How To Start Email Marketing Business

Remove Inactive Subscribers To Keep Your List Fresh

How to start email marketing business

Its important to email your subscribers on a consistent basis, so your list doesnt go stale. Even then, over time, email subscribers still go stale.

Some people may have changed email accounts, or maybe they just arent interested in your brand anymore.

So to keep your list fresh and filled with engaged subscribers, its a good idea to periodically remove inactive subscribers. An inactive subscriber could be anyone who has not engaged with any email in the past 6 months or more.

But before you get rid of them, try sending one more email campaign to try to re-engage your inactive subscribers. For example, Carol Tice sends a last-ditch-effort email to her inactive subscribers that says, Do I bore you? and asks if they still want to stay subscribed. Some people respond, but all others get purged.

Another way to keep your list fresh is by checking in with your subscribers every once in a while to ask if they would like to update their information and their preferences. This way, they are reminded that they can take control of how they want to engage with you.

Build Your Subscriber List

It is so important that you build a list of subscribers that will engage with your content. When you are not recruiting new subscribers your recipients will start to unsubscribe or stop engaging with your content and quickly your campaigns go from being successful to stale. Instead, add a subscriber box across your website, add a subscribe button during the order process, and ask your social media followers to sign up to your email marketing list. This way you will have a constant influx of subscribers to engage with.

New To Email Marketing 5 Easy Ways To Get Started

An effective email marketing campaign can quickly boost sales if done correctly. Follow these 5 steps to get started.

By: Sean Peek, CO Contributor

From choosing an email provider to testing and refining your process, these basic steps will help you get started in email marketing for your business.

Email has become the backbone of not only business communication, but all online communication. While it isnt new technology, its also not going anywhere. Studies show email communication is expected to grow to 4.3 billion users by 2023.

For businesses, using email effectively can grow your business substantially with little effort. However, if you stray from a well-defined path, you could end up annoying your customers and detracting them from engaging with your business.

Follow these five steps to set up an effective email marketing strategy.

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High Customer Retention Rate

Emails are a great way to boost engagement between the company and customers. Consistent communication and engagement between two entities can build a strong relationship of trust and reliability. Higher the trust more will be the customer retention rate. You can now reach your customer wherever they are, through their inbox.

Preview And Test Before You Send

How to Start an Email List  Smart Passive Income

Especially when youre first getting started with email marketing, its easy to slip up every once in a while.

Maybe you forget to add in an important link or make an embarrassing spelling mistake right in the subject line. Doh! Unfortunately, theres no Back button with email, so always remember to send yourself or a staff member a Test Email before sending out to your entire list.

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Remove Unengaged Subscribers From Your Email List

Bigger isnt always better. Simply having a big email marketing list wont guarantee your email program is a success, especially if your list is full of unengaged recipients. You should practice good email list hygiene by regularly scrubbing, or removing inactive, bounced, and other non-engaging email addresses, from your lists. Periodically removing unengaged users from your email list can actually improve your sender reputation, reduce the likelihood of your brand landing on an email deny list, and increase engagement rates.

Never purchase an email listhere’s why!

Purchased lists contain users who didn’t opt in to receive your messaging and who aren’t expecting to hear from your brand. As a result, they’re more likely to ignore your messages, unsubscribe, or worsemark your messages as spam.

Review, test, and send your email marketing campaign

Chapter 6

How To Build Your Email Marketing Business

Below you will find all the steps that you need to build an email marketing business.

I recommend that you read each step closely so that you understand each step very well and dont get confused.

In fact, I would even recommend taking notes or bookmarking this page, so that you always know what you have to do.

If you truly want to start an email marketing business, which is probably the easiest online business to start, then you will have to read it closely and maybe even come back to it as I said earlier.

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Tips For Writing A Marketing Email

Here are some of the few tips in writing a .

Use a compelling subject line. The subject line of your email is should be interesting enough. No one gets to open an email if even the subject line is not interesting. To write a better subject line consider keeping this in mind:

  • Use an actionable word. Such as download, take, buy, etc. This way, the recipient knows exactly what they can do in the email.
  • Make it concise, catchy, and clear. Your priority in writing a marketing email is the clarity of the subject as well as the content of the email. In the subject line, write a catchy or funny phrase to make it more interesting.

Be relevant in writing a marketing email. It is important that what you write in your marketing email in pdf should be relevant to the recipient.

Use the second person point of view. It means using pronouns like you, your, and yours. It means that you are talking to the recipient directly.

Emphasize the benefits. Your marketing email should show the value of your product or service. That includes all the benefits that the recipient can get when they agree to your terms.

How To Write A Marketing Email


The only thing you have to think about when writing a professional email is that the email should target the consumers and that when they received it, they would click and read it with no hesitation.

Heres how to write a marketing email.

  • Provide a subject line. Your marketing email should have a subject line that will be good enough for the recipient to actually open it.
  • Address the recipient properly. This is important so that they will know that the email is intended only for them and not for mass advertisement.
  • In the email, include some catchy phrases or compelling headlines. The reason for this is to encourage the consumers to buy your products or to have business with you.

Or you can download our marketing business email examples here to save yourself in creating a complex marketing email. You can also use these as your reference.

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Email Marketing Field Guide

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business, whether your goal is to build your brand or sell more stuff. Our field marketing guide provides effective email marketing strategies and anything else you need to know to make the most of this platform. Learn how to create an email marketing plan, design effective emails all along your sales funnel, test them and improve your deliverability rates. Then discover the power of and how to measure the success of your emails.

Segment Your Email List

Once you have your email list, it’s important to segment it. This allows you to send targeted emails to your audience based on their interests or demographic information. The more relevant an email is to someone, the more likely they are to open and engage with it. Here are some examples of ways to segment your audience:

  • Geography

Sendinblue is a great option for larger businesses or businesses that have a large email volume. With this service, you pay only for what you use, which also makes it a good choice for companies on a budget. Sendinblue offers unlimited contacts, a drag-and-drop email editor and detailed list segmentation tools.

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Improving Your Email Open Rates

This section is super important because even with all of the hard work youve done to grow your email list and segment it, you wont benefit from any of it unless your emails actually get opened.

There are several factors that play a role in whether or not your emails get opened. Lets explore each of them.

How To Start A Commercial Email Marketing Company

How to Start an Email List for Free Right Now

Email marketing companies help small, medium and larges businesses connect online with existing customers to promote the sale of goods and services. Outsourcing email marketing services allows businesses to focus on other areas of business development. Starting an email marketing company requires skills in creating email content and design elements that persuade customers to immediately make a purchase. An understanding of Internet marketing is also useful when creating email marketing campaigns targeted at specific customers.


Draft a business plan for your email marketing company. A business plan helps you stay on track during each phase of business development. Your business plan should contain at least four sections and include a description your business and the types of clients you want to attract, startup and monthly costs, licenses needed to run your business and a marketing strategy to help promote your services.



Create a website to advertise your email marketing company online. Include the features and benefits of hiring a commercial email marketing company, contact information, work-related experience, sample email, client list, testimonials of satisfied clients and terms of service information. Terms of service information may include prices for email template design and email delivery to those on client email lists, specialized email marketing packages for small, medium- and large-sized companies and payment options.


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Are There Email Marketing Best Practices For List Building

Yes! You can find our best practices for building your email list here.

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide has helped you learn how to create an effective email marketing campaign.

In this guide, we shared the following items in detail:

  • The Importance of Email Marketing
  • How to Get Started
  • Choosing The Best Email Marketing Service
  • How to Segment Your Email List
  • Improving Your Email Open and Click Rates
  • Automation with Autoresponders

As you are building your email list, make sure that you are using these 14 high converting places to add email signup forms. And make sure to keep your email copy on point to engage subscribers and keep them reading.

Pressed for time? No worries. Check out these white label email marketing tools that you can use to improve your strategy today!

If you like this definitive guide, youll LOVE OptinMonster University. Check it out. Its FREE for OptinMonster customers!

And if youre ready to grow your email list right away, sign up for your risk-free OptinMonster account!

Choose An Email Marketing Strategy

One of the essential parts of learning how to start email marketing is understanding the kind of email you need to send to your email subscribers inboxes.

With different email marketing strategies catering to different goals, you need to use your primary goals decided in the first step to determine your email marketing strategy. It will then decide the types of emails you will be sending.

For example, if looking for:

  • Tactics to increase conversion rate, try:
  • Offer/discount emails
  • Strategies to improve engagement, check out:
  • Newsletters
  • Content roundups

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How To Start An Online Marketing Business From Home

  • Promote yourself first. Put yourself out there on social media sites so others can check you out when you begin building a client list.
  • Do some research to determine if there’s a need for the services you want to provide and identify the best market for those services.
  • Write a business plan that provides an overview of your business goals, your current situation, and your strategies for success.
  • Set up your home business by determining your business structure and business name. Get permits required by your city, county, or state, if any.
  • Create your own business website to showcase your internet services and talents.
  • Determine your target. Who is your ideal client, how will you reach them, and what services are most in-demand for the market you’re trying to attract? Will you target a specific group of businesses?
  • Promote your business. Use your knowledge and skills to find clients. Consider networking and offering free marketing consults to businesses in your target market. Make sure you have a way to get referrals and record testimonials.
    • Choose An Engaging Email Newsletter Design

      Start A Drip Email Marketing Campaign For Your Business

      When it comes to email marketing, design is just as important as the content. The look and feel of your email is going to communicate a message about your company and its values. Spend some time getting it right.

      Ideally, you want to capture attention with an on-brand email design that highlights your main message and CTA in the best way possible.

      Great email design supports email content by making it clear, legible, and structured. A structure that naturally draws the reader to your call-to-action will drive up your click-through rate.

      If you intend to add images to your email content, keep in mind these best practices for newsletter images:

      • Dont clutter the email with too many images .
      • Avoid images that are either too large or too small.
      • Add ALT text for each image in case it doesnt show and to make it more accessible to people using screen readers.
      • Only use high quality images that serve a purpose. Avoid generic stock photos that dont add value.

      For the best email design inspiration, check out ReallyGoodEmails.

      HTML or plain text

      Its a long-standing debate among email marketers HTML vs. plain text, which is better?

      Plain-text can be just as effective as HTML. It all boils down to your audience and the types of emails youre sending.

      If youre a writer with a writing tips newsletter, plain-text makes sense. On the other hand, ecommerce emails will need to be more eye-catching. The best way to know? Test!

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      Build A Targeted List And Define Enrollment Criteria

      You know who you’re targeting and what you want them to do. From there, you must build the segment. Thinking about your buyer persona, what properties do they all have in common? How does your CRM describe those properties?

      Your software is smart, but it’s not smart enough to automatically know which recipients you’re sending to. Will the recipients receive the emails at the same time, or is there certain criteria they have to meet before they are enrolled in the sequence or campaign?

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