How To Write A Good Email Signature

Export The Finished File

How to Write A Great Email Signature! (Free Tool Tutorial)

Great email signatures are meant for sharing. When you create your own version, its time to export it and share your email signature design with the world.

Photoshop offers several great ways to do exactly that. Begin by going to the File dropdown in the upper left corner. Then, hover over Export to see the full list of options. Quick Export as PNG will instantly render your great email signatures in .png form. Or, for more creative control, choose Save for Web . Here, you can customize file formats, image quality, and much more.

As you can see, Photoshop is the best way to build creative email signature examples. Try it out to build your own great email signatures in 2021.

Leave A Good Impression

Before you send your email, it’s a good idea to thank your reader again and add polite closing remarks.

Begin with something along the lines of:

  • Thank you for your patience and cooperation, < First name> .
  • Thanks for your consideration, < First name> .

After this, continue to finish off your closing paragraph politely.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.
  • I look forward to hearing from you.

How To Write An Email Signature

How you should be writing your email signature depends on the recipient. Is it a business email signature that will be used in a professional capacity, or is it for your family and friends to see? If you are looking for a general but really good email signature, it is best to keep it easy, concise, helpful and to the point.

A few examples of writing what we think is essential and valuable information in your email signature and also some features to keep in mind:

  • A closing

The best email signatures contain a closing a closing could be anything from best regards to sincerely. We like to write Kind regards. Keep in mind to make sure that you think of the context of the email before writing your closing. For example, you dont want to write sincerely yours to your friend because your friend might misinterpret that.

  • First and last name

This one is easy. Write your first and last name in the typical fashion or change it up and write it in bold letters. Up to you. We usually write our names to let people know who is sending the email and to avoid the risk of the recipient misspelling our name.

Dont you hate it when you receive emails where the sender has misspelt your name? This is an excellent way to avoid that problem as the recipient can find out how to spell your name in your email signature.

  • Telephone number
  • Keep it simple
  • Hierarchy to guide the recipient
  • Mobile-friendly

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Final Thoughts: Dont Be Boring

If you can afford it, pay for a premium provider. Even if you cant afford it, go without a few coffees every month. And youll be able to afford it down the line.

For paying a little, youll get advertising with every message you send.

NOTE: Whatever solution you choose should work with iPhone, Android phones or any mobile device.

And, if youre getting a custom solution or doing it yourself, make sure its mobile friendly i.e. can be seen and read on any mobile device.

S To Adding An Automatic Signature In Mailbird

Email Signatures: How to Create with Examples

Mailbird allows you to create and customize email signatures within the app. Alternatively, you can add your sign-off from a professional email signature generator or as an image.

To set up your new professional signature, follow the steps below.

1. Open the Identities Tab in Settings

When you open Mailbird, navigate to the menu at the top left corner of the screen and select Settings. From there, locate Identities to choose and edit your email account.

2. Choose the Account

Find the account you want to update, select it, and click Edit on the right panel. You will be taken to a window where you can update your personal information and signature.

3. Add and Customize Email Signature

You can either paste in an existing signature or create a new one in the signature block. You can choose your desired font, text size, style, and formatting and add links and other elements.

4. Add an Image

To add an image, click the image icon and select a file from your local storage or enter a URL from an image-hosting website. Its best to keep the image size small so it doesnt create delays in sending emails or get caught up in spam filters.

5. Save Changes

Once you are done customizing your signature, click on Save Changes and you are ready to go!

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Find The Best Email Signature Examples By Profession Or Feature

Take a look at the content in the left side menu or the slider below to find quick access to laser-focused email signature examples and tips, arranged by professionals and features.

WiseStamp has been around since 2009. Thats a lot of time to expand and perfect our selection of email signatures. So, if you have a specific need in mind , youll find specific examples and guidelines for that here.

Email signature examples by profession

Add advanced features to your signature:

What Are The Benefits Of A Good Signature

Whether for your personal or professional use, writing a good signature comes with several benefits. Understanding these benefits can inspire you to create a new signature and help guide you in the right direction. Here are the advantages that come from writing a good signature:

  • Brand and identity awareness: Having a business signature to use can help make your brand or company more recognizable to your customers, clients and business partners. As an employee or employer, having a consistent signature can help others recognize you more quickly.

  • Professionalism: When you sign off important documents or other materials with your signature, it emphasizes your professionalism and standing in the business world.

  • Adds value: Signing a document with your signature adds value to the document itself. For example, if you’re signing a business document, your signature shows that you agree with what the document states, therefore, validating its contents.

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Use Social Media Icons And Ctas

Dont be afraid to include your social media profiles and a CTA in your email signature.

Adding your social media links or blog link in your email signature is a great way to drive extra traffic. Plus, it gives your receiver a nudge to check your profiles out to see what youre all about. If youve got a standout profile or a portfolio of work, heres your chance to give them a shot at a bit of extra love.

Adding a CTA to a blog can also boost your credibility. For instance, if youre part of a marketing agency thats trying to sign a client up for content strategy work, this is a good way to boost your agencys cred. What better way to show them you practice what you preach than by showing off your own material?

Include Your Email Address

3 Ways to Make an Amazing Signature in Gmail (Email Tips)

This splits opinion. After all, isnt it on your email anyway? The recipient can find it by hovering over the senders name if needed. Most of the time theyll hit reply and not even think about it. True, but emails are often forwarded on to others that have no access to your details, by including your email address in your signature you become easier to contact.

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Best Corporate Email Signature Fonts

While choosing your email signature font, the simpler, the better is the go-to approach. The font for email signature has a significant impact on its readability and visual perception. If youre using some fancy, quirky corporate font, its better to choose a simpler, safer version for your email footer. Special fancy fonts clutter the email signature and may not look the same on different email clients and devices. Using safe fonts will ensure that your email signature looks clean, neat, elegant and exactly how you intended it to look, no matter the email client or device.

Remember You Have Limited Space

Do not make your footer too large. Allow for as much information as it is necessary, but withhold anything that is excessive. A proper email signature is up to 5 lines. If you have too long a signature consider deleting elements that might be unnecessary, like an additional email address. More than that will probably only distract your recipient. On the other hand, do not make the email footer too condensed use white space. It will increase the readability of your signature.

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Lead Generation And Conversion

Speaking of conversions, email signatures, in general, can help drive sales conversions.

You can also generate more leads with simple email signatures. If youve written a new blog post or you want to promote an ebook, you can include the download link in your email signature.

This also includes asking the reader to download a list or resource, connect on social media, or even opt into a newsletter.

You then have the contact details of the lead and can get to work on beginning the conversion process.

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Align With Your Brand

Email Signatures: How to Create with Examples

If you want to showcase your business and your brand name to the world, its best to create a branded email signature using your logo. Plus, make sure to tailor your copy and the colors you use based on your branding guidelines.

You can also design a specific format for all your team members to keep a consistent branding experience across your email communications as a company.

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Build Your Signature From The Top

The best email signatures are built from the top-down. The most important information, like a name and title, are placed smack at the top of a signature, like this:

Is showing your companys physical address the main priority for you? Or would you rather show off your social media channels? Do you really need your email address in your signature when youve sent an email from the same address? .

An email signature is a bit like a call to action. You can guide whoever receives your email to the most important parts by making the font bigger, bolder, or in a slightly different color.

What happens if your email signature has no hierarchy? Well, you end up like Karen:

Not only does the signature not give any indication about whats important , it makes the marketing agency look super messy.

And looking messy is the exact opposite of what you want when youre trying to do business.

Pro-tip: If you’re looking for other ways to prospect more effectively , check out this webinar.

Emphasize Your Name Affiliation And Secondary Contact Information

As you might guess, your name comes first. Closely following your name, however, should be your affiliation and where else people can reach you.

Your affiliation could mean your job title, your company, your school, or a similar organization that you deem important to your recipients. Your name should eventually be its own draw, of course, but using a more popular brand name and even its logo ensures you get the attention of your readers and they take your message seriously.

Secondary contact information is important, too. You might not want to endorse your personal phone number, but you could take this opportunity to promote your personal website — a passive way to open the lines of communication without flooding yourself with outreach you don’t want.


Here’s a sample email signature that hits on all three things described above nicely. Kevin’s first and last name are accompanied by his affiliation with the University of Connecticut. He also promotes his personal website so his recipients have another outlet to see his work and contact him for more information.

Want to create a signature like the one below? Use HubSpot’s Email Signature Generator.

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Easily Animate Your Email Signature

Its a good option to use elegant animations in your email signature. Animation is a great eye-catcher, and you should use it to bring attention to your otherwise unnoticed email footer.

Best animations you could use:

  • Picture/logo GIFs
  • Animated banners
  • Animated buttons

You should try our animated signature GIF maker see some examples for how its done, and make your own animated email signature.

Animated signature Dos and Donts

The important thing in animation is not to go overboard. Getting too freaky can be counterproductive.

Dont overdo it too much movement can be distracting

If theres too much movement in your signature it can get very hard to focus on actually reading. The motion will compete against the information to which you wanted to pull peoples attention in the first place. And it can be seriously annoying.

Do make sure your animation adds value

Lets go over what that means

Making use of your limited real-estate, grabbing attention or just plain being a cool feature is well and good but theyre not true value in and of themselves.

To really add value they must compliment you or your brand in a meaningful way.

For example, you can use an image strip add-on to add GIFs that show you or your product in action, or you could add a special handwritten animated sign-off to give a personal feel to your signature. Another thing that does the trick is adding your business slogan in addition to your photo and logo like dynamic typing effect.

Promote Fresh Blog Content Or Your New E

Gmail Tutorial | How To Create A Great Email Signature

If youâve got a new blog post, e-book, or video you want the world to see, update your email signature to include a link to it. Not only does this demonstrate your expertise and build credibility in the eyes of the recipient, it helps drive traffic to your awesome content.

  • Create multi-step email campaigns
  • Track all your stats with dashboards
  • Get set up in minutes

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Email Signature Templates & Examples

As you skim through the signature templates below pay attention to the following:

  • company logo and company colors used
  • social media icon and social media links used
  • whether its an Outlook signature or Gmail signature
  • job title being used you can really play around with this a lot
  • font style and font size used
  • whether a digital business card is included or not
  • whether there is a badge in the signature
  • which social links are used: Twitter or Facebook
  • which social media account is used
  • tagline and text description under the company name
  • is the email signature viewable on mobile device
  • is it a custom signature or copied signature
  • is Preferred Pronouns used in the signature

Try to look at each example signature and jot down a few things you like about it, youll use these notes when creating your own signature in the section below.

Once you go through these examples youll take your existing signature block and make it 10X better based in inspiration you get from this post.

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