How To Write A Welcome Email

The Welcome Email That Comes From An Actual Human Being

How to Write the Perfect Welcome Email for Shopify

Brands that present their promotional emails as coming from a real person on their team experience 27% higher unique click rates. Personalized welcome emails create the feeling of a one-on-one purchasing experience,increasing trust and loyalty.

74% of marketers state that personalized emails increase customer engagement rates, and they deliver six times higher transactional rates as well.

A personalized welcome email is a perfect opportunity to ask customers for their feedback or preferences, helping you to tailor and segment future emails.


Hey ,

Im , the founder of and Id like to personally thank you for signing up to our service.

We established in order to .

Id love to hear what you think of and if there is anything we can improve. If you have any questions, please reply to this email. Im always happy to help!

The above template is best used soon after a customer makes their first purchase, preferably after a purchase confirmation email has been sent. By establishing a warm, personal tone, this email helps you to spark an initial interaction with your customer.

Real-life example:

This personalized welcome email from Modalyst details why the company was formed, and was written by CEO Jill Sherman:

Khe Hy: Radreads Newsletter

Khe Hy is the founder of RadReads, a newsletter and blog about living an intentional life. Khes newsletter reaches more than 27,000 people every week.

Before getting the first weekly newsletter, each subscriber first receives this welcome email from Khe:

The subject line is a simple Welcome to RadReads, and the email is structured as follows:

  • A welcome note
  • Three paragraphs of Khes backstory
  • Announcing the frequency and structure of the newsletter
  • Questions: Whats important, but not urgent in your life? Whats a fun fact about you? followed by his own answers to those questions
  • A note he replies to all emails
  • A link to his most popular guide on the blog

Khe’s email might be longer than many of our other examplesbut that extra content helps bring his audience to the same level. After this email, you know an important element of Khes story even if you havent heard its long version in a written interview or a podcast.

Welcome Email Having Personalized Welcome Video

There is no limit on creativity in welcoming new subscribers. While a simple email copy can also work, you can consider going the extra mile and impress your prospects.

Take advantage of personalisation by include a video in your email that provides video prospecting information into your product or service. These kinds of emails boost engagement and deliver outrageous results.

Heres one of the best welcome email templates

Hi },

Welcome to }!

As you are now a subscriber, I would like to welcome you aboard personally.

To get started with a bang, here is a video to help you find all that you want to know about } }. There are some amazing tips exclusively for you!

If you need to know anything else, please contact our support team at }.


Heres an example,

Takeaways Here, the sender has given a brief about their service and plugged in a video that gives a walk-through. It has just one video placed strategically, and the recipient is less likely to miss it.

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Sell The Experience And Not The Product

Whats good?

  • King Arthur Flour welcomes you into their community as a fellow baker

  • Theres not a single bag of flour in sight! Instead, they sell the raw emotion and satisfaction of creating something from scratch

Tip: You dont always have to feature your product prominently in your welcome email. Sometimes its better to focus on the benefits or experience from using your product or service. This way new subscribers may be curious to connect the dots and try it for themselves.

Sample Welcome Letter To New Employee From Hr

10 Tips to Write a Perfect New Customer Welcome Letter

A welcome email from the HR team is standard practice before the first day. It sets out specifics such as the date, time, and details of the first day. As you’d expect, a welcome letter from HR is written in a formal tone of voice.

It’s also a great way to prep a new starter, getting them to learn more about the company and the culture before they begin. Check out our sample welcome letter to new employees from HR.

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Welcome To The Team Email Examples

Here are two examples of welcome emails:

Dear , Welcome to we are excited to have you aboard and look forward to seeing you on your start date of Monday, August 6. As a reminder, our business hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. However, we ask that you arrive by 8:30 a.m. on your first day so we can show you to your workstation and give you a tour of the office before your orientation. You are welcome to park anywhere in the parking deck, save for the reserved spots. Once inside the building, please check in with Mary at the reception desk. Shell provide you with your security badge. Ill greet you in the lobby. Here is your first-day schedule: 8:30 a.m. 9 a.m.: Building tour and team introduction 9 a.m. 11 p.m.: New hire orientation with HR Director, Sally Johnson. 11:30 p.m. 1 p.m.: Team lunch 1:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m.: Workstation technology orientation with IT Director, Joe Smith 3 p.m. 5 p.m.: Begin training with New Employee Mentor, Rick Garcia A few more things to note: The employee kitchen and break room is located on the east side of the first floor, and stocked with snacks and beverages. The espresso machine is also available to you at any time. Please bring your photo ID and social security card on your first day. Our dress code is business casual. If you have any questions before Monday, you can email me or call me at . Welcome aboard! We look forward to seeing you on Monday, and were happy to have you on the team.

The 6 Main Benefits Of Welcome Emails In Ecommerce

  • A welcome email is a great tool for storytelling. It can help you tell your brand story, reveal some interesting facts, a key selling proposition, or a behind the scenes look.
  • Many retailers often include an incentive to buy with their welcome message, such as small discounts or free shipping for the first purchase. The high conversion rate of these messages shows that customers love these messages.
  • Welcome emails also help to get more touchpoints with new subscribers. Brands invite new subscribers to follow them on social media, or respond to a survey with their personal data and complement their customer profile.
  • Sending a welcome email is a brilliant opportunity to showcase your products, to introduce your brand with your best offers and product categories.
  • Its also your chance to show appreciation to your customer and send a thank you for joining our mailing list email. Check out these 12 Thank You Email Templates and Examples for Ecommerce for inspiration.
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    Ways To Use Welcome Emails

    You know that your welcome email needs to have more information than just a subscription confirmation. But what can you put in a welcome email?Even once you know that a welcome email is your best chance to get engagement from your new email subscribers, there are other questions that need to be answered.

    • What should I write in my welcome email?
    • Should I have a call to action?
    • How do I know if my welcome email is working?

    Those questions start to get answered when you think past the tactic.

    What do I mean by that?

    Instead of thinking I should send a welcome email because welcome emails get a lot of engagement, ask yourselfwhat value does a welcome email bring to your business?

    How can you use this tool to achieve your broader business goals?

    Aren’t you curious what our welcome email looks like?

    Put in your email below and you can see it. We’ll also send you our best marketing advice once a week.

    Wrap Up Your Welcome Message Choose One Of The Options Below:

    How to Write the Perfect Welcome Email for Your New Subscribers

    Option 1: For nonprofits

    We are a nonprofit newsroom, and many of our readers donate to fund our work. * members love that we are watching out for our neighbors and our communities. Weâd love for you to join our growing membership.

    Option 2: For membership or events

    We are a little different than your average news site. Our members enjoy special events, exclusive content and other benefits. Curious? Learn more here .

    Option 3: Promote other newsletters

    Did you know we offer other free newsletters? Check out our most popular newsletters here: View all newsletters *.

    Option 4: Promote top stories

    Just getting to know us? Take a look at some of our best work:

    Story 1 description with link

    Story 2 description with link

    Story 3 description with link

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    Welcome Email To New Employee From Manager Sample

    In this welcome email to new employees from the manager sample, we provide a more supportive message that reflects the role of a boss. A manager’s job is to provide support and guidance personally and professionally, so the tone should be friendly and open. Here’s an example of a welcome email to a new employee from a manager that’s focused on building a relationship.

    They Offer Additional Information About Your Products And Services

    When you describe your organization to your email recipient, it creates a natural segue for you to introduce your product or service lineup. Sending this showcase to existing customers gives you more upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Similarly, delivering this information to newsletter subscribers paves the way to fill out signup forms for any paid solutions that you have at hand.

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    Welcome Email Best Practices

    But if youre wondering exactly how to create the perfect welcome email for your newest subscribers, look no further.

    Whether youre just just getting started or you already have a welcome email up and running, these best practices will ensure youre getting the most out of the first interaction with the newest members of your email list.

    Reinforce The Value Of Your Association

    Sample Email Welcome Message Free Download

    In addition to events, highlight any other benefits your new members may want to utilize immediately. These could include things like mentorship programs, volunteer opportunities, resource libraries, or special member discounts. You want to help your new member see a quick reminder of exactly why they signed up. A quick bulleted list of all they can benefit from during their membership is an easy way to demonstrate that value.

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    Provide Expected Resources Or Items

    Describe the client’s next steps when using the service or product in a logical order. This may include certain resources or amenities, including a username for a website or any promotional content you promised to new customers, like an agreement to 30 days of free service. If they’re expecting a product, you can detail the services they can use once the product arrives.

    Show Your Uniqueness In Your Email Marketing Messages

    Whats good?

    • PrettyLitteThing immediately feels like your BFF with their sassy headline, pink unicorns and lingo

    • They nail it perfectly by speaking and appealing to their target audience

    Tip: Use colors, images and words in your welcome email design that your target audience can instantly identify with.

    Create your first welcome email in minutes!

    Inspired so far? Start designing your very own welcome email that WOWs using our intuitive drag & drop editor.

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    New Employee Welcome Email Example

    Here is our example of an email based on the above template:

    Dear Jackson Sneed,

    Welcome to Griffith Music Group â we are thrilled to have you on our team and we are excited to see you on your start date, Monday, Nov. 8. As I mentioned during your phone interview, our business hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. However, we’d like for you to arrive by 8 a.m. Nov. 8 so we can give you a tour of the office and introduce you to the team before your orientation.

    Every parking spot in the lot is available to you, except for the ones marked “Facilities.” When you first walk into the building, please introduce yourself to Emily at the front desk. She’ll give you a temporary name tag and directions to the office in Suite 225. When you arrive in our office, I will be there to greet you, along with your supervisor, Lisa Casey.

    Here is what we are thinking for your first-day schedule:

    • 8â8:30: Office tour and team introduction

    • 8:30â10:30: Onboarding session with HR director James Stone/Orientation with supervisor Lisa Casey

    • 10:45â12: Team brunch

    • 12:30â1:30: Tech orientation with IT manager Eddie Jones

    • 1:30â 5:30: Practical training with manager Kieth Lane

    Some important information:

    The building kitchen and break room is located to the right of the elevators on the first floor. We keep it stocked with healthy snacks and a variety of drinks. The coffee machine is available at any time and you are welcome to store your own mug in the coffee cabinet.

    Ways To Make A Lasting First Impression With Your Welcome Email

    How To Create A Welcome Email [Email Marketing Ep.5]

    You know the saying, you never get a second chance to make a first impression? Well, your welcome email is the perfect place to create a memorable experience for your subscribers.

    If your welcome email just includes a discount code, your brand name, and social links, youve lost out on a huge part of creating a relationship thats built to last.

    So use your welcome email as the opportunity it really is: your first chance to increase brand love and awareness.

    Here are 6 simple ways you can make a lasting impression with your new subscribers and turn them into your biggest advocates.

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    Why Welcome Emails Are Essential

    Engagement metrics for welcome emails are eye-popping. On average, marketers enjoy 4x the open rate and 5x the click rate when using automated welcome emails over standard marketing emails. When someone subscribes to your newsletter, they expect to receive a welcome newsletter immediately. Theyll even visit their inboxes just to find it.

    An authentic thank you and welcome builds trust between you and your subscriber, which lays the foundation for a long term relationship.

    Welcome Email After The Creation Of The Account

    Just like how you send a welcome email to prospects post subscription, this welcome email is meant for new users who have created an account with you. It is a common sight in most SaaS Sales.

    Heres a sample template

    Hi },

    Thank you so much for creating an account with us. The mission of -} is to resolve }.

    To learn more about our tools and their features, visit our website }

    Feel free to contact our support team at } in case there are any questions. They will be glad to help you out.


    Heres an example,

    Takeaways Apart from the welcome message and account related details, the email links to a webinar. There are links to guides and video tutorials so that the new user doesnt face any issues while using the tool.

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