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Exceed Your Email Marketing Benchmarks

Email Marketing Tips: Increase Email Open Rates

Keeping your average email open rate high is critical when you want your marketing message to be seen. When your metrics are up to par with your direct competitorsor better yet, much higheryoull know that your email marketing efforts are creating results. As you start to exceed your industry benchmark, perhaps getting impressive open rates that are higher than 30%, your email conversions will be better than ever.

If you want to get even more impressive open rates for your campaigns, you can consider taking on a whole new marketing channel. SMS marketing can help you achieve average open rates as high as 98%, which means youll reach even more subscribers every time.

Matt Boyce is a marketing and business professional at Podium, the premiere messaging platform that connects local businesses with their customers.

What Counts As An Open In Email Marketing

To understand this metric, it helps to know its limitations. While the definition may seem pretty obvious, what you would consider an open may not be recorded that way by your email marketing tool. To track an open, email marketing tools use tracking pixels, which are considered images, and one is in every message you send to every recipient. When your customer clicks on that email, this pixel reports back to you. Unfortunately, this process doesnt always go as planned. Some people choose to read your email without displaying images therefore, your tracking pixel doesnt work. Other recipients may use email clients that arent capable of displaying HTML. As a result, your open rates may skew lower than reality. On the flipside, many email clients offer a preview pane feature that allows users to see a portion of your email without actually clicking in. These previews may be recorded as opens, inaccurately boosting your open rates, and so might clicks that result from forwarded messages. Despite the possibility of both false positives and false negatives, tracking open rates remains critical for understanding your email marketing ROI. Currently, for every $1 spent on email marketing, companies see a return of about $42. Because open rates arent always accurate, you may learn more from looking at trends over time than a single emails stats.

Where Can I Find The Open And Click Rates Of Emails In My Welcome Sequence

Glad you asked! You can find your welcome sequence email stats within workflows.

Step 1. On your Workflows dashboard, find the specific Workflow youre interested in and click on the chart icon in the bottom right corner > View details.

Step 2. On the Overview tab, you’ll find an overview of your Workflow’s performance. And you can see each step in the Workflow and its statistics on the Details tab.

To learn more about your email analytics, check How can I see how my workflow performed.

Now that you know where to find your email stats, let’s dive into what a good open and click rate are, shall we?

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Should You Segment Your Email List

One of the most common questions that we hear from people is, Should we segment our email list?

And our answer to that is simple yes, yes, and more yes!

Segmenting your email list allows you to tailor your messaging based upon who youre reaching out to. You can contact different audience members with different messaging, depending upon the data that theyve provided you with.

For example, new customers are likely to require a different tone to long-term customers, and if you service multiple different verticals then it makes no sense to say the same thing to everyone.

Ultimately, segmenting your email list is a best practice for a reason, and if youre able to do it effectively then youll be able to improve the majority of your email marketing metrics, ranging from your average open rate to your engagement rate, click-through rate and more.

Its an easy way of dramatically improving the performance of any email marketing campaign.

What Is An Open Rate Why Is It An Essential Email Campaign Metric

What is a good email open rate for B2B?

An open rate is simple enough: Its the percentage of people that opened your email.

To calculate your email open rate, divide the emails number of unique opens by the total number of people that saw your email. The total is the number of people that you sent the email to minus the number of bounce instances.

Different types of email campaignstransactional emails, autoresponders, newsletters, etc.are bound to have different ideal metrics. You should always aim for higher open rates, however, if your email campaigns purpose is to raise your brands awareness and build relationships with your subscribers.

The open rate isnt the only important performance metric of an email campaign, but it is the essential one. If an email stays unopened, no further trackable actions will happen.

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About The New Email Marketing Benchmarks Report

We want to live in a world where emails are relationship builders, not distractions.

The best way to achieve this is by helping marketers design more meaningful campaigns backed by data and insights.

Turns out, as an email marketing software provider, we have tons of data.

And thats why we created the Email Marketing Benchmarks report.

Keep scrolling to find loads of useful insights into emails, , landing pages, and webinars.

Cant find what you need? Just send us an email! We love to know whats important to our fellow marketers.

Michal LeszczynskiHead of Content Marketing & Partnerships

Whats A Good Email Open Rate

Above, we told you that the overall average open rate is 19.66% across the five different data points we looked at, though it varies quite by industry and country.

So what does that data mean to you?

If your average open rates are above 19.66%, does that mean theyre fully optimized and you dont need to change a thing?

If your average open rates are below 19.66%, does that mean your email campaigns are an unoptimized hot mess and you need to hire a new marketer?

The answer to both questions is most likely no.

If youre above the benchmark, that doesnt mean you cant get even higher open rates.

And if youre below the benchmark, that doesnt automatically mean youre doing something wrong. Sure, theres probably room for improvement, but the same applies even if youre above the benchmark.

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What Is The Average Bounce Rate Benchmark And How To Improve It

Bounce rate benchmark: 0.64%

Like unsubscribes, your campaigns bounce rate is a metric you want to minimize. Its the percentage of messages that werent delivered to recipients either for a permanent reason or a temporary reason . A hard bounce often happens because the recipients email address is invalid or they have marked your email address as spam. A soft bounce is usually due to an issue with the recipients email, like their mailbox being full or their email server being down. On average, brands see a bounce rate of 0.64%.


If youre hoping to lower your bounce rate, recognize that there are limits to what you can do. No, you cant control whether your recipients inboxes will be full or if their email servers are working. But you can lower your bounce rate by removing invalid addresses from your list and crafting your emails to not look like spam.

What Is An Email Open Rate

How to Improve Your Open Rate | Email Marketing Course (56/63)

Before I dive into the data, you and I need to understand this metric. You see, most people consider the open rate as the number of people who open your email.

Sounds logical, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. An email is only counted as opened when one of the following occurs:

  • The reader enables images in your email to be displayed in the preview pane or in a full view of the email.
  • The recipient clicks a link in the email.
  • OK, easy enough. But, how are email open rates calculated?

    Email service providers calculate the open rate by taking the number of people who open the email and dividing it by the number of emails sent that did not bounce, i.e. failed to reach the recipient.

    For example, if you send 100 emails, and 10 of them bounce, this leaves you with 90 delivered emails. Of those 90 emails, let’s say that 10 are opened. This means that your email campaign open rate is 11% .

    Emails that are not delivered cannot be opened, which is why this number is not included in the open rate percentage.

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    Clean Your Email List

    Building a list is not a straight road: you sometimes have to clean up the mess on your way. Here are the things you will most probably come across:

    • Inboxes that arent available anymore .
    • Inboxes with your message marked as spam.
    • Inboxes that are full and forgotten.

    All of these are bumps on your way to a high-engaging list with a good open rate. And you need to remove them.

    Now, we know how much it hurts to remove something youve been collecting with so much effort. But you can also not call these email addresses useful, as there are simply zero benefits coming from them: no opens, no clicks, and no purchases. Moreover, you might be even overpaying your email service providers because of your list size.

    In this article, we put under the microscope the email list cleaning process and gave expert tips on how to do it in a smart way.

    Constant Contact Benchmarks 1606% Average Open Rate

      In Constant Contacts benchmarks, the overall average was just 16.06%, which is the lowest overall average of any dataset we looked at.

      Its also the only provider that had an industry in the single-digits automotive services enjoy just a 9.80% open rate.

      The industries with the highest open rates were religion , government , and primary/secondary education .

      To collect its benchmarks, Constant Contact analyzed over 200 million emails. The data is current through December 2020.

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      Campaign Monitor Benchmarks 178% Average Open Rate

        In Campaign Monitors benchmarks, the overall email campaign open rate average is 17.8% for all industries.

        Just as with Mailchimp, the industry with the best average open rate was government-related emails at 30.50%. Nonprofits took second place with a 25.2% open rate.

        The lowest open rates were for companies in the automotive industry with a 12.60% open rate. Im guessing thats mostly from car dealerships, and not that people are ignoring invitations to go to space with Virgin Galactic

        The food and beverage industry and retail industry were also near the bottom at 13.0% and 13.9%, respectively.

        Campaign Monitor built its benchmarks by analyzing over 30 billion emails sent by companies in over 171 countries between January and December 2019.

        Email Open Rate Case Study

        What Is A Good Open Rate For Email Marketing? Your ...

        “Steven, this sounds really great, but does it work?”

        And you know what? If I was reading this article, I would be thinking the same thing!

        The good news is that I’ve tested the science. And it works!

        Earlier in the post, I referenced that the average open rate in 2019 was 22.15%.

        Using the techniques listed above and based on data of more than 99,000 emails sent during the last 10 months, my average email open rate is 40.9%.

        That’s right – forty percent!

        That’s 85% higher then the average open rate.

        If you’re looking to increase your own email open rates, then try one or two of these techniques the next time you send out a campaign!

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        Ensure Your Emails Are Deliverable

        Email deliverability is the likelihood that your messages will reach a recipients inbox, get routed to their spam folder, or simply bounce back to you. A number of factors can impact your deliverability, and its essential to be aware of everything that could limit your ability to reach your customers.

        Here are a few things you can do to ensure your emails are delivered:

        • Manage your email list. Routine cleaning of your email lists will ensure that you dont send mail to inactive subscribers. For example, you should remove addresses that frequently bounce messages back to you.
        • Check for compliance issues. All email marketing must comply with national and international regulations. If any of your recipients are EU residents, youll need to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. When sending mail to U.S. residents, the CAN-SPAM Act applies.
        • Use correct grammar and spelling. Most spam filters look at poor grammar and spelling as a risk signal. The same goes for uncommon formats, such as subject lines written in all caps.

        Email Marketing: What Is A Good Open Rate

        Your open rate is one of the most critical email marketing statistics.

        After all, people cant click on links and buy your products if they dont open the email, so this open rate is one of your preliminary indicators of potential success.

        The question is, though, what is a good email marketing open rate?

        On average, the open rate generally sits around 20 percent, which is a good starting point for determining your campaigns success. However, thats just part of the picture. Review email marketing open rates for your industry to see where you sit.

        Then, find out how to benchmark your open rate and what you can do to improve yours.

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        Keep Your Email List Up

        Does your email list only include people who actually want to see your emails? Building an email list isnât entirely a numbers game. More subscribers is only better if all of your subscribers actively care about hearing from you. Your open rate, conversion rate, and click-through rate all depend on a quality email list of people who trust your brand and want to engage with you.

        Be picky about who you add to your email list. Set up double opt-in for new subscribers to give them a chance to confirm they want to hear from you, which helps avoid getting caught up in spam filters. Pay attention to your email bounce rate, and remove outdated email contacts. And check your metrics periodically to spot contacts that arenât engaging with your emails. Contact them to check if they want to keep receiving your emails, and take them off your list if you donât get a response.It feels counterintuitive to remove people from the email list you worked so hard to build. But keeping your email list up-to-date will improve all the email metrics that matter most.

        Ensure Emails Are Deliverable

        Understanding Mailchimp Email Marketing Open & Click Rates

        Surely all emails are deliverable right? Well, not necessarily. Email deliverability measures the likelihood that your messages will reach the inbox of your audience, without being bounced, or rerouted to the spam filter.

        There are various factors that can influence deliverability, so here are a few ways to boost your chances if hitting the inbox:

        • Manage your list: Always ask customers to double opt-in so you know they want to hear from you. Clean your list regularly of any subscribers who arent engaged.
        • Deal with compliance issues: All email marketing campaigns sent to your customers need to comply with international and national regulations. If youre connecting with people in the EU, for example, you need to comply with GDPR.
        • Proofread: A lot of spam filters look at spelling and poor grammar as evidence of greater risk. The same goes for writing parts of your email in all-caps. Tools such as Grammarly or Ivory Research can help you to avoid making these mistakes.

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