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Why Fax Is More Secure Than Email

Email may be a much newer technology than fax, but fax use continues to grow by more than 12% every year. This has left many onlookers confused as fax seems like an outdated technology that should be left in the past. However, there are very legitimate and important reasons as to why faxing is better an important one being its inherent security.

The problem with emailSending a document via email is almost like writing it on the back of a postcard and popping it into the mailbox, to be read by every single person who handles it on its journey to its destination. When you click send on an email it gets sent through firewalls, ISPs, servers, virus checkers and even data harvesting bots. It is stored, saved, copied and forwarded multiple times without any form of encryption. This means that email can very easily become compromised and the important data within it can be read and downloaded by unscrupulous third parties.

Why fax is betterCloud faxing, and even manual faxing, are a different story entirely. Any kind of faxing uses the Public Switched Telephone Network which is inherently secure. When a document is sent by fax it is converted into base64 binary at its source, sent through the PSTN and then reassembled at the other end. Hacking into the PSTN would require direct manual access to the telephone line, and even if a file was intercepted it would appear as nothing but noise, making it impossible to interpret / read.

Benefits of Cloud Fax vs Email:

Cocofax Is The Best Way To Email To Fax And Back

Here are three reasons why CocoFax is a superior alternative to any fax machine:

1. CocoFax is a time and money saver

Fax through email is instant and affordable with CocoFax. You can send a fax as quickly as you do emails and receive them just as quickly too. Also, CocoFax is free to try for 30 days. Afterward, you pay a reasonable monthly fee to fax several hundred pages a month.

2. Its safe and reliable

CocoFax is safe to use. Its a trusted brand thats been around for a while. Your personal information is never at risk. The fax themselves are encrypted and only accessible to you and the fax machine on the other end of the line.

3. CocoFax offers more features than a fax machine

Lastly, CocoFax offers some useful features no fax machine can offer. Examples include permanent fax archive, 24/7 access, a smartphone app, multiple email address support, fax preview, fax reports, and 24/7 live support.

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Sharing Phi In A Hipaa

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The ancient Greeks had a bizarre but ingenious method of secure data transmission. Say a local ruler wanted to send a confidential message to a military general in a neighboring city. He would shave his messengers head and tattoo the message right on the mans bald scalp. When his hair had grown back, the messenger would travel to the general, who would shave the mans head again to read the message.

This brings up two interesting points.

First, the Greeks head-shaving method took only a little longer than it takes today to transmit a document using a fax machine. Im kidding. Mostly.

Second, this approach was probably more secure than the emails your employees are sending and receiving on your network today. And Im not kidding about that.

Is It Safe To Send Documents By Fax

Why Online Faxing is Better than Email

But assuming your staff receives and sends sensitive or confidential data by fax, you cant afford to transmit and store your companys faxed documents without proper security any more than you can afford a security vulnerability in your corporate email or network. 2 Reasons Your Fax Process Might Not Be Secure 1.

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Ensure Security With Gfi Software Network Fax Solutions

GFI FaxMaker is a network fax server software that enables email to fax and fax to email for Exchange and other SMTP servers in a secure, encrypted environment. Faxing protocols make it nearly impossible to intercept a fax in mid-transmission making it more secure than email. Electronic faxing with FaxMaker makes it easy to access this more secure protocol. An organization can install the FaxMaker fax service as a physical, on-premise service with a standard fax modem as a virtual Fax over IP through a gateway or VoIP phone system, or through Hybrid faxing with no equipment but integrated with a cloud-based faxing system.FaxMaker is not only popular because of its greater transmission security, but also because of its ease of use:

  • Users can sign in to the FaxMaker web client, fill in fax content on-screen, add attachments and simply click send.

  • Incoming faxes pass through an OCR module that makes it possible to search in the fax body. This feature is useful when older faxes have to be retrieved.

  • It provides features such as Application Program Interfaces , Short Message Service alerts and digital signatures.

A companion to GFI FaxMaker is GFI Archiver. Businesses have to employ fast, safe and efficient storage software for faxes. Archiving can all be done with GFI Archiver. The system allows for intelligent reporting, and it is already configured to run reports that comply with record confidentiality mandates.

Fax Vs Email Security

Despite the rise of email and moves toward the paperless office, the fax remains a fixture, with over 100 billion faxes still being sent worldwide yearly, a figure from Davidson Consulting as reported by Sagem-Interstar, an IP fax software company. As concerns grow surrounding email security issues such as malicious code, phishing and password theft, sending sensitive data via fax can look like a more secure option, but this may not be the case.

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It Acts As A Filter On Communication

Only want to see the important messages?

Sending a fax is more work than sending email.

Bill Murray slows down communication by having people leave a voicemail on a 1-800 number. Prince was often interviewed by fax.

Many lawmakers use fax to screen messages. It is sometimes used by activists who mass-fax lawmakers for political campaigns.

Do Solicitors Still Use Fax

[Video Guide] How to Fax From Gmail in Less Than 5 Minutes

Clients rarely control when a fax is sent, the solicitors usually do. Use of faxes is therefore an easy way to increase the cost to the client without the client having any control over it. In a world where solicitors can normally e-mail direct from their case management system the practice is archaic.

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Email To Fax & Fax To Email: Send & Receive Fax Via Email For Free

Email was expected to replace fax machines when it was first introduced. It failed and spectacularly at that. Fax machines remain the mainstay in many organizations worldwide. In fact, fax is considerably safer than email, especially when it comes to sending sensitive documents.

However, theres no getting around the fact that sending and receiving is much more convenient than faxing. You dont need to fiddle around with a fax machine, find paper, and fill it up with some toner . You can email with a couple of clicks.

Wouldnt it be great if you could fax from your email directly? That way, you could still enjoy all the convenience of email and the security of faxing at the same time.

Youll be happy to know that you can, in fact, email to fax and vice versa! We show you how to fax from email in this article. We also explain the ins and outs of email to fax and fax to email.

Its Faster Than The Postal Service And Easier Than Licking Stamps

Businesses still communicate by mail. The US post office processes 187 million pieces of first-class mail every day. The reason fax was so popular in the first place was that it could do the same thing as mail but faster.

For some people, the reason they use fax is that if they didnt have it, theyd be using regular mail.

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Fax Messaging: Which Is Safer Fax Machine Vs Efax Vs Emails

Despite the rise of Internet online technology , fax machines remains a permanent fixture in most offices and even homes. In fact, to date there are over a hundred billion fax machines operating around the globe .

There are however, security concerns surrounding fax messaging, so alternate systems like online is threatening the continued dominance of fax machines. In terms of document security, how secure are fax machines vs efax and emails? Hereunder is a comparative analysis on the different systems security concerns:

  • Emails and Efax this system has evolved to be the most preferred in sending both text and images electronically. The reason is perhaps anchored towards convenience, because the process is really simple, fast and easy to understand. Plus the fact that documents sent appears as a perfect duplicate to the original in terms of clarity. In most instances a short message precedes the attached main document in so many pages. Despite the convenience offered , efax and emails has its share of security concerns. Sending documents through email or efax is vulnerable and could easily be intercepted by unauthorized parties other than the recipient. Anybody can deliberately gain access to online accounts and intercept the messages. Or interested third party can infect the computer with viruses, creating havoc in the messaging setup. Or spam messages can be sent affecting the office operation.
  • Internet Faxing Is Way Better Than Email

    Why Online Fax is better than Email?

    Are you still stuck with a fax machine and have not started using e-faxing? There are many people who assume that online faxing is the same as using an email. This is understandable and the operability of online faxes appears to be the same as that of sending emails. However, there is a huge difference. Internet faxing is way better and safer than email.

    Email is Riskier

    With the world being transformed into a global village, email has become one of the main ways of communication. As a matter of fact, most businesses prefer to use email to send and receive information. What you may not be aware of is the fact that emails are not entirely secure and pose a huge risk. Email accounts are constantly being hacked and there are so many crooks that will phish and conduct scams using emails. These are some of the risks associated with emails and this makes online faxing a better option.

    Online Faxes Will Get to the Intended Recipients

    Did you know that most organizations have put up firewalls and filters to protect themselves from online scammers? As a result, any information that appears to be suspicious is blocked and may end up in the spam folders. This means that even vital information may erroneously end up being flagged and rerouted to the junk mailbox. There are many reasons why emails are blocked and in some cases, it is a false positive. However, any document that is sent using online faxes will not get spammed and will therefore get to the recipient.

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    Should You Fax Or Should You Email

    Looks like a normal decision of a day, right? But in todays age, it isnt. Its more than everything as you have to be concerned about the safety and security of the content, privacy of the information, fax or email content and many such things.

    While email is widely popular, is it better than a fax? Yes, it is in many cases, but fax is also prominent in certain ways. However, there are many reasons because of which neither of them has lost their importance. In this article, we are going to discuss a few ways in which fax is better than email.

    Fax To Email Services

    By | Submitted On May 10, 2010

    These past years we have seen fax to email services emerge out of new internet technology and steadily take over as a top fax solution. But are email fax services really better than fax machines? What do they have to offer and why are so many people already making the switch? Learn the truth about fax to email services here.

    What is Email Fax?

    Fax via email is just as the name says, it allows you to send and receive faxes through your email or in other words from your computer. All you need to enjoy this service is a computer and internet connection. There are no complicated installations and you don’t need to be a computer expert. Just these few benefits are enough to convince many to make the switch.

    How Do Fax Machines Measure Up?

    While on the other hand, fax machines won’t be cheap to buy and then you have to worry about getting it installed in your office, wires, cables, software, modems etc. You will end up paying a hefty amount just in getting it setup and make employees have a hard time learning how to use the machine or can run out of paper or ink when an important fax needs to be sent. Also did you know that a fax machine is the most energy consuming office machine? And if you turn it off it can’t receive faxes and won’t notify you that you have missed an important fax.

    Problem Solved

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    Delivered Documentsfax Vs Email

    Emails can get blocked, especially if a business has implemented security filters scanning and rerouting emails to spam or junk folders. Some companies have such powerful filters that an incoming email does not even end up in their spam or junk folder but is automatically identified as harmful and deleted.

    Should you decide to attach a file to your email and send it to such a company, the chances of it ending up in junk, spam, or being deleted increase. If your email is identified as junk, your business partner might miss out on an important document, and your project will run late.

    You will avoid this problem by using a fax app. Files you send via an online fax service to a fax machine will not be scanned and identified as spam. Your files will reach the recipient smoothly.

    The above-mentioned email problems do not apply when you exchange files within your company. People mostly use emails to send documents to their colleagues as the system will not deem internal email addresses suspicious.

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