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Outlook is software created by Microsoft that lets you send, receive, and manage emails, among other features. Many users actually prefer Outlook over Gmail, appreciating Outlooks offline email option, organizational features, and calendar integration. In 2018, Outlook was reported to have over 400 million active users.

Since so many people receive emails using this platform, its important for email marketers to ensure their emails show up in Outlook. But desktop versions of Outlook for Windows are infamous for severe limitations when it comes to rendering HTML messages, and often marketers struggle to find a responsive email template that works in Outlook.

The good news is, BEEs email templates render wonderfully in Outlook, and theyre a good choice for any marketer looking to save time and create beautiful emails. There are dozens of ready-to-use templates in BEEs catalog, such as this e-commerce template made by designer Andrea DallAra simply drag and drop your text, images, and other design elements and then send your email into Outlook inboxes without fear!

BEE uses a technique called Conditional Comments to minimize issues with Outlook. This technology allows complex multi-column layouts to be rendered correctly. BEE also uses VML, a Microsoft proprietary XML-based language, to make Outlook compatible with some advanced features .

Batch Reply Multiple Emails With Preset Templates In Outlook

Normally, we can reply one email at a time in Outlook. However, with Kutools for Outlooks Bulk Reply feature, you can easily reply multiple selected emails with replying templates easily by several clicks only!module Outlook-ad-download-link}

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Reply emails with template text by Quick Steps feature

Although its impossible to reply emails with template in Outlook, you can create a quick step with the template content. Therefore, the template content will be added into the replying message automatically. Please do as follows:

1. Click Home > Create New in the Quick Steps box. See screenshot:

How To Create An Email Template In Outlook To Save Time In Formatting

Email templates can be a saving grace if you find that you have a lot of repetitive tasks at work. If you’re an Outlook user, the process of creating and using those templates is quick and easy.

Just keep in mind that you can only create the body copy all other information, like the intended recipient , attachments and subject line will still need to be manually added after you’ve customized the template.

With that in mind, here’s how to create an email template in Outlook.

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Email Templates Give You Faster Messages In Outlook

20 May 2021

For emails that you send regularly, theres a way to have a boilerplate email template with most of the details already filled in. Messages can be sent faster and be more consistent. Welcome to the little-known world of Outlook email templates.

Outlook email templates can have all the message details completed including To: CC: BCC:, Subject and Message Body. Its a real timesaver for regularly sent messages which have mostly the same details each time. Outlook templates are very different from Themes which are merely fancy designs to decorate emails.

Well explain how to make an email template, the places to save a template, editing an existing template and using it to make a new message.

For example, a weekly report that looks like this

Can be quickly made from a template like this .

Many people do this by copying from a past message but an email template can be pre-populated with the people to get the message and the message subject .

Create A Simple Email Template For Quick Replies In Outlook

Steps to Create Email Templates in Microsoft Outlook &  Its ...

To set up a template for replies in Outlook:

  • Select the Home tab.

  • In the Quick Steps group, select Create New.

  • In the Name text box, enter a descriptive name for the reply template.

  • Select the Choose an Action dropdown arrow.

  • In the Respond section, select Reply.

    To set up a simple template for new messages that include a default recipient, select New Message.

  • Select Show Options.

  • In the Text text box, enter the message for your reply. Do include a signature.

  • Select the Importance dropdown arrow and select Normal to have your reply go out with normal importance regardless of the original message’s level.

  • Optionally, select Automatically send after 1 minute delay. The message automatically goes to the Outbox and stays in the Outbox for 1 minute. During this time, you can delete it or make an edit.

  • To add further actions, select Add Action. For example, add an action to move the original message to your archive folder or add an action to categorize it with a color to identify messages that received a boilerplate answer.

  • To add a keyboard shortcut for the action, select the Shortcut key dropdown arrow, then select a shortcut.

  • Select Save. In Outlook 2019, select Finish.

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    Where Do I Find Free Email Templates

    There are tons of free ready-to-use templates on the web for all possible scenarios and occasions. Here are just a few examples:

    Surely, Outlook templates provide many useful features that can save you a lot of time. But if you send tens of repetitive emails daily, the capabilities of built-in Outlook templates may not be enough. For example, what if you want to reply with template in Outlook? And if you’ve created a few dozen templates for different occasions, how could you view their content to pick the best-suited one? And if you could only insert a template in the message with a mouse click!

    Sounds like a wish-list for the Microsoft Outlook team? 🙂 No matter how fantastic it may sound, all these features are already implemented in our own templates for Outlook emails, and the next section shows how to use them.

    How To Create An Email Template For New Messages Replies And Forwards

    To add a new template to your collection, here’s what you need to do:

  • In an e-mail message, select the content you want to add to the template.
  • On the Template Phrases pane, select the target folder and click the Plus icon or press the Insert key on your keyboard.
  • The selected text is automatically added to the body of your new template and the first few words become its name. Text formatting, links and images are fetched and preserved.

    You just edit the template name if needed and click Save. Nothing can be easier, agree?

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    Using The Template Design In Outlook 2016

    Hope you have successfully saved your exquisitely designed responsive email template. So, if you have followed the aforementioned steps, you will find the template in the default folder, otherwise, you will have to browse the email template from your separately created folder and then you can create a mail using the predesigned template.

    Create An Outlook Email Template

    Creating & Using Templates in Outlook

    Im going to show you how to create an Outlook Email template. To create a Template in Outlook:

    • Focus in the Outlook inbox
    • Create a new email form
    • Fill in the subject and body

    Youve prepared the email youd like to use as a template, now its time to save it. To save the email as a template:

    • Open Outlook Backstage
    • In the Save As dialog Folder Pane, select Microsoft
    • In the File Name field, input the name of the Template
    • Within the File Type: field, select Outlook Template *.oft

    Save the document and youve created an email template in Outlook.

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    Create An Email Template

    Before you can pin a template, you have to create one. Open Microsoft Outlook and create a new email. Customize it any way you want.

    Templates will store the subject, body, and any formatting, including colors, background images, your signature, and so on. Once your template email looks the way you want it to, click File.

    Select Save As.

    In the Save as window, change the Save as type: field to Outlook Template , and then click Save.

    Your template is now ready to use.

    The Difference Between A Template And A Message In Outlook 2007 And Outlook 2010

    First lets look at the variety of formats you can save your emails in. When saving an email in Outlook, you are given a number of options of formats you can save the email in.

    File Type


    creates an editable copy of an email which can then be saved and resent

    Because we are creating a template, we will save our message and choose the *.oft format. Below, you can see the difference between an Outlook message and a template .

    Example of a normal email message and a template created in Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 to illustrate the differences.

    The primary difference is that a template is editable, whereas a message is a copy of an email and cannot be changed.

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    Create A Template In Outlook To Send The Same Email Over And Over

    Save Time by Using Email Templates in Outlook â PCM Courseware

    When you frequently send very similar emails, save one of these messages as a message template first in Outlook. Then, instead of creating the email from scratch, start with a template and customize it to fit your email recipient. You’ll save time and become more efficient at your email tasks.

    Instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and Outlook for Microsoft 365.

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    Inserting Html Into Outlook Email Templates

    Given the number of rendering issues that one encounters with Outlook, youd think that the best course of action is just sending plain-text emails to your Outlook recipients. But, doing so would make your emails very dull and drab and probably push your readers to unsubscribe from your communications.

    The question is, how can you make your emails presentable and attractive while also overcoming the hurdles posed by Outlooks rendering algorithms? Simple, insert HTML into your email templates! Let us take a look at a few ways using which you can add HTML to Outlook email templates.

    Editing An Email Template

    Theres no way to directly choose an email template to edit from within Outlook. You have to find the .oft file in Explorer then open the file for editing.

    Go to Home | New Items | More Items | Choose Form | User Templates in File System. Select the file path and press Ctrl + C to clipboard copy. Now switch to Windows Explorer, paste into the path box.

    You can see the .oft files listed there, plus the NormalEmail.dotm used by Outlook for new blank messages.

    Double-click on the .oft file or right-click and choose Open. Itll open in Outlook.

    Make the changes you want then Save the revised template.

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    Accessing A Template From Windows Using Windows Explorer Or Pinning It To The Taskbar

    • To use a template in Windows Explorer, navigate to the file and simply double click it. You will now be able to add a Sender and any customisation before sending the email out.
    • If you would like to pin it to your Task Bar, drag the template down to your Task bar onto your Outlook and it will be pinned as mine is to the right. If your Outlook is not pinned to your Task bar, simply right click on the Outlook icon on the Task bar when it is open and select Pin to Task bar.

    Modifying An Existing Template For Use In Outlook 2007 Or Outlook 2010

    How to Create email templates in Outlook – Office 365

    The tricky part when using templates is modifying them when they are in Outlook itself. If you saved the template to Windows, you can simply go in, edit it, save it and you are done.

    If your template is stored in Outlook, you must follow the steps above and add any edits to your template that you would like at step 4, otherwise you will end up either losing all your changes, or worse you will be unable to save it back to Outlook as a template. Simply follow the steps carefully and you will be just fine!

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    S To Save An Email Template:

    1. First, save the email as a template.a. Start by clicking on the File from the message toolbarb. And then select Save As from the file menu.

    2. In the next step, you have to select the Outlook Template from the drop-down list displayed under Save As type.a.In some cases, Outlook automatically selects the Templates folder to save the email template.b.Make sure that you have saved the template as Outlook Template and not the other.c.You are free to change the template name, it will assist you in finding the particular template easily.

    3.The most important thing while saving the template is to keep the desired location in mind.a.After Making all changes in favor of email templates, make sure that you have chosen the location which you can easily be able to find. You can choose the default location.b.Also, you can choose to save the file in your own created folder.c.Click on Save button.

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