How To Start A Sales Pitch Email

Be Fconcise When Writing A Sales Pitch

How To Make A Sales Pitch Through Email

Think about what is your actual goal in sending this cold email? It should really be to elicit a response from the prospect. This means that you arent there to educate the prospect and you are not even there to make a sale. You just need a response. So dont make it boring, but short and to the point.

How To Write An Email Sales Pitch

Check what you will find here:

Are you able to summarise your project in a brief email?

Writing a sales pitch email is one of the main tasks that we must make a priority once we want to launch a project.

Our prospective clients may spend their entire working day opening emails and try not only to open them but also to answer them and check the viability of each proposal.

But the reality is much more likely to be that your prospective client spends only a fraction of their time in their inbox, and by the time they get to their inbox they are likely to have been bombarded with many emails from, also probably, your competitors.

With this turbulent tide of probabilities, how do I get my customer to see my email, open it and finally respond to me?

There is a whole science behind it and the more you know, the more advantage you will get over your competitors.

After reading this article you will be able to differentiate if what you are using is a good email sales pitch or not and you will also be able to maximize the chances that your email does not reach the SPAM folder is opened and finally answered.

The 5 Basic Objections

Almost every time a prospect doesnt buy from you, its because of one of these five reasons:

  • I dont have enough time
  • I dont have enough money
  • It wont work for me
  • I dont believe you
  • I dont need it
  • Im not suggesting you should aim to overcome all of those objections every time you send an email youll likely come across as overly defensive if you try to do so. But you should definitely keep them in mind when writing your email copy. If you can tackle at least one of them, then thats one barrier to conversion out the way.

    Heres how to do it:

    Hi },Mailshake makes it easy for you to scale and automate your email outreach. I can prove it all I need is a five-minute phone call.Are you free for a call tomorrow at } so I can explain more?}

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    The Key To Writing A Sales Pitch Email That Wont Fail

    Why do most cold email sales pitches suck?Because theyâre not relevant enough for the person receiving the email.This is the single most important factor in the success of your sales pitch email: focus on the recipient, not on your personal agenda.If you are thinking about…

    …your email will reflect that. You will come off as arrogant, pushy, or desperate, which infinitely decreases your chances of a sale.Instead, focus on how you can help the prospect.As you construct your sales pitch email, consider the person youâre writing to. If your company has ideal customer profiles set up, take a moment to consider these profiles.

    When you focus on helping the recipient achieve their goals or solve their problems, your cold emails will sound genuine, empathetic, and friendly.Thatâs how you win people over.

    Pro tip: Donât have ideal customer profiles set up yet? Take a look at our interactive guide Profiler: Ideal Customer Profile Kit for customizable templates, a getting-started checklist, and more!

    Wondering how to start a sales pitch email?

    Ready To Send Your First Cold Email Campaign

    Sales Pitch Template, Examples and Ideas to Create Best Sales Pitch ...

    Short, highly personalized cold emails dedicated to a specific audience are a great way to start some new business relations and get more new hot leads for your company. And if you add a sequence of automated follow-ups, youll get a pretty powerful lead generation machine.

    Hope my tips help you write cold emails that hit the right note. Good luck!

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    Teaser Sales Email Pitch

    In just a couple of sentences, this email tells the prospect exactly what they’re offering, and gives them a good reason why they should care. More than that, it shows exactly what’s possible with their software by including a video demo.Type: ExampleHow to model your cold emails after this: Cold email sales pitches do not need to dive into all the features of your product. Condense your message to its essentials, and add something that captures the attention. Remember that the point of this email is to draw them in for the next step, not sell them here and now.

    The Five Basic Objections Email Templates

    People can quickly come up with reasons not to read your cold email. The most common of them are:

    • They dont have enough time
    • They dont have money
    • Your offer wont work for them
    • They dont believe you
    • They dont need it.

    If you can overcome all of these objections, wonderful. If you can solve at least one, great.

    Here is a good example:

    The best way to spend next five minutes: easy grammar fixes for your blog.

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    How To Close A Sales Pitch Through An Email

    The way you end your email is just as important as how you start it.The goal of your subject line is to get people to keep reading. The goal of the close is to get people to respond.So, how can you encourage people to respond to or at least engage with your emails? Letâs discuss 5 specific ways to close your sales pitch email:

    A Description Of The Solution

    Start a Sales Pitch With a Value Prop

    Heres a no brainer. If you want to sell the solution to the problem , you have to actually describe it.

    One of the best ways to introduce this is to explain how or why your product solves the problem. In the above scenario, that could be something like, our platform uses AI to connect you with the contractors most likely to help you out.

    You could also simply describe the product or service in more detail. As long as your prospect sees the connection to the problem, youll be golden.

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    Email Pitch As A Sales Pitch

    There are a lot of entrepreneurs selling products or services that pitch potential partners or buyers via email. The same rules as ever apply do your research, make it personal.

    Then the focus shifts to the value you have to offer. Describe what you do and why its of interest to the recipient. Entrepreneur and blogger. Jason Zook, recommends keeping it short: three to four sentences should cover it. Longer, and most people probably wont read it, as illustrated by this list of pitching pet peeves from the folks over at Buzzsumo.

    There are some key things to avoid, especially since this is a sales pitch and most people are wary of them even when they actually want your product or service.

    One is exaggeration, meaning essentially: Make sure to tell the truth. Dont embellish the facts. You have a valuable product or service to offer and you believe this person or company would be happy with their purchase, so dont oversell it. Be genuine.

    Another is not flooding people with follow ups. One follow-up email is fine, and might even be effective: were all busy, and your first email could have simply gotten lost in the mix. However, bombarding people with multiple emails when youre not getting a response is nothing but a waste of your time, and could get you flagged as spam. You cant win them all.

    How To Write A Cold Email Introduction Then

    A cold email introduction shouldnt be longer than 2-3 sentences. Its not supposed to introduce us or our company to the prospect. Instead, it refers to the message receiver, their expertise, achievements, work, and their company. Thats how we catch their attention.

    A hint of flattery may be the way to go. But dont overdo it. Enlisting all of their recent activity is a step too far.

    Dont be a stalker either. Dont look for info about their family. Stay in the professional field.

    You may also use those few sentences of cold email introduction to make it a part where you ask about their problems. Or better, you can talk about the ones youve noticed they have that you can take care of.

    Above all else, treat the introduction as an opportunity to show your prospects that they received the message because you chose to contact them precisely. Youve done your homework. You didnt decide to reach out to them on a whim. You were deliberate about it.

    Thats why we should take some time to research the company before we write a cold email.

    If its still complicated and you dont know how to start your cold email, youll find that helpful: Cold Email Intro, or How Should I Start My Message? > >

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    How To Write A Sales Email In 10 Steps

    A sales email is a message that businesses send to leads to pitch a product or service in an effort to create a sales opportunity or influence a purchase. Typically, sales reps send a sales email directly to a potential buyer to request a call so they can further qualify the lead and get them interested in a product or service. However, marketers often also write these emails as part of email marketing drip campaigns or nurturing sequences after a lead provides their email.

    A sales email usually refers to a message you send to prospects who have engaged with your company. Check out our guide on how to write a cold email if youre looking to reach out to brand new leads.

    How To End A Sales Pitch Email

    What Marketers Can Learn From 4 Bad Email Pitches

    Formal email sign-offs usually use one of two approaches. If you know and have used a person’s name, you’d use “yours sincerely”, and if you don’t, you use “yours faithfully”.

    However, as we’ve explored in this article, sales pitches dispense with many formal rules, so don’t feel like you have to use these endings .

    You could use following options:

    • Yours sincerely
    • I look forward to hearing from you

    Or finish with a question:

    • Want more information?
    • Do you have any questions?
    • Have I answered all your questions

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    Beyond The Subject Line: Getting To The Point

    Now that you’ve attracted your reader’s attention, your email sales pitch must get to the point quickly and end with a strong call to action. That’s more difficult than it sounds. You have a lot of competition your prospect has other obligations pulling at their attention:

    • an appointment
    • a project to start or finish
    • the coffee pot

    Your job is to make the recipient of your email forget these priorities just long enough to read your email and take action. You do that by:

  • Identifying a problem.
  • Stating the solution.
  • Asking your reader to do something specific.
  • If you can get your email past the spam filterboth automated and humanand prevent your recipient from deleting your email, then you are halfway there. The other half is knowing which types of email sales pitch to make for the situation, and then making an effective pitch given the context.

    Keep Your Pitch Brief

    Be sure to keep your email pitch brief so that it can maintain the attention of your recipients. You can state your major points early in your pitch and keep your value proposition short. The goal of the email pitch is to begin building a relationship, and you can follow up with your customer later, so you only need to include the most important information about your product and company in your email pitch.

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    How To Write A Sales Letter

    Writing a sales letter is a way to directly reach consumers. Sales letters require certain elements that help convince a customer to invest in a product or service. They should be personal and informal in their tone to invite readers to discover more about an offer.

    In this article, we explain what a sales letter is, how you can write one and an example of what a sales letter looks like.

    A Reason For Reaching Out Right Now

    Copywriting Tips: How To Write The Perfect Sales Pitch

    Providing a compelling reason for a prospect to buy is just as important as establishing whether a buyer is a good fit.. If theres no sense of urgency like a relevant pain point, a trigger event, or an internal initiative theres no reason to buy. So dont just prospect companies that fit in the vertical and size you typically sell to. Is there a good reason youre reaching out right now?

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    Tell A Story That Your Prospects Can Relate To

    There is no sale without the story no knockout without the setup. GaryVee

    Everybody loves a good story. We can identify with them, learn something new, and get inspired.

    Stories can quickly grab our attention and engage us emotionally.

    This makes stories an excellent choice when creating selling hooks.

    Just be careful do not bore your target audience with a never-ending story that will ask them to keep them listening or reading for too long.

    The only way to make the sale is through stories that are brief, compelling and straight to the point.

    But, how do you create such stories?

    Use colorful, authentic language when describing your product.

    Try to create an experience for your prospects.

    Make sure that this experience includes all the positive aspects of your product.

    To help people relate to your story, ask them to imagine a scenario and play along.

    Structure the story in a way that will create a mental image of a better tomorrow thanks to your product, of course.

    Its crucial here to not let yourself get lost in the story and start exaggerating. You have to make sure that your story is realistically optimistic.

    Otherwise, many people wont buy it.

    Stick to the real value and features of your product, just communicate with them in an interesting way.

    You can end with a lesson or a famous quote that supports your viewpoint.

    Steal An Idea Or Two From These Sales Pitch Examples And Get That Client

    You now have a better idea of how to hook your prospects. Lets quickly recap what youve learned:

    • Identify your prospects pain points and agitate them before positioning your product as the solution.
    • Ask questions to dig deep into your prospects needs and personalize your pitch. Use lead scoring to continue personalizing your marketing and sales emails. Over time, nurturing leads to conversion.
    • Own it like the pro that you are. In your sales pitch, strike a balance between making your prospects feel valued and positioning your product as an invaluable solution.
    • Win prospects trust by highlighting your USP. It sets you apart from the sea of competitors in your industry.
    • Create a sense of urgency to instill FOMO to convert prospects into customers.
    • . Rather than excessively talking about the benefits of your product, let clients do the talking. Make them the heroes in your company!
    • Embrace soft-sell pitches when cross- and upselling to your best customers. Entice them with the results youve delivered to a client in a similar industry.

    Using some of these tips, we can turn a generic demo pitch from:

    Our SEO platform helps you get found online.


    This pitch may be longer than youre used to, but compare it to the generic version, and youll see that its so personalized to the core.

    Remember, 79% of companies saw their revenue grow after documenting a personalization strategy. Get on board and do the same for your sales pitches.

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