of us has our own email account and uses our email address for all our communications. Moreover, our email address has become our online identity and a base for all the personal and work-related services that we use. Hence it is essential that we have different email accounts or at the minimum, different email addresses for personal and professional communication purposes. Our work-related email address should be used only for business communications and for professional relationships.

    A business email address is the one you mainly use to communicate with your business associates, your colleagues, your customers, and your partners. Only if the business email address includes the custom domain you have registered for your business, it will be a professional email address. A professional email address is the email address, used for business communications that is based on your custom domain. In other words, a professional email address is one that has your business name in it, in the form of a domain name.

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    Business Email Tip #: Secure Your Email Addresses

    Business emails need more secure passwords and spam filters than your typical address. Unscrupulous hacking, phishing, and spam activities can destroy your business email and even lead to more dangerous data breaches within your organization.

    Some hosting providers will provide spam assistance. For example, you can use SpamAssassin with Bluehost to protect your business email accounts. This spam filter creates certain filters that will automatically block malicious spam activities, but you can also set up additional filters to catch other activities particular to your business and industry.

    The Importance Of A Professional Email Address

    The Importance Of A Professional Email Address for Jobs

    Everything has become more online and interconnected than ever. As a business owner, you should use your email account only for business-related activities and professional relationships. For example, you need to create a professional email account in order to

    • Send emails to your customers, potential audience, and subscribers,
    • Communicate with your suppliers, business partners, or colleagues,
    • Inform your employees,
    • Or create a professional branded account on social media platforms.

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    Reinforce The Connection Between Your Website And Email With A Professional Email Address

    Stranger danger is a real thing, especially online. You dont want your customers ignoring your emails, and they dont want potential spam landing in their inbox. Match your email address to your domain name to present yourself as a professional, stand out among the competition, and help customers decide that youre the right business to work with. Save your personal email address for the weekend.

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    Couple Email Address Ideas

    Try these email name ideas for couples:

  • Use your relationship status: Couple email addresses like Shannon@just-engaged.com or Chris@Lailasman.com can be used.
  • Take her/his surname: If youre taking his surname as your last name, use it to create a new couple email address. For example, Sarita Agarwal when married to Rajesh Goyal can make a new gmail username idea .
  • Use your partners name as your domain: The true sense of being taken arises when your partner dominates your email name. Try registering domain names like Lori@Shanewatson.com or Shane@Lorithomson.com
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    First Initial Middle Initial & First Four Letters Of The Last Name

    Shortened email address example

    You can use any combination or number of characters to create a shortened-name professional email address. In the example above, we used the email account owners first and middle initials followed by the first four letters of their last name. However, you can use any combination of initials and any number of characters that make sense for your business.

    Here are two examples of using the first and middle initials, plus the first four letters of a last name to make a professional email address:

      This is an example of an email address idea that is best suited for very large companies. This structure is not recommended for a small business as it can be confusing. The addresses are not very memorable, and are more likely to be misspelled and result in errors.

      Ending Thoughts On Creating A Professional Email Address

      Professional Email Address with Your Domain Name

      In the article above, we explained how to create a business email and professional email names. The tips we mentioned are not supposed to limit your creativity in any way. However, if you want creative email names, you should always keep them professional and avoid going over the top.

      It depends from business to business and not every company needs to go with the same approach when creating a professional email. With that in mind, consider the advice we gave you and then see for yourself which way to go is the right way for you and your business.

      Here are also some tips on creating business emails for free with your existing domain.

      If you enjoyed reading this article on professional email address, you should check out this one on contact management software.

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      Do You Need A Professional Email Address For Your Resume

      Short answer, yes, you do.

      You want an email address that makes the right impression. Nothing that is inappropriate or would negatively impact what a potential employer thinks of you.

      You also want to make it as easy as possible for potential employers to contact you. A professional email address is easy to remember and pronounce.

      If they do contact you, then you want to make sure that you will see their email.

      That is why having your name as an email address that you use only for your job search is a great idea!

      Rule : Leave Nicknames To Personal Communication

      Some of us have multiple email accounts for multiple reasons, and theres nothing wrong with that. Everyone has their own vices and virtues, but they are for our personal and social lives, rather than for business.

      Any nickname or alter-ego is inappropriate for your business email address. Michael Smith, who sometimes goes by Mikey, would rather use MSmith@email.com. Your first and last names are always a good idea.

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      What Is The Best Professional Email Hosting Option

      Okay, so youve decided on a custom email domain. But what is the best option to host and handle your emails?

      You have several different options, from using the options included with your hosting provider to opting for a premium solution like , which is what we use here at Kinsta.

      Our entire team gets trustworthy, branded email addresses, but they also get to keep the familiar UX of Gmail for their business communication.

      And thats the tip of the iceberg.

      You Improve Your Security

      Benefits of Using a Professional Business Email Address

      When you use a custom email domain, you have complete control over who can use your accounts and can easily add and delete users as your team changes.

      If youve hooked up your custom domain to G Suite and are using Gmail as your email service provider, you can limit file sharing to within your organization. Whenever you delete an account, G Suite documents will automatically transfer to a designated email account, making off-boarding easy and secure.

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      Setting Up Your New Google Workspace Email In Mail For Windows 10

      If you prefer to use your Windows 10 Mail app instead of your browser, its effortless to set up.

      If you havent set up an email account yet, all you have to do is open the app. It will automatically prompt you to Add an account.

      If you already have an active one, log out from it, and click the Add new account link.

      Next, click the Google button, and log in with your Google Workspace credentials.

      Google will prompt you to confirm that you are allowing windows access to the data.

      Just scroll to the bottom and click Allow.

      Once youve done that, you will be able to read and send emails from within the Windows 10 Mail app.

      The setup is done and you dont need to do anything else at all.

      Choosing The Right Email Service Provider

      So should you be using Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or Outlook as your email service provider? Remember that these are free email service providers and you can use them in any way you want.

      There are only two things to consider here. First, if you have your own domain, use your own domain for your email. Second, if you do not have a domain, just use Gmail, an email service by the tech giant, Google.

      You want to use Gmail because it blocks spam before it gets to your inbox, plus, all your emails are easily organized into three categories, Primary, Promotion, and Social. It is one of the easy-to-use emails and has a really high efficiency. Not to mention that Gmail also comes with a huge storage space you can utilize.

      The first choice is to go with your own email address under your own domain, which we will talk more about it below. However, if you would like to go for free email service, just go with Gmail.

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      The Benefits Of Having A Professional Business Email Address

      Some of the benefits for creating an email address account are obvious. If you want customers to communicate to you through your website, your IT department may have already set up a professional email address to handle these inquiries.

      But there are other reasons that you need a business email. Lets run through the most important benefits

      Brand Name

      Your brand name is reflected in the communications that you send to customers. If you plan on sending any type of promotions, then you want to avoid the spam filter and create a professional business email address where your brand will be recognized. You will need a customer email address to use email service providers like MailChimp or Constant Contact in order to send out marketing pieces and customer communications.

      Customer Service

      Professional Response

      When you reply to customer inquiries and clients, you should have a custom domain that shows you are part of a real business and offer legitimate services. People may use the email address to go to your website, but overall, it sends the right impression when you are able to reply with a professional business email.



      Business email accounts come with additional security options that you can set up using cPanel. For example, HostGator provides SpamAssassin to filter out and block dangerous hacking and phishing attempts of your email. This is important for businesses as a data breach can kill off your web traffic in an instant.

      Spam Quality

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