What Does Cc Mean When Sending An Email

When Youre Introducing A Contact

English for Emails: Cc and Bcc explained

At the point when you are messaging somebody to acquaint them with another contact, you need the two parties to see the email so they can proceed with the discussion subsequently. It is up to you whether you add the new contact in the To or the CC field here, in spite of the fact that utilizing CC is also acceptable.

Do Use Cc To Emphasize Urgency

Finding the right tone can be a challenge with email, especially if you want to express that an issue is urgent without sounding demanding. If a task is critical for your organization or to a member of leadership, you can CC the manager or supervisor on your email so that your recipient knows the matter needs attention immediately. This lessens the need to balance politeness with firmness and makes your email writing more straightforward.

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When You Should Use Cc

Use a CC email when you want the email list to be visible to all recipients, and you want everyone to be included in the rest of the thread. Here are a few specific uses for CC:

  • Keeping stakeholders in the loop: Use CC to keep management and other involved parties updated on the status of projects.
  • Communicating urgency: Include higher-ups in the company in the CC field to indicate that the content of an email is important and time-sensitive. You dont always need to do this right away, but its a helpful strategy if youve made a request several times.
  • Introducing contacts: Use the CC field to e-introduce two contacts to one another. This way, they can see each others email addresses. You can also accomplish this by including both recipients in the To field, but either approach is appropriate.

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To Use Cc On Your Apple Or Android Mobile Device:

1. In the Gmail app, tap the “+” button to compose an email .

2. Tap the arrow pointing down in the address line to reveal additional options .

3. Tap the “Cc” address field and enter the email addresses you want to Cc.

4. Type out your email, adding any links and attachments.

5. Tap the paper airplane icon to send the email .

How To Use Cc In Mailtrim

7 What does CC(copy) and BCC(blind copy) mean in mail ...

You know Mailtrim, a simple and secure email client available on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Here is the simple way to use cc while composing an email in Mailtrim.

  • Open Mailtrim application on your desktop.
  • Log in to Mailtrim with your credentials – Email id and password.
  • Your 3-tabbed dashboard will appear.
  • On top of the first tab, you will be shown New Mail. Click on it.
  • You will be shown a dialogue box named compose mail where you can see all fields To, cc, bcc, subject, message body, attachments, and emojis, etc.
  • Add recipients in cc field. Search for email addresses from your address book and you can add as many recipients as you want.
  • Fill all other fields and click on send. Your message will be delivered to both primary and secondary recipients.

However, make sure that the additional recipients you add are directly involved with the message and will benefit from its information. Because most people want to receive only what they need to know.

To sum up, To filed is for primary recipients for whom the message is intended and CC field is used for secondary recipients so that they are in the loop and aware of that message.

Make the best use of email features and compose emails to bulk recipients in a fly. Save time, streamline the process, and improve productivity with your business emails.

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When Should You Use The To Field

Use the To field to address the primary person your email is intended for.

For example, if you write an email asking about the status of a project, place the projects main contributors in the To field. By doing so, they will know theyre expected to respond or take appropriate action. They will also receive all future email replies included in the email chain.

As another example, if you are writing directly to a client, place their email in the To field. While you may share this email with coworkers by Cc-ing or Bcc-ing them, the emails primary recipient is the client. Thus, they belong in the To field.

What Are The Alternatives To Cc In Email

A great way to avoid the clutter that is generated by using CC within your team is to switch to Spark for Teams. Spark is an incredible email client that allows you to without creating an additional copy. You can then discuss this email with private comments, so thus avoiding the additional clutter of follow-up emails.

free and switch to a better email experience for you and your team.

Preshit Deorukhkar

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When To Use Cc Cc Email Examples

Knowing when to use CC in an email is an important part of good email etiquette and is underpins professional communication best practice. It can also help you save time, allowing you to share information with contacts without constantly having to forward emails after the fact. Here, weve listed a few of the most common reasons to use CC in an email.

  • Keeping People in the Loop Whether a manager or colleague has specifically asked to be CCd, or you want to share pertinent information with another contact, keeping people in the loop is among the most common ways to use CC.
  • Introducing a Contact Introducing two of your contacts to each other is another common way to use CC in an email. Simply write your introduction email and then add the contacts you wish to include.
  • Internal Newsletters The CC field is often used when sending internal newsletters or other mass emails within large companies. Using the CC field rather than the To field often indicates that no response is required in these instances.

It is important to remember not to overuse the CC function when sending emails, and it should also be noted that the BCC field fulfils a separate function. Remember, CC is mostly used to share information that doesnt necessarily require a reply. Additionally, be as sparing as possible with your usage of CC to ensure you dont bombard your contacts with useless information.

How To Use Bcc In Email A Walk

What does CC mean in email

Want to learn about the BCC email feature and how to use it?

In this article, Ill show you how to use the BCC function in Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mailcorrectly.

And super important

The BCC address field is a completely outdated approach to send emails to multiple recipients.

Thats why Ill also give you a really easy and effective way to send emails to multiple people.

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What Is The Difference Between Cc And Bcc In Email

Weve touched on some of the differences between CC and BCC in email just through our descriptions of the two terms but lets take the time to get a little deeper. First, both the CC list and BCC list allow all recipients on an email get access to the same email. The main difference between the two is that BCC recipients are hidden from the other recipients on the email and CC recipients arent. So, CC recipients show up to everyone and BCC recipients show up to no one.

CCd recipients will also have access to any responses that come in for the email if the reply all response is used. BCCd recipients dont get those additional emails as responses come in so will only be aware of replies if those specific replies are forwarded to them.

If you want to use CC and BCC in email effectively, youll want to keep in mind how the fields work. Despite the outdated terminology , the fields themselves work in a straightforward manner. If it makes it easier, just drop the word carbon and think of CC as courtesy copy and BCC as blind courtesy copy. Then, move on from there.

As you can probably see, the main difference between CC and BCC in email is the privacy afforded to the recipients.

What Does Cc Mean When Sending An Email

CC stands for carbon copy which means that recipients in the CC field get the same email message as those in the To field and any reply all responses will come to them. Everyone included in the email will be able to see who is CCd on it.

If youre a stickler for email etiquette, only the main recipients of the email should be in the To field. Thats because those recipients are more likely to be impacted by the emails content and expected to take action in some way. CC recipients, however, tend to be secondary recipients, meaning they are CCd on the email to keep them informed of whats going on. These recipients arent necessarily required to respond or take action.

A good example of CC usage would be if youre requesting a change from someone in one department that will impact someone in another department. Youd want to put the person responsible for taking action in the To field while the CC field would be reserved for the person who will be impacted by the change but isnt necessarily being asked to do anything.

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More About Email Etiquette

Navigating cc and bcc is just one aspect of practicing good email etiquette. This, in turn, helps your colleaguesand yourselfbe more productive. Here are a few more email etiquette tips that support healthy attention management.

  • Avoid or Reduce After-Hour Emails.

    You might send an email late at night. Why? Because the topic is fresh in your mind and you dont want to forget about it.

    You figure its OK since you dont need an immediate reply. But your message still keeps the recipient from disconnecting from work and getting the relaxing, restorative time they need outside the office.

    Its both kinder and more productive to hold non-urgent emails until standard business hours. If something urgent comes up, call or text instead of emailing.

    Leaders, you can support your teams productivity bysetting guidelines in your office around after-hours email. To learn more, see my HBR article Your Late Night Emails Are Hurting Your Team.

  • Be Clear About Response Times

    What does it mean to be responsive to email? Different people have different standards around responsiveness. The important thing is to be on the same page as the people you communicate with.

    If you lead a team, you could set a guideline that email is used for routine requests only.

    This frees your team members from feeling that they should constantly check their inboxes and gives them more time for uninterrupted work.

Alternatives For Cc And Bcc In Email

What is the Difference Between CC and BCC?

CC and BCC in email some of the oldest technology still being used on a daily basis. While they serve their purpose in some ways, its important to be extremely careful that you accomplish the goals you set out for when using the tools. If you intend to BCC, take a moment to confirm youre using BCC over CC as making a mistake can cause unneeded drama in the workplace.

Its better to use a tool like Spike Groups with your frequent contacts as a way to use a business chat tool that is easier to use. If you need to loop someone else in on the conversation, you can forward an email directly to that person so you have less of a chance to make a mistake. Spike Groups is just one part of Spikes communications system that turns your email into a chat-like instant messenger tool.

Check out the rest of our resource section for more great tips and tricks on email etiquette and much more. Additionally, head over to the Spike blog for more information or check out how to make your inbox your centralized workspace withNotes andTasks.

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When Not To Use Bcc

When using Bcc, you should avoid any applications that could be interpreted as shady, underhanded, or inappropriate. As a general guideline, avoid using Bcc if:

The message is personal: Using Bcc in a personal email can easily cross the line into inappropriate territory. With personal matters, transparency is imperative. Otherwise, youre essentially allowing digital eavesdropping to take place.

Youre emailing coworkers: In general, its best to avoid using Bcc at work when emailing your coworkers. It doesnt look good on you and will reduce your coworkers perception of your workplace integrity. Keep things transparent by sticking with CC and To.

A reply from the Bcc recipient would be awkward: If you Bcc someone, its always possible that theyll reply. If this could be detrimental, avoid it. For example, dont Bcc your friend when recommending them to your boss for an open position. If they were to thoughtless reply thank you, intending the message for you, youd suddenly be in a very awkward position.

When Should You Use The Cc Field

Here are some examples of appropriate uses of the Cc field. Use it when you want to:

Keep someone in the loop: Use Cc to keep someone updated on important information that doesnt require their immediate, direct response. For example, allow management and other concerned parties to remain informed on the status of an important project.

Enhance an emails urgency: By Cc-ing higher-ups in the company, the To recipients will understand that the email is important. For example, you might Cc your boss when requesting that a client sends over time-sensitive information.

Temporarily take on a coworkers tasks: When you do work thats usually done by someone else, like for a coworker thats on vacation, keep them updated on their works status by Cc-ing them in all relevant communications. For example, Cc them on emails between you and their clients.

Introduce two of your contacts: When you introduce two people via email, you can use Cc to provide them each others emails. Thus, they can introduce themselves to each other and communicate in the future.

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To Use Bcc On Your Apple Or Android Mobile Device:

1. In the Gmail app, tap the “+” button to compose an email .

2. Tap the arrow pointing down in the address line to reveal additional options .

3. Tap the “Bcc” address field and enter all the email addresses you want to Bcc to.

4. Type out your email, adding any links and attachments.

5. Tap the paper airplane icon to send the email .

What Is The To Field

How to send an email using CC and BCC

The most straightforward recipient field is the To field. Its meant for the main recipients of your email. Your message should directly concern these recipients. Furthermore, you can expect a reply or direct action from To recipients in response to your email. You can include multiple people in the To field, as long as they all meet these criteria.

Keep in mind that all recipients of the email, even if theyre Cced or Bcced, will be able to see who is placed in the To field.

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