How To Share Large Video Files Via Email

Send Large Files With Outlook

How to send large video files via email via google drive

Youll receive an error message if you attempt to attach files larger than the maximum size limit. There are a few ways to work around this size limit, including using a file sharing service or compressing the file.

Outlook limits the size of files you can send. This limit prevents your computer from continually trying to upload very large attachments that exceed the limits of most Internet service providers. For Internet email account. such as or Gmail, the combined file size limit is 20 megabytes and for Exchange accounts , the default combined file size limit is 10 MB.

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  • Upload The File And Generate A Link To Share Via Myairbridge

    MyAirBridge is a free tool that enables you to upload and share up to 20 GB through an email, shared link, or downloaded to your own storage space. You can use your own mobile device to upload files. For larger files the uploading takes a while, and it may not be the cleanest interface on the receiving end , but it gets the job done for personal or small team use.

    MyAirBridge also offers plans ranging from Basic to Enterprise . With the Enterprise option, users have access to 15 TB of storage, unlimited uploads of up to 100 GB, and the option to password-protect files for extra security.

    MyAirBridge is a good option if you want to download various files to your own storage space. For instance, you might use the tool to download music from your mobile device to your computer.

    Specific Use Case: Download files to your own storage device, or use when downloading music, gaming, or video files.

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    Compose Your Email And Import Your Thumbnail Or Screenshot Into The Email

    Write your newsletters copy using solid advice from copywriters and then embed the thumbnail/screenshot of the video into the body of the email as seen below.

    You could make the placeholder a GIF, too. This works even better than a still picture to encourage high engagement rates:

    GIF thumbnails often work better than images in emails because they give your subscribers a better feel of what your video is about, increasing the chances theyll click to watch it.

    The Best Cloud Services For Sharing Large Files

    How to Send Large Files Through Email using Gmail

    If youre not already using cloud storage to save space on your computer, youll need to choose a service to use. Although there are plenty of different uses for cloud storage, and you should test out many providers if you can, these three services are some of the best cloud storage providers for sharing big files.

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    Firefox Send: Use With Any Web Browser

    Firefox Send is a useful option to transfer big files with people who don’t want to rely on Google, Microsoft, or Apple. It lets you upload and encrypt large files to share online. To use Firefox Send, you don’t have to install an add-on. Point your web browser to the Firefox Send homepage and click the Select a file to upload button.

    Once the uploading gets completed, Send creates a link which you can then send it via email. At a time, you can send a link to 20 recipients . You can also set a password to encrypt the file. Each link created by Send will expire after 24 hours. The file also gets deleted from the Mozilla server and leaves no traces.

    How To Send Large Files Over The Internet Using Outlook And Onedrive has a message size limit of 20 MB. If you want to send large video files free, save this file to OneDrive and send a link to the file that anyone can view.

    Over the years, Microsofts OneDrive service has been significantly upgraded. It is a good choice for storing files and folders online.

    Try the following steps to send large video files for free.

    • Go to the Microsoft Office website and sign in with your account.
    • Select OneDrive. Then, OneDrive opens in a separate browser window and displays your folders and files.
    • Upload the video files you want to upload.
    • Select when the upload is finished.
    • Enter the email address or name of the recipient, then enter the message text, and select Send.
    • You and your recipient will receive an email with a link to the video. Your friends can download this video and watch it.

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    How To Send A Video Using Gmail

    Gmail is one of the most popular email platforms today.

    You have two options for sending a video via Gmail:

  • attach a file from your Google Drive
  • or attach a file from the device youre using to send your email.
  • In both cases, Gmail will automatically convert your video to a Google Drive link when you try to upload it as an attachment.

    See how these two methods work below:

    1. Send the video as an email attachment

    First, open your Gmail account.Second, click on the Compose button to create a new email. Next, select Attach files and choose the video you want to send and click Open.

    After attaching your video, type the content of your email and click Send.

    2. Send the video as a Google Drive attachment

    Open your Gmail account and click the Compose button to compose your email.

    Next, click on the Google Drive symbol at the bottom toolbar of the email.

    Finally, select the video you want to send and hit Attachment.

    Your video is ready to be sent.

    Create And Send Multi

    How to send large files through email using Dropbox

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    If youre looking for a more traditional, do-it-yourself method, you can split your file up into smaller parts. For example, if you had a 50MB file you wanted to emailor even a collection of large filesyou could use a file compression program like 7-Zip to create an archive, and then split the archive into five 10MB pieces.

    After splitting the archive, you can then attach all the separated pieces to separate emails. The recipient will need to download each attachment, and then use a file extraction program to extract the larger, complete file from the separate archives.

    While it can be a bit cumbersome, this traditional method still works as well as it always did. Some recipients might be confused by the separate attachmentsor at least wont enjoy jumping through hoops to reassemble them. If youre not sure whether your recipient will know how to do this, its probably better to choose an easier method.

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    Send Big Files Securely With A Shared Link

    Wondering how to send a large file via email safely or what happens to your email attachments after you send them off? File sharing with Dropbox ensures you’re always in control. Your recipients can view, comment on, and download any file link you send from Dropbox but they won’t be able to edit the original file.

    You can also password-protect a shared link and set a date for the link to expire. Or, if you want to give recipients the ability to edit shared files, simply invite them to a with the files inside. You can start sending files via email securely using a Dropbox free trial.

    Send Out A Test Email

    After completing steps #1 to #3 above, send a test email to yourself to make sure that everything works as it should. This is basically the same process as sending the email to your mailing list just send the email to your personal email address first and make sure everything works properly and youre good to go.

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    How To Send Large Files Through Gmail

    Trying to email files over 25MB seems like a nightmare when you don’t know how to email large files with Gmail. The best way to email files over 25MB is to upload the document, photo, or video into Google Drive. You have two ways how to do send it:

  • As an attachment
  • As a Drive link
  • Both ways are sufficient and can be done by simply opening Gmail on your computer and composing the message.

    To insert the document, you’ll want to:

  • Select the file.
  • Choose between “attachment” or “drive link” so Google knows which version of the document you prefer for sending.
  • Select Insert and then forward the message as normal.
  • How To Deal With Large File Attachments In Ms Outlook

    How To Send Large Files (For Free)

    Whileits easy to attach a file to an MS Outlook message, there’s an attachmentsize limit of 20 MB. If you exceed the Microsoft Outlook attachment size limit,youll get an error message:

    Theattachment file size limit is cumulative. So, in the example above, the errormessage appears when an additional file is being attached. Even though none ofthe files attached exceed the limitation by themselves, they total over 18 MB.The additional file is another 4 MBmaking the total attachments over 22 MB.

    Inaddition to the Microsoft Outlook attachment file size limit, its important toremember that some mail providers have a limit on the size of attachments theirsystem will receive. So, if your email has a large attachment , your message may not be delivered.

    Thereare several methods to get around Outlook attachment file size limitations, including:

  • Usingautomatic resizing. Outlook offers automatic resizing for imageattachments.
  • As a zip file. Zip files are especially useful if you’ve got more than one file to send.
  • Through Microsoft OneDrive. Microsoft offers cloud storage to anyone with aMicrosoft account.
  • Hereare instructions on how to use each of these methods:

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    Use A Free File Transfer Service

    Although using cloud storage is a better solution for long-term collaboration and saving space, there are file transfer services such as WeTransfer that will share files with a specific email address. This will send a link to the recipient, which will let them download your file, and its pretty easy to do.

  • Go to the File Transfer Services Website

    Open up the website of your chosen file transfer service.

  • Add Your Files

    Add the files by clicking the plus button and finding the file you want to send.

  • Enter the Relevant Details and Start the Transfer

    Fill out the boxes for your email and the recipients email, then click transfer.

  • Wait for the File to Send

    It may take some time for the files to upload, so be patient. The recipient will get a link to the file along with your message.

  • Faq: How To Embed A Video In An Email

    Option 1. Turn a section of your video into a GIF, add the GIF into your email then add a hyperlink to the full video in your email newsletter.

    Option 2. Copy the video link from a video sharing platform and paste it into an email. A preview of the video should appear.

    Option 3. Take a screenshot of your video, paste the photo into your new email then hyperlink the image to a link of the full video.

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    How To Send Large Files As Email Attachments: 8 Solutions

    Want to send large files via email but running into file size limits? We show you how to send large files via email attachments.

    Many email servers prevent you from sending large files over a certain size. When this problem happens most users don’t know how to email large files. To send large files via email, you can either upload your attachment to cloud storage and get a link to email the recipient or use a file sharing service.

    Whatever method you choose, in the long run, you won’t be restricted by size limits and you can reduce the clutter from your inbox too. We’ll show you some easy ways to send large files for free.

    How To Send A Video Through Email To One Or A Few Recipients

    Sharing Large Files with OneDrive

    Sometimes you just want to send your video to one or a couple of people, not an email list of hundreds or thousands of subscribers.

    And when it comes to sending videos to a few recipients, you can use any of the popular email platforms to send your video.

    Each email platform works differently, but most of them are able to help you send videos.

    In this section, well be exploring how to send videos via three popular mailing channels:

  • Gmail
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    How Can I Share Videos At Work

    In a professional context, videos can best be shared through specialized and secure file-sharing solutions such as Filestage and Wistia, as recipients can easily leave comments and approve the videos. Filestage is a great Wipster alternative and alternative, as its main focus is to streamline the entire review and approval process of basically all content files. When the final videos need to be shared, businesses use hosting platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo to share or publish their videos.

    Shipping A Hard Drive

    As Andrew Tanenbaum once said, Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway. You might not be shipping tapes anymore, but the message still rings true for hard drives. If you are trying to carry out a time-sensitive delivery of video files and either yourself or your recipient doesnt have enough bandwidth, the best option is to ship the data on a hard drive through a local courier or shipping provider like FedEx.


    • You can ship a lot of data at once
    • Tracking information is typically provided, as well as insurance
    • Shipments can typically occur overnight or, if local, within hours
    • Shipping services are generally reliable
    • The overall cost is relatively low


    • Its inconvenient to manage tracking doesnt always update and you cant have changes made once the parcel has shipped
    • Scalability becomes an issue if you must ship frequently
    • Your data is in the hands of other people, representing a security risk
    • International shipping can run into customs delays and/or shipping services can encounter delivery failures
    • Recovering your hard drives can be a pain and buying new ones is expensive, to say nothing of potential data loss in transit
    • Shipping the same data to multiple recipients in different locations requires you to perform the process repetitively

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