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Use The Burner Emails Extension

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Chrome users have one final option for managing promotional emails: the Burner Emails extension .

Burner Emails lets you create a custom, unique email address each time you need to provide your email address to a company. Each generated email address forwards the message you receive to your personal email account.

If at any time you want to stop receiving email sent to that address, just turn off the email address in the extension. This makes it a great option for protecting your personal email address from being sold, and it simplifies “unsubscribing” from promotional emails.

How To Keep Your Junk Mail Filter Up To Date

Most spam is obvious and easily recognizable. However there are some very sophisticated spammers who diligently research Microsoft’s junk mail filter technology, elicit the factors that cause an email to be treated as junk and continuously improve their spam strategies. On the other hand, Microsoft takes good effort to fight the latest spamming techniques and adjusts the junk filter accordingly in order to reduce junk email in your inbox. So, it definitely stands to reason to always have the most recent version of the junk mail filter in your Outlook.

The easiest way is to turn automatic Windows updates on. You can verify if this option is enabled on your computer by going to the Control Panel > Windows Update > Change settings. Under Important updates, choose the options right for you.

As you can see in the screenshot above, my preference is to “Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them“. Under Recommended updates, you can select “Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updates“. Note that you need to have the admin rights to be able to change the updates options.

As an alternative way, you can always download the latest version of the Junk E-mail Filter for Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 from Microsoft’s web-site.

How To Stop Spam Texts For Good

Spam texts are on the rise and show no signs of slowing down. The only way to stop scammers from stealing your time, money and identity? Prevent them from reaching your phone in the first place! As you can see from above, this can be difficult.

Despite recent legislative changes, scam calls and texts are still impacting millions of Americans every single day and changing your phone number or contacting your carrier just wont cut it. There is one effective solution that you need to know about.

A spam text blocker app can stop spam texts for good. These apps use machine learning to analyze and block thousands of potentially harmful texts every single day. Apps such as RoboKiller provide advanced spam text and spam call protection to protect personal identity and financial information.

All you need to do is download the app from the App Store or Google Play. This is how it works:

  • RoboKiller analyzes messages that reach your phone for specific predictors of spam such as the number of the sender, the content of the message, any attachments, and other important factors.
  • RoboKiller will filter out these messages if it believes they are spam.
  • RoboKiller will move spam messages to a special folder in your messages app called Unknown & Junk.
  • You can review these flagged messages at any time to make sure its definitely spam.

RoboKiller provides spam protection whether your phone is online or offline. Heres how to set it all up after youve downloaded the RoboKiller app:

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The Amount Of Spam I Am Getting Has Suddenly Increased Why Is That

It can be very frustrating when a lot of spam starts to come into your mailbox. Your first port of call should be to enable the spamassassin feature within your Cpanel control panel. This will give you option to be able to set the acceptable spam levels per mailbox and what should happen to the mail if it has been marked as spam.

Additionally you have the ability to set up automatic filters at either a mailbox or account level that can route emails on specific criteria. i.e. if you are receiving spam from a certain top level domain you can send all of that email directly to a spam folder.

If you start receiving an increased amount of spam, with junk mail filters enabled, then there might be a problem with the mailbox that your spam emails are usually moved to. You should check that the target mailbox or mail folder isn’t full or disabled.

If the level of spam you receive continues to increase, then you should consider being wary of where your email address is given. Many spammers will trawl websites for email addresses in plain-text, to add to their mailing lists.For this reason, some people do prefer to give their email address as an image on their website, to stop their address from being picked up by these spammers.

If you have tried all of the above please raise a ticket to our support team if you need any further assistance with this.

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How To Filter Spam On A Mac

how to get them to stop texting

To report an email as spam in the Mail app on a Mac, select an email that you want to block and click the button at the top of the window. To train Mail to filter our spam, go to Preferences> > Enable junk mail filtering.

If you want to filter spam from coming to your Mail app, you can also click Mail in the Apple menu bar at the top of your screen. Then click Preferences and select the Junk Mail tab at the top of the pop-up window. Finally, check the Enable junk mail filtering box at the top.

If you are still getting spam messages, you select them and click the Move selected messages to Junk button. You can find this at the top of your window next to the trash icon. You can also right-click and select Move to Junk.

This will train Mail to move emails from the sender to your Junk folder, depending on the settings that you choose.

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Make Use Of Email Security Measures

Believe me, the last thing you want is for hackers to getinto your email account. Hackers and fraudsters target your email accountbecause it may contain other sensitive information. You may receive bills oraccount statements through email that include your account number. Or they mayuse your email to reset the password on some of your other accountslocking you outand giving them access.

Setting up strong passwords is one of the most essentialemail security measures you can take. It ensures that only you can access andsend messages from your email account. The following article discusses Gmailpasswords, but some of the principles also apply to other email providers as well:

If you send a lot of sensitive material or financial datathrough email, consider email encryption to keep others from gaining access toyour messages. Some email providers provide encryption as part of theirservice, but many don’t. To learn more about email encryption, study ourtutorial series: It’sTime to Encrypt Your Email.

How To Block Spam In Yahoo

To block emails in Yahoo, start in the homepage of your inbox.

  • Select the message or messages from a certain sender you want to block by clicking the check box to the left of the message.
  • In the toolbar at the top of your inbox, next to the Spam button.
  • Select the Block senders option.
  • Review the senders you wish to block and choose your preferred settings for future and existing emails, then click OK.
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    You Can Tell Which Website Is Fake Right

    I visited the spammers website and was surprised by what I found: A high-quality, functional website that made me stop for a second and think, Maybe I was wrong about this. Until I did some more research.

    Every domain name is registered in a worldwide WHOIS database. This database is free to access and provides details about who owns the domain name and where it was registered. The websites may be hard to tell apart by looking at them, but lets take a look at the WHOIS records for and .

    The owner of is listed as Michael Kors, LLC and the domain was registered by NETWORK SOLUTIONS, LLC. The owner of is listed as yiyi zhang and the domain was registered by HICHINA ZHICHENG TECHNOLOGY LTD. By looking at the WHOIS records of, its very obvious that is not a legitimate website.

    Only Accept Emails From Known Senders

    How To Really Stop Getting Spam Email

    Arguably the most effective way how to stop spam emails is to only accept emails from known senders. However, not all email services will let you do this easily.

    In Gmail, your best option is to set up a filter that only looks for emails that are not from the intended recipients. The same is true for Yahoo Mail. users can go to Settings -> View all Outlook settings -> Mail -> Junk email -> Filters. There, select the Only trust email from addresses in my Safe senders and domains list and Safe mailing lists checkbox.

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    How To Take A Legitimate E

    As already mentioned in the beginning of this article, even good legitimate e-mail may occasionally be treated as spam and moved to the Junk E-mail folder. No one is perfect in this world, nor is the junk filter : ) That is why, remember to check your Junk folder once in a while. How often you do this is up to you. If you set your filter to the High level to stop as many junk messages as possible, it’s a good idea to check often. I check it at the end of my work day to make sure I’ve covered everything.

    If you spot a legitimate message among junk emails, you can right click it and choose from the context menu.

    Clicking Not Junk will move the message to your Inbox and provides you the option to Always trust e-mail from that e-mail address. It you select this check box, the sender’s address will be added to your Safe Senders list, and the junk filter won’t make the same mistake again.

    If you’d rather not add a particular sender to your safe list, then you can simply drag a message that was misidentified as junk to any other folder using the mouse.


    Lottery Scams And Fake Offers

    Sometimes, cyber thieves use old-school scams that might seem legitimate but are fake offers. These play on your desires or good nature: You’ve won a lot of money or someone urgently needs your help.

    In reality, you havent won a lottery or a cruise around the world. And you havent been selected by a foreign prince to receive $10 million, in exchange for the use of your bank account number.

    Look for phrases of urgency like, Immediate, and Act Now in the emails title to avoid lottery scams and fake offers. Refer back to the Delete Emails section of this post for additional characteristics to look for.

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    Unsubscribe From Email Lists

    Unsubscribing from email lists is an ideal way to keep a low profile. Marketers often get your email address from online forms, social media, and scraping tools, and purchase your information from other companies. So, the less you subscribe to, the less these marketers and spammers can find your address.

    The Federal Trade Commission requires companies that send commercial or bulk emails to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. Initiated in 2003, the law helps set rules and requirements for messages sent one of the rules is that companies must always provide information for how to opt out of their emails. Non-compliance with these regulations can cost up to $43,280 in penalties from the FTC.

    While the law doesn’t prevent marketers from sending spam emails, it does provide a way to stop them from filling your inbox. Here are two ways to unsubscribe from individual and bulk emails.

    How To Block Robotexts And Spam Messages

    31 Funniest Texts Ever Sent By Parents To Their Children.

    You don’t have to put up with robotexts and junk messages. Here’s how to block spammy texts.

    You hear the sound of an incoming text message and excitedly check your phone, but it’s just a junk message sent to you by a spammer trying to con you into tapping a link, opening an attachment, calling a number, or doing something else that’s likely to cause you trouble.

    Robotexts and spam messages are a fact of life, just like robocalls and junk email. They may not be as invasive as a spam call, since you can largely ignore them, but that doesn’t make them harmless. Some phone plans may charge you for incoming text messages and smishing attacks can be even more dangerous, if you’re not careful.

    However, you do not have to put up with them. Just as you can fight against spam phone calls, you can also block and stop robotexts with the right tricks and tools.

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    Why Am I Getting These Emails

    It is common to get phishing and junk emails when you give your email address to shady websites, like filling out forms for ads promising free stuff. But these days, even the most careful email users can end up with a flood of spam, according to Kujawa.

    Hackers can steal your email address by breaching legitimate services and organizations you shared it with and then selling that information to cybercriminals hoping to scam you. Businesses and advertisers also share public contact lists to send out mass marketing emails.

    Fortunately, most email providersincluding Gmail, iPhone, Outlook, Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOLallow users to block spam and junk emails on their platforms. Blocking spam is often as simple as notifying your provider by marking something as spam, according to Theresa Payton, CEO of Fortalice Solutions, a cybersecurity firm. Follow this step-by-step guide to block emails with each mail server.

    What To Do When An Unsubscribe Link Missing Or Doesnt Work

    There are two types of emails that can be delivered without an unsubscribe link. The first one is an email from a company you know. The second one has to do with spam, which we will discuss further down in this article.

    When you subscribe to a companys emails, you will start receiving them. They have your permission. For example, you might receive an offer for cheap flights from an airline. You filled in their subscription form, and now they send you their customer emails. Still, companies have to follow anti-spam laws. It obliges them to include an unsubscribe link into every email.


    An email may contain a broken link. Or, something might go wrong when you try to unsubscribe. So, how do you get off of their email list?

  • Reply to the sender. Ask them to remove you from the list.
  • Have these unwanted newsletters or promotions redirected to another email folder.
  • Block the sender
  • Filter messages from the company. Most, if not all, ESPs have a provision for filtering emails. In Gmail, go to Settings and choose Filters and Blocked Addresses. Then, click Create a new filter, and you will see the form below.Enter your criteria, and choose your desired action. For example, you can enter an email address in the filter settings, and choose Delete it for the action. Then, when you receive emails from this address, it will be automatically deleted.
  • Learn how to prevent email from going to spam.

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