How To Use Domain Email With Gmail

Create A Free Gmail Account

How to use domain email with gmail account – connect send and receive emails in few steps

Once youve signed up for your own domain name and web hosting, youll need to create a free Gmail account if you dont currently have one.

While Google requires you to provide your First and Last Name, many people choose to enter their business name for these fields. In the example below, instead of using my name, I could have simply entered Visual Oak.

In addition to your name, youll need to select a Username and Password. Your Username will also be your Google-branded email address, so spend some time selecting the one that closest resembles your business name.

Unfortunately, since Gmail is so popular, your first choice may not be available. In that situation, you may want to consider adding something related to the city or state you operate in after your first choice. For example, if wasnt available, I could try , which includes the zip code of my neighborhood.

Once youve created your Google Account, its time to log in to Gmail for the first time and configure it to use your own domain name!

Set Up Your Custom Email Address

First of all, go to the cPanel of your website hosting to prepare your email account. Here, scroll down to the Email section and click on Email Accounts.

On this page, all the Email accounts currently in use are going to be listed. If you want to manage yours or add another email address in the future, you can do it from here. For now, just click on the Create button.

Now you can just fill in the Username and Password fields with the one you want. Remember to safely store these credentials, because theyre going to be very important in the future.

After that, scroll down and set the appropriate Storage Space for the email. You can also choose a few other settings according to your needs here. Once youre done, just click on the Createbutton and your domain name email is ready.

And there you go! Your custom email is ready to go. Before moving on to the next step, youll need to check certain information thatll come in handy later. On your Email Accounts page, you should be able to see your new mail listed. Here, click on Connect Devices.

On this new page, scroll down to the Mail Client Manual Settings section and note the information right below it.

In fact, its best to keep this open because youll need to consult this info multiple times later.

Verify Your Domain Name With Google Workspace

Next, youll need to verify your domain name with Google Workspace by adding something called a TXT record. Depending on how you have things configured, you can do this at either:

  • Your web host
  • The place where you registered your domain name

Google Workspace will provide detailed instructions for most popular hosts/registrars.

Heres what it looks like to add the TXT record using cPanel :

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How To Send And Receive Emails Using Your Custom Email With Gmail

Gmail is awesome and its free. You get 15GB of storage and access to Google Drive which is cloud storage for your photos and files. Youll also get access to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. With these tools, youll be able to create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. All of these fully integrate with Gmail and can be used with your custom email.

You can also log in to multiple Gmail accounts at once . Sign up here to .

How To Set Up Your Domain Email In Gmail

How to Connect Your Domain Email to Gmail

This guide will take you through the steps of setting up your email account within Gmail.

Your domain email address can be accessedusing any mail program, including Gmail.

The advantages of using Gmail are:

  • the interfacemay be more familiar to you if you are already using it

  • your mail can be accessed from any online computer or device

  • 15GB of storage isprovided per mailbox, which is useful if you want to store a large amount of mail without incurring disk over usage charges.

Note that you will need access to your Gmail address to verify the setup of your new domain email address.

1.BrowsetoGmailand log in

2. Select theSettings iconfrom the top right menu, then chooseSettingsfrom the drop-down list

3. Select theAccounts and Importtab

4. SelectAdd a mail account

5. Enter yourEmail address, thenNext

6. Select the 2nd option and clickNext

7. Gmail will automatically add certain settings, but check that:

  • The Username is the full email address

  • The Password is included

  • The POP Server has the prefix mail before your domain name.

  • Other settings may be checked according to your personal preferences

8. SelectAdd Account

9. Your account has now been set up to receive your domain email, but you can now continue to set up the account tosend mail from your domain. SelectYesandNext

10. UntickTreat as an alias

11. SelectNext Step

14. The current dialogue box opens up to add the SMTP details. Ensure that:

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A Business Email Through Gmail

After some time I realized I could have both, the Gmail and the one I had with Mac Mail! Ive also found out that it was possible to use Gmail with a custom domain name! You can have your email like in Gmail within minutes. Brilliant solution for every business. Thats why I introduce you to G Suite or you can call it Google Apps for Work .

G Suite is a set of intelligent apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, and more designed to bring people together, with real-time collaboration built in from the start. And theres a lot more on the way. When organizations break down silos, connect people and empower them to work together, they get the speed, agility and impact needed to compete in todays market. When your business is powered with G Suite, information can flow easily between apps, devices, people and teams. Imagine the future of your business, if this was how it could be But lets focus on Gmail in your domain.

Set Up Your Email Mx Record

This is the last step in setting up your custom email address. Its what makes the emails actually flow into Gmail. This will require changing some settings at your web host. Google has specific instructions for many web hosts here. If your host is not the list, then follow the generic instructions here.

This step sounds scary because the instructions have a lot of technical language. If you follow the instructions step-by-step, you should have no problems. However, if you do, contact customer support at your web hosting provider. They will be able to help you.

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Using Your Domain Name In Gmail

Before I show you how to integrate into gmail, I want to give you a heads up on how it works.

You can add aliases to your gmail account so if you have a variety of domain names, you can integrate them all into your gmail. If you receive an email from someone using your new alias, when you hit reply, your gmail account will automatically send from the same domain name as long as you have set up the incoming and outgoing server details correctly.

Youll also be able to select which account you send from if youre creating a new email to send out from your domain or you can set it as your default so that it always comes up as the chosen domain email address.

So lets get your domain name added to your gmail.

Watch the video below or scroll down to read the instructions.

Why You Need A Business Email Address

How to use domain email with gmail account – connect send and receive emails in few steps

Here are the important reasons for using the business email address:

  • It is a custom business email address and thereby is more professional.
  • Business email address is short and can be remembered easily.
  • You can ensure that every email you send has a standard format and therefore maintain consistency.
  • Sending emails with a business name enables you to promote your brand.
  • Professional email addresses are less unlikely to be marked as spam by customers.

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Heres How To Create A Custom Domain Email Address With Gmail:

  • Purchase a custom domain name. I purchase all of mine from
  • Visit
  • Youll have the option to set up your account the Express or Custom way. I recommend Express its really quick!
  • Now you need to verify your domain name. The easiest way in my opinion, is to insert an HTML tag into your sites home page easier than it sounds, promise. To do this, you need to copy a provided code into your websites < head> section. Many WordPress themes, such as Headway and Genesis, have a space for this . If you cant find it, then theres a plugin you can install here that will provide an easy-to-edit < head> section. Then, just copy the code that provides in that section.
  • Once youre done, login to your account and click Users. There, youll see the option to add new users . Adding new users is $6 per user, per month or $72 for the year. This is totally worth it to me!
  • Thats it! Youre done! Rejoice!
  • If you have any questions about using Gmail with a custom domain, feel free to leave a question in the comments!

    Gmail Domain Setup: A How

    Many first-time domain owners are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of domains and their integration with other services, such as Gmail.

    For example, did you know that you can link your domain to your Gmail account so that your business can take full advantage of G Suite services? Boiled down, this means that you can connect a Gmail address to your domain name, and then access it from just about anywhere in the world.

    Lets say that you have a domain called and your name is Tom. With you can easily create as the email, and then have that linked directly to a Gmail account. If you dont already own a domain, you can find one and complete the purchase process with in minutes. This way, you get to keep a professional looking email and have the power of the G Suite at your fingertips as well.

    Now, getting started can be a little daunting but finding a domain name and linking it to a Gmail is easy with Lets discuss the steps to take to setup a Gmail and domain, plus everything you need to know about Gmail for business. makes it easy to add G Suite for Business to your domain name.

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    How To Add Domain Email/ Custom Email To Gmail Account

    This information is very useful for website owners so that you can handle the self-created email account through Gmail. For this, you just have to follow a few simple steps in Gmail settings. The process may be a little longer to see, but dont worry, when you will do it, It will take a few minutes only.

    How To Login To Gmail Using Your Domain Email Address

    How to Connect Your Domain Email Address to a Gmail Account

    I host email for the majority of my clients and forward their domain email to a Gmail address. The reason I do this is the convenience and functionality of Gmail. Also, most business clients have multiple email addresses and dont want to login multiple different places to check their email. Forwarding email to a Gmail address and using Gmails Send Mail As feature gives my clients the ability to send and receive their domain email from Gmail. I will write an article on that process in the future, but for now, see this article on how to do that.

    Being able to sign into Gmail using your domain email address is another way to streamline the entire process. Follow these steps to allow that feature:

  • Login to Gmail
  • Under Contact Info click on Email
  • Once youve added an Alternate Email you will be able to sign into your Gmail account using the domain email address you entered in this field.
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    Start Building Your Email List From The Beginning

    Whether you have been blogging for a while or are brand new it is important to have an email list. Why you ask? The simple answer is an email list converts better than any other platform. With an email list you also own your audience whereas with social media you are subject to the whims of algorithm changes.

    Using Gmail With Your Domain

    While the above steps may seem like a lot of information, they should be very simple to follow, taking just a few minutes to set up. Here are my recommendations for using Gmail with your domain:

    • Gmail If you already have a website and email hosting, you can use a Gmail account for free
    • Google Workspace If you dont already have email hosting, or you want to separate your custom email address from your Gmail account, Google Workspace is an extensive and affordable option

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    Forward Your Domain Email Address To Your Gmail Account

    Go to the cPanel dashboard again and scroll down to the mail section. This time you will select Forwarders.

    Type in your email address and select the correct domain address from the dropdown menu

    Select Forward to email address and type in the gmail address where you want your domain email address to be forwarded. Then click on Add Forwarder.

    All mail that you receive at your domain email address will now be forwarded to your chosen gmail account.

    Learn how to use your domain email with gmail for free in 3 EASY STEPS!

    How Do I Make Gmail Segregate

    How To Send Emails With Domain Email Using Gmail

    How to create multiple inboxes

  • On your computer, go to Gmail.
  • At the top right, click Settings .
  • Next to Inbox type, select Multiple inboxes.
  • To change multiple inbox settings, click Customize.
  • Enter the search criteria you want to add for each section.
  • Under Section name, enter a name for the section.
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    Purchasing A Custom Domain For Gmail

    The first thing youll need is a domain name that properly reflects your business. It can often happen that the domain you want is already taken. In this case, youll have to get a bit creative. Alternatively, you can consider using less conventional domain extensions, such as .fitness, .shop, .ninja, or pretty much whatever your heart desires.

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