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How I Clean My Email List (18,000 Contacts) – Remove Blacklisted Emails!

One way to quickly check if your mail server has been added to an email blacklist is with an online blacklist checking tool Enter the mail server address, or your Internet Protocol address into the input box and the tool will check against a list of blacklisted servers. Most tools identify the specific blacklists so that you can approach the organization that maintains the list to get your mail server and IP address removed. If your mail server appears on numerous blacklists, contact your Internet provider or email provider and ask it to resolve the problem on your behalf.

Fix Email Bounces Due To Blocked Ip Address

Occasionally, you or your users might send mail that bounces because the recipient blocked your IP address. When an IP address is blocked, all mail from the address bounces. Some domains use a denylist service to identify and block mail from suspected spammers. If enough users mark mail received from a particular IP address as spam, the service can block that address. Even if one of your messages goes out from an IP address that was blocked after someone else used it to send spam, your mail can bounce.

Use A Dedicated Blacklist Tool To Automatically Check Blacklist Domain

Check each and every database manually to verify domain blacklisting is time-consuming. There are 120 blacklists and counting, after all. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a dedicated blacklist tool that turns this routine into a productive and efficient problem-solving process by checking multiple blacklists simultaneously. One of such tools is Unspam. It provides you with the most actionable and recent information.

How to Check Blacklist Domain with Unspam?

Working with Unspam is very easy. All you need to do is to send an email to the testing address. After that, you will get a wide-ranging spam test report. Not only will it indicate whether your domain is blacklisted or not, but it will also give you insights on such important things as DKIM record, SPF record, DMARC authentication, and even the health of HTML email content and design. This helps to root out possible problems with your domain and email marketing campaign at the first sign.

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Check Your Sender Reputation

Your sender reputation is one of the criteria used by ISPs to determine if youre a bad sender. Your sender reputation depends on how your emails have performed in the past and whether your domain has been flagged for suspicious activity.

You should check up on it regularly using tools like Senderscore.

Submit A Request To De

How Can I Check If My Email Address Is Blacklisted

The next step is to submit a de-list request to the blacklist operator that blacklisted you. That means you have to prove that youre reformedor that you never committed an email sin to begin with.

The submission process is simple, but the actual removal can be trickier.

Consult the list of the major blacklist operators above. Most of them have a page on their site labeled delist or removal request or something similar.

When you open up one of these options, youll get a form, wherein you can fill in various pieces of information, such as:

  • Your email server IP
  • Your phone number

And most importantly, your reasoning for requesting removal.

Youll have an open-ended area here, where you can document the steps youve taken to correct your infringing behavioror the reason why you think this blacklisting event was uncalled for.

The best approach to get removed here is to be as clear and straightforward as possible. In clear, concise terms, explain your reasoning and why you hope to be removed. Dont beg. Dont lie. Dont try to bribe them. Just be honest.

Most requests are reviewed within 24 hours, though it may take a few days to get a response. Dont bombard them with more requests if you dont hear backyou cant make a good case that youre not a spammer by spamming the company that caught you spamming, right?

Be patient and wait to hear back. Youll get an answer either way.

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Keep A Close Eye On Campaign Analytics

If you notice a sudden drop in your email open rates you can be sure that somethings up. Tracking campaign analytics closely will allow you to react quickly in the event of a deliverability issue or blacklisting.

To get real-time campaign updates outside of your ESPs application you may want to consider setting up a webhook.

What Causes A Domain To Get Into A Blacklist

With the immense number of email sent every day, it is totally impossible for a human to check if an email is spam or not. So what actually happens is there are anti-spam techniques and spam filters that have a criteria to check whether the email is spam or legitimate.

Knowingly or unknowingly, if you send an email and trigger some of these criteria, you can find yourself getting blacklisted and youll be surprised at how little it takes to be blocked from sending emails.

There are many ways that your domain can end up on a blacklist, but it often has to do with email. Here are a few causes of a domain getting blacklisted:

Receiving spam complaints

If the recipients of your email flag it as spam, then the mail providers will think that it is true and it is not of value to the prospect. Even if your list is clean and opted in, a click on the mark as spam button will count as a spam complaint. The more complaints you receive, the more likely it is for your IP or domain to be added to a blacklist.

Acquiring bad email lists

When your campaigns have a high bounce rate due to bad quality lists, the ISPs think that your list may not be opted-in or current. Also, if you send emails to spam bait addresses, then that will get you onto an email blacklist.

Sending identical emails

Whenever you send close to identical emails to lots of people, that also triggers the spam signals. Emails that are not personalised are categorised as spam with no valuable content for the recipient.

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What You Need To Know To Check Blacklist Status

Most SPAM blacklists track the reputation of the email servers that are being used to send outgoing email for your domain. So to get started if your company uses its own servers to send email campaigns, youll need to know the IP address of the email servers sending emails for your company. If you use an SMTP email service like Sendgrid, or if you use a shared email server form a hosting provider like GoDaddy, then youll need to know the IP addresses of their servers or specifically what IP addresses are being used for your companys email. Finally if you are sending through a top Email Service Provider like Pinpointe, you can probably rest assured that the IP address are likely to be clean but nontheless the tips here all still apply with respect to checking if your email server is blacklisted.

My Ip/domain Has Been Blacklisted How Did This Happen

Email Blacklist Check! Fix Email Deliverability Issues Now

ISPs like Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook use spam filters to decide whether an email is delivered, flagged as suspicious, or rejected entirely.

Getting your emails past spam filters is crucial in email marketing to prevent your work ending up in the junk folder or worse on an email blacklist!

If you wind up on an email blacklist, this means your IP or domain has shown characteristics of engaging in spam-related activity.

The definition of spam varies according to different ISPs and blacklist vendors. While each blacklist has its own set of rules and policies to determine spam, here are some of the typical reasons for getting blacklisted:

  • Recipient complaints
  • Emails or IPs being used for fraudulent activities
  • IP supporting spam services like scrapers or bulletproof hosting
  • Buying email lists
  • Getting caught in spam traps
  • Using ISPs like Gmail or Outlook to send mass emails
  • Any other behavior considered suspicious

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What To Do If Email Was Blacklisted

If you suspect that your email got blacklisted, you should do a quick email blacklist check using an email blacklist checker, which is a software tool that allows you to easily check email blacklists with just a few clicks. Its much faster to use an email blacklist checker than it is to manually check individual blacklist email sites, and blacklist checkers typically come with a plethora of other useful features to help you learn more about your email address and its status in the eyes of email and internet service providers.

Here are three public email blacklist checkers you should know about:

Get Some Mail Coming In

If your new email account is a one-way street , its going to raise some algorithmic eyebrows especially with the authenticators we just went over.

But dont just do it to avoid spam-watchers. Subscribe to some good things that you wont mind reading.

Take a few minutes and subscribe your email outbound business email account to some inbound mail. Examples of this include:

  • Business newsletters

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The #1 Reason For Barracuda Blacklisting Your Server Is A Security Breach Either A Compromised User Account Or Web Application That Is Sending Spam

The primary sources of the spam are:

  • Compromised user accounts.
  • Insecure contact forms.
  • Compromised web applications.

You can identify compromised user accounts by scanning your server logs. Hacked email accounts often send 1000s of messages. Search your email server logs for logins and check the user accounts with abnormally high logins. That user is often the spam source. Change the users password and contact the end user to scan their system for malware.

Insecure contact forms are easy to spot in your weblogs or stats. If you see a high rate of POST request to your contact form, the form may be sending spam. If you discover questionable activity, check the version of your contact forms. Make sure you have the latest updates.

Web application exploits can be more difficult to track down. The techniques are well beyond this blog post, but I may cover it in the future. Usually, you need to rely on malware scanners and log analysis to identify the site or scripts sending spam.

Your Gmail Blacklist Investigation Process

How To Check If My Email Address Has Been Blacklisted ...

To identify whether or not your inability to deliver emails to your Gmail users is related to blocking issues, follow the steps below:

  • Check your SMTP server logs for 500 errors.
  • Check logs for blocks to other ESPs and public blacklists.
  • Run an IP blacklist check.
  • Use an email spam checker to see your servers sending reputation.
  • Check for users bulk forwarding email to and related domains.
  • Check for any newsletters or newsgroups that originate from the server.
  • Identify any bulk marketing campaigns that may be on the server.
  • Verify that authentication records are correct.
  • Find out if the email volume to Gmail has increased.

If you are blocked by Gmail, your email will be rejected with a 421 or 550 SMTP error.

421 errors indicate temporary blocks and mail servers attempt to resend the emails. If you correct the issue, then these blocks can be resolved automatically. On the other hand, if the issue is left unaddressed, Google may decide to block your email entirely.

Example of a 421 error:

421 4.7.0  Our system has detected that this message is suspiciousdue to the nature of the content and/or the links within. To best protect our users from spam,the message has been blocked. Please visit more information. u22si16671234pfl.244 - gsmtp

550 errors are permanent failures. You will have to take some action before Gmail removes your server IP address from their blacklist.

Example of a 550 error:

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What To Do If You Are On A Blacklist And How To Get Off One

Assuming that you are not actually a spammer and that you have been following the email marketing best practices, it can be very frustrating and damaging to your business if you are unable to send emails.

Blacklists are useful to protect people from harmful or non-relevant content. But they are not perfect. Even if you are on one, do not be alarmed because, usually, you are removed after some time and there are no effects afterwards.

If your domain is on a smaller blacklist, then it will probably not affect your cold outreach because few ISPs use it. In that case, you do not have to worry because your IP will be excluded sooner or later. On the other hand, larger lists are commonly used by ISPs which can impact your inboxing rates.

So, to remove your domain/IP address from those blacklists, it can be as simple as contacting its owner and requesting to be removed. The major blacklist companies have information on their sites on how you can remove yourself from their lists. Usually, the process is straightforward.

However, some blacklist operators may ask that you prove to them that you have improved your email marketing practices and corrected the reasons you were first blacklisted for.

Finally, to avoid getting onto other blacklists in the future, make sure to follow our guidelines from this post.

Microsoft Exchange Blacklist Background

Because Microsofts Hosted Exchange blacklist is private neither you nor a blacklist monitoring service can pro-actively monitor it to see if your emails are being blocked. The only way to find out if youre blocked is by checking your email server log files , or waiting until your users or recipients complain.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange and You also need to know that is the email server domain used by Microsoft for their Forefront Online Protection for Exchange . For example, Office365 Microsofts subscription-based version of Office, includes hosted Exchange.

In fact, if you go to youll end up on Microsofts Hosted Exchange Server product page

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How Do I Stop My Email From Being Blacklisted

Even after implementing these email and design best practices, theres no magic formula that will guarantee youll be safe from email spam blacklists. In the end, your contacts have a lot to do with whether your emails end up in the inbox or are blocked.

Focus on delivering content thats relevant, useful, and designed in a way thats user-friendly for anyone who is opening them. The more your audience engages with your campaigns, the better off your chances are of avoiding the email blacklist.

Spamhaus Ip Blocklist Checker

What is Email Blacklist? 4 Simple Steps to remove your IP address or domain from DNSBL blacklist

This is a great blacklist checker tool as it doesnt only perform email blacklists lookup, but its also one of the major blacklist databases for many mail service providers.

Although it doesnt allow you to perform an IP blacklist lookup through multiple servers, you still get access to the most up-to-date information on its database.

Spamhaus has the strictest spam filtering policies out there. So, if you arent listed here, chances are you arent listed on others too.

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