How To Write A Cold Email For Sales

Attention Interest Desire Action

How to Write Cold Emails for Sales?

Attention Grab the readers attention.

Interest Make it personal to engage their interest.

Desire Build desire for what youre offering.

Action Ask for a response.

Why the cold email example below works:

  • Attention: The subject and opening line pull the reader in by asking a relevant and important question .
  • Interest: It piqued her interest by providing statistics on why she should engage.
  • Desire: FOMO. The fear of missing out on something increases our desire for it.
  • Action: Theres a clear direction on what she should do after reading the email.
  • How To Write A Cold Sales Email: Thoughts From A Buyer

    When you hold the keys to a marketing budget, you see a ton of cold emails. I dont mind. Staying on top of new technologies and companies that can help us reach new users and tell our story is a core piece of my job. Moreover, as somebody helping build a platform for salespeople, its valuable to see different tactics and understand how companies position themselves in their outbound messaging. Every time Im on the receiving end of sales outreach, its a learning opportunity.

    Having seen my fair share, I wanted to share my perspective on how to write an effective cold sales email as a buyer, and as a marketer. Like anything in business, theres no silver bullet. But hopefully this will give you another perspective to draw from when you craft your outbound messaging, at the very least.

    How Can You Be Persuasive In A Cold Email

    It all comes back to having a clear and thorough understanding of your buyer personas. Consider what pain point they have, the solutions they may have tried without success, or the goals they have. The more you can get into what they may be looking for and position your email to provide value, then youll increase your chances of them opening and engaging with the content.

    For example, one method we use is to send a link to a blog post, links to our current podcasts, as well as free downloads in our cold outreach campaigns. In this way, its our goal to give our potential customer something of value that will help them see that we are a credible source that they can trust .

    Remember, there is a big difference between cold emails and warm emails. When your prospect is a warm lead, then you can approach the email conversation very differently. However, with cold emails, your focus has to be on overcoming their most immediate objection which is Who is this salesperson emailing me? Why should I listen?

    The more you can earn their trust through providing value in your cold emails, then the faster you can get them to want to move forward with booking a sales call with you.

    Alright, now lets check out 9 Cold Email Best Practices!

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    Following Up After A Meeting

    If youve been cold calling and just wrapped a successful meeting with a target prospect, you could send a follow-up to recap the conversation. Its an excellent way of keeping the relationship moving forward.

    Subject line: Id love to hear your feedback on the meeting

    Hello ,

    It was wonderful meeting you today. Learning about and your goals for the future was inspiring.

    Weve worked with several clients who have faced similar challenges, so I understand how difficult it can be to .

    Below Ive attached a case study highlighting how weve helped previous clients overcome the same challenge. I thought you might find some value in seeing how another company in the overcame it.

    Also, I thought Id recap the important points from our meeting earlier:

    • Your key priorities are
    • The criteria for success include
    • How can help in achieving the points mentioned above

    Please reach out if you have any questions or feedback. Im looking forward to catching up again on .


    How To Write Better Cold Emails Fast

    How to Write a Cold Email That Converts (Without Being Pushy)

    In this post, Ill cover some of the best practices for writing effective cold sales emails that get opens and replies.

    At a high level, when were talking about creating an effective message, there are 5 things that you need in every single cold outbound sales email:

  • Find a reason to connect
  • Tell them why they should care
  • Bridge the gap
  • Lets take a deeper look at each of these.

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    Before You Send Your Own Cold Email Ask Yourself

    Is it obvious that I researched my prospect and their company?

    Even if you know who youre contacting, you want to make it obvious that they know that you know. By including some relevant information, theyll really feel like your email is addressed to them and isn’t just another solicitation. It should be apparent that youve done a thorough job researching them, and that you firmly believe your offer is a good fit for them.

    Pro tip: Your prospect research will help you figure out whether or not youre actually targeting the best possible person.

    Is my message concise, and is it easy for my prospect to respond?

    You dont want to send a lengthy message that describes your product from top to bottom. Trim your message so that your offer and relevant information are clearly-worded, and then add an easy CTA at the end.

    How do you currently solve problem x? is much stronger than Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Can I actually help them?

    There are so many reasons why an offer may not be a good fit for a company. If you dont completely believe that your offer will make your prospects lives better, dont send that email! Youll be creating unnecessary work for yourself by stuffing leads into the pipeline who are going to eventually disqualify. Save yourself the trouble.

    Do I have any social proof?

    Just like this.

    Cold Sales Email Templates

    For B2B businesses, cold email marketing has always been and still remains one of the most efficient ways to generate quality leads. A well-crafted, personalized, and highly targeted cold email can be the starting point of a successful sales interaction. However, since a cold email is the kind of email that you send to a potential customer that you have no prior relationship with getting prospects to respond to an ice-cold email can be a challenge for sales reps. Below are some best practices for sending B2B cold emails, along with a list of proven subject lines, and 10 cold sales email templates you can use for your outbound email campaigns.

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    Cold Outreach Email Example

    Cold emails could help you a lot when selling a product/service or moving your customers down the sales funnel.

    However, you should keep in mind that most people find it annoying when they receive this kind of cold email.

    Instead, you can use social media channels and combine them with your email campaign to connect with prospects. With this, additional information will be easier to get and access. For example, you can re-share one of the posts on Instagram that your target posted. Afterwards, you will show that you care about building some initial relationships with the prospect.

    You have to be calm, polite, and friendly in your cold email pitches. If you show some aggression, it wont help you achieve your sales goal.

    The Good Reviews Email

    How to Write Cold Emails for Sales

    Laura Burget, Business Development at Influitive, says:

    This template works great as a first touch in the commercial segment, largely I believe because of how specific the identification of the pain point is, as well as the customization.

    Screenshots are a fantastic way to show that you have done your homework and also communicates a story quickly for a prospect, allowing us to not just send over a wall of text.

    Also, including some of their competitors who are customers of ours is another great way to grab their attention.

    My approach is always to come in with an opinion/observation of a prospects current state, and then offer up insight into how we can help them hit their targets and grow their business.

    Laura Burget

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    Cold Email Template Body Wording

    Using the right prose words is an art ! It should be a short sweet and precise request no more than 4 sentences.

    There are two approaches to cold emails:

  • You are emailing someone high up in the company and asking for a referral down to the right person
  • You are emailing the decision-maker directly, pitching them to sign up, setup a call
  • With you can copy and paste those text directly into your email template so if youre an happy user, you can copy and paste them directly into as an email template.

    Short subject line

    Dear },

    My name is } and I head up business development efforts with }. We recently launched a new platform that .

    However, based on your linkedin online profile, you appear to be an appropriate person to connect with or point me in the right direction.

    I would like to speak with someone from } who is responsible for .

    If it is you, are you open to a fifteen-minute call on to discuss ways the } platform can specifically help your business? If not you, can you please put me in touch with the right person?

    I appreciate the help,

    Subject line : Can you point me in the right direction?

    Dear },

    Would you be so kind as to tell me who is responsible for and how I might get in touch with them?

    Thank you,

    Kind regards,

    Organization cold email referral are short i saw your company online doing this and that can we talk time and date cheers.. and a call to action.

    Short subject line

    Dear },

    Find A Reason To Connect

    Give your prospects a reason they should want to connect with you a reason to care. You really have to get into the shoes of your prospects, and think how they think.

    This requires research. I always like to start with LinkedIn, as its the most up-to-date source for relevant business information on any prospect, then move to other tools across my sales stack. Cover all your bases, and check their Twitter, skim their blog, visit their AngelList page, etc.

    When finding a reason to connect, look for things like:

  • A mutual friend or colleague
  • Points of affinity, such as the same hometown, Alma Mater, interests, etc.
  • Good blog post or content shared
  • Recent awards, recognition or achievements
  • Trigger events, such as funding announcements, new leadership, etc.
  • General positive contribution to the community
  • This section should be 1 or 2 sentences at the most.

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    Templates For Cold B2b Sales Emails And Tips For Writing Your Own

    What’s the difference between the sales email no one opens and responds to and the one that generates dozens of new customers? Is it the subject line? The length? The way the copy is written? Or the ideas contained in the content?

    The answer is a combination of all of the above.

    Crafting the perfect cold sales email is both an art and a science. Balancing a friendly tone with getting to the point can be tricky. Crafting a CTA that is inviting, not forceful is an art.

    Luckily, you wont have to figure it out on your own. With the help of the templates in this article and expert tips on what not to write in your next cold email, youll have the confidence to write attention-grabbing emails that prospects will want to read.

    Prove You Can Deliver

    REPLY Method: How to Make Your Own Cold Email Template

    The most effective cold email should create the impression that you are the best solution to one -or more of the recipients problems. Briefly address the issue in question and suggest a solution. The point here is make it easy for people to see the value in your offer. Making them realize that the email can help them resolve an issue will increase the probability of getting a response.

    In a nutshell, try to keep your emails short, sweet and simple. Maintain focus on your potential clients, not yourself. Show them you know what they need and convince them that your offer is the perfect choice.

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    What Is The Goal Of A Cold Email

    The goal of a cold email is to start a conversation that ultimately leads to either an informational interview or an introduction. A cold email does not necessarily need to be sent in response to a particular job posting. Instead, you can find potential employers by searching or GitHub for your ideal organisation. A cold email is an unsolicited request for an informational interview that does not require an immediate reply.

    Can A Cold Sales Email Be Successful

    The short answer to this is: Cold sales emails are rarely successful . But, even back in 2018, only 5% of sellers said that bulk email was effective.

    If you still insist on sending cold sales emails, you need to make sure theyre tailored to your specific prospect. A successful cold call email template benefits the prospect in some way.

    Prospects inboxes are more and more saturated with emails like:

    • Congrats on your promotion
    • I loved your article on
    • You dont want to miss this great deal!

    If you absolutely insist on sending cold sales emails , here are some things to keep in mind as you tailor your cold call email template. The best cold sales emails include:

    • A legit reason to reach out: Dont send messages out of the blue. Put your reason in the first sentence.
    • A benefit: Either how your company can benefit the prospect, or how your outreach can benefit the prospect. Put this in the first or second sentence.
    • A call-to-action : Make sure you ask for something. Whether thats a response, a meeting, a coffee or a call.

    What not to include in your cold call email template:

    • Too much about yourself: Dont start the email off by introducing yourself and your company. Get to the pointpoint being the benefit.
    • Grammar errors and too much text: A cold email is best if its brief and well-written.
    • Anything generic: A successful email will talk about the specific benefits to an individual prospect.

    That said, the best cold sales emails arent cold at all.

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    Keep It Short And Specific

    The first impression people get about your cold calling email comes from the subject line. Never write long or misleading subject lines. Announce what people can expect after they open your email.

    Nobody likes to read long and boring email messages, especially when they come from a person they have never met before. Keep your emails short. Try to say everything you have to say in 4 to 5 sentences, max. Be specific. Include a clear call to action. Let people know exactly what you expect from them.

    You cant say everything you want in one email, so dont try to do this. Carefully select the information you consider relevant to share in your cold email. Do not attach any documents. Briefly present your offer, tackling the main interest of the recipient, and ask for a response.

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