What Is A Confirmation Email

Confirmation Emails Come With Valuable Data

What is a Booking Confirmation Email? – Basics

With confirmation emails, you have a wealth of recent data from your customer because they just triggered the email. Depending on the form, the user could have updated data fields, inputted new data, or passively given you data through what they purchased or signed up for.

As an added bonus, experimenting with confirmation emails can give you valuable data about the gap between what your customer is thinking and where you want them to go. As you test changes, you can find mistaken assumptions and get a clearer picture of your customer.

Heres a three-step process to create great confirmation emails.

The Final Word On Confirmation Emails

The confirmation email examples and templates in this article should be enough to get you started with writing your own

Weve highlighted why they are essential and how to write them to get a response from the reader.

This response could have a positive effect on your business, and if youre not spending a bit of time on getting these emails right, then youre making a mistake.

Take the templates and examples and craft out a few confirmation emails to use in your campaigns. Then, set aside a few hours and add them to your email flow with trigger responses.

The benefits are enormous.

We know that they have a high open rate, so use this knowledge to your advantage and craft emails to target their feelings and emotions.

Think about what they will be feeling, what keeps them awake at night, and target the emails appropriately.

Seriously, you wont regret it.

Recommend Related Products Or Services

Its far easier to retain an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. Some studies even suggest the probability of selling to an existing customer is about 60% while the probability of selling to a new customer is 5%. I know which odds Id pick.

With that in mind, you can write a better confirmation email by including copy that serves to help get new business from existing customers. You dont want to push a hard sale on your customers. After all, this confirmation email is coming in just as soon as they purchased your product or booked a service. But that doesnt mean you cant sell at all.

The simplest and easiest way to make your email confirmation work in your favor is to provide recommendations for more offerings at the bottom of the email. For a post-purchase confirmation email, these can be related items or your companys best sellers. For a newsletter subscription or email confirmation, try including relevant resources. Heres an example I got from HubSpot recently.

In the rest of the email, there are graphics and CTAs pointing to take courses and download other content, but I like the simplicity of this extra link and the momentum copy they use here.

Including recommendations for other offerings like these in your confirmation email can help you gain new business without much effort required on your part.

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Will Including A Cta Violate Spam Laws

Not if you dont go too heavy on the selling. The Federal Trade Commissions official page on the CAN-SPAM Act says that if an email includes both transactional and sales content, the emails primary purpose is the deciding factor.

The General Data Protection Regulation rules arent quite as clear on this yet, but its assumed that theyll be similar. Err on the side of caution and make sure that any CTA you include reasonably ties into the purpose of your confirmation email.

Confirmation Of Your Authority

Confirmation Letter

There are several situations in which you may have authority given to you by someone else. For example, if you are planning a wedding, a person may temporarily give you authority to use a venue as you see fit or give instructions to everyone who works at that property.

Similarly, if you are representing your company at a meeting, you may have full authority to make all decisions on behalf of the organization.

If youve been given specific authority in a situation, you may want the person who is granting you that authority to confirm it in a letter.

This way, you can show the letter to people who might give you problems along the way.

You can ask them to confirm what you can do, by saying:

Please confirm that I am authorized to close the business when necessary.

Kindly confirm that I am authorized to take control of that department.

Kindly confirm that I have full authority to make all decisions about this event.

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The Importance Of Email Confirmation

Email confirmations are very important not only for the sender so that they will have a record but also for the recipient. It might be confusing to them thinking that their application or something else is confirmed but they did not receive any confirmation email message. They will think that it was rejected because they have not received any confirmation email.

Not only that, the confirmation email in pdf is also important so that the customer will know that their order went through properly and that they will expect it to be fulfilled and be delivered on time.

Disqus Email Verification Email

This is an email sent to a Disqus user to verify their email address.

What we like about it:

The email subject line gives you a valid reason why you should care about verifying the email A great tactic to improve open rates.

The email body is simple with very basic design and also explains why theyre asking you to verify the email. Notice the alternative link provided if the button doesnt work in the recipients email client very useful to make sure the email does its job.

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Send A Copy To Yourself

If the confirmation email relates to a meeting or booking, send a copy of the message to yourself. This ensures that you or your company add the event to your online calendars or records with all the accurate information. You can use the blind carbon copy features so that the other recipients don’t know you’re sending the message to yourself.

How To Set Up Automated Confirmation Emails In Encharge

ClickFunnels: How to Create a Confirmation Email With Your Autoresponder

Encharge is a powerful marketing automation platform that provides the best support for behavior-based emails. One of the behavior emails that you can set up is the automated confirmation email. Below well show you the step-by-step process to achieve this in Encharge. Once you are ready, Encharge will send confirmation emails automatically.

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Make Space For Real Feedback

Acknowledging that there might be something to improve from your end is a good communication approach for an unsubscribe confirmation email. The reason is simpleâevery customer wishes the brand would really care about their needs and try to understand why they may be leaving.

Barneys New York makes for a lovely example to elaborate on this point.

USP: The tone of voice conveys an attempt to understand the customer and their needs deeply.


  • Always aim for the human touch. It starts with the headline you will be missed and then is followed up by the multiple choices.
  • Text-only confirmation emails neednât be boring. Text is used intelligently, communicatively, and with the intent to build a deeper connection.

Example 3 Use The Largest Cta Possible

Make a CTA text font or button larger to accurately direct the client to a confirmation button. Oh yes, or even animate this button!

Just don’t overdo it at this point. It doesn’t have to look like you are forcing the client to do the right thing. A large enough font is able to visually highlight the CTA button.

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Use Email Automation Systems

For some confirmation emails, such as customer orders through your company’s online store, you can make your process more efficient by using email automation systems. When you set up an email automation system that’s triggered by certain events, like making a reservation or subscribing to an email newsletter, that system can automatically send a specific confirmation email to the person who performed the triggering action. You can customize the content of these automatic emails while setting them to add personalized details, such as the specific date and time of that customer’s reservation.

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Optimize Your Inbox View

Confirmation Email Templates  12 Examples + Tips

The first thing is to be sure your confirmation emails have been delivered in the inbox of your customers.

We talked a bit about this in our blog post Why People Open Emails .

Both gateway and spam filters can stop your emails from getting in the inbox.

When emails are blocked by gateways, they dont even reach the spam folders.

If the email passes through the gateway, it will be additionally checked by the spam filters.

They will check the reputation of the sender, , and content to determine if your email should go in the inbox.

You can use tools such as GlockApps to check if your emails are being delivered for all major mail clients and in what folder.

This will help you a lot when it comes to optimizing your deliverability rates, as you will manage to spot problems and remove them.

Dont forget that, for Gmail, your emails can also land in the promotional tab.

Check out the blog post How I Got Out Of Gmails Promotions Tab Jail to learn how to optimize your emails for Gmail.

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Why You Should Send Confirmation Emails

Can an informative, to-the-point email confirmation message help you engage better with subscribers, and garner their loyalty?

Answer: Yes and yes.

Confirmation emails may seem like simple, automated, and transactional emails whose main purpose is to tell a recipient, Thank you. Heres the information you asked for. However, a confirmation email can also yield many other benefits:

Make Your Confirmation Emails Mobile Friendly

The first thing to keep in mind is to use a shorter subject line length. While desktop clients can display up to 60 characters on mobile, the subject line length is limited to 25-30 characters.

Be sure to use a pre-header text to provide additional information about the email you have sent.

You can see how it looks on iPhone 6 using Gmail as an email client.

The preheader length is different depending on email clients and device, so experiment with this to get the best results.

With both the subject line and preheader, you must make it clear to your customers that this is the confirmation email for their order.

Keep your copy short and concise. Be sure to format the content of the email to make it easily scannable.

Dont forget that the screen size of a mobile device is much smaller, so not so many elements can be displayed.

Its good if you can use larger fonts to make it easier to read.

Remember that not all images are displayed by default in mobile devices. So be sure to prepare a no images experience.

In other words, your customers must be able to read and understand your email even if the images are not visible.

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Create The Confirmation Email

Now, get ready to complete all the necessary fields to craft the final email version, such as selecting your mailing list and creating the email body. You can also move to Moosends newsletter editor and pick one from our beautiful pre-made templates to save time. Add the information we mentioned above to make an email that checks all the necessary boxes.

Voilà! Your confirmation email is now ready to travel to your subscribers mailboxes. Simple as that!

Best Practices To Get The Best Results From Confirmation Emails

Email Setup: Confirmation Email

Confirmation emails are a powerful yet easy way to connect with customers early and stay in touch with them throughout their brand journey. With the right ESP and right email marketing partner, theres really no reason for you not to add confirmation emails to your email marketing program. That said, its helpful to keep in mind some best practices to ensure that you can get the most value from your confirmation emails.

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Email Subject Line Examples From Holiday Companies

This example is from a holiday company confirming your booking. They use personalization and make it clear that this is your confirmation email.

Here are a few more examples:

  • Welcome }, heres your holiday confirmation
  • } youre booked, heres the confirmation
  • Confirmation of your holiday }
  • Hey } please check your confirmation details
  • Its official } and heres the confirmation to prove it

Encourage Return Customers With Discounts

This one is similar to Tip #3, with a slight twist. You can create a more effective confirmation email by offering exclusive discounts to returning customers. This code should be presented in a tasteful manner, however. After all, this is an email confirmation that is supposed to give your customers all of the information they need to know about the product or service they recently purchased from your brand.

When offering discounts, consider offering the most effective deals:

  • Site-wide discounts
  • Dollar-off amounts
  • Minimum order value
  • Buy-one, get-one offers
  • Free shipping

Consider this order confirmation email from Rue La La.

We can see that this brand has checked all of the boxes. The brand is offering free shipping on the customers next order.

Bonus points, the email includes reassuring copy and matches the brands identity.

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The Missed Opportunity With Confirmation Emails

Let me ask you a few questions.

  • When you purchase a product with actual money coming from your bank account, do you look and read the confirmation email?
  • If you book a vacation, do you look and read the confirmation email to make sure the details are correct?
  • When registering your details with a bank, are you waiting for the confirmation email to confirm it all went through smoothly?

We are guessing you answered Yes to all of these questions.

Now answer the following couple of questions:

  • You get an email from an SEO company out of the blue you must have signed up to their email list a few weeks ago and have noticed a few emails in your inbox over the past few days do you always read the email?
  • You have recently booked a concert ticket with Ticketmaster for your favorite band, and a few weeks later, you notice an email with a generic subject line announcing their latest offers do you always open the email?

You probably dont, or it depends on how busy you are, but overall, theres a good chance that your interest has waned.

This reaction to the emails is normal behavior for all of us.

Were eager for email confirmations when we book an event, holiday, or purchase a product because its essential information we need.

Anything else doesnt matter to us, and unless the business has nurtured us with intelligent email marketing, we tend not to care about the other emails they send.

Sometimes they get our attention mostly, they dont.

Confirmation Engagement Rates

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