How To Write A Professional Email Template

How To Create A Professional Email Address

How to create a professional email template for Gmail
  • Name + Domain Name and domain are the most common email formats. This email address is simple and easy to remember.
  • Name + name + domain The second most common option is to use the first letter of the last name with the domain.
  • First name + last name + domain This format has fewer duplicate names than the first two options.
  • Full name + domain

Follow Up With The Customer

After leaving the path open for more questions, it’s critical to follow up with the customer and give them a final status on the resolution of their issue.

Whether it was a delayed package, a product outage, or a bad experience with the website, you want to reassure the customer that you’ve finished taking the necessary steps to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

For example, if the issue was that the package was delayed in the mail, follow up with them in three days to tell them they should’ve received the product they ordered. Alternatively, you can check the tracking number and notify them that the package should have been left in their mailbox or on their front step.

If the customer experienced a technical malfunction, touch base with them to let them know that your team has finished working on the issue and that the malfunction is resolved.

Formal Email Subject Line

In business, time is money, so be brief.

Your subject line should be short and easy to understand. Tell your reader precisely what’s in the message. The ideal formal email subject line is a few words: “Leave Request”, “Meeting Request”, or “Customer Complaint”, for example.

Formal email subject lines shouldn’t attempt to be overly friendly or funny either.

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> thank You Email After Second Interview

The competition is quite rife in the job arena which is why it is always a good idea to be in the good books of the hiring committee of that much-coveted job. Thus, sending an email to them after a second interview is important. Not sure what to include in this email? Go ahead and get some cue from the template for thank you email after a second interview.

Free Trial Email Template

30+ Professional Email Examples &  Format Templates á? ...

If you notice a prospect who seems interested in your products but fails to make a purchase, don’t sweep them under the rug. This is a perfect opportunity to mention a free trial.

Prospects might be curious to learn more about your products but nervous to show their cards when they haven’t gotten a chance to fully interact with your company. By offering a free trial, you’re gaining the prospect’s trust. Additionally, once a customer gets acquainted with a product during a free trial, it’s harder to turn it down.

Hi ,

I noticed that you seemed interested in on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. I’d be happy to guide you through the different options.

If you’re interested, I want to extend an offer for a free trial, as it can be tough to commit to a product from a mere description. Our free trial lasts 30 days and lets you navigate all premium features. It’s a great chance to see which product is right for you and how much it can benefit you and your clients.

If you’re interested, email me back or give me a call. I can talk you through all the details and get you set up.


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What Is Correct Email Format

Formatting an email Don’t confuse length with quality. The email should be short and direct. Avoid sentences that are too complex or too long. Let email recipients quickly find you and know why you’re sending the email. Read it again like any other correspondence. If you are really concerned about typos, it is recommended that you print a draft email.

How Should I Start Off A Letter To My Teacher

  • Choose a card or paper you think your teacher will like. You can write your letter on a finished card or on a white sheet of paper.
  • Write your name and date in the top right corner. Please enter your first and last name.
  • Begin your letter with Cher followed by her teacher’s name.
  • Place a comma after the teacher’s name and omit the line.

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What Are Some Professional Ways To Make An Email Signature

  • Keep it simple Not everyone needs a complex electronic signature format to communicate.
  • Use color. To add visual interest to even a simple email signature, try one or two colors of your brand, logo, or other image.
  • Limit the information.

Website launchHow to prepare for a successful website launch?Choose the right platform for your website. Whether you’re building or modernizing, any website grows or shrinks depending on the platform you build it on.Choose your domain name. Have you ever heard of computer junk?Don’t save on accommodation.Set standards on your current website.Redirect cards during the construction phase.Post your next page.How do you launchâ¦

How To Write Professional Emails

How To Write A Professional Email – 4 Professional Email Writing Tips

Professional emails offer an efficient way to handle important communications in the workplace. You might write an email to follow-up after an interview, respond to a job offer or connect with clients. Understanding how to draft professional emails allows you to confidently write competent and effective messages. In this article, we provide templates for several common professional emails.

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Send Or Schedule Your Email

Now your email is ready to be sent. You can send it right away or schedule it to be sent on another day or maybe a few hours later. Timing is key, especially if you are sending marketing emails.

How do you choose the best time and date? For work and business emails, a safe bet is delivering the email in the first half of a workday, according to the recipients time zone.

With marketing emails, it can be a bit trickier. According to GetResponse and Experian:

  • The best day to send emails is Tuesday. Tuesday emails have an open rate of about 18%.
  • Thursday has a slightly lower rate, making it the second-best choice.
  • The open rate also increases during the first half of the workday.

Formal Vs Informal Email Writing

Formal email writing is usually in a B2B or B2C scenario or a professional email between colleagues, businesses, or partners. Informal email writing is something you might send a friend, family member, or sometimes even a quick email youre firing off to a colleague.

When youre emailing a friend there is not much risk in getting your words or meaning wrong, and there is little risk of hurting your reputation or wrecking an incredible business opportunity. But when writing a business email there is much at stake and many things that can go horribly wrong. This is why our article will deal mostly with formal email writing and how to get it right every time.

Here, well go over all the ins and outs of what goes into an email structure, different email formats you can use, as well as short email templates that you can use in various scenarios. Keep reading to learn how to write the perfect email.

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Faqs About Professional Email

How do you start a professional email?

A standard professional email address format uses a combination of your first and last names and a domain name. However, if its a business email address, since the domain is usually the name of your company, the first part can be the name of a department.

Is it professional to have numbers in your email address?

Random numbers in a professional email address are not advisable. You could use a phone number as an email address however, that will hardly be deemed professional. Youre also giving up your phone number sooner than you might want to.

How do I make a good email address?

A good email address is always a combination of your first and last names. Its a safe bet however, if someone has a similar first or last name to yours and uses the same email service provider, then you might be in a bit of trouble. In such cases, its better to opt for a custom domain name.

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Formal Emails Should Be Direct And Persuasive

30+ Professional Email Examples &  Format Templates ...

As Americans, we pride ourselves on being direct.

But we arent always.

How many times have you found yourself writing phrases like I am writing to?

This is a roundabout way of setting up your request. Its very indirect.

You cant afford to be sheepish when your entire email has seven seconds to get their attention.

I am writing to tell you that its time to stop using this phrase.

Other examples of phrases to avoid:

  • I wanted to ask you
  • I wanted to let you know that
  • I am reaching out to
  • The reason for my email is that
  • The purpose of this email is to

Go ahead jump right to that thing youre winding up to.

Heres why:

  • Each phrase becomes self-evident with the text that follows. This makes you redundant where your messaging is most important: your first line.
  • Being indirect doesnt change the fact that youre asking for or stating something uncomfortable. If anything, it shows hesitancy to leave your comfort zone.
  • The email isnt about you. Its about whats important to your recipient. Start with them.
  • What to do instead:

    Start your draft with I am writing to to get your writing flow going. When youre done, go back and delete that phrase. In most cases, youll still have a complete sentence without it. If you dont, make a slight edit to turn what you have into a complete sentence.

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    Crafting A Professional Email

    As we have established earlier, professional emails are not your everyday basic emails that you might write to friends or family. Since professional emails are written for important and serious issues, you need to learn the basics of crafting one.

    These common practices should be upheld if you desire to craft a proper professional email.

    + Useful Email Phrases That Will Make Your Life Easier

    Writing business emails, and just staying on top of your inbox is not always easy, but having some useful phrases like these can save you a lot of time. Make your emails more varied and rich with these over 150 phrases. This cheat sheet is included in the guide How to write professional emails in English, together with psychology-backed tips and strategies to get more responses to your emails, templates to save time, and examples to avoid miscommunication at work. and use it anytime you need it or practice with a teacher.

    As for the useful email phrases, we’ve divided them into three categories: opening lines to start your email, body lines to convey the message, and closing lines to finish off.

    #1 Opening Lines

    Before we start, here’s a quick template you can use for your professional emails:

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    > post Interview Thank You Email

    Irrespective of what the job you applied for, you should send a thank you email to the interviewer, thanking him for the chance he gave you. Make sure to pay special attention to the content as this can make or break your chances of landing the job. A post-interview thank you, email template can give you some idea of how to write the content for such an email.

    When To Look Out For Free Email Templates:

    How To Write Professional Business Emails | Chris Guerriero

    Save time: You want to send out your campaign quickly? So why to worry, free email templates that are already made by various sites are available to your disposal. Just modify the content which suits your brand and you are good to go. Moreover, a responsive email template can be edited, customized as well as optimized.

    As Per our latest report on email statistics, in a survey conducted as of April 2017, it was revealed that 90% of the respondents felt that content personalization in marketing is somewhat/very attractive.

    Save Money: If you are a small business, there is a crunch of resources that are available at your disposal, majorly, money. Email developer can be a great investment for your business, however, it can be a costly affair to the firm. If you are looking for a creative and attractive email template, then the free email marketing templates offered by different sites can save you from misery.

    Limited skills: Rather than trying for the 20th time to correctly apply your code for creating an email newsletter or campaign, it is better to create your campaign on an already available free responsive email template. This saves you from frustration and gives you a fresh perspective on areas that are more crucial at that moment.

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    Choose Your Tone And Template

    There are 2 different ways you can approach your business email: casual and formal. If you take the casual approach, you can build rapport faster. If you go formal, youre being safer but keeping that barrier up.

    The tone you choose all depends on your company culture and who youre talking to. If its a friend / your neighbor / close coworker, you can probably get away with the casual approach. If its your boss, supervisor, or hiring manager, well

    Sup, bro! Hows work goin today? doesnt sound so good, unless you two are BFFs. Try using these phrases in your email to choose either a casual or formal tone:

    Ill get you the article ASAP.I will send you the article as soon as possible.
    Im so happy to meet you!I am happy to make your acquaintance.

    Since the body of the message is the bulk of your email, Ive also created professional email templates and examples you can usewhether its a job offer, resignation letter, apology email, and more!

    Check out the email templates and examples in the next section down below!

    Email Template #: The Job Offer

    Got a job offer or looking to give one? Great! Jobs change lives, so its important to send a great professional job email. Heres how to write an email for a job you want to offer, accept a job offer, or decline a job offer through email.

    Offering a Job

    Every good job offer email should highlight 7 employment details, including:

    • Acknowledgment of Offer. The first thing you should do is let your potential employee know that you have a job offer for him / her.
    • Job / position title. Clearly state the position of the job, as well as any additional duties he / she may not be aware of.
    • Summary of benefits and salary. Highlight any important benefits of this position.
    • Starting date. Include your proposed start date, and offer flexibility .
    • Expression of excitement or gratitude. Clearly indicate your gratitude and thank your potential employer for the interview process.
    • Attached employee agreement / contract. Attach a detailed form, and ask for a signature of acceptance, if needed.
    Offering a job email example:

    Heres a job offer email that Scott, Science of People CEO, wrote for one of our new team members :

    Accepting a job offer email template:

    Subject line: Job Offer from

    Dear ,

    Thank you very much for our call yesterday! I am very excited to speak with you and hear about your enthusiasm for this position. We are thrilled to offer you the position of at .

    I have attached our employment agreement for your review, but here are some details:


  • End on a high note!
  • Dear ,

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