How To Write A Sales Email

Tip #: Personalize Your Email

How To Write A Sales Letter

Don’t make the recipient feel like they were just one name in a huge pile of names you had to email with the exact same sales introduction email template. Many salespeople think that personalization is limited to things like greetings or subject lines. But thats not true. You can send personalized messages taking into account the persons age, gender, location, their previous interactions with your company, etc. For more tips on personalization, read our blog post here.

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Track Trigger Events Follow Up Fast And Open With Context

Rather than following up with prospects randomly, you can use trigger events to create relevant and personalized sales emails that recipients are more likely to respond to.

Examples of trigger events include product launches, vacations, birthdays, exceeding Q4 earning expectations, or getting a Yorkshire Terrier puppy. You can use various tools, such as Google Alerts or LinkedIn, to keep track of trigger events.

Use LinkedIn’s “Mentioned in the News” feature or find a group relevant to your prospect or their company or industry and use relevant resources, material, or information to follow up.

Make Opening Lines Nongeneric

Your email subject line may have gotten you past the front door, but now your opening line needs to encourage the recipient to keep reading.

Try to open with personalized lines such as I loved your blog post … or I was excited to hear about your companys product launch& mldr You may also be able to tailor your opening line by referencing the recipients new role, their competitors recent actions, or a shared connection you two have. If you cant get too personal, citing a relevant statistic could catch their attention.

Just be sure to skip the generic Hi, my name is … intro, which wastes time and isnt customized to the reader.

“Make the email as personalized as possible. Do research about the person: Look at their LinkedIn or website and try to add personal bits of information like if you see a college they went to or their hometown,” said Gupta. “Or, if itâs not personal to that person, make it personal to their company. You can mention if they got funding or comment about an article you read about them. Prospects get so many emails every day so you need to do something that doesnât look like itâs an automated, general email.”

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Limit Yourself To A Few High

Most calls wont require step-by-step recaps . Instead of sending back a near-transcript of your call, pull out the most important takeaways and just include those. By keeping it short, you focus your prospect on what matters, and make it more likely theyll read the entire message.


  • After a discovery call: We spoke about your concerns over X strategy — namely, A, B, and C. Ive attached a bit more information on those problems and how you can think about addressing them.
  • After a goal-setting call:We determined that youd need to do X, Y, and Z to address your pain points by next quarter. Based on that, we agreed to schedule a product demo next week.
  • After a demo: Here are the main features we discussed, and how you can use each to improve performance in X, Y, and Z areas.
  • After a closing call:You said on todays call that youd be ready to buy by the end of the week. Ill send over a payment link in the next hour, and will expect to hear back from you by Friday.

Craft A Relevant Subject Line:

How To Write A Sales Letter Template

The subject of the email tells its context. The subject line aims to inform readers what to expect in the email. It should catch the users interest and attention. Remember when you write a sales email: dont sound pushy or poking in the subject line.

Here are some examples of how to write the subject line in a sales email to customers:

  • Sara suggested I get in touch with you.
  • Questions about
  • Questions about
  • Ideas for
  • Have you considered

A/B testing is one of the most effective ways to test different subject lines.

  • Take a subset from your email recipients list and divide them into two groups.
  • Prepare two different subject lines for each group.
  • Now, send emails to these subsets with the same content but different subjects.
  • Remember to send more than 50 emails for accuracy in statistics.

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The Five Basic Objections Email Templates

People can quickly come up with reasons not to read your cold email. The most common of them are:

  • They dont have enough time
  • They dont have money
  • Your offer wont work for them
  • They dont believe you
  • They dont need it.

If you can overcome all of these objections, wonderful. If you can solve at least one, great.

Here is a good example:

The best way to spend next five minutes: easy grammar fixes for your blog.

Dont Be Afraid To Give Deadlines

If you are expecting a response in regards to a proposal, give a deadline. Of course, do it tastefully. Dont make it seem like an ultimatum. You want to yield some sense of urgency while adding some friendly pressure to ensure the process moves forward.

Use action words, combined with a deadline creates a sense of urgency within the prospect. The deadline gives a reason why its essential to act immediately. Examples of phrases that create urgency include limited time hurry while stock lasts and download now with a concrete deadline.

Try something like this:

Heres our proposal based on the details we discussed today. These terms are valid until EOD Friday. I look forward to hearing from you before then.

Studies show that deadlines work. Use them to your advantage in sales emails.

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Introduce Yourself To New Stakeholders

You cant be expected to have every stakeholder on the line for a first discovery call — its not a good use of their time if it turns out to be a bad fit. So at the end of every call, ask your prospect who should be included on the recap email and on the next call. Then, CC the newcomers on this email so you have a chance to introduce yourself. This can be a simple summary of who you are, what youve done, and whats coming next. For example:

Hi New Stakeholder Nancy, Im Sales Rep Sam and Ive been working with your colleagues to improve your customer onboarding experience. In our conversations thus far, weve identified two major weaknesses — 1) you dont have a uniform implementation strategy across account management, and 2) you have no consistent processes for collecting feedback during onboarding. In our next call, Ill be walking you through our onboarding software and showing you how we can help improve these pain points. Ive attached a case study of one of our customers who faced similar challenges to put things in a real-world context.

Offer Something To The Customer That Is Limited In Time Or Quantity

How to write a great sales email

An effective sales technique is to heighten the immediacy or make the need feel greater for a potential customer by introducing a timeline for a deal. This technique is also used by limiting the number of items available for the offer. Giving the consumer a timeframe to take action is more motivating in this type of sales pitch.

Example:Set up your annual Grass Roots Web Optimizer software campaign in the next 30 days and your first month of digital optimization is free.

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Add The Prospect’s Name

In the body of your email, donât hesitate to use the recipientâs name again. You want to reinforce the personal connection between your brand and your subscribers.

Itâs true that brands all over the world use filters to include recipientsâ names in their emails. It might seem a little tired by now.

If youâre not keen to use prospectsâ names, you can get even more conversational.

Think about the last non work-related email you sent. Maybe it was to your mother or your best friend. How did you start the email?

You might have just started typing your message. Alternatively, you might have started with a salutation like these:

⢠Hey!⨠⢠Howâs it going?⨠⢠How are you?⨠⢠Hi there!â¨

You donât need a formal salutation for these people because they already know you. But isnât that the relationship you want to create with your prospects, too?

If you donât want to double up on the use of prospectsâ names, consider using a more familiar salutation. This strategy can seem even more personal despite the lack of the recipientâs name.

Your sales email structure with the elements weâve described so far might look like this:

Subject Line: Hey Trevor, get 20% off our new online course!Salutation: Hi Trevor!

How To Write Sales Emails That Get Responses

Heres a simple four-line structure you can follow for your sales emails, and seven sales email templates you can steal and make your own.

1. Opening Line

Address recipients by their name, state the reason for the email, and above all else, make it more about them than about you.

2. Offer Line

Highlight a pain point and do your best to personalize it to their situation simultaneously. The offer line can also be a great place to provide evidence and social proof in the form of statistics, case studies, and exclusive content.

3. Closing Line

End with a short and clear call-to-action that can be answered with a simple yes or no. That no-friction ask makes it more likely youll get a response.

4. Signature Line

Reframe your mindset by thinking of your email signature as a personal high converting landing page. It should contain the basics, like name, company, and contact info, of course, but think about what else you can add, such as social proof, rewards, links to relevant content, and anything else that shows credibility and builds rapport.

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How To Write A Cold Email Introduction Then

A cold email introduction shouldnt be longer than 2-3 sentences. Its not supposed to introduce us or our company to the prospect. Instead, it refers to the message receiver, their expertise, achievements, work, and their company. Thats how we catch their attention.

A hint of flattery may be the way to go. But dont overdo it. Enlisting all of their recent activity is a step too far.

Dont be a stalker either. Dont look for info about their family. Stay in the professional field.

You may also use those few sentences of cold email introduction to make it a part where you ask about their problems. Or better, you can talk about the ones youve noticed they have that you can take care of.

Above all else, treat the introduction as an opportunity to show your prospects that they received the message because you chose to contact them precisely. Youve done your homework. You didnt decide to reach out to them on a whim. You were deliberate about it.

Thats why we should take some time to research the company before we write a cold email.

If its still complicated and you dont know how to start your cold email, youll find that helpful: Cold Email Intro, or How Should I Start My Message? > >

Third Follow Up Sales Templates

How to Write a Sales Email (With Examples!)

Hi ,I first want to apologize that we havent been able to connect recently. I feel like somewhere along the way I must have made it difficult to communicate or dropped the ball because for a while there it seemed like you guys were really excited about our offering. Apologies if this was the case.I just want to open back the communication lines and let you know that I know you have a lot on your plate and if this is something that is no longer a priority, thats totally cool in fact as a startup, I completely understand! If nothing else, Id enjoy the opportunity to hear whats new on your end and maybe even get some feedback on how we can improve our offering.Let me know if you have a few minutes next week to hop on a call.

Hey , Haven’t heard back from you. Thank you for the opportunity. Can I put it on hold for now?

– I wanted to reach out to you one more time regarding _______. If I don’t hear back from you, Ill assume that the timing isnt right and I wont contact you again. If I can be of assistance, you can always contact me at the number below.

, We are in the process of closing files for the month. Typically when I havent heard back from someone it means theyre either really busy or arent interested. If you arent interested, do I have your permission to close your file?If youre still interested, what do you recommend as a next step? Thanks for your help.

Hi ,

Viewing content alert

Responding to a request to match competitors pricing

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How To Close A Sales Pitch Through An Email

The way you end your email is just as important as how you start it. The goal of your subject line is to get people to keep reading. The goal of the close is to get people to respond. So, how can you encourage people to respond to or at least engage with your emails? Letâs discuss 5 specific ways to close your sales pitch email:

Sales Email Introduction Examples

Let’s crack on.

Coffee template, a lemlist classic sales email but still effective

Sales is about building relationships. Before trying to close a deal, network. Meet people, discuss, and then you’ll see how easier selling becomes.

Here is the sales email Iryna shot when she first arrived at lemlist.

Authenticity, personalization, and value.

That’s the recipe of this template that brought here 76% open rate and 12% reply rate.

Wondering how to build these kind of personalized images, add them to your campaign and have them adapt automatically to every prospect?

Like this…

Prospecting email template with high personalization

If you want to get a chance to have your sales email opened and not directly moved to the bin, personalize it.

What you want to focus first is a good intro line that will break the ice and add your email into the best sales templates category.

How to build it?

Open a csv, add your list of prospects with their info, and add a column called “iceBreaker”.

Find any relevant info on your prospect to make them understand you’ve done your research before sending that sales email.

} will that be replaced with the right sentence for each of your prospects.

Btw, Clémence got a 89% open rate and 13% reply rate with this cold email.

Milestone sales email template

One of the best ways to contact a company is to congratulate them on a milestone (new ARR hit, fundraising, etc.

Also mention 1 or 2 existing customers for credibility.

Personalized video thumbnail

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