How To Write Email For Job Application

Sending As Email Attachments

How to write a job application email that gets results!
  • Create your resume and cover letter in a common word processing program such as Microsoft Word, or in RTF , or as a PDF.
  • Make the resume and cover letter separate attachments. Give them names the employer will associate with you once they are downloaded, for example: AustinJaneCvrLtr.doc, not CoverLetter.doc and AustinJaneResume.doc, not Resume.doc
  • Be absolutely certain that your documents are free of viruses. Send them electronically to yourself and to a friend to make sure they’re easy to open, the formatting stays correct, and they’re virus-free.
  • In the Subject line, put the name of the position for which you are applying. In your email message, briefly say why you are writing. Ask the employer to contact you about any trouble opening attachments. For example:

Dear Mr. Rogers:I am applying for the position of Grant Writer at Friends of the Earth, which I saw posted recently on I’m extremely enthusiastic about this opportunity and believe I am well qualified. My cover letter and resume appear below, and are also attached please let me know if you have any trouble opening the attachments. Thank you for your consideration.

Sincerely,Jane Austin

How Do You Write An Email To A Hiring Manager

How do you ask for a job opportunity email? You have to just go for it! The worst that can happen is that the hiring manager says no or ignores your email.

Still, writing an email to a hiring manager can be intimidating. After all, you want them to notice you and consider you from the job at hand and how are you supposed to do that in just a few short sentences? Never mind that their inbox is probably cluttered with a whole bunch of other emails from applicants interested in the very same job.

Therefore, when writing an email to a hiring manager, you need to take into consideration all aspects of the email:

  • The Body of the Email
  • The Closing/Call to Action
  • The Signature

The subject line of your email should be clear and concise. It should tell the hiring manager exactly why you’re emailing them which is to apply for their job opening. For example: “Application for ” or ” Application .” You want to include your name in the email so that it stands out and is more memorable!

The opener of your email should tell the hiring manager why you’re writing, as well. You want to let them know that you’re reaching out to apply for the job opening you found, and you are really interested in working for their company or working that specific job for X,Y,Z reasons. In other words, open with flattery but honest flattery. For example: “I am reaching out to apply for your opening. The opportunity to work for thrills me because I am impressed with .”

Job Application Email: Writing Tips And Examples

While you can still send in a job application on paper, it is becoming increasingly common to use email. Sending a job application email is quick and convenient and, on the employer’s end, it is easy to save, retrieve and share between decision-makers. As with a regular job application, the one you send by email needs to be well-written and professional in tone.

In this article, we will discuss when it is appropriate to use email to send a job application and how to write an effective job application email that will get the attention of the employer.

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Start With A Clear Subject Line

Many job applications include directions for your subject line. If not, make it clear why you are writing. Hiring managers receive many emails each day, so including a clear subject line will ensure that they open your job application. Something like, Application would work well. For example, Devon Lewis Marketing Manager Application lets the hiring manager know exactly what this email contains.

Consider Converting Attachments To Pdf

FREE 12+ Job Application Emails Examples &  Samples in PDF ...

When you convert word documents into PDFs, you can increase the likelihood of a clear, easy-to-read application. It is important to do this as your recipient might have a different type of computer or software program that might alter how your documents appear when they are opened on their computer.


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When The Job Is Filled

If you get feedback indicating the job has been filled, be gracious in your final response.


While Im disappointed to hear another candidate was selected, I appreciate your gracious and prompt reply. If anything else opens up in the near future, and you think I would be a good fit, I would love to be considered again.

Your professionalism and courteous nature will make a solid impression, which could lead to new professional opportunities down the line.


How To Compose A Job Application Email

Depending on the position and company you are applying for, your job application email format may differ. In this section, we will introduce the common components most hiring managers are looking for. Learning how to write one is essential because you need to fine-tune the balance between personality and professionalism.

The following is a guide with eight definitive steps on how you should compose and send your job application email:

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Emailing Your Cover Letter And Resume

When sending your cover letter and resume electronically, try to find out if the employer would prefer them as attachments or in the body of your email. If you can’t determine a preference, send them both ways in a single message.Although not usually required, you may want to follow up the email with hard copies of your cover letter and resume, unless specifically asked not to. When submitting copies by mail, it’s preferable not to fold them. It’s also a good idea to bring copies of your cover letter and resume to any interview.

How To Write Email To Hr For Job Application

How to write email for job application? | 2021 | PART – 02

After a lot of searching, you finally come across a job opening in your dream company!

In this case, sending them an email to apply for that position becomes imperative. Lets say youre all set to send the email a HR for job application. It may so happen, that the HR deletes the email without opening it, or there are chances they may take it casually, or chances are they might even consider you for some other opening.

Emails are your first impression to the recruiter. The email to HR for job should Inculde an elevator pitch in it and will showcase your enthusiasm for the job.

Recruiters when they go through such emails, they check if – your skills are matching the job description and what your USP is. Hence it is crucial you get this email right. It should follow a systematic structure.

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Confirm Your Attachments’ Names

Always ensure that your attachment file names are appropriate and correctly labelled. You can place your last name before the document title, such as “Stone_Resume” and “Stone Cover Letter”. This will give your email a more professional look. It will also help employers reference if they download and save your job application for any further review.

What Employers Look For In A Job Application

At the time of assessing an application letter, hiring managers consider two key points:

Do your skills meet the job description?

Instead of going through thousands of CVs for filtering the best candidates, application letters are quick and reliable options to verify if the candidate meets job criteria. Therefore, to understand your eligibility for a job opening, it is vital to read the job description properly before applying for it.

What makes you stand out from other candidates?

A glance at the application letter enables the recruiter to compare your work experience and other details that reveal your potential for getting shortlisted.

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Check Your Attachments’ Names

Make sure that the file names for your attachments are appropriate and correctly labeled. Consider placing your last name in front of the document title, such as Smith_Resume and Smith_CoverLetter. This can appear more professional and it can be helpful for employers to reference, should they download and save your application documents for further review.

When You Need To Email Someone You Don’t Know

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When emailing someone you don’t know, research is just as key, says Aujla. Study that potential contact’s online presence, career highlights and any recent newsworthy career moves or developments.

Then, craft an email that shows you share some common ground. For instance, you might explain that you’re both alumni of the same school or belong to the same professional organization.

Your connection might even be as simple as liking the same article on Twitter or LinkedIn, but make sure make that link clear.

Dear ,

My name is , and I noticed your work experience with . I follow you on and noticed and we’re both are interested in . I find your posts insightful and helpful.

I’ve been a for the past years, and I’m looking to get an introduction to where I want to learn more about , and .

I wonder if I can get an introduction to for . Here is my LinkedIn Profile for you to include in your introduction. If you would prefer to speak to me before making an introduction, I am at your disposal on next week from . You can email me at or by phone at .

Thank you.

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When You Need A Reference

To get a reference that will help land you the job, Sethi suggests you give the person from whom you’re requesting the reference the right ingredients to not only articulate why you’re a good fit for the position but also get excited to give you that reference.

Make sure to share why you’re interested in the new company. Even if someone knows your work intimately, don’t hesitate to give specific talking points.

Dear ,

The hiring manager for might be calling you to do a reference check. If they do, they’ll probably contact you in the next few days wanting to chat about our relationship and my use of .

I’m applying for at because .

Here’s a few achievements from my career :

The Final Paragraph Calls The Action

This paragraph is your conclusion. In here, you can show your appreciation to the recipient for reading your composition and considering your application. Moreover, also mention that your resume or curriculum vitae is enclosed with this email. Dont forget to put a call to action and in which medium can they contact you. Furthermore, mention the specific range of time of your availability. You can also restate an important quality of yours to build a creative and remarkable impression.

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Do’s And Don’ts Of A Job Application Letter

Take care of the following do’s and don’ts while writing the job application letter:

  • Apply earlyYou will have a better chance to grab the attention of the recruiter if you are an early applicant. Apply within 2-3 days of the job posting.

  • Keep it short and sweetKeep the job application email short. You dont want to write your autobiography here.

  • Double-check for mistakesAlways proofread the content before sending the email. Do not forget to check if you have attached the correct documents. You can use Grammarly to keep a check on spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Keep it originalDo not copy-paste the content. Add a personal touch to the letter.

  • Match it wellEach job application letter should be customised as per the job you are applying for. So, take hints from the job description and have a look at the company page .

  • Use professional email addressMake sure to use an email address that sounds professional. You can maintain a separate email account for job-related communication as it will help you keep a better track on the emails.

  • Do not forget to mention your contact details such as mobile number, Skype Id, etc. at the end of your email.

  • Here are some ready-to-use job application letter samples to write that perfect job application.

    Include The Pertinent Details

    how to write a email for job application for ndt technician and engineer

    If instructions on how to apply are not outlined in the job post and you don’t have a referral, then the best email subject lines will include:

    • The reason for your email

    • Position title

    Job inquiry John Smith, 10+ years of experience in IT

    Inquiry Jane Doe, PR Specialist Open to New Opportunities

    HR Operations Manager Looking for Next Position

    Job Inquiry Referred by Jane Doe Joe Smith, HR Specialist

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    Example #: If Youre Relocating To The City Where The Job Opportunity Is Located

    Subject Line: Expressing Interest and Relocating Near Litigation Secretary Position

    Dear Hiring Manager,

    Im writing to express my interest in the Litigation Secretary position listed on My resume is attached for your review and consideration.

    I am a fast learner, very dependable, organized, and computer savvy. I have extensive experience assisting firm attorneys and multiple paralegals, as well as supervising and managing an office. While I currently reside in Los Angeles, I will be moving to San Francisco at the end of the month.

    I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to learn more about your firm, its plans and goals, and how I might contribute to its continued success. I can be your ideal candidate if given this opportunity. Thank you.

    Kind regards,

    What Even Emails Have To Be Formal

    During your job search and afterward as well, once youre re-employed sending proper emails is vital for your career. All levels of an organization value communication skills. Dont be misunderstood. Make sure you convey information in ways that represent a positive image of you to others.

    In the world of work, quite often, you are what you write. This is nowhere more true than when submitting your resume and cover letter for consideration. Every impression counts. Your emailed message may be the very first thing a potential employer sees from you.

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    Job Application Email Samples

    If you are soon going to graduate or have recently graduated, our templates for writing an email for job application will surely help you to get started in your job search.

    Job Application Email Sample: 1

    Subject: < Your Name> Job Title, Job Reference Number

    Dear Mr./Ms. < Hiring Managers Name> ,

    I recently came across a job on your portal, which I am interested in applying for. The position of Software Engineer at ABC Company and its requirements completely matches with my skills and qualifications.

    I have recently graduated in Software Engineering from XYZ College and I am currently looking to apply my knowledge and skills in an organization of repute like < Company Name> .

    As a qualified Software Engineer, I am adept in application development & enhancement and believe that will prove to be an asset for the company.

    Please take a minute to go through the attached cover letter and CV for your consideration. It would be a pleasure if I can hear back from you regarding my job application for < Company Name> .


    Job Application Email Sample: 2

    Subject: < Your Name> Job Title, Job Reference Number

    Dear Mr./Ms. < Hiring Managers Name> ,

    I am writing to apply for a recent job opening advertised on your website for the position of Software Developer. The position and responsibilities seem exciting and matching to my interest areas and career goals. I would like to bring your attention to my key strengths for the job role:


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