How To Track Emails In Gmail

View Your Email’s Full Headers

Email Tracking for Gmail – How To Track Emails in Gmail (Free & Unlimited)
  • From a browser, open Gmail.
  • Open the email you want to check the headers for.
  • Next to Reply Show original.
  • The headers will show in a new window, including fields like authentication results. To get the full message header, click .

  • Log in to your AOL account.
  • Open the email you want to see the headers for.
  • In the “Action” menu, select View Message Source.
  • The headers will show in a new window.

    How Does Email Tracking Work

    Email tracking is just one out of many email features that NetHunt CRM integrates with your inbox. It sounds like it should be complicated, but its simple.

    NetHunt uses a technique called Web Beacon Tracking. When you send an email, our tracking software embeds a tiny 1×1 pixel image, known as a tracking pixel, somewhere in the email or within a particular hyperlink within the email. When the email or hyperlink is opened, the recipient’s provider makes a request to download this tracking pixel from our NetHunt server, and this request is counted as a view or in your dashboard.

    Popular Times And Days

    Youll learn how your email traffic volume changes over time, both in terms of time of day and day of week.

    You might find that Monday mornings open the floodgates for email, making it virtually impossible to do anything else, while Friday afternoons are a bit of a lull.

    With this knowledge, you can optimize your workflow to take advantage of the least active times .

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    What Does Mailtracker Store About The Emails I Send And Receive

    MailTracker doesnt store the recipients, subject or content of youremails. The only information we save when you send an email with thetracking activated is:

    • A message identification number
    • A thread identification number
    • The date it has been sent at.

    This information lets MailTracker retrieve the tracking events of thecorresponding emails when you navigate Gmail.

    We dont store anything about the non-tracked emails you send and theemails you receive.

    MailTracker is different from most Gmail tracking integrations because it doesntrequire the permission to read and manage your emails in Gmail. It works only with theChrome extensionadding the tracking information when you use Gmail.

    Why Should I Track My Emails

    Free Gmail Email Tracking

    On the surface, email tracking seems like a bonus feature. It feels like maybe you dont need it and youre definitely already using enough systems as it is. Dig a little bit deeper, and once you implement an email tracking strategy, you wont look back. It becomes a vital tool for each arm of a business to gather data from the emails they send.

    • Because it helps your marketing team write better emails.Email tracking software doesnt lie. It doesnt care about your sensitivities or your pride. Its not your dear mum, telling you youre gorgeous when youre not. Email tracking gives an honest assessment of the effectiveness of your email campaigns, offering an opportunity to reverse-engineer the content of each message so it bangs every single time. It doesnt just answer whether your email has been opened, but over a period of time it helps build a picture of why your emails dont get opened. It hones your email marketing campaigns, giving an insight into your subject lines up to scratch?

    Learn how to craft perfect sales emails with the Sizzling-Hot Guide to Cold Outreach.

    Find out Absolutely Everything You Need to Know about Gmail CRM!

    Find out Absolutely Everything You Need to Know about Email Marketing!

    Besides, nobody wants to get left on read.

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    What Happens When Youre Sending An Email To Multiple Recipients

    You can also track emails that have been sent to multiple recipients. When tracking an email to multiple people, opens, clicks, and replies will be reported as below:

    All notifications from a group email will label the participant as Someone. This anonymous identification convention is standard throughout most secure email open tracking tools.

    The Best Alternative: Tracking Pixels For Email Tracking

    The second method is to use a tracking pixel. This is a tiny, 1×1-pixel attachment that loads when the recipient clicks on an email. After that, the email client sends a signal to the server which interprets the email as being opened. This is how Mailtracks email tracking works.

    You can find tracking pixels all over the web in other locations, too. For example, a website with a newsletter may embed a tracking pixel in the sign-up confirmation window so it can track when people successfully sign up.

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    Mixmax Free Vs Premium Versions

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    Besides tracking emails, Mixmax comes with several other features including scheduling emails, organizing meetings, and more. But, lets just stick to the subject of this article, which is the easiest way to track emails you send via Gmail.

    Its worth noting that Mixmax is available in both free and paid variants. Now, if youre opting the free version, then the email tracking feature, that lets you know whether the recipient opened your mail or not, will be restricted to 100 emails per month.

    If that doesnt sound like you, you can go for the premium plans that start from $9 per month. The premium plans will give you unlimited email tracking feature along with several other features including unlimited reminders, unlimited templates, unlimited public appointment calendars, and more.

    Who Will Be Most Benefited By Email Tracking

    How To Track Emails With Gmail

    If you are a Marketer, Sales Professionals, Executives, Recruiters or Customer Support where your emails hold a great value and where your deals depend on your emails and where you are just on the verge of hiring someone thats where Email Tracking tools jump in.

    These best email tracker can help Marketers, Sales Professionals and Executives take those crucial decisions at the perfect time.

    Track them to make data-driven decisions

    Make the most out of your email!

    We let you track unlimited emails

    for free without any hassle.

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    The Benefits Of Email Tracking

    There are many benefits to tracking email opens:

    • It reduces the need for follow-up emails you already know if the recipient has opened your email.
    • If recipients consistently dont open your emails, you can cut down how many you send in the future.
    • Tracking in real-time? You can send follow-up emails when you know the recipient is in their email inbox.
    • If you know that someone has opened up your email several times in one day, theyre likely to be interested in what youre emailing them about. You can then strike while the iron is hot.

    Benefits of Email Tracking for Business Theres no denying the massive impact that email can have on growing your business. Email marketing yields an average ROI of 4,300% and is especially useful when targeting new customers.

    Unfortunately, there are many reasons youre likely not seeing that return on investment. For one, your emails probably arent reaching their inbox, and you likely wont realize it unless youre tracking them.

    Email ROI is 100% about deliverability. Its imperative to find out if your emails are getting bounced by the recipients email provider or if theyre getting marked as spam. Email tracking also helps you make smarter business decisions when growing your pipeline.

    Knowing key factors like when your recipient opened the email, how many times, and what content they engaged with can help you personalize your responses and optimize your email campaign cadence.

    How To Track Sent Mails Status In Gmail Using Google Chrome

    Email tracker or mail tracking system is mostly used by companies, organizations, and bloggers to check the open rates, mail delivery status, tracking email opens, and many other data curation.

    Most of them use third-party services like MailChimp, Aweber and other kinds of email service providers and few of them use their own email servers.

    But for individuals, mail tracking isnt offered by email service providers like Gmail.

    Mail tracking comes in handy when someone is not replying to your email and giving excuses like they didnt get your email or they were not able to check your email due to certain reasons.

    You just cant figure out whether they are telling the truth or lying to you, in such cases, you need to check whether your email got delivered and has been read by them or not.

    Maybe they are ignoring your email, and you are unable to find if they actually read your emails or not.

    To come over this problem here is a simple solution to check mail status as delivery and mail open and other useful tracking details.

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    How Email Tracking Has Helped Real Businesses

    • Here’s how email tracking helped close a $100,000 deal
    • Here’s how email tracking helped get to the decision maker
    • Here’s how email tracking helped connect to CEOs

    “Last year, I was positive wed landed a contract with a huge eCommerce client. I thought we had the deal in the bag.

    After speaking for weeks, we sent our final proposal with a quote and the entire process mapped out. And what happened? Absolutely no response. Silence.

    Fast forward three months later: a notification pops up on my computer letting me know that eCommerce company just opened my email and clicked the link to our proposal. Later that day, I get another notification alert that theyre reading our blog posts.

    The next morning, I get yet another notification. Theyre reading the case studies on our website! So I sent a follow-up email, hoping that they were interested again.

    Three weeks later, we closed the deal worth more than $100,000.”

    Mack McGee

    How To Monitor Employee Email In Outlook

    How To Track Email In Gmail

    EmailAnalytics is a specialized tool for Gmail and Google Workspace , but what if your team uses Outlook?

    Check out our list of the best options for Outlook email analytics.

    If youre looking for help switching from Outlook to Gmail Ive written a guide on how to do so in four easy steps . But if you prefer to stick with Outlook, you do have options to monitor employee emails in Outlook directly.

    For Outlook email monitoring, your best bet is probably Microsofts MyAnalytics, which will help you monitor your productivity in Outlook and across other Microsoft products.

    Here, youll see metrics related to how you spend your time, including hours you spend emailing, in meetings, and focusing on other work. Youll also see a breakdown of what percentage of emails have been read, and the average response time for received emails.

    MyAnalytics also has a recommended list of contacts you havent engaged with in a while, so you can follow up and stay in touch.

    Theres also an opportunity to set goals, and measure your progress against those goals.

    For example, you might set a target to meet for fewer than 10 hours in the upcoming week, then look into the meetings that helped you meet that goal .

    MyAnalytics isnt as robust as EmailAnalytics when it comes to email monitoring you wont have visibility into quite as many email-related metrics.

    However, it offers a succinct, high-level view of your employees email habits, and other work habits.

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    Start A Relevant Conversation

    The whole point of email intelligence tools is to help you make your content and timing more relevant to recipients. Canned emails arent just impersonal, theyre also less effective. Use what you know about the recipients business and history of interactions with your company to target your content. If that first email isnt opened, stop there. No one needs an inbox cluttered with follow-up emails if they havent opened the first.

    Common Misunderstandings Around Gmails Image Policy

    After the proxy image server policy came into effect, some people were worried that email tracking wouldnt work at all anymore. This is not the case. You can still track opens through a tracking pixel, and link tracking still has the same functionality.

    Since Googles proxy servers dont play any part in link tracking, link clicks can still show the geolocation data of a recipient. Thats why email marketing programs encourage users to focus on getting recipients to click on links to get more data.

    Some people were also worried that their email tracker would receive false opens. If Google was now downloading images ahead of time to its own servers, wouldnt the tracking program think the email was opened? But theres nothing to worry about on this front. After the change, different people tested this and found that Googles proxy server doesnt send false opens when it downloads images.

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    Is Spying On Your Recipients Good

    If you are doing it with the good intent where it is affecting your sales or some executive decisions, then tracking your emails is legit.

    But if you are doing it to spy on your boyfriend or girlfriend or your boss then all of these reasons are wrong, and this is where email tracking gets unethical.

    How To Track Emails That You Send Via Gmail

    How to Track Emails in Gmail

    If youve been using Gmail for some time now, you would have probably learned by now that Googles mailing service doesnt come with an option to track your sent emails. In other words, it doesnt have the feature to let you know whether the recipient has opened your email or not.

    The lack of the tracker feature can be quite annoying for important emails when you have to make sure the other party opens your email within a certain period in time. The feature is particularly useful if youre a Sales executive, Personnel officer, or even a Customer Care representative.

    So without further ado, lets check out the easy method that you can adopt to track all your emails sent via Gmail.

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    Tracking Opened Emails In Gmail

    There are multiple ways to track emails sent via your Gmail account. In this article, however, Ill be talking about a specific Google Chrome extension called Mixmax that will include a tracker to every email you send.

    Mixmax is pretty easy to set up. All you need to do is download the MixMax Chrome extension and give appropriate permissions for the seamless working of the tracking service. After youre done with the setup, follow the steps below to successfully track Gmail messages that you send.

      • After filling the recipient address, subject, and body of your new email, head over to the Track option at the bottom of the message window.
      • Upon clicking Track, youll find three options including Track opens, Track clicks and downloads, and Show desktop notifications. As the name suggests, Track opens feature notifies you as soon as the recipient opens your email, while the Track clicks and downloads will notify you when the other party clicks or downloads your attached file.
      • Select the option that best fits your purpose and click the Send Now button to deliver your message to the recipient.

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