How To Write A Save The Date Email

Follow Up With Invitations And Rsvps

Email Save The Date – Step 2

It was stated above that save-the-dates are just pre-invitation that serve to inform the recipient of a certain event that will be held in the future. Usually, especially in a wedding save-the-date card, written below the card is invitation to follow clarifying that invitations will be sent after. Then, weeks or days before the event, you can send RSVPs requesting the recipient to confirm whether or not he can come to your event.

Corporate Birthday Celebration Party

In a business entity, birthday parties are usually held monthly, for the birthday celebrants for that month. In large companies, save-the-dates are sent through an email to all the employees to attend the gathering or celebration. Formal emails are much more convenient than the traditional save-the-date card as they do not need to print the card and pay the expenses, and instead, send a mass email to the intended recipients in just few clicks.

Eg #: Formal Type Changing An Appointment With A Business Partner

Dear Mr. Smith,

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen business, I will be unable to keep our appointment for tomorrow afternoon. Would it be possible to arrange another time later in the week? I apologize for any inconvenience.

Yours sincerely,

Dont just copy and paste the phrases, heres how to remember them forever

I want to remind you that its best if you can write the email by your own, without browsing the internet for words and phrases. What if you can remember those phrases and write them down as if they are your own words? That would be perfect. Your boss would be very pleased with your problem-solving skills or your quick response to changes. How can you do that? How to make the words become your own? The smart tool below will empower your skills.

Make sure you download the eJOY extension first. While reading the next part, select the words or phrases you want to remember forever and save them to your word book on eJOY. Every day, eJOY will tell you which words you are about to forget and its time to review them with spaced repetition. By practicing 5 minutes a day, you will gradually build a wider range of business vocabulary that makes you confident and fluent in English business communication.

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Save The Date Email Template

Some dates are more important than others, and some days are so important, that you dont want to forget about them at any cost, or want to make sure, that all your guests dont forget about it!

These days are often something really special, and at these occasions, you obviously want as many of your loved ones such as friends family and others to be there.

There could be many different reasons for wanting to send an invitation like this, such as:

  • A birthday invitation
  • A reunion

Or something like this!

Here we give you a template for an email save the date message for you to use, or get some inspiration from!

Save the date!


In the occasion of on the , we would like you to invite you to . It would be our absolute pleasure to see you there, and we sincerely hope you will be able to join us and have a good times with friends and family!

Please let us know by latest, so we can be prepared as best as possible!

We are really looking forward to seeing you on , and have a great time!

Kind regards,

How To Address The Envelope

9+ Save

When addressing the envelope for a save-the-date card, you may choose a formal or informal style, depending on your relationship with the recipient. Its always a good idea to show respect to older guests by using Mr. and Mrs. Jones or Dr. and Mrs. Edwards. If you are allowing a plus-one, you should put Ms. Sellers and guest to let her know she is allowed to bring someone.

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Bringing In A Bridal Shower

Get the wording for your bridal shower save the date just right. Whether you want casual save the date wording or something funny and unique, these examples offer a little something for everyone.

  • Brunch & bubbly to celebrate the coming nuptials of Karen Williams. Save the date.
  • Hooray, hooray, we are going to celebrate Karens coming wedding. Mark your calendar.
  • Save the date. A bridal shower is on the horizon. Help us to honor Emma Campbell.
  • Because you are friends, Gemma would like you to save the date for her bridal shower.
  • Save the date to join us in honoring Keely Billings, bride-to-be.
  • Because she said yes. We are having a pre-game party to honor the bride-to-be.
  • He put a ring on it. Lets save the date to honor Kate the bride-to-be.
  • A wedding is coming. But first, save the date to eat some free cake. Lets celebrate the bride-to-be Sarah.
  • Save the date for Fionas bridal brunch.
  • Save the date to celebrate the bride. Join us in celebrating Juliettes bridal shower on July 5th.
  • The bride-to-be is all giggles and smiles. Save the date to celebrate at her bridal shower.

Dont Wait Until You Feel Ready

The objective of your first email is to provide the very basic logistical information about the event, start to establish the value and benefits and and this is important make the person feel wanted. You want them to feel complimented to receive the email and compelled to register.

Dont wait until the last minute. As soon as the location, dates, names and key content are determined, start marketing. You dont need a finalized agenda. If you wait until everything is nailed down and youre comfortable, its too late. Your convenience should not be a consideration not ever. Never.

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Define The Number Of Follow

For the link building campaign, from my experience, almost half of the links we get are coming from a single follow-up. Send more than one follow-up, and you annoy your prospects begging for backlinks. Dont send any, and youll miss half of the links.

For example, this single follow-up showed us the best results for link building: its short, straight to the point, and perfectly reminds of the previous offer.

At the same time, if the primary goal of your outreach campaign is sales, you will probably need more than one email. Depending on your goal, you can provide additional value with follow-ups, trying to identify prospects pain, delivering additional useful information, etc.

How To Address Save The Date Cards

Composing Email Invitations with SurveyMonkey

A save the date card should go to every guest invited to your wedding, including members of your wedding party and family members. Using the same etiquette rules for how to address wedding invitations, weve provided the following guidelines for how to address your save the date cards with your guests in mind:

To a single guest, use the appropriate titles, Mr., Mrs. or Ms.

Mrs. Jones

San Francisco, CA 14002

Save the Date with a plus one, use the title Mr. or Ms. with the last name of the primary guest and write and guest.

Mr. Jones and Guest

San Francisco, CA 14002

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Wedding Save The Date Cards

Your Wedding Day is on the calendar! Now that youve circled a date in permanent ink, its time to spread the word. A lot of moving parts had to line up for you to choose your special day, and your guests will have similar challenges arranging time off and booking travel and lodging. Four to six months notice is the consensus for when you should send your save-the-date announcements, but add another month if yours is a destination wedding. The biggest save-the-date mistake to avoid? No one should receive this announcement who will not also receive a wedding invitation.

Youll find plenty of DIY Save-the-Date designs in our gallery. Some couples set their style and colors with this first piece of wedding stationery, but its not considered necessary even in the most proper circles. Its a great opportunity to share a couple image, so we offer multiple add-a-photo designs that let you upload images from your computer or social media. Photo or not, youll find your style represented here, from fun to formal, classic, floral, traditional, rustic, or modern. Personalize your favorite with your details, and youre ready to send your completed project as an email or download the image or PDF. You can print your announcements on your home printer or take the file to a print shop for their assistance. Or share it online via SMS, whatsapp & Facebook.

Where Should I Shop For Save The Dates

We might be a little biased, but Zola has an incredible selection of save the dates and related wedding stationery. Designed to coordinate with our free wedding websites and matching paper invitations, our stunning array of save the dates means theres a design for every style and type of wedding. Customize the wording to make it feel 100 percent personal to you.

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When Do You Send Out Save The Dates

As a rule of thumb, save the dates should generally be ordered, designed, and sent six to nine months before the wedding date. Your guests will appreciate your consideration of their time as they request off work and make travel plans. For destination weddings or dates that fall near holidays, its thoughtful to send save the dates even farther in advance.

How To Create Attractive Save

9+ Save


A good event invitation should be preceded by an even better save-the-date email. Similar to a mailing campaign, save-the-date messages should be part of your event marketing strategy. The copy should be compelling, and must convince the receiver to mark the date in his or her calendar, while waiting for the real invitation.

You may want to send a save-the-date email when you don’t have all the event details yet, but you want to inform your mailing list about the upcoming invitation. This type of email is necessary to encourage your potential guests to reserve the date for the future event and to ensure a higher attendance rate.

If you decide to send a save-the-date, know that this is the first interaction your potential audience will have with the event itself. That’s why you must craft an attractive yet simple and discrete email. Here’s how you can do it:

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Tips For Save The Dates

When it comes to save the dates, there are a few things you dont want to forget. Following these practical tips can save you embarrassment down the road.

  • Keep it clear. Include who, what, where, and when, plus a note that the formal invitation will follow.
  • Send out your save the dates four to six months in advance. You want to give people time to plan.
  • Address a save the date postcard to everyone you want to invite. If you are using a formal save the date, youll want to include honorifics .
  • Have fun, but be sure to include everything a guest will need to know.
  • Dont go overboard. A save the date is a precursor to an invitation, so you dont need to add all the details.
  • Sending a save the date through email can work for many occasions. However, when it comes to weddings, it is best to mail or hand them in person.
  • While wording is important, youll want to think about imagery too. This allows everything on your save the date to flow seamlessly.

Eg #: informal Type Reschedule A Meeting With Your Colleagues

Hi everyone,

Due to a meeting room problem, the time of the project kick-off meeting has to be changed from Tuesday, August 21st at 2 pm in room A3 to Thursday, August 23rd at 16:00 in room 324.

Sorry for any inconvenience. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.Best regards,Miranda

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Examples For A Birthday Party

Whether someones turning four or forty, youll want your birthday save the date to reflect what people can expect at the party. If this is black tie affair, youll want to keep the wording formal. But, if youre having a fun family BBQ, get creative. If you can make it rhyme, that only adds to the fun!

  • Save the date. Join us to celebrate the 18th birthday of Miss Julia Robin.
  • Save the date. For a 60th birthday party to honor Jennifer Lee Dara.
  • Mark your calendars! Join us for food, family and fun. And of course, Jessies 21st birthday.
  • Lordy! Lordy! Julie turns 40. You wont want to miss this.
  • Dont miss the fun of Danny turning 1. Save the date!
  • Please save the date. Its Jennifers 30th birthday.
  • We know you have things to do. But, we dont want you to miss Danny turning two. Save the date.
  • Without you, it will be a bore. Help us celebrate Judy turning 24. Mark your calendar!
  • Save the date for Jessicas birthday celebration.
  • Because we know you are busy. Save the date for the 27th birthday for Lizzy.
  • We know its hard to wait. But Julias 43rd birthday has a date. Mark it down.
  • This birthday party will be a big surprise. On May 10th, we will be celebrating Julie being 30 years wise. Save the date.
  • Dont be late. Save the date. Jennifers 40th is coming up!
  • Be our guest. Save the date for Jessicas 50th birthday.
  • Please plan to join our family in celebrating Richards 20th birthday.

How To Send Follow

Sending out Save the date notes with The Knot

Its not always possible for huge email volumes to remember when you need to send each follow-up and stick to your schedule.

Fortunately, tools like Hunter Campaigns can help you save time preparing and scheduling highly-personalized cold email follow-ups.

Once you find your prospects email addresses and upload them into Hunter Leads, you can start scheduling your first email and follow-ups.

With Campaigns, you can choose how many follow-ups after no response you want to send, specify the time delays between each follow-up, personalize the subject line, and work on the email copy.

Once you set this up, youll never have to worry about forgetting to send a follow-up to your prospects. Everything will be sent on autopilot.

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How To Address Save The Dates

Wedding invitations traditionally include titles , but these are optional for addressing save the dates. Its ultimately up to you, but for guidance on how to invite different kinds of guests, read on.

Single Guests Single guests can be addressed simply with their first and last names, or with a singular title, if preferred. If youre extending an invitation for a plus one, add and Guest after their full name. Examples:

  • Kara Benson and Guest

Married couples can be listed plainly or include titles as well. If the couple has distinguished titles and you’d like to include them, its appropriate to list the person with the formal title first. Examples:

  • Mr. and Mrs. Weston Scott
  • Mr. Weston Scott and Mrs. Ellie Scott
  • Dr. Weston Scott and Mrs. Ellie Scott

If a couple is sharing an invite, but not a last name, be sure to include both of their names on the envelope. You may only know one of them, but writing both names extends a more personal invitation especially if the couple has been together for some time. Write the name of the person you are closest to first. If youre close to both, traditionally the mans name goes first if youre addressing a same-sex couple, you can list in alphabetical order. Examples:

  • Ms. Julia Harlow and Mr. Reid Aupperle
  • Tony, Ana, Katie and Peter Garcia
  • Mr. Tony, Mrs. Ana, Katie and Peter Garcia

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