How You Check Your Email

A: Recover Your Account

How to Check your Email

Recovery of your account is only required if you do not remember your email password. Note that this recovery process will require you to confirm your identity by providing either your phone number or recovery email address.

1. Visit and enter your email address.

2. Click Forgot password?

3. One option to recover your password is to enter the last password you remember using. If you cannot remember a password, click Try another way. Carefully follow the account recovery process and instructions.

Please note that this process will be different from person to person depending on what security measures you have set up. Some account recovery methods may include:

Providing a code from your MFA app Providing a verification code sent to your alternative recovery email address Providing a code sent to your mobile phone via SMS Inputting the last password you remember

Check Third Party Application Access

Have you ever logged into another application or website using your email account, sometimes without needing to put in your password? Many websites and applications opt for this method to create a new user account without having to directly request this information from the user. However, the connection this creates between your email account and the website/application is a common way for hackers to gain access to your email account, without needing your login credentials.

Check if there are any apps or services that have access to your account and remove any that you dont recognise.

1. Once logged in, click on Profile icon and then click on Manage your Google Account.

2. From the list on the left side of the screen, click Security.

3. Scroll down to Third-party apps with account access and click Manage third-party access.

4. Scroll down and click Google Account sign-in prompts to ensure the toggle is turned off. Then click the apps listed.

5. It is important to reduce the access by third-party apps to your email account. If a criminal has hacked a third-party app, they may be able to use it to enter your email account.

Click REMOVE ACCESS for each app listed that you didnt configure yourself. If youre not sure what apps that might be, remove those youre not sure about asthey can be reconfigured later if required.

Fear Of Talking To The Boss About Email

Ive found that, in most cases, a frank conversation with the boss about email will work well. Not every boss and not every time. But the vast majority have the same goals as their direct reports: namely, to increase productivity in service of the companys most important results.

With this in mind, take a deep breath and then explain to your boss that working proactively and avoiding distractions first thing in the morning is essential to your productivity. This is why you prefer not to respond to email first thing in the morning.

Say that instead of checking email first thing in the morning, you plan to have designated times during the day to focus on email. This way, I can give more thoughtful responses when I do answer, you can explain. Then add, You can always reach me by phone for anything important in the morning.

The truth is that people will think twice before calling you on the phone, while nobody gives a second thought to potentially disrupting you via email.

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Checking Email Is Different Than Processing Email

Whats the difference? It all boils down to beginning with the end in mind. When you check email in the way that most people check email, youre inviting yourself to jump on the Infinite Loop of Technological Distractions: a message in your inbox causes you to go to a website, that website sends you to another, you want to check in on Twitter, and on you go, until youve finally forgotten why youre where you are in the first place. When you finally get your wits about you, you return to your inboxprobably to find more stuff in there, and the cycle begins anew.

When you process email, the intention is not to see whats in there-its to get stuff out of your inbox.

Note that when you check email in the way that I described before this section, youre less likely to start the Loop. Youre looking for a specific message that answers a specific question for a specific purpose. If that message is not there, then you can get back to whatever you were doing. If it is, then it allows you to move that project along.

When you process email, the intention is not to see whats in there-its to get stuff out of your inbox. Normally I say that email isnt the work you do, but in the case of processing email, it is the work youre doing.

When I say stop checking your email, Im not saying abandon it.

Searching Through Your Emails

How to check if someone has read your email

There is another way to find all the linked accounts, and thats by looking through the emails in your mailbox.

To make it easier, try typing in the most common words to find the linked accounts:

  • Verification
  • Welcome
  • Unsubscribe

You can also type in your username in the search bar. Keep in mind, though, that this step may give you a larger result list, and most of the results will not be relevant.

Various studies find that the average person in the U.S. has around 100-150 online accounts linked to an email address. Managing all those login credentials without compromising security can be tough! Luckily, a password manager can help – we recommend NordPass, which is currently available with a 70% discount!

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Benefits Of Email Tracking Tools

Saleshandy, for example, lets you know how many times your emails were opened or read with real-time double tick email open notification for free along with a desktop notification. You can keep a track of all the bloggers or investors you pitch your ideas to and interact with them according to their interest. You can also track the links in the emails sent. Apart from all these things, Saleshandy also helps keep track of document open and shares so that you can easily measure the success of your campaign.


You will get a bluetick notification in your Gmail sent section itself. You do not have to go anywhere to know who opened your email. You can directly get that data from your inbox.

Real-Time tracking

Not just tracking, but real-time tracking. You will receive a notification and the tick will turn in to blue in your inbox the moment your recipient opens your email. You can know when is the exact time your email recipients are opening your emails and act accordingly.

Try out Saleshandy in your next campaign, here for unlimited free email tracking and scheduling.

Your Inbox Is Your Todo List

We know this is wrong, but I see people do it all the time anyway: store emails in their inbox to remind them of what they have to do. It might be an actual task, or it may be a quick way to remind them of someone to follow up with.

So of course that leads to checking email constantly not to see whats new, but to see what we have to do next.

Solution: Get A Proper Task List. We all know the solution to this issue, its just a matter of implementing it. Break the cycle and realize your inbox is not your todo list its an inbox. Items come in and get processed quickly and if there is a big task looming in one of those emails, it needs to be properly placed on a real todo list.

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Develop A Task Transition Routine

In Smarter Faster Better, Duhigg describes another airline example that illustrates how to overcome the power of cognitive tunneling. In this example, the pilot rehearses several scenarios with his team before boarding the flight. When the flight suffers dramatic mechanical failures, the team defaults to the effective approaches they rehearsed and averts the disaster. Before starting your day, determine what you’re going to do when you finish a task. If you aren’t scheduling your tasks, a good routine begins with visiting your to-do list and reviewing your high priority items.

How To Check Email On A Chromebook

How to check email on your phone

Chromebooks are affordable and versatile laptops powered by Chrome OS, a Linux-based operating system created by Google with simplicity, usability, and security in mind.

If youre a Chromebook user and would like to check your email messages, you can do so without installing any third-party app. All you need to do is open the Chrome web browser and log in to your service provider, such as Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo.

Since Gmail is Googles own service, it shouldnt come as a surprise that it enjoys the best support, allowing you to draft, save, and edit your emails without internet access.

To enable offline mode on a Chromebook:

  • Log in to your Gmail account.
  • Go to the Offline tab.
  • Check Enable offline mail and click Save Changes.
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    Do Check Your Email When You’re Away On A Business Trip

    If your employer is sending you away for conferences or business meetings and you’ve disappeared from their email trails without a single response, things won’t look good for you. Remember, while you shouldn’t be expected to be reachable 24/7 while traveling for work, your employer should be able to contact you from time to time during the duration of your trip. The company is bearing the cost of your excursion after all, so that isn’t too much to ask for.

    Additionally, you should also be up to date with your emails when traveling on a business trip so that you don’t miss out on what’s going on back at the office. Your boss might be offering an exciting project that’s up for grabs, and a simple mistake like checking your email late can cost you an exciting opportunity for growth. If you’re traveling, always make sure that you enable roaming data or buy a local SIM card for easier connectivity.

    Your Business Email Is A Trusted Source

    The report also found that 80% of all work emails are opened, and of these, 80% of work emails are actually read. Think of all the emails your company sends out every day on different devices. Most will be read by the receiver because your company is a trusted source, your employees have a relation to the recipient or because you have an interesting, targeted message to convey. Let it stay that way!

    Send an email when its the best choice of communication. Dont spam peoples inbox with irrelevances or ccs that are not needed. And dont use the email to hide behind. Grab the phone or take a face-to-face chat if the situation will benefit from it. That way, the quality of emails increases and makes the reader more likely to open more emails. This is because they, ideally, are important and targeted at the right recipient. Your email signatures can reflect this too, because you can include specific, targeted information based on your recipients interests, geographical location etc.

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    So How Do You Get This Done

    Empower your team:

    Checking your email less frequently can cause issues if you manage others or work in a team. Empower your team to make decisions is the simplest solution to solving this. This will reduce your inbox volume. No longer will people be flooding your inbox asking you for approval on small things such as color scheme or font size. Further, you will increase their productivity by allowing them to move forward on their work by removing a big bottleneck, yourself.

    Stack your replies:

    Each time you check your email during the day, reply to all new emails that require you to action them. This reduces the time you spend emailing and thinking about emails. Never put off a reply. There is a chance your mind will drift to that email while you are working, sapping your valuable attention.

    Filter your email:

    Learn to filter your email. Set up folders to filter out emails that hog your attention but are unimportant. Group discussions, TLDR, policy reminders, advertising from vendors are all prime candidates for filtering. Create folders to filters these emails to read later or send them straight to deletion.

    I cant stress how important it is to take a few minutes to set these filters up. This will drastically reduce your inbox volume. This is important because it will mean less distractions, in case you forget to close your email.

    No email tag:

    Reduce the chance for follow up:

    Alternatively, you can also try an automated scheduling app to really automate this process.

    Reply In The Same Email Thread

    Should You Check Your Email?

    As mentioned above, your recipient gets a huge number of emails every day. Creating a new email thread will increase his email count and its most likely to be ignored. If you send your replies in the same thread, it makes it your receiver easier to access the previous email. This ultimately helps you to get a response to your emails and yield high productivity.

    Replying to the same email thread keeps your conversations smooth. Whenever you want you can easily refer to the thread and get the complete information. This avoids the chances of missing anything important especially when your business relies on email.

    In reference to the above example, Scott received the reminder email in the same thread. This helped Scott get a direct reference from the previous email which saved his time. The sender also continued the story from the previous email. The sender added more value to the email by providing a free trial and a product demo. This will make Scott feel the importance of the email and respond back to the sender.

    Along with being polite, the key here is to add more value to your reminder emails.

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    Outlook: Request A Read Receipt

    You can send two types of requests to know if someone read your email on Outlook whether the email gets successfully delivered and whether it was opened and read.

    If you are an Outlook user, here is a quick process you need to follow through if you want to request a return receipt in Microsoft Outlook:

  • Go to the top menu bar and click Options.
  • Head to a Delivery Receipt and Request a Read Receipt.
  • If unchecked, mark to activate the read request receipt
  • And it is done!
  • Can You Find The Accounts Linked To Your Phone

    The bad news is that finding accounts linked to your phone number is not easy, as there is no database where you could be looking to find them.

    More often than not, you know that certain apps or websites use your phone number when you receive a recovery request. Therefore, whenever you get some kind of confirmation text message, make sure its from an app or website you actually use.

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