What Is A Good Open Rate For Email

What Is Considered A Good Open Rate And Click Rate

How to Increase Your Email Open Rate

Whats better than a beautiful email? A beautiful email that people open and click on.

Were all about the open and click rate thrill, so lets dive into:

  • Where can you find your open and click rates?

  • Whats considered a good open or click rate?

  • What makes people open emails and click anyway?

Well tackle each topic one by one, but first, lets see how you can find these statistics in Flodesk. If youre already in the know on your email stats, keep scrolling to the next section.

What Is A Good Open Rate For Email Marketing

    Email marketing is one of the most underrated tactics in the modern marketers toolkit, and in part thats because its been around for a while and so people just take it for granted.

    To do that would be to make a mistake.

    Just because email marketing is older than other digital marketing techniques, it doesnt mean that it has less to offer.

    Almost half of the worlds population uses email, which is probably why 81% of small-to-medium-sized businesses are relying on it as their primary source of customer acquisition.

    Consumers are crying out for it too, with 49% of consumers saying that theyd like to receive promotional emails from brands on a weekly basis. Better still, even after all of these years, every dollar spent on email marketing averages a return of $42.

    One of the most important email marketing metrics is your open rate, because its a vital sign of how engaged your email recipients are with your email content.

    A low open rate could suggest that youre reaching the wrong people or that the content isnt the kind of thing that people are hoping to receive from you.

    Dont worry, though.

    If youre sitting there asking yourself, What is a good open rate for email marketing?, youve come to the right place.

    Heres everything you need to know about open rate benchmarks and more.

    Compare Benchmarks Between Regions

    Its fascinating to see how subscribers around the world respond slightly differently to email communications. Heres how the global email marketing effectiveness statistics compare to some major regions.

    Well be doing in-depth analysis for each of these regional email marketing results throughout the year. Stay tuned!

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    Fix #: Segmentation For Relevant Content

    Dont expect shoppers to engage with your email if it isnt relevant to their lives. People engage with messages that are curated around their needs and interests. According to Experian, personalized promotional emails have 41% higher unique clicks.Drive clicks by segmenting emails. Instead of sending the same messages to your entire email list, deliver campaigns based these recipient factors:

    • Demographics, such as location, occupation, and age. A clothing brand might send a promotional email about their puffer jackets to Midwestern shoppers but not to buyers on the West Coast.
    • Product preferences. Remind shoppers about products that they left in their carts or previously viewed. Or you might recommend products that are similar to ones from their order history. The wine subscription company Winc suggests four bottles for customers to try in the email below.
    • Email engagement history. Deliver messages based on what recipients clicked on in the past. Say youre planning to send an email with video. You could check to see which recipients clicked on past emails with video, and then send the newest message to those recipients.

    People arent going to click on content that they dont connect with. Send messages to shoppers based on their individual needs and interests and theyll be much more likely to click your CTA.

    What Is A Good Average Open Rate For Email Marketing

    What Is a Good Open Rate for Email?
    • Last revised onNovember 4, 2021

    No matter what industry you are in, theres little doubt that email marketing is still invaluable. This is true, despite the fact that many of us get a lot of emails every day. Besides, email programs increasingly distinguish between commercial content and things that require immediate attention.

    Heres the thing, though: email marketing is still super popular. People love the fact that they can open an email, and then not take action on it until later. For instance, if youre a fashion brand thats throwing a sale, someone might open the email in the morning. Then, theyll log on later and look for the perfect pair of pants. With that in mind, what is a good open rate for email marketing? Lets take a look.

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    How To Grow Your Email List

    Of course, knowing which metrics to monitor and how to segment your email list is one thing, but it wont get you very far if you dont have any subscribers in the first place.

    Thats why we thought wed share a few of our top tricks to grow your email list:

    • Have plenty of sign up forms: The more sign up forms you have, the more opportunities there are for people to join your email list.

    • Offer up a free download: Free downloads give people a great incentive to opt in to receive communications from you. In fact, this is one of the core strategies at the heart of modern inbound marketing.

    • Run a competition or contest: Competitions are a tried and tested method of data capture that are almost guaranteed to bring in a bunch of new subscribers to your email list.

    • Offer up discounts and deals: If you want people to sign up to your email list, you need to offer an incentive. As well as offering up a free download, another option is to provide people with discounts or deals.

    • This can be a more costly method of building email subscribers, but it does have the benefit of being something you can turn on and off at will, increasing or decreasing your budget as necessary.

    Dont make the mistake of purchasing an email list, because these can be unreliable at best and illegal at worst.

    Its much better to focus on growing a decent email list of your own so that you can make it a competitive advantage.

    How Do I Get More Emails Delivered

    Think about this:

    Of course, just like open rate, average deliverabilty rates differ by region.

    For example, only 66% of emails reach a reader’s inbox in Asia compared to 86% in Europe.

    This makes a huge difference to your email open rates!

    So, how can you make sure your emails are delivered to your readers?

    Here are a few tips on how you can increase delivery rates.

    • Use double opt-in. Double opt-in means that the subscriber will verify that she wants to receive emails from your business . You dont want to send emails to people who don’t particularly care about them otherwise, they will not read them and lower your open rates.
    • Ask your readers to add you to their trusted address book. By simply asking your readers to add the “from” email address to their contact lists, you can increase the number of emails delivered.
    • Cleanse your email list. If a subscriber does not open an email from you three times in a row, the chances are that she is no longer interested in your company. Gmail and Yahoo Mail are smart enough to understand this so if you continue to send emails to subscribers who do not open them, they might be directed to the spam folder, so consider cleansing your list .

    The more emails that are delivered to your audience, the better chance you have of getting more people to open them.

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    Sending To A Cold List Vs Opt

    Sending B2B email campaigns to a purchased list presents one of the toughest scenarios when it comes to email marketing, so ensure that you have taken the necessary precautions to maximize deliverability.

    Due to how subscribers were added, its simply not possible to achieve the open rates of an opted-in contact list with a purchased list.

    A warm, permission-based list was earned by creating engaging content that inspired the reader to take action so naturally, they are much more likely to open an email from a brand they remember. This isnt to say your cold campaign wont get opened, you just have to have the right mindset going in and approach your campaign with the proper strategy.

    Setting realistic expectations for your cold contact email campaigns will help you better understand and optimize your efforts. Outbound sales emails to cold contacts is a numbers game after all.

    The open rates of a cold email campaign may be lower but by scaling your efforts, its possible to convert more users to your offer overall. One of many goals your cold email campaign should have is to generate more opt-in leads to nurture via your marketing automation funnel.

    What Are Best Practices For Email Subject Lines

    What is a good email open rate? Plus, how to improve it!
    • Keep it short and sweet: Fewer words makes it easier to understand.
    • Tailor it to the specific person you’re emailing: Research, research, research. Include a phrase or piece of information to show that your email is relevant.
    • Tell them what to expect if they open your email: If they know what to expect and it’s what they want they’ll be more likely to open the email.
    • Don’t use all caps or overuse exclamation points: An outreach email is never life or death, so a subject line that says “IMPORTANT!!!” will only hurt your credibility and make you seem desperate.

    For 23 simple tips on improving your open rate, read this blog post here.

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    Let Personalization Into Your Emails

    Not all of your subscribers will have the same needs and interests. Email marketing software makes it possible to set up segmented lists, so you can send relevant content to each list every time. If you sell different products, customers of one donât need emails about the others. If you have more than one target audience for your products, tailor the emails to each based on what you know about them.

    Use any information you have to make the emails you send that much more useful to subscribers. If every email they receive is relevant to them personally, theyâre more likely to open the next one as well.

    Use Software To Personalize Your Messages

    In recent years, personalization has been a significant trend in almost every area of marketing. Theres a good reason for the popularity of this trend: 88% of US marketers have seen a measurable improvement in campaign performance due to their personalization efforts, according to Instapage.

    As we saw above, personalized emails improve open rates the most when marketers personalize both subject lines and body text. A high degree of personalization can be hard to achieve at scale, which is why enterprises depend on automated email marketing platforms to dynamically adjust email content based on information pulled from integrated customer relationship management software.

    You can also use automation to send your emails at strategic times. According to Campaign Monitors 2020 Global Email Marketing Benchmarks, Tuesdays have a higher open rate than any other day of the week. However, Tuesdays also see the highest rate of unsubscribes.

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    Rethink Your Email Marketing Schedule

    Sending too many emails to your subscribers may be the reason your subscribers are getting disinterested in your content. If your average email open rate is declining with no changes to your strategy, theres a good chance this is the case for you.

    Your disinterested shoppers will soon unsubscribe if you dont make quick changes. In fact, nearly 70% of consumers unsubscribe because theyre receiving more emails than theyd like. Sending fewer emails can not only help you retain shoppers, but also make your emails feel more interesting each time your messages land in their inbox.

    Theres no magic number for how often you should send emails, but keeping your email rate between one to three times per month can be enough to keep your brand in your subscribers minds without bombarding them.

    Fix #: Prioritize Email List Health To Ensure Email Deliverability

    Whatâs a Good Email Open Rate and How You Can Improve Yours

    The easiest way to lower your bounce rate? Remove invalid email addresses from your contacts list. This cleanup improves your entire email reporting, not just your bounce rate. Invalid contacts wont be factored into your performance, so you should see higher engagement numbers. Regularly check and update your email list by using an email verifier tool, such as Never Bounce.

    This paid tool automatically cleans your email lists and checks whether addresses are valid when added to your contacts. There is also a free tool from Email Hippo, but it only allows you to manually check one email at a time. A double opt-in sign-up process is another way to keep your email list clean. With this setup, people have to confirm their subscriptions by clicking on an email sent to their inbox. Double opt-ins add friction, but they also attract active subscribers. People who take the time to confirm will most likely be engaged recipients, and fake email addresses wont be able to confirm their subscription.

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    How Do I Compare To The Industry Average

    Benchmark reports are important in understanding of how the industry is changing on the whole and you should find out your own benchmark based on your email campaign performance. You should be able to pull this number from your email service provider.

    Here’s a look at our own open rates based on an email campaign we ran earlier this year:

    As you can see, open rates differ from country to country.

    How do your own email open rates compare?

    In 2020, the average open rate across all industries is 21.3%.

    If you have an open rate of 22% or higher, then you’re doing great!

    If not, don’t worry. You know your email subscribers better than anyone else. For example, if you consistently reach a 15% open rate, which is below average yet your campaign is delivering results, it’s obvious that you are not under performing even if the “industry average” says you are.

    Of course, averages are to be taken lightly. Open rates in the insurance industry, for instance, differ from those in the health care industry. And open rates in Europe differ from those in North America.

    The first challenge you need to work on is getting your email to your subscriber list. Its no use spending hours crafting a perfectly optimized campaign if it ends up in your readers spam folder, is it?

    Why Is It Important To Track Your Email Campaign Performance

    Weve focused our attention on open rates here, but there are many other important email marketing metrics to track. Monitoring several metrics in tandem will provide your marketing team with the information they need to continually improve the performance of your campaigns.

    Metrics can also show you how your target audience evolves over time. As demographics shift and customer sentiment changes, its essential to keep a pulse on how these developments impact your strategy.

    Looking for even more advice on optimizing your email marketing campaigns? Check out our collection of the best email marketing tips.

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