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Can an email address start with a number?

Yes, an email address can absolutely start with a number. You can also use a number in your email address anywhere in the middle or at the end too. Having said that, you should not consider adding a number in your email id unless you absolutely need to.

What are some common email address or username mistakes to avoid?

Here are some common email username mistakes to avoid:1) Dont use numbers unless you absolutely have to2) Make sure your username can be pronounced easily to avoid misplacement of emails.

What are some best kind email address ideas?

When creating an email address for your kind, make sure to use these points to generate safe and kid-friendly email address ideas:1) Dont use private information2) Make it rhyming with their favorite food, toy or character: like barbiebobby .

How do I come up with a Gmail name?

The best tip would be to use your own name. However, if thats not available, consider things that you like or add your profession. You can also consider adding your hobbies like foodiemartha to come up with gmail names when all else have failed.

What is a unique email address?

An unique email address is one that is exclusively for you and is not used by anyone else.

What to do when your email address is taken?

Free Professional Email Providers

If you’re on a budget, you can start a professional email address with a free platform like Gmail and Yahoo. You can also get a free email address through most internet providers.

Best free professional email provider: Gmail

These popular options offer user-friendly platforms and large storage limits. But there are some downsides.

  • Name AvailabilityLarge email servers are so popular that most first/last name combinations are taken, unless your name is very unique. You’ll have a hard time finding a professional email address if your name is Wei, Smith, or Garcia.
  • Public PerceptionIf you’re a business owner, email extensions like @gmail.com or @yahoo.com can make clients and partners question your business’ credibility. You may want to spend a little money for your own domain .
  • LongevityIf you ever switch providers, you’ll lose access to that email address. If your provider changes names, like in a merger, your address will likely change, too.
  • What is a valid email address?

    You can verify your email by using an email validation service.

    Willing to spend a little money on your professional email address? You’ll have a lot more control. Read on for more information.

    The 7 Factors That Make A Good Email Address

    A good email address looks professional and is easy to communicate, both verbally and written. It helps you make a good impression, get referrals, and ultimately succeed in a number of different professional areas. But what, exactly, makes for a good email address?

    These are some of the most important qualities of a good professional email address:

  • Memorable. If you tell someone your email address, is there a good chance theyre going to remember it? Catchy and clever email addresses can work here, but its usually better to stick to something simple.
  • Simple. Simple email addresses tend to be more memorable, but they also feature another critical advantagetheyre harder to mess up. The simpler it is, the less likely it will be that someone inputs a typo.
  • Short. The same typo-avoidance strategy applies here. Good email addresses tend to be short and sweet. All other things being equal, fewer characters is better.
  • Pronounceable. Ideally, your email address will also be pronounceable. If you have to spell out your address letter by letter or symbol by symbol, its going to cost you time and increase the likelihood of error. Make it easy to say out loud.
  • Trustworthy. Your email address should also be trustworthy. You can establish trustworthiness by including a valid, legitimate-sounding domain, and by making the name portion of your address as professional as possible. This is especially important if youre going to be interacting with customers.
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    Things To Avoid When Choosing Your Email Address Name

    I hope you liked the our best email name address ideas and are ready to register your unique email name. But, before that, Id suggest to avoid these terrible email username mistakes when choosing an email address.

    Email addresses, once registered, become permanent.

    This is worse if you have distributed your email ID with your friends, and business clients. Changing them often is not a good idea.

    That is where you need to make sure you follow the email name best practices to avoid embarrassment.

    Here are some dos and donts to keep in mind to get the best email names ever:

  • Do not use numbers: Numbers in your email address should be the last thing you should think of. Numbers make the email ID more clumsy.
  • Do not use random words: Random words movie phrases make your email address look funny. You might not intend having an email ID for business purpose but that doesnt mean you will not be a professional someday.
  • Do not be flirty or use childish words: Having a email name like coolprincerob or machohunkbilly might not only put you to embarrassment but also look spammy.
  • Do not use your spouses name: Some people out of love add their spouses name like JaneTimothy or Robmartha which is great if you are using the email address strictly for communicating with your date. But other than that, it will create a bad impression when you share it with others.
  • Check Out Contact & About Us Pages

    Good email address for online dating

    Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Many websites include personal email addresses on the contact, about us or meet the team pages.

    However, often these pages can be tricky to find in the sites navigation. If you cant see what youre looking for, check the footer or try these common URL formats:

    • example.com/contact
    • example.com/meet-the-team

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    The Best Email Providers For Privacy

    If you want to use an email provider known for keeping information secure and private, try these:

    HushmailThis secure email provider owns and operates all their own servers, which means your data is never sent elsewhere.

    Here are some of their other features:

    • Temporary email addresses
    • Strict HTTPS
    • Two-step verification

    TutanotaThis platform encrypts your entire inbox and all your contacts. Even if Tutanota is required to hand over emails through a court order, they can only provide encrypted emails without a way to decrypt them.

    Here are some of their other features:

    • End-to-end encrypted emails to any email provider
    • Tutanota automatically encrypts subject, body, and attachments
    • Tutanota never stores unencrypted data on their servers

    TorGuardThis is a secure email provider developed by a VPN provider. The anonymous, basic email service has a variety of features:

    • PGP email encryption
    • End-to-end security

    Tip Number : Use Valid And Appropriate Prefixes/suffixes

    Try to prefix or suffix your desired email name with intelligent short forms that may include:

    • Concatenated initials of your First/Last Name your full name OR your full name initials of your First/Last Name. For example, in my case, the prefix will be ar OR ra since my full name is Abhishek Raj. Using this clever trick at the time of writing this post, Im still able to choose as my email id. This looks quite neat and professional.
    • You may also try prefixing salutations based on your gender or profession like Mr, Ms, Mrs or depending upon your profession use er for engineer, ca for chartered accountant, adv for advocate, and doc for doctor. If you are into a creative profession, you can even use blg for blogger, yt for YouTuber and gd for Graphic Designer.
    • If you are still unlucky, you can try prefixing or suffixing the name of your city, college, workplace or some other valid professional associations.

    Here is an illustration with examples to help you with this tip:

    In case you still turn out to be unlucky, please follow the Tip Number 4.

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    What Are The Different Parts Of An Email Address

    Well, a valid email address typically consists of 3 parts:

  • the local part
  • and a domain
  • To create a professional impression, having a professional domain is highly recommended. This is because when you own a professional email address, people consider you more secure, invested in your business and it doesnt look like spam.

    However, not everyone needs a professional email address. You can still have professional sounding email names without investing in a domain.

    Lets see how

    Rule #: Keep Your Branding Consistent

    IELTS Listening Practice Email Addresses 2

    Always work backwards.

    You may be a one-man-show right now, but do you plan to stay as you are or do you intend to grow your business?

    If you havent already, you need to call your business something.

    You could go by your name, or you could have a registered company name.

    If your website is johndoeconsulting.com, your professional email address needs to have the same domain name in order to keep your branding consistent.

    Why is this important?

    Firstly, keeping your branding consistent is professional. And because its professional, it immediately builds trust.

    Think of it this way: you receive two emails one is from , with the subject heading, SEO consulting services, and the other is from , with the subject heading, SEO consulting services.

    Which of these email addresses will you trust more?

    Yep, you got it. If youre in the market for SEO consulting services, youll probably toss the first email account into the spam folder, but have a squiz at the second.

    In the mind of the recipient, it boils down to this:

    • Free gmail.com or yahoo.com email address = wannabee business, not an actual business
    • Customised, valid email address = a real business

    A professional email address that is consistent with your brand, and which uses the same domain name as your website and shop front, builds trust.

    And online, it is trust which sells.

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    Use Email Lookup Services

    Email discovery tools provide perhaps the easiest way to find an email address.

    Just feed them a persons name and website, and theyll work their magic to find an email.

    There are hundreds of these tools on the market, and some are better than others.

    To keep this post up to the date, each year, I take popular email lookup services and search for 100 email addresses that I already know.

    Meet this years contestants:

  • Hunter: 50 free searches per month. Paid accounts start at $49/month for 500 searches .
  • Find That Email: 50 free searches per month. Paid accounts start at $29/month for 500 successful searches .
  • Voila Norbert: 50 free searches as a trial. Paid accounts start at: $49/month for 1,000 results .
  • FindThatLead: 50 free searches per month. Paid accounts start at $49/month for 5000 searches .
  • Snov.io: 50 free searches per month. Paid accounts start at $39 for 1,000 single searches .
  • Anymail Finder: 90 verified emails as a trial. Paid accounts start at $49/month for 1000 searches .
  • Getmail.io: 10 free searches per month. Paid accounts start at $49/month for 300 searches .
  • Name2Email: Chrome extension. Unlimited searches per month. Free access.
  • Clearbit Connect: Chrome extension. 100 searches per month. Free access.
  • The results are in!

    For the second year in a row, Name2Email is the leader with a 92% success rate.

    Their Chrome extension is free and does not limit the number of searches.

    It has just one drawback: you cant search email addresses in bulk.

    Check Your Own Email List

    Depending on your own visibility within your industry, you might find that some of your prospects have already subscribed to your newsletter.

    A quick search of your email list could reveal exactly what youre looking for with zero hassle.

    Most email marketing software will allow you to search your list for contacts. Heres what it looks like in Mailchimp for example:

    Look for emails in your email marketing software

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    Set Up Forwarding So That Spelling Variants Of The New Address Go To The New Address

    For example, if you have , youll also want to go ahead and set up forwarding so that anything directed to the miss-spelled will forward to the first one, since many people dont know how to spell stationery. You wont need to think of every possible variant or touch-type miss-spelling: just go for the really obvious ones.

    If youre worried about variants as an issue in general, consider setting up a catch-all rule for which address at your company to forward any mail for your domain that doesnt correspond to an existing address. Again, this is something that you can easily handle via cPanel without requiring technical knowledge.

    What Is Considered A Good Email Address

    20 Ways To Find Email Addresses  Plerdy

    GoDaddy surveyed 1,000 US small business e-commerce customers about the different aspects that foster trust between them and a brand, and they found that, out of the consumers they polled, 23% are concerned about sharing their personal information with any brand that has a generic email account.

    However, when it comes down to generic email accounts, some are more trusted than others. In fact, there are a number of free email providers that are often used by businesses.

    Source: Campaign Monitor

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    Funny Email Address Ideas

    Looking for some funny email address ideas that add some fun element? Here are some cool and funny email name ideas that you might want to grab.

  • Mayur Dikshit: Where Dikshit is a very popular surname in India and you could still break it to form funny email addresses like
  • Anu Spencer: could easily be a funny email address with just a natural looking email username combination where we use the first name and first letter of the surname making it
  • If you own a professional domain you can poke fun at the biggies with your cool email names like or president@yourdomain.com.
  • Patricia Arty: Her college email id was one of the biggest funny email address examples you can ever find. She had an auto generated email username which was which is totally opposite of what you would want to see as a colleges student email id.
  • You could take a spin on superheroes and comic character using email ids at
  • I hope you liked the above list of funny and weird email address ideas. We could go below the lines but didnt want to, if you want more vulgar or adult email name ideas, a quick search on Quora will get you there. It simply is beyond the scope of our article.

    Fun Suggestions For Support Email Address

    Get answers from your peersJoin Now

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for an email address for clients to contact company for support.

    We are an IT company and there is a helpdesk, but clients will use the email as well but I am short on ideas for an interesting email address that looks professional as well.

    Any suggestions? Thanks

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