Should I Have A Business Email

Rule : Gain Respect With A Trustworthy Domain

How to Create A Business Email For Free (And Use It with Gmail)

A professional email address that is consistent with your brand, and uses the same domain name as your website and shop front, builds trust and brand awareness.

Lets just compare: and It is likely that a sales pitch from the latter guy is much more appealing, dont you think?

Undoubtedly, we are all used to communicating via Gmail it’s one of few user-friendly, simple, and nice-looking email clients. But although the words Google and Outlook are associated with prominent companies, they lack originality since anyone can create an account using these resources. You need a one-of-a-kind domain which corresponds to the name of your company. An exceptional title after @ sign is the hallmark of classy, business email.

Register Your Email Address With Other Applications

You can usually integrate your business email address with desktop and mobile email applications. These applications can send you notifications when you receive important emails. You may also be able to sync your email account with online tools that can add important dates or deadlines to your calendar automatically.

The Solution Might Be Obvious But Companies Still Need To Reinforce It

First and foremost, setting strict policies against the use of personal email for business is the only course of action but despite all the reasons why company business should only be done through company email, users will still take the path of least resistance and use whatever email is most straightforward for them. The burden falls to the company, then, to make sure that the path of least resistance is the right path.

Companies can be proactive and ensure that remote or field employees can easily access company email systems using their own devices. Webmail interfaces are easy to set-up, and any compliance capture will see and preserve those mails even when sent from a home pc, laptop, smartphone or tablet. When composing a new email, particularly on mobiles, employees need to be reminded to always choose the company email address, not their personal one. For non-employees such as contractors and consultants, the issue is the same. If the contractor or consultant is doing business on behalf of the company, then its a smart step to provide a company email address for them and enforce strict guidelines on using this is part of the arrangement.

Barracuda offers a number of email and information management solutions to help organizations centralize and control their business data and minimize corporate and legal risk. Find out more about Barracuda security and data protection solutions at our corporate site here.

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Professional Email Address Formats

Choose an email address format your business will use across all staff members and accounts to ensure that your companys email addresses are consistent, cohesive, and easy to remember. There are five formats that are most commonly used: first name only, last name only, a combination of first name and last initial, a combination of last name and first initial, and departmental email addresses.

How To Create A Business Email Account

17 Email Scripts That Have Helped Us Grow Our Business

Professional email addresses can help clients identify you and recognize your purpose for messaging them. It’s important for any professional who works in management or human resources to establish business email accounts so they can coordinate their intentions with those of the company for which they work. Understanding how to set up email accounts for new and existing employees can help you streamline the communication within your organization. In this article, we discuss why it’s important to have a business email account and provide six detailed methods for creating one.

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Final Checklist For Emails

Youve followed the rules and used the language guide. Now its time to see if youve written a good email. Use this list to check before you send it:

  • Does your subject line explain whats in the email?
  • Does your email start with a salutation?
  • Have you explained why youre writing in the first sentence?
  • Have you written short paragraphs that are spaced apart and easy to read?
  • Have you mentioned your attachments?
  • Are any requests you made clear?
  • Does your email end with a simple closing?

Did you answer, Yes to everything?

Then congratulations!

Youve written a good email.

This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that youcan take anywhere.

Tracy Bowens is a TEFL Certified Trainer and a Visiting Professor at DeVry University in Orlando, Florida. She has an MBA from Duke Universitys Fuqua School of Business. Continuous emails flow out of her computer daily.

What Else Can I Do With A Domain Email Address That I Cant With Gmail

When you own your domain name, you can set up email aliases .

For example, say you have created the domain email address . With your Doteasy hosting services, you can also create email aliases such as and , and have all emails sent to the aliases forwarded to your main domain email address. This way, you are creating the illusion of an organized, professional company.

And because you own your domain name, you are no longer tied to an email service provider or an ISP. If you use a Gmail address for your business, you are tied to Gmail. What if you want to change email service providers and what if you want to use services, such as encryption, that Gmail does not offer? Youre stuck.

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Getting The Name Right

Before you confirm anything though, try out some practice email addresses and see how they look on-screen. If youre stuck for professional email address ideas, GMail for example lets you see how itll look on-screen during set-up.

Put one into the body copy of an email, or show it to a friend. Does it look and sound professional? Does it make sense? ticks both boxes, for example, but doesnt spell out the nature of the business quite as clearly. Even if the company is simply called Merton & Sons, or just Merton, theres no harm in expanding your domain name to make things crystal clear for your customers.

Use Templates Whenever You Can

Writing an Effective Business Email

Realistically, most emails you and your team will be sending out will fall into one of four categories: reaching out to someone, asking for clarification, making an announcement, or a response to a question.

The details of an email may change, but the format likely wont. So instead of writing a custom email for each reply, why not create a few templates instead? That way, you save yourself time by only changing the specifics of the communications. Better yet, it can help your team provide a more unified brand voice to customers or third parties they are interacting with online.

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Is This Email Necessary

There is a tendency to over-communicate by email. While email is efficient and provides an electronic paper-trail, not all communication should occur over email.

Ask yourself: Is this email really necessary? Perhaps a quick phone call or a ping on the company messenger is more appropriate. If youre expecting a lot of back-and-forth on the topic, a short conversation can eliminate a lengthy email chain.

Choose the right channel to send information. Email is great, but it’s one channel.

Get To The Point Quickly

The average user sends and receives over 120 business emails a day.

They want to read your email quickly and move on. If you spend a lot of time dillydallying with endless text, you will lose their attention.

So, get to the point you want to make quickly. This is mainly necessary for cold outreach emails. Heres an example of Dean reaching out to share about a new blog post in less than 50 words.

If you are sending an email to a warm audience via a newsletter, you can write a longer email. These people have a relationship with you. If you write a good copy, you should be able to hold their attention.

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Which Email Provider Is Best For Business

The definitive answer to this question really comes down to your business needs and whether youre talking about free versus paid. Generally speaking, however, there are some important considerations to take into account.

Weve written an in-depth blog post on how to choose an email provider, so we wont go as deep here. Instead, well touch on what to look out for.

Most email service providers offer most of the above. Its the degree to which each is supported that is the main difference between them. What you need to determine is what mix best fits your needs.

Professional Email Address Examples: First Names Last Names Long Names Short Names

2 Easy Ways to Write Business Emails

If your last name is very long, or youre not sure whether to use a first name only, be flexible, and try a few ideas out. You dont have to have the exact name of your business in the email address, its more about getting things to match and make sense for the recipient.

For example,

If your name was Anna Wrigglesworth and your company called Brilliant Bakes, any of these are clearly connected to your company name and keep things neat and to the point. Most important, you would definitely end up with a professional-sounding email address.

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Choosing A Domain Name

Your domain name is like your street address. Like the first part of your email address, it should be short and simple.

While you’re limited to domain availability , you do have lots of options.

If you own a business, your company’s name is the most obvious choice. Then you could create email addresses like this:

    If you don’t have a business, consider:

      If the domain you want is taken, try to acquire a different extension. Popular options are:

      • .org
      • .net
      • .biz
      • .blog

      You can also use extensions for specific fields like .photo and .tech. Keep in mind, however, that it might be harder for business contacts to remember your email address if it ends in something other than .com.

      How To Write A Business Introduction Email

      Having the skills to introduce your business to another can help you win clients, form partnerships, and secure profitable projects. Leave the selling for later, and start with a meeting. This example of how to write a business meeting request email can be amended, covering how to write a business invitation email.

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      What Not To Use For A Business Email Address

      This is a mistake for several reasons, and heres a perfect example of one of them. I was recently out running errands when I saw this sign on the back of a car:

      Now, as my wife will tell you, I dont have one sweet tooth, I have about 32 of them, so if there is a business selling cupcakes within 30 miles of my home, I want to know about it. Since I was driving, I had my wife take a picture of the sign so I would remember the business and could look it up later. Since the business only listed their email address on the sign, and since they were using a free email account at Gmail, I didnt know what their website was, so I did what anyone else would do: I Googled them. Heres what I found:

      As you can see, the first result that comes up is Southern Sweets Bakery. They also have their Google+ page set up and linked to their website, so we can see that they have 16 reviews on Google and that they have 4.9 out of five stars. So far so good, but unfortunately this business is located in Georgia, and Im in Virginia, so I guess theyre not local after all.

      Theres only one problem here: This is NOT the business that was advertising on the back of the car!

      Email marketing still has the best ROI of any marketing tactic available to small business owners! Get started today with a FREE trial of Constant Contact!

      You Can Standardize Email Addresses With Personalized Email Hosting

      How to Create a Business Email Address in 5 Mins (2022)

      This is especially important as you grow your staff: when you have your own custom email address, you can use a format for all other email addresses. So maybe you use or This provides consistency in your business, and customers can easily remember the formula for your company email addresses.

      When you use free emails, youre at the mercy of whatever usernames are still available. If your name is Stan Smith, good luck getting that email without adding all kinds of characters and numbers to the address, like

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      How To Schedule An Email In Gmail

      Are you working late, but want your email to arrive in your clients inbox first thing tomorrow morning?

      We used to suggest using Boomerang to schedule emails but now you can do it right within Gmail. If you click the little arrow to the right of the send button you can specify when the email will send.

      Scheduled emails will appear in a new folder called “scheduled” right under the “sent” folder. From there you can cancel the send at any time before the email sends.

      Caution: If you are sending information to recipients who report to you, don’t send late evening emails because it can create an expectation of 24/7 work across your team. Schedule the emails to send at the start of normal work hours.

      What Is Email Hosting

      Email hosting is a service that hosts your email account and the files associated with it on a remote server. In addition to storing the emails and files, the email host also provides additional services such as:

      • Routing received emails to your network
      • Email authentication and security
      • Email management and filtering

      Each email hosting service provides different services and emphasizes different aspects of email management. You should choose one that meets your business email needs while also fitting your budget.

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      Invest In A Good Desktop Email Client

      Youre likely someone who regularly uses multiple email addresses . Travel is something you do constantly for work, meeting clients and investors all over. Important emails and documents will be sent out and received every day. You dont have time to try to figure out an unintuitive user interface.

      Most importantly, your business and personal reputation will live and die by your ability to ensure the safety of sensitive information.

      Regardless of the email provider you have, the Mailbird email client can remove any weaknesses.

      For example, youll be able to:

      As good as some of the email provider options are, Mailbirds added tools provide you with an incredible amount of control over your email management.

      For a longer breakdown of how an email client such as Mailbird can enhance your email experience, read our blog post on the best email services for businesses.

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