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Check The Join Date On Youtube

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Now, when you create a Google account, you will already be logged into many other Google services such as YouTube, Google Maps, Google Calendar and other services. You now have a way to know when you created your Google account, but it will only show you the year you joined YouTube, which also coincides with the year you created your Google account.

  • Using your favorite web browser, sign in to … Be sure to sign in to the Gmail account for which you want to check the creation date.
  • Once logged in, simply click on your profile picture to open the drop-down menu.
  • From the channel screen, just click the About tab.
  • You will see the date of joining under the statistics. Sometimes it might not be right and you can only see the year of joining.
  • Of course, this may not always be correct, given that YouTube’s counting system simply does not work properly and takes a long time to update when it comes to video views. However, there is another method that can show you all the details and possibly even the time when you created the account.

    Use Twitters Advanced Search

    Have you already guessed your next step?

    Go to the and look for the words at and dot in tweets from your target person. You can also include words like email, contact, or reach in your search to narrow down the results.

    Lets see if this works for Sam Oh, our Grandmaster of video content here at Ahrefs.


    Some people dont even bother ciphering their email addresses in their tweets.

    Ask Yourself Whether The Language Seems Fishy Pushy Or Urgent

    Scammers will try to trigger emotional responses like anger, shock, empathy, panic, curiosity, etc. By doing so, theyre more likely to trick their targets into doing something they normally wouldnt do.

    For example, they might send you emails on the following subjects:

    • An unbelievable deal/discount on the product
    • A high-priced lottery winning
    • Unauthorized access of your account
    • Data-breach incident of your credentials
    • Free credit reports
    • A purchase from your account
    • A fundraising campaign for poor/people suffering from rare diseases/victims of natural calamities

    There are many subjects that elicit emotional responses from email recipients. Hackers know this and will use email subjects that will spur targets to take action without stopping to inspect or investigate the emails properly.

    Check out the screenshot below as an example of how to tell if an email is fake:

    As you can see, this example email mentions a temporary hold on the Stripe account due to some unexplained bank-related issues. Now, its likely that people using Stripe on a regular basis would get anxious after reading such an email and try to respond immediately.

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    How To Track The Owner Of An Email Address

    The most common way to track the owner of an email address is with a reverse email search. This site is one of the few services which provide reverse searches for free however, we acknowledge that our service may not be as extensive as some of the pay services. In the event you are not successful in finding the person you are looking for with our site, we have also built an email search guide with information on some of the paid services that are also available.

    Tracking back the owners of certain email addresses can sometimes prove to be difficult. Sometimes both our site and the number of other sites will not able to find the owners information on an email address. So here is another way you may be able to track down the origin of the email you are searching.

    If you use our reverse email search one of the pieces of information you may see is an IP address. The IP address is a unique set of numbers that is issued by the server responsible for sending the email. IP addresses can usually be traced to physical addresses, for which, a reverse address search may be performed offering the residents name and even phone number.

    Now, most times a free email address is used from a service like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail and IP address information won’t do you much good. Occasionally the email address will be a unique to the sender and in that case it may be a useful piece of information in tracking down the sender.

    How Old Is My Gmail Account

    How to Find Gmail account creation date

    One of our SEO clients recently asked me if I could tell him when he officially started his gmail account, so I did some quick online research using the standard search terms one would expect to produce good results like When was my gmail account created? and How old is my gmail account?. I was surprised to see that all the answers online were from 2012 to 2017. There were no recent answers at all! And all the methods that were shared between 2012 and 2017, like the POP method, no longer work

    So, after a couple hours of exploring the many Google properties, I found one that is API related that shows you the actual day, month and year that you started your gmail. Heres a quick video visually showing you how the method works:

    Below are the step by step instructions I detail in the video above that youll need to follow to determine when your Gmail account was created.

    Step 1. Go to this

    Heres what youll see on this page:

    Step 2. Click the Authorize and Execute Button

    When you do so, the following Select OAuth 2.0 Scopes popup will appear. Press the Authorize and Execute button again.

    Step 3. Login To Your Gmail Account

    Youll then be asked to choose which Gmail account you want to login to. Heres what that new popup will look like:

    Step 4. Scroll Down To See Your Gmail Account Creation Date

    Next, all you need to do is scroll down the page a little and youll see your Gmail account creation date. Heres what mine looks like:


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    How To Check If An Email Address Is Valid

    If youre like most people, you probably receive hundreds of emails every week, many of them spam. It would be impossible to manually check the validity of every single email you receive, which is why you should always start by using Clean Email to organize all of your emails into easy-to-review bundles that you can manage just as easily as if you were managing a single email.

    How To Find Email Addresses At Scale For Blogger Outreach

    Reaching out to the authors of articles is a crucial part of any link building or promotional campaign. Let me show you how you can find prospects AND their email addresses in bulk for your outreach.

    Lets say youre promoting a mobile app for weight loss.

    Head over to our Content Explorer and search for the topic youre interested in.

    If the article specifies the author, Content Explorer will show you their name.

    Youll also see the authors name in the export file.

    The only thing thats missing is the domain. But you can pull that easily from the articles URL with this formula in Google Sheets:


    Now that you have the domains and the authors names, you can upload the list to your favorite email lookup tool, e.g., Hunter.

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    Take An Educated Guess

    If you think about it, pretty much all email addresses follow the same handful of patterns. They are often based on quite simple formats.

    So if you know your prospects first name, surname, and domain, you might be able to guess their email address.

    If you already have the email address of someone else at the same company, you can probably figure out which structure they use.

    If not, try these common formulas:

      How To Find Someones Email Address From Twitter

      How To Create A Fake Email Address

      Do you ever wish you could connect with anyone who shared an article similar to the one you are writing?

      With Buzzsumo, you can find similar articles to your own article. Then by clicking âView Sharers,â you will see everyone who shared that article on Twitter. Similarly, you can find everyone who linked to an article similar to yours and reach out to them too.

      Most profiles will have a website URL in the Buzzsumo spreadsheet. In which case, you can use an email finder tool to collect their email address.

      But what if you want to reach out to someone who doesnât have a website listed on Twitter? Or what if they listed a social media account?

      Not to fear! Here is another opportunity to find emails from Twitter.

      We humans are creatures of habit. Therefore quite a few people have emails that are identical to their Twitter handle. As mentioned earlier, most people use Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, or Yahoo for their personal email needs.

      Perhaps you are wondering, how do I do this at scale? Iâm glad you asked :).

      Excel spreadsheets have a list of formulas that help the everyday marketer do their work faster. For this tactic, you will use concatenate. Concatenate is simpler to use than it sounds, let me show you.

      In the first column, list out the Twitter handles of your targets. You can use Followerwonkâs Compare Users feature to find who James Currier and Mike Maples Jr. both follow.

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      Why Cybercriminals Send Fake Emails

      Scammers are becoming smarter and more innovative with their email phishing techniques that even the most vigilant people become victims of email phishing scams.

      Phishing emails are sent to:

      • Create a sense of urgency to get victims to engage with them.
      • Deliver malware to the victims computer via attachments or links.
      • Redirect victims to a malicious website or a website that looks the replica of a legit companys website.
      • Trick recipients into sharing their login credentials, financial, or other sensitive information.

      Needless to say, its high time that you and your employees learn how to spot a fake email in order to protect yourself and your organization from email phishing scams.

      There Are Many Places To Get Someone’s Email Using Only Their Name

      This is a series on how we create email outreach programs that get 20-40% reply rates. If you want to know how to source the right leads to get higher reply rates, . You can check out all our articles on email outreach here.

      Finding an email address with just a name is challenging, but doable. If you master this skill, the other methods will fall into place.

      You can experiment with different combinations of their name and email client. From my experience, 90% of personal emails follow these formulas:

      Most people use Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, or Yahoo for their personal email. Itâs helpful to have their company name, which you can find on LinkedIn. This is an easy method when finding a smaller number of individual emails.

      But this process starts to become a pain with over 50 email addresses. Thatâs why I place email discovery tools into two categories: bulk and individual.

      Email tools like Email Hunter are better at finding individual business email addresses.

      But if you are looking to find 100âs or even 1000âs of emails at a time, bulk tools like Voila Norbert are better for this job. While the quality may drop, you will save more time and hassle.

      With bulk email tools, I recommend you verify the email addresses, which Voila also can do. However, this is as a separate action you need to take after finding the email address.

      Removing bad emails reduces the number of emails that bounce. Too many emails that bounce will result in your email account becoming banned.

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      Find When Someones Gmail Account Was Created

      So, can you find the account creation date for someones Gmail account? The answer is no. You just simply cant do that. Also, that information is not publicly available to anyone. Unless you have access to that persons Gmail account and have permission to go through the account information, only then you can find that information. Otherwise, there is no way whatsoever to look for a persons account creation date.

      There might be some apps and websites that claim to get such information by adding the persons email address. These dont work and will simply result in spam mail being sent to a particular email address. Stay away from such services that claim to get this kind of information.

      Check Whether Embedded Links Redirect To Unexpected Websites

      I refuse to tell you my name! My email address is... : facepalm

      Another characteristic of a fake email is unexpected redirect links. The embedded links given in the email must take you to the same web page as written in the link. However, scammers include text that looks like it will take you to a legitimate website, but the hyperlinks they embed take you to a phishing or malicious website instead.

      For example, you get an email that looks like coming from PayPal. Its warning you about an unauthorized login attempt and asking you to change the password to protect your account. There is a link given to change your password: You think its safe to click as the link looks legit. But when you click on this link, youll be redirected to some spammy website that looks legitimate because they use PayPals site design, colors, fonts, and logo. Here, the fake website will try to trick you into sharing your login credentials or other confidential details.

      Some links might lead users to a malware-laden website that auto-downloads malware onto users devices without their knowledge. According to Verizons 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report , most malware is sent via email.

      Sometimes, malicious redirects are hidden in the Unsubscribe tab as well.

      But how can you tell whether a link is legitimate without actually clicking on the link? There are two ways you can check for fake links in suspicious emails:

      2. Right-click on the link in question and select on Inspect in the drop-down menu.

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      How Can I Trace Where Email Came From

      by Leo A. Notenboom

      I frequently get questions that boil down to How can I trace where this email came from? or Can I determine the IP address of the sender of an email?

      The answer is both yes and maybe, and it may not do you any good. However there is a lot of interesting information in your email that you normally dont see, and the trail of mail servers is part of that.

      So lets interpret some email headers.

      First, theres the challenge of even getting to the real email headers. In Hotmail theyre apparently always visible. In Outlook, theyre hidden by default, so with the message open, click on View, and then Options, and youll see a box labeled Internet Headers. In Thunderbird, you can expand or collapse the headers by clicking on a simple control next to the subject line.

      In any case, headers typically look something like this:

      Now yours may look a lot different. It may be longer or shorter, or have additional information, or less. But the basic idea is that theres a lot of information in the headers that has to do with the administration of getting the email from the sender to the receiver.

      A detailed reference is more than I can present here, and quite honestly, probably more than you need. But lets examine the headers above a little more closely, since its a good example of a normal email message. They are from a message I sent to my regular email account from my Hotmail account.

      Now lets look at the headers of some SPAM I recently received:

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