How To Write An Email To A College Coach

Use This Checklist Before You Send Your Email

How to Email a College Coach for Recruiting [Insider Tips]

Have a professional sounding email address Creating a new email account is free there is no excuse for emailing a coach using your email address. Make it something simple with just your name and graduating class

The title needs to make the coach want to open it Include your name, position and graduating class in the email. Coaches appreciate being able to tell what the email is about in the title. For more on that, go here.

Do proper research You should know things like if there are athletes from your hometown on the roster, how many upper classman at your position, the teams record and the athletic background of the athletes currently on the team.

Collect the coachs email and phone number There are several ways to get a coaches email address. You can use our free recruiting profile or go to the athletic website and look for the staff directory. Here is how to find a coaches contact information.

Spell Check and use proper grammar This is not the time to use text speak. Have someone read the email before you send it.

Follow up your email with a phone call The phone is the best way to get a hold of a coach, you should follow up you email with a phone call.

Include Keys Stats And Your Highlight Video

In this introductory email, you dont need to tell the coach your whole athletic history. Keep your email to a few key stats and your highlight or skills video, if applicable for your sport. Think about what a college would want to know about you. If you are the ideal height and weight for your position, include that!

If youre looking at an academically focused school, be sure to point out your great test scores and GPA. Make sure you include contact information for your current coaches: your club coach, high school coach, personal trainers and anyone else that you have worked with for your sport. Then, link to your NCSA profile where the coach can find the rest of your information.

Here Is An Introduction Message To Follow:

Hi Coach Smith,

My name is Joe Bloggs, a 2022 graduate from Florida High School in Naples, FL. I am a forward on Florida Soccer Team and I am interested in attending State College because of the schools academic reputation and strong mens soccer team.

On the field, I have been the leading goal scorer for Florida Soccer Team the last three seasons and I have also played varsity for one year for my high school, making the all-conference team this past season. I plan to study Engineering in college and State College has a really strong undergraduate engineering program I am interested in.

Id like to invite you to review my RecruitChute profile which will provide you with my clubs contact information, my academic standing, and my highlight tape.

Do you have any upcoming ID Camps that I would be able to attend on your campus or other events that you will be attending?

Kinds Regards,

Joe Bloggs

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When Should You Start Emailing College Coaches

It is best to contact a coach as soon as you have identified their school and program as a place you would like to go to college. Athletes and families are reaching out, emailing, calling or visiting programs as soon as their 8th grade or freshman years of high school. This is a good time to begin contacting coaches.

Heres What Coaches Say

10 Helpful Articles When Writing Emails To College Coaches

Ive done over one hundred interviews with college coaches asking them about the recruiting process. For instance, what they like to see in a recruit. Or, what works or what pitfalls to avoid. Above all else, those interviews make The Recruiting Code unique.

So, heres what coaches have to say about this first email:

For the first contact, I recommend sending an email directly to the coach and doing some research before so you can mention specific things you like about the school. Then I know that this player truly has some interest and its worth my time to find out more about her. NCAA Division 2 Womens Soccer Coach of the University of Wisconsin Parkside, Brittany Nikolic.

Personal emails with a video link are the best. An email that starts Dear Coach and then proceeds gets thrown out pretty quick. Start an email Dear Coach Babinski and then in the 1st paragraph make it personal and comment on our season or most recent wins. Thenyou can copy and paste. Its a little trick that will show coaches that you took an extra few minutes to connect in a personal way. It will set you apart and make the coach want to read the rest of the email. Email the coach. Tell the coach why you fit our university. Send your resume with academic and athletic accomplishments. Send a highlight video or game film that is well marked so we can identify you.NAIA Softball Coach of Indiana Wesleyan University, Steve Babinski.

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How To Thank A Coach

Now that we understand the reasons we should thank a coach and understand when we should thank a coach, it is now time to put everything together and learn how to thank a coach. Before we get to the sample thank you message, lets look at a few important things to keep in mind.

  • Be professional in your communication. Use proper grammar, spell check your message, and be sincere. Make sure the information you include in your message is accurate to the coach you are messaging.
  • Make the message personal. If you are sending a mass email to dozens of coaches at once, it is very obvious to us and will get deleted. Examples include things like To whom it may concern as the introduction or sending an email with your school but then giving no actual details about our school. Bring out specific, personal statements in your email to stand out to the coach. Taking the time to write individual, specific messages will increase your chance of a response.
  • NEVER have your parents write the thank you message to the coach. The coach did something for you, not for your parents. You are the potential student-athlete, not your parents. The coach wants a message from you, not your parents.
  • Be brief and to the point. As stated before, coaches are extremely busy. Include all the necessary information in your email, but do not overelaborate or write something just to write something. Everything should have a purpose.
  • How To Email A College Coach

    Sending an email is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to a college coach. But reaching out to a coach youve never spoken to can be intimidating, and the problem is, many student-athletes struggle with what to say to college coaches. So, weve put together a few resources, including examples and templates, to help you feel more confident when emailing college coaches.

    Heres a quick rundown on how to write an email to a college coach:

    • Craft a good subject line.
    • Introduce yourself with the basic information college coaches want to know right away.
    • Include eye-catching athletic and academic stats.
    • Give an action item to the coach.
    • State when youll follow up.

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    How To Email A College Golf Coach

    When it comes to emailing a college golf coach, many times junior golfers arent exactly sure where to start. Making a good first impression in your email to a coach is crucial if you wish to catch their attention and be in the running for a spot on their team. Lets take a look at the best practices and times to send introduction emails to college golf coaches.

    Start with the assistant coach

    A college golf team will usually have two coaches, the head and the assistant coach. Dont make the mistake when sending out your intro email to only send it to the head coach. Typically the assistant coach will deal more with the preliminary recruiting matters than the head coach will. A good rule of thumb to follow would to be to email both coaches and address them individually.

    Avoid Mondays

    If there is a day of the week to avoid when sending emails to college coaches, its Monday. Usually coaches will be catching up on emails and other office work from the weekend, so its best to wait until mid-week to reach out to a coach. Pro tip: sending email between 4-7 p.m. local time in the evenings is typically the best time of day to contact a coach.

    Look at their schedule

    During the fall and spring golf seasons, coaches are their busiest and usually wont have a ton of time to devote to recruiting. Look at their calendar and schedule before contacting a school you are interested in. Avoid a day they would be at a tournament.

    Communication Rules

    Do not use the same email personalize

    How To Email A College Coach About A Visit

    What to write in an email to a college baseball coach?

    When to send: Student-athletes who are in the process of being recruited by a school and is interested in visiting campus should send this type of email to college coaches. Wait to bring up a campus visit until after youve had an initial phone conversation with the coach and can get a better idea about where you stand on their recruiting list and know whether its a good fit for you.

    What to include: Available dates to visit campus, who will be attending and what youd like to accomplish.


    Hi Coach Smith,

    Congratulations on a great season! I saw Jane Doe was awarded MVP and 1st team All-Conference at the banquet. It has been a lot of fun to watch the games online this year.

    As we talked on the phone, Im very interested in scheduling a visit to campus with my parents and sister! Id love to meet with you and the coaching staff in person along with some of the players. Im excited to see what campus life is like during the school year. I would also like to meet with an academic advisor to discuss the areas of study Im interested in.

    Below are the dates we are available to visit campus this month.

      I also uploaded a new highlight video from a recent tournament with Team Select Silver in Chicago. I am #32. You can watch it here: .

      Please let me know if one of the above dates will work for a campus visit. I will give you a call this Friday at 5 p.m. CT to reconnect. I would also like to hear your feedback on my video!


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      Why Follow Up With A College Coach

      There are a few reasons why you might want to follow up with a college coach. They might not have responded to your initial introduction email for a few days, and you want to send a subtle reminder that youre still waiting on their reply. You might also have an essential question or update on your performance. Whatever the reason, you will need to write your follow-up email differently depending on the situation. Below are a few times that you might want to consider sending a follow-up email:

      New Highlight Video: If you update your highlight video with new clips or re-edit the video, you want the college coaches youve been in contact with to see the changes. Its perfectly acceptable to reach back out and send another link to your updated highlight video.

      Congratulate Them: You should be following the seasons of your top schools and coaches to not only get a sense of how they play but also to be able to bring up their record with the coach. Knowing how the team played that season will give you a better perspective of how you would fit with that team. If you go on a campus visit or communicate with the coach for any reason, you can mention the teams playing style or season record. If the coach pulled off an important win, you could send them a follow-up email to congratulate them and tell them what you liked about the game.

      Tip : Attachments And Links

      Rather than inundating a coach with every detail of your playing history in an email, attach your player profile to the email. Remember Tip 4: Keep It Simple! Coaches are busy and they should be able to immediately identify the purpose of your email. If you are able to attach a profile or provide a link to a highlight video, they can review your additional information on their own time. Often, videos and profile information are inserted into a recruiting database, allowing for a coach to access and take notes on the information at anytime.

      Keep the meat of your email clear and concise, but give the coach an opportunity to learn more if they are interested in what you have to offer.

      These five tips should reduce your email stress and put you on the right path towards high-quality communications. Recruiting is about selling yourself to an institution and shining a positive light on what you would offer to a program.

      Remember, these tips are meant to serve only as a guide.

      Add your own personal flair and set yourself apart from the pack!

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      Things To Keep In Mind

      Be Gratuitous : When writing your follow-up emails and in any communication with college coaches, remember to have an attitude of gratitude. Coaches can sense tone in your writing, and they appreciate a recruit who has a positive mindset.

      Division I and II: Division I and II college coaches are restricted in when they can respond to potential student-athletes. If it is before September 1 of your junior year, they wont be able to respond to any of your follow-up emails without committing an NCAA infraction. Student-athletes can reach out to college coaches at any time without incurring a violation. For this reason, you dont need to worry about sending follow-up emails at the wrong time.

      Follow Up Email To Camp Invite

      10 Helpful Articles When Writing Emails To College Coaches

      When to send: Student-athletes who receive an invitation to a camp should send a follow up letter as soon as possible. Let the coach know you received the invite and whether you will be attending.

      What to include: Call out that you received the invite and whether you will attend. If you are attending, let the coach know what youre looking forward to most about the camp.


      Hi Coach Smith,

      I received your invite to the Generic Universitys Elite Camp in July, and wanted to let you know that I filled out the forms online. Im looking forward to meeting you and some of the current players. Im also excited for the campus and athletic facilities tour after our lunch break!

      Here is a link to my latest highlight video: You can also contact my high school coach, Jane Doe, at or 555-555-1234.

      Please let me know if there is anything else you need from me before camp.


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