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Regular Expression To Validate An Email Address

How to Verify a New Email Address

Regualr expression is a sequence of character which define a specific pattern and also named as abbreviated regex or regexp and sometimes called a rational expression. we can make regular expression like

They can be patterns or combination of alphabets ,numbers, special character ,^, ), Quantifiers, wildcards character set, character ranges .

In this tutorial, we are going to explain how we can use regular expressions to validate an email address.

Watch the live demo or download code from the link given below

You can buy our service for a quick solution Mailget and JQuery, CSS3 and PHP Form Validation Script.

Before we explore just have a look over this code below and read it carefully ,it will help us for better understanding the regular expression.

Adding A Custom From Domain

A brand administrator will need to complete the steps that take place in the Qualtrics Admin page. When Qualtrics generates DNS information in Step 9, the brand administrator must then share that information with their organizations IT team, who will configure the MX record and / or TXT with the DNS information they were given.

How your IT team goes about setting up these records will vary based on your organization. However, once in the organizations mail settings, IT experts should look for keywords like DNS or domains. They then will see the option to create records that are MX or TXT type.


  • Go to the Admin page.
  • Go to the Organization Settings tab.
  • Navigate to the Email section.
  • Click Add domain.
  • Enter the Domain you wish to use.
  • Choose the Selector for your key. Usually this is qualtrics, but can be any value you set.
  • Choose the Key size which determines how long the key is. You may choose 1024 or 2048 bits depending on your security requirements.
  • Click Add.
  • The window will display the MX/DKIM records. Copy the DNS configuration displayed in the pop-up make sure you copy the information included in the Domain, Type, and Value columns.Qtip: To configure your domain correctly, the domain must contain a top-level domain .Qtip: You may see only one field when you complete this step. For example, if you only see the TXT information, chances are your MX record is already correctly set up.
  • When To Clean Your Email List

    Cleaning email lists and scrubbing for invalid email addresses isnt a recurrent activity. Its often dependent on the size of your lists, how frequently you send email communications, and other factors. Smaller email lists with fewer contacts do not require the rigorous cleaning that a larger list may benefit from, according to SendGrid. They recommend the average email list should be cleaned approximately every six months for most email programs.

    Mailtrap offers a few other recommendations for email scrubbing frequency:

    • When new recipients are added
    • If its been more than one month since the last validation
    • If your hard bounce rate approached or exceeded 2 percent
    • If you have low open rates

    In addition to email verification tools to find invalid emails, cleaning your email list can also include identifying valid, engaged email addresses with these go-to strategies:

    According to HubSpot, A spam complaint rate of 0.1% on a single email is a red flag that will increase your chances of bouncing or landing in the spam folder. Any consistent disinterest in your contact list should be monitored as a risk to your sender reputation but can be successfully mitigated by cleaning your contact list.

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    From And To May Contain Spaces

    Ok, this is mixing RFC5321and RFC5322,but: per RFC5322, the “From:” and”To:” headers may contain “Folding WhiteSpace and Comments“, even giving an example ofsuch oddities:

    But that’s Internet Message headers, notRFC5321 SMTP MAIL FROM / RCPT TO.Only… some mail servers do accept at leastsome whitespace in those:

    $ telnet 25Trying 2001:470:30:84:e276:63ff:fe72:3900...Connected to character is '^]'.220 ESMTP Postfixhelo panix.netmeister.org250 panix.netmeister.org250 2.1.0 Ok250 2.1.5 Okdata354 End data with < CR> < LF> .< CR> < LF> Subject: folding white space is neatisn't it?.250 2.0.0 Ok: queued as EEA57855A7

    Not all SMTP servers accept this, however.

    All right, I admit, I cheated a bit in the above,as some of the things I noted are only applicable tothe RCPT TO command and at least the sourcerouting forward paths are not, strictly speaking, partof the email address component, and some of the things that arevalid will simply not work in the wild.

    On the other hand, many of the things that arenot valid will indeed be allowed in the wild,and the different treatment of some characters by thedifferent public mail services makes it even harder todifferentiate “valid” from “invalid” addresses.

    If you disagree, or have any other comments, feelfree to email me at — if your mail client lets you, that is.

    How To Validate An Email Address In C# íì?ê°ìì?´ ìë? ë(+ ê°ì ë°©ë²)

    There are several ways to validate an email address in C#.

    System.Net.MailThe System.Net.Mail namespace contains classes used to send electronic mail to a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol server for delivery.

    System.Text.RegularExpressions Represents an immutable regular expression.

    Use the below expression

    We can use the MailAddress class of the System.Net.Mail namespace to validate an email address

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    Setting Up An Smtp Connection

    To connect to your mail server through SMTP, your brand administrator will need to collect the below information and then contact Qualtrics Support. Before reaching out, please make sure the following information is readily available to provide to Qualtrics:

    • IP Address or Domain
    • Server Port
    • Username
    • Password

    In addition, please provide:

    • What default From address should be used on outgoing emails. By default, emails will come through from whatever address is used to set up the mailing in Qualtrics. The From address will also be used to send collaboration emails and email triggers.Qtip: Generally, we recommend using , but you can use other variations, like or .

    Setting Brandwide Default Options For From And Reply

    If you are a Brand Administrator, you can set the from or reply-to email addresses that will appear as options in distributions sent out from your brand. You can specify:

    • Different options for Global, CustomerXM, and / or EmployeeXM distributions.Example: Both your Customer Satisfaction team and Human Resources department work out of Qualtrics in different types of projects. They want different email addresses connected to their distributions.
    • Different options for From and Reply-To Email Addresses for each of these categories.

    To get these default options modified, log into your Support Portal to reach out to Qualtrics Support.


    These default options are brand-wide. That means they can be used as the from / reply-to for all accounts in the brand that send distributions. Even when you provide default options, users can still change the from / reply-to email addresses in their distributions to any valid domains set for the brand.

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    How To Verify Email Addresses

    Email address verification is the process of checking to determine if an email address is valid. When you are sending out emails, you want them to go to a real person.

    One of the best ways to ensure that they do so is to check email addresses on your list to ensure they are valid. Verification is a valuable tool in any email marketers belt.

    Examples Of A Valid Email Address

    Mail Merge with Google Sheets/Gmail: 45 Sec Demo

    Answering the question what does valid email mean, the mail validation software checks the prefix part for consistency, spelling and arrangement of special characters. A deeper analysis involves checking for the relationship between a specific mailing address and domain. To make it clear, here is an example of a valid email address: .

    Entrust the routine to a professional! Proofy makes it possible to determine whether the email address is valid, temporary or invalid. And you will always have a clean and high-quality database of contacts for effective campaigns!

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    Why Email Verification Is Important

    Email verification assists in cleaning or scrubbing email lists in order to increase email deliverability and engagement rates. Verification is the process of identifying valid, invalid, and unknown email addresses.

    If youd rather use a more traditional email verification strategy, Clean Email suggests additional ways on how to find out if an email is valid:

    • Send a test email to the address. If you encounter an invalid or unknown email address, you will receive the following notices: Message not Delivered or Address Not Found, depending on the inbox provider and/or email delivery tool.
    • Look up the emails IP Address. Locate an emails IP address by viewing an email address source, under Received From. Once you identify the IP address, search for its geolocation, and determine if it is from a legitimate source.

    Email verification tools, like Clean Your Lists, offer important features to perform bulk email list cleaning and timely validation. Through verifying email addresses, email verification tools help scrub lists, keep your sender reputation high, and increase email deliverability up to 99 percent.

    What Does The Email Verifier Check

    This is the list of validations the Email Verifier performs:

    • Disposable Email Address: We check if the email address has a domainname used for temporary email addresses.
    • Webmail Email Addresses: We verify if the email address uses a webmaillike Gmail or Yahoo.
    • Presence of MX Records: We check if there are MX records on thedomain. If there aren’t, the email address can’t receive emails.
    • Presence of SMTP Server: This check is successful if we are able toconnect to the SMTP server .
    • SMTP Check: We test the email address and see if it bounces or not, withoutsending an email.
    • Accept-all Domain: We check if the server has a catch-all policy thataccepts all the email addresses.

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    Perform An Ip Address Lookup

    Dont worry: performing an IP address lookup is much easier and less technical than it sounds. The purpose of an IP address lookup is to determine the geolocation of an IP address. Each email message you receive comes with the IP address of the server it originated from. Normally, you cant see this IP address because its hidden, but choose to view the source of the message, it will be right there, under received from.

    All you need to do is copy the IP address and paste it in any readily available online IP address lookup tool, such as the one provided by What Is My IP Address. After only a few seconds, you will see the ISP and organization associated with the IP address as well as its location. If the IP address is located in a country you wouldnt expect, be very suspicious because someone could be spoofing it.

    Various Punctuation Characters Are Allowed

    How To Make Valid Email Address

    We just saw that ! and % areallowed per RFC5321, even if implementationsmay differ in what they do when they encounter it.What other characters are allowed? The BNF in RFC5321/RFC5322boils this down to “one or more ofa-zA-Z0-9!#$%& ‘*+/=?^_`~-. That’sright, this is a valid address:

    As the previous example shows, the + signis just another ordinary character, as far as RFC5321is concerned. But some mail services have decided toassign it special meaning, and treat all three of thebelow as being the same:

    Gmaildoes this, and Outlookappears to as well, calling this “plus addressing”.RFC5233defines this more formally as “Sieve Email Filtering:Subaddress Extension”, building on top of RFC5228.

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    What Does It Mean When An Email Address Is Marked Accept All

    When you perform an Email Verification, the result might be”Accept all”. Some email servers accept all the email addresseson the same domain name, whether they have actually been createdor not. In similar cases, the Email Verifier can’t confirm if thetested email address actually exists and returns the “Accept all”status.

    These email addresses are less safe to use than the email addresseswith the “Valid” status. To decide whether to use them, you need toevaluatethe level of risk you’re willing to take.

    For moderate risk, we recommend selecting only the highest-qualityemail addresses by using the confidence score returned by the EmailVerifier. For example, you can keep only email addresses with scorehigher than 80%.

    The Domain Name Does Not Need To Resolve

    Ok, so let’s leave the local part andlet’s take a look at the domain component.As mentioned above, this follows the normal DNS rules,which means it should be easy to validate, right? Imean, at least it’s case-insensitive, but… how goodare you at validatinghostnames, anyway?

    For starters, who says that the domain name has toactually resolve via the DNS? Any string followingthe rules for domain names is valid here, so you couldhave an address that goes to a domain that doesn’tresolve right now, but that will resolve when somebodyregisters the domain.

    But you can also use special domains, such as e.g.,the .onion domain, and then even configureyour mail server to send mail as a hidden service,which then makes the following a perfectly reasonableemail address:

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    What Is A Valid Email

    To get a database where each subscriber has a valid email address format, you need to make sure that the account does not have syntax errors. Also it is important to understand whether it is real. Only this way the account gets the delivered status. Otherwise, the invalid address is a hard rebound. It negatively affects your reputation as a sender over and over again. So what is a valid email? This is the email address where the username is the real mailbox in the domain. There are several effective validation methods to help you find out.

    How Do We Verify An Email

    How to set up account into Gmail App
    • First it checks for email address format.
    • Then make sure that domain name is valid. We also check whether its a disposable email address or not.
    • In the final step, It extracts the MX records from the domain records and connects to the email server to make sure the mailbox really exists for that user/address. Some mail servers do not cooperate in the process, in such cases, the result of this email verification tool may not be as accurate as expected.

    Help us improve this site If you have any suggestion/idea for improving this website or adding new feature or something, feel free to email us.

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    Verify An Email Address Without Sending Email

    G Suite.Tools now provides you this free email checker. In just one click, no email sent, you can check whether an email address really exists and if it’s actually valid. You’ll also be able to confirm if your own email ID has been specifically blocked by other recipient or mail servers. To do so, just insert your email address in the optional sender’s address field. Thus, our server will use your address as the sender’s identity when communicating with the recipient’s SMTP server. This is definitely your best tool to validate your own addresses and be sure to never miss one email.

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