How To Write A Good Email

The Rules For Writing Formal Emails In English

How to write professional emails in English

To write an email in English in the right way, donât improvise! Read the following advice to avoid making serious mistakes that could compromise the success of the email from the moment it is received.


The subject is the first piece of information that the recipients of an email see, and if itâs written incorrectly or unclearly, it could push the reader to delete it without even opening it! So itâs important to give a clear and precise message, right from the start, indicating the content or reason for writing in two or three words that grabs the attention of the recipient.


Unlike many other languages which require long complex sentences in a formal written context, English is very concise and favors short sentences and a simple structure. Make sure you break up the text into two or three paragraphs â this enables the reader to quickly see the key points.

Courtesy formulas

When you write an email in English, youâre not only using another language but youâre also entering another culture with different habits. The Anglo-Saxons in general pay a lot of attention to forms of courtesy and gratitude, therefore never forget to add them.

Check the email


Be sure to have set your emails to end with all the important information about you, including:

  • name and surname
  • relative details about your company
  • link to the company website

Add Your Closing Remarks

Before you end your email, its polite to thank your reader one more time and add some polite closing remarks. You might start with Thank you for your patience and cooperation or Thank you for your consideration and then follow up with, If you have any questions or concerns, dont hesitate to let me know and I look forward to hearing from you.

How To Write A Professional Email

Email is the most common form of business communication at work, thus its important to get it right.

Whether you are starting a new job, introducing yourself to others, replying to a meeting request, or general communication with others at work, youll need to know how to write a professional email no matter your role or industry.

A well composed formal email using outlook or company email can provide the recipient a friendly, clear, and actionable message.

Learning how to write effective email communication in the workplace is an essential skill, especially if you are working remotely.

Here is how you can write a professional email at work.

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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Sending An Email Message

  • Is this message suitable for email, or could I better communicate the information with a letter, phone call, or face-to-face meeting?
  • What is my purpose for sending this email? Will the message seem important to the receiver, or will it be seen as an annoyance and a waste of time?
  • How much email does the reader usually receive, and what will make them read this message ?
  • Do the formality and style of my writing fit the expectations of my audience?
  • How will my message look when it reaches the receiver? Is it easy to read? Have I used correct grammar and punctuation? Have I divided my thoughts into discrete paragraphs? Are important items, such as due dates, highlighted in the text?
  • Have I provided enough context for my audience to easily understand or follow the thread of the message?
  • Did I identify myself and make it easy for the reader to respond in an appropriate manner?
  • Will the receiver be able to open and read any attachments?

Reread/rethink Before Hitting Send

How to Write a Professional Email (with Pictures)

Check for spelling and punctuation errors before you hit send. If you find an error in an email for a job application, fix it, then reread again before you hit send. But also reread for content. If your email is long, think about ways to make it more concise. And if your email is controversial or was written in anger, hit save not send. Come back to it a few hours or a day later and see if you still want to send it.

This may sound like a lot to do before sending an email, but if you are sending effective emails and are more efficiently organizing your email, you will find you actually have more time not less.

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    Things To Avoid #: Failing To Attach The File As Mentioned In The Body Of Your Email

    Youve indicated in the message that there is an attachment but you end up sending the email without the attachment because you are in a hurry. This might portray you as being careless. That is why it is recommended for people to go through their emails several times to ensure all the information stated is intact.

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    Dont Sell Before The Prospect Is Ready

    Have you ever bought a new car at a dealership?

    The salesperson typically greets you the second you get out of your car. Then you exchange pleasantries, talk about the weather, and discuss what youâre looking for in a new vehicle.

    Youâre invited to look at some of the cars on the lot. The salesperson asks you about your job, your favorite hobbies, or the local sports team.

    Itâs all about priming the customer. Good salespeople know that consumers need a little wooing before theyâre ready for a sales pitch. You can apply this wisdom to email marketing.

    If you start an email with, âDear Reader, Please buy my product,â youâll probably wind up without a customer. Donât ask for the sale until the prospect is ready.

    What does this mean?

    In email marketing, you need to give to get. In other words, if you share something of value with your readers, they might share the contents of their wallets in exchange.

    Thatâs why your link to your sales page or to your social media handles should come after you offer something of value. This could be a free e-book, a discount code, useful content or more.

    Professional Email Tip #: If Youre Writing Sales Emails Look Into Automation

    How to write a good email – tips for personal and business use

    Its no secret that sales and revenue marketing people around the world make use of email automation. In fact, automation tools help drive a lot of revenue with email marketing campaigns and sales emails. There are many options out there for such tools, so make sure you do your research.

    For example, sales automation tools like AeroLeads can help you find the verified prospects name, email and contact number, as well as schedule emails for later.

    Most marketing automation such tools are not free. For example, UpLeads and AeroLeadsprices range from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. If nothing else, thats an indication of how valuable such tools are to salespeople writing emails!

    What to Avoid When Writing a Professional Email

    There are things that we do when writing professional emails that seem minor but make a big difference. A poorly written email can portray you as being unprofessional. It can show exactly how you carry yourself since it represents you and if possible, your business. Though it is easy to send a quick reply using your phone, it is vital to verify every email you send.

    Here are few things you should never include in your professional email.

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    How To Write And Send Professional Email Messages

      Whether youre looking for work, making new networking connections, or simply trying to excel at your current job, its essential to know how to write and send professional email messages.

      This can be harder than it sounds. Many professionals have grown used to a very casual approach to email in their personal lives. While slang, emoticons, and textspeak are usually OK when youre emailing close friends, they wont fly in work correspondence. Its important to know how clean up your communications when you need to.

      When might you need to send a professional email? There are a number of possibilities. You might need to send your cover letter to a potential employer, a thank-you letter to a colleague who agreed to be a reference, a resignation letter to your current boss, or a request for a letter of recommendation.

      You may have other reasons for sending non-personal emails, and in fact, its a good idea to make sure all your email is organized and professional.

      Whenever you send professional email messages, it’s really important to make sure the message is perfect. You don’t want to blow an opportunity by making any mistakes either in how you send emails or how you keep track of them.

      Learn what to include in your messages, what not to include, and how to close, sign and send your email messages.

      What Not To Include In Your Email Message

      • Font Style: Avoid ornate, playful, or colored fonts these simply distract the recipient from your actual message. Avoid overusing bold and italics as well, which make an email look cluttered. Do not write in all capital letters either this comes across as angry or overexcited in an email.
      • Emoticons: Do not include emoticons in a professional email save these for personal correspondence.

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      Focus On The Overall Email Purpose

      Whatever your particular purpose for writing an email, keep it in mind as you craft the content. Emails should be brief and directly to the point, so everything you include in the message should convey information specific to the reason you decided to send an email. Paragraphs should be brief, with no more than one main idea. All information included in an email should support the main point. Extraneous information should be removed. If the person needs to know information not related to the purpose, send a separate email specific to whatever topic it is about.

      How To Write A Goodbye Email To Your Colleagues

      Email Writing Examples

        Leaving a job is hard. Despite the not-so-good parts, you likely had good moments as well. How do you gracefully say your goodbyes and exit? A farewell email is not only a way to acknowledge and thank your team before you go, but it is a best practice that most people send around their last day of work.

        • Remind others of your specific contributions to the organization and acknowledge people where appropriate. Recap some highlights of your achievements during your tenure and acknowledge others whove made your experience great.
        • Describe what youll be doing next and what youre looking forward to. If youre uncertain about what youre doing next, you can state that in your message. Frame your immediate post-departure plans in a positive light.
        • Let others know your timing and how to keep in touch. If you feel open to your colleagues reaching out after your departure, include you contact information so they can reach you, even if/when youve moved on from your next opportunity.

        Where your work meets your life. See more from Ascend here.

        Whether you love or hate your job, breaking up with it can be hard. No matter your reason for leaving a toxic environment, lack of growth opportunities, a better offer, or something else there are likely a few positives youll be leaving behind as well.

        If youre one of the many people planning to jump jobs this year, how can you gracefully say goodbye?

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        How Do You Write An Email

        At a minimum, a formal email should contain all of the following elements: Subject line. Be specific, but concise. Salutation. Address the recipient by name, if possible. Body text. This section explains the main message of the email. Signature. Your email closing should be formal, not informal.

        Tips For A Better Presentation

        Use these tips to give a good presentation:

        • Use visual aids. Slideshows, videos, images and other visual elements can add to your presentation. You can use them to guide your presentation and help people stay interested in what you have to share.

        • Practise in front of an audience. While practising in front of your mirror can help you learn your lines, consider asking your friends and family if you can give your speech to them. This can help you calm your nerves and learn what to improve.

        • Be excited about your work. Encourage the audience to feel excited about your presentation by being an energetic speaker. Along with changing your tone of voice, make sure you are using hand gestures and smiling throughout your speech.

        • Ask questions throughout. Consider asking your audience questions periodically. This encourages them to be more attentive listeners and can help them reflect on the content of your presentation.

        • Be a gracious speaker. Always thank your audience for giving you time to speak. This shows that you value their time and attention.

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        Do A Final Spelling And Grammar Check

        Youre almost there dont mess up at the last stretch.

        Imagine spending time crafting a perfect message, only to be ignored because the email riddled with spelling and grammar errors.

        Heres how you avoid this: Once you finish drafting your email, copy and paste it into Microsoft Word or Google Docs to give it a quick grammar, phrasing, and spelling check.

        Alternatively, you can also use free checkers likeGrammarly to automate the process while youre drafting.

        In addition, read the message out loud to make sure the sentences arent too long, sound clunky, or robotic. You want your email copy to sound human.

        All of these tips help the reader focus on your message, not the other elements of your email.

        Ask For Audience Participation

        How to Write an Email (No, Really) | Victoria Turk | TEDxAthens

        If you do not plan to make a bold statement or tell a story, ask your audience to participate. The best way to do this is by asking an open-ended question that requires them to either raise a hand or stand up to answer. If it is early in the morning, try asking them to stand up when they answer your question. This tactic works best in more intimate to small-scale audiences.

        If you are unsure of what attention-grabbing tactic may work best, use a friend, coworker or family member to practise. They can give you feedback on things like your body language, dress attire and, ultimately, what tactic works best with your presentation’s main idea.


        Here are several examples of quality presentation introductions you can use as inspiration for your own:

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