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When To Send The Interview Confirmation Email

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First off, if you have already received a confirmation email from a hiring manager, or if you were told one was on the way, theres no need to send an email yourself. Just review the details, and send a short, simple acknowledgment and thank you for your consideration.

Otherwise, timeliness is crucial. The hiring manager is likely busy and organizing multiple interviews with job candidates, so respect their time by responding within two days. However, responding within 24 hours is ideal.

Below are various tips, email templates, and examples for different circumstances. Once youve written the email, its time to take the next steps of preparing for your interview.

The Importance Of Email Confirmation

Email confirmations are very important not only for the sender so that they will have a record but also for the recipient. It might be confusing to them thinking that their application or something else is confirmed but they did not receive any confirmation email message. They will think that it was rejected because they have not received any confirmation email.

Not only that, the confirmation email in pdf is also important so that the customer will know that their order went through properly and that they will expect it to be fulfilled and be delivered on time.

Give Product Usage Tips Ahead Of Time

Imagine what the world will be like when you finally get the product youve ordered. Thats what Classic Specs does for its customers by showing how to properly try on a pair of new eyeglass frames.

Your customer has likely already pictured how theyll use your product. But youll expand their imagination and foster even more excitement by giving them more ideas. Consider talking about different use cases and even instructions on caring for their new possession.

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Remind Loyal Customers About Their Points

Rewards programs are intended to increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases. True Classic sends out a personalized message like this one as part of its order confirmation email cadence.

Shoppers get to see the immediate impact their purchase had on their rewards points. And the CTA button is an express ticket to trading points for new gear.You can also use your confirmation emails as a way to get new rewards member signups. To supercharge the message, let new customers know how many more points they need to get their first reward.

Test The Email Design On Different Devices

10+ Sample Confirmation Letters
  • Once youve got a template, make sure it looks equally legible and beautiful on mobile.
  • Sometimes images, texts, or some other elements that havent been optimized for mobile might become illegible on smaller devices
  • Make sure your client can read the confirmation no matter where or on what they are!

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Make Simple Look Chic

Itâs easy to think that no matter how hard you try, your shipping confirmation email will always carry the same boring facts.

Chewyâs example shows how you can organize all the technical information in a visually pleasing way.

USP: The animated GIF of the moving truck at the top adds fun and relevance to all the numbers in the communication in just the right amount.


  • The placement of your text and other elements matters. Right from that GIF at the top, Chewy gets the sequential flow right. This makes it easy for the customer to mentally sift through the various pieces of given information.
  • Highlight what needs highlighting. Make it really easy for your customers to take action by highlighting important information.

When To Send The Email

Ideally, you’ll send this email soon after the notice of the interview.

Here’s one exception to sending an interview acceptance email: When you receive notice of an interview, hiring managers might mention that they plan to send a confirmation email to you. If that’s the case, wait for the email to arrive. If you don’t receive a confirmation message within a day or two, follow up with the hiring manager to confirm.

There is no need for you to send an email if the hiring manager plans to do so.

When you get an email from an employer confirming an interview, you can simply respond by saying that you are looking forward to meeting with them and appreciate the opportunity.

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The Missed Opportunity With Confirmation Emails

Let me ask you a few questions.

  • When you purchase a product with actual money coming from your bank account, do you look and read the confirmation email?
  • If you book a vacation, do you look and read the confirmation email to make sure the details are correct?
  • When registering your details with a bank, are you waiting for the confirmation email to confirm it all went through smoothly?

We are guessing you answered Yes to all of these questions.

Now answer the following couple of questions:

  • You get an email from an SEO company out of the blue you must have signed up to their email list a few weeks ago and have noticed a few emails in your inbox over the past few days do you always read the email?
  • You have recently booked a concert ticket with Ticketmaster for your favorite band, and a few weeks later, you notice an email with a generic subject line announcing their latest offers do you always open the email?

You probably dont, or it depends on how busy you are, but overall, theres a good chance that your interest has waned.

This reaction to the emails is normal behavior for all of us.

Were eager for email confirmations when we book an event, holiday, or purchase a product because its essential information we need.

Anything else doesnt matter to us, and unless the business has nurtured us with intelligent email marketing, we tend not to care about the other emails they send.

Sometimes they get our attention mostly, they dont.

Confirmation Engagement Rates

Split Test Different Subject Lines

Confirmation Emails – Cognito Forms

Split testing is when you try different subject lines to see which one works better. This is a very important part of running a highly optimized email campaign.

When it comes to split testing, there are a few different things you can test.

One thing you can test is the offer itself. For example, you could test whether people are more likely to open an email if it contains a free trial or a discount.

You can also split test personalizing the subject line versus not personalizing it.

Even minor things like capitalizing every word of your subject line versus not capitalizing anything can make a difference in your open rates.

The good news is the best marketing platforms, like Kajabi, have everything you need to split test your emails .

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Reward Customers In Purchase Confirmations To Create A Reciprocal Relationship

When existing customers repurchase, they save retailers the cost of acquiring a new customer, yet online retailers focus their marketing dollars on acquiring new customers rather than delighting existing ones.

The purchase confirmation email is a key opportunity to drive repeat purchases because its the first impression for a customer of how theyll be treated in the new post-purchase relationship.

What user just did
What makes customers cancel their subscription? How do I avoid that?What add-on or higher level would come next?Provide an info product with benefits of an add-on product Reward customers for loyalty

Review Your Confirmation Email Campaign

Double-check all information to make sure everything is in its place. Give a name to your campaign and assign it to a suitable folder, so it wonât get lost.

At this step, you can also configure a sequence of messages and activate custom events for the previous messages of the sequence so that youâll be able to choose them as trigger events for the messages that are supposed to follow. Thus, defining all the scenarios of your automation.

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Help Prospects Understand The Steps Required To Meet A Goal

People love working toward a specific goal. Thatâs why gamification has become such a popular method of communicating and bonding with customers.

When you set a goal for your prospects and help them understand what they can do to meet it, you start building relationships. A confirmation email is a great place to kick off a fun goal for your consumers to work towards.

For instance, maybe you have a loyalty program where customers can earn points toward a discount or free gift. You could outline the different things your prospects can do to begin earning points like following you on social media, buying one of your digital products, or filling out a survey.

The goal could also be related to what you teach. For example, maybe you have certifications that you offer as people complete your online courses. After someone has signed up for your course, use the confirmation email to explain how the certifications work and what they can do next to achieve the next goal. Donât be afraid to position yourself as an expert in your field and tell your customers how theyâll benefit from obtaining your certifications.

The idea here is to further enmesh your prospects in your company culture, so they feel in-the-know and motivated to complete the goals youâve set for your business.

Design Confirmation Email Content

Confirmation Letter Acceptance Employee Suggestion

Dashly has a few confirmation email templates to choose from â welcome âthank youâ type emails to subscription cancellation ones. Plus, you can always create a confirmation email from scratch.

When done with that, continue customizing the content in the chosen template by filling in the fields.

Or, if you decide to create your unique email copy, check out our tips on how to create a top-notch email that boosts conversions.

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What A Confirmation Email Is

A confirmation email is a trigger email sent to customers after performing a particular action: booking tickets, ordering in an online store, subscribing to a newsletter, or registering for an event.

Quite often marketers neglect the opportunity to use this communication for attracting users attention and standing out from the crowd. They simply use a ready-made standard template offered by their ESP, which doesnt communicate anything about the brand or create an emotional bond.

Compare with the example below: it is clear that woohoo! and such design elements like delivery steps, bright logo and tiny stars in the template will more likely grab customers attention, while the same cannot be said about the previous formal example.

Fuzzy Thinking Hides In Long Sentences And In Paragraphs

So, to avoid fuzzy writing try this practice:

  • Compose relatively short sentences
  • Write one-sentence paragraphs
  • Its a tough practice

    Each sentence should be accurate and clear, and each sentence should follow the previous sentence logically.

    This practice forces you to disentangle your thoughts. Theres no hiding.

    Sentence by sentence, you lay out your argument.

    Shall we look at an example?

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    Customers May Be Stepping Into New Terrain Show Them How Far Theyve Come

    While the specific actions differ by industry, these middle-of-the-funnel steps are all attempts by the user to educate themselves on your product or a relevant topic. Showing their progress toward the goal can motivate them to move forward.

    Take, for example, this email from Vero, an email marketing software company. This is the confirmation email that users receive once theyve sent an initial email through the tool:

    Vero explicitly shows users how far theyve come in the process , then seamlessly leads users to the next step . This email has a 72% open rate.

    Vero taps into an important insight: Confirmation emails sent for micro-conversions act as part of the onboarding process.

    In the same way that user onboarding flows make the process of becoming a user easier, your confirmation email is a step in the customer onboarding flow that makes the process of becoming a customer easier.

    Here, Vero borrows a user onboarding convention: They show the steps of using the product in a linear graphic to make users feel like becoming a customer is manageable. They also show how far down the path youve come, giving you momentum to finish.

    Depending on your product and sales funnel, you can show how close a prospect is to receiving a loyalty program deal or play with showing progress to a certain level of expertise by downloading information products.

    Make Shipment Tracking Something To Look Forward To

    How to add confirm email and password fields into the registration form

    One of the ways that an order confirmation email template can make its mark is by giving shipment tracking the importance it deserves.

    The following Zulily example is a classic, especially in the way it makes tracking an action item.

    USP: In this example, visual aesthetics takes the cake. While the communication conveys multiple things, all of it is easy to catch and rememberâthanks to the design.


    • Use distinct information blocksâthey work well. They call the customerâs attention to different topics within the same email, without seeming chaotic.
    • Make website links a part of the communication. So while this does not take the conventional route of upselling or cross-selling, it offers the options of merchandise exploration.

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    Offer Rewards That Are Seriously Attractive

    Every eCommerce business sends out similar shipping confirmation emails. The difference comes when you think about going beyond customer expectations and wowing them. An incentive is a great way to do this. The wow effect ensures they develop a connection with your brand and also open any email that might come from your end.

    In the following example, Tradesy ensures this happens by promising a tidy referral reward.

    USP: A casual, easy-on-the-eye design layout that shows a balance between visual and text.


    • Plug into their emotions. The email talks of friends and referrals in a conversational style, and warms up to readers with a social quotient.
    • Balance between fun and facts. While the referral aspect instantly gamifies the context, making it more interesting, the technical information ensures the customer is updated on what matters the mostâthe order.

    Why Should You Send Confirmation Emails

    Bottom line: most people expect confirmation emails. Itâs become the norm when it comes to email marketing.

    When a consumer signs up for an email list, buys a product, or otherwise provides contact information, he or she expects to hear from the brand â instantly, in most cases. After all, weâve gotten used to immediate responses and instant gratification.

    You should send confirmation emails because your audience expects them and because it provides an instant connection between the consumer and your brand. Failing to send them is not a good way to set apart your brand from everyone else. In fact, itâs one of the most important things to know when it comes to how to create an email marketing campaign.

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