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It’s Not About The Money It’s About The People

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Before we get into the meat of the tutorial here, a couple of things:

  • Thanks for reading through this, because seriouslymost people miss this stuff and it’s so important for your long-term success in email marketing.
  • So many people in the online business space will tell you that The money is in the list. While thats not entirely untrue, I happen to think that its just a small part of the picture.
  • You see, I believe that the money is in the list because thats where the people are. That may seem obvious, but lets break it down a little bit more.

    When you create an email list, youre allowing a group of fellow human beings to come together in one place where they expect to hear from you. You have a huge opportunityresponsibility, evento provide value to them. When someone essentially says, Hey, I like you enough to give you my email address, you owe it to them to offer up everything you can to ensure that they make progress, stay informed, or are entertained.

    Its not all about money and its not all about the numbers, either.

    I have so many people reach out and tell me that they feel discouraged with their small email lists. But, since weve already established that these are actual human beings, I like to take a much more visual approach. When you think about the 50 or 100 people on your list, think about having that many people in a single room to hear you speak. Theyve all shown up to hear whatever it is you have to say.

    When People Subscribe To Blog Via Email

    1. Don’t spam your subscriptions… ever!

    The number one reason why subscribers unsubscribe from your list is that they are getting way too many emails, offers, news, etc. Its just overwhelming and in some cases information overloads inboxes. Start off slowly, 3-4 emails per month is more than enough .

    2. Do be personal

    When you start writing an email, use Hello, NAME. instead of Hello visitor!. People want to get personalized emails, otherwise, they will delete it or just dont care about it. Be as personal as possible and make sure you check this blog post as well: 11 Ways to get personal in your email marketing.

    3. Do build trust and offer to help

    Whenever you start building your email signup base, your ultimate goal should be building trust among your subscribers. If they dont trust you, they wont read your posts nor buy your products.

    Quite simple eh? So start off by offering free help . In that way, your list will get way more engaged and grow faster.

    4. Do make sure every email has a purpose and gives value

    Make sure you deliver what you promised. If you blog about choreography, readers wont be interested in topics that have no connection to it. Explain to them WIIFM . For more reading, check this article.

    5. Do copy others if you are unsure what to do

    Now over to you: Leave a comment whether youre planning to add an email subscriptions box to WordPress and put the effort into email marketing. If not, whats the reason?

    Why Do You Need To Get Subscribers

    Simply put, email subscribers are important because they can be your potential customers. However, once people have added to your email subscription list, it is your job to keep them engaged via regular emails.

    This is your chance to hook them with your offerings. If youve published an ebook, it is a great opportunity to send it into the hands of subscribers. You can also take a more straightforward approach and offer a discount to subscribers who sign up prior to the products launch.

    Next, I am going to look at the ways to build subscriber list early in your business whether youre creating a new product or brand. I will then share some general tips on how to get email subscribers.

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    How To Build An Email List Using Email

    1. Create unique content

    Emails that are entertaining, informative and uniquely valuable are naturally going to be a hit with your subscribers, as theyll look forward to receiving emails from you and be inspired to share the content with others.

    When you work hard to incorporate something special into each and every email you send, word of mouth exposure through recommendations by your existing audience is just a click of the Forward button away.

    2. Make it easy for subscribers to share and forward your emails

    Try to include social sharing buttons on your marketing emails and encourage current subscribers to share and forward your emails.

    When they do, youll gain direct access to their friends, family, colleagues and networks to grow your email list.

    3. Use segmented campaigns


    Because an email recipient is more likely to read an email that speaks to their specific needs, wants, and desires.

    Thats why smart email marketers segment their list by products people buy, pages people have visited, which form they opted in from anything that connects a subgroup within your list to a distinct form of value you can provide.

    4. Breathe some life into an old email list

    If you have an older email list that is almost dying, nows the time to breathe some new life into it by creating a fresh, engaging re-opt-in message.

    Encourage the people on the list to re-opt in and promise to remove all contacts who dont respond.

    There Is No WordPress Subscribe To Blog Box

    How to Set Up a Newsletter Subscription Form in WordPress ...

    Bang, youve just lost me for good.

    This is where we ALL lose a lot of visitors. The solution to this problem is collecting email addresses from YOUR visitors. Im preaching email marketing and I also have a free blogging course where I collect emails from my visitors. In my opinion, email marketing is way better than social media marketing. However, it doesnt mean youll have to leave social media behind but email brings better results, heres why:

    Email is personal, private and cheap.

    Imagine for a second how much more visitors youd have if all the happy folks who enjoy your posts come back regularly. Thats probably a lot. This is exactly what email marketing helps to achieve.

    You simply add an email subscription box below your posts or in a sidebar and ask people to sign up so you could notify them via mail about new posts, announcements, products, etc

    I bet youve seen something similar on different blogs and websites:

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    How To Build An Email List For Free With Your Website

    22. Ask visitors for feedback on your content

    Those who are most passionate about the topics you cover love to discuss them.

    Obviously comment sections of blogs are a go-to for this, but you can also include the occasional email me your thoughts Call to Action to create a stronger connection with your audience and build your email list!

    23. Create short lead-capturing forms

    It may be tempting to create lead-capturing forms to collect as much information as possible, but adding too many fields on the form can create too much friction and reduce your lead captures.

    If you dont absolutely need more, try to create short forms with just 2 or 3 fields like name, email, and message.

    Once youve gotten the conversation started in their inbox, you can collect more later if needed.

    24. Add links to offers that collect email addresses

    Be sure to place CTAs on relevant pages and posts of your website that link to special offers that visitors can benefit from if they sign up.

    Secret ninja hack: your About page is a great place for your best offer as it gets a lot of traffic from the people most interested in you!

    25. Include testimonials with your subscription forms

    Ask your existing subscribers to share what they love most about your content, then post the best ones on your sign-up page and in your subscription forms.

    This will give potential subscribers a better sense of the genuine value you offer and make them a lot more comfortable sharing their inbox with you.

    How To Create An Email Subscription Sign Up Form For Your Website

    Are you looking for a simple way to grow your contact list? Adding an email subscription sign up form to your website is a great way to achieve this because it conveniently allows people to sign up for your email communications. By following a few simple steps, Pinpointe customers can easily generate the HTML code needed to add to a sign up form to any page on your website.

    Note: Before you get started you should have already created a contact list in order to import contacts. For more information on how to create a contact list watch Managing Lists & Contacts. Your form can also collect other data about your contacts, including name, age and sex, state, etc. To set these parameters, you must first create a custom field for each custom variable. For more information on how to create custom fields watch Using Custom Fields.

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    Place Your Form Strategically

    Earlier you saw some examples for where you might put your WordPress email signup form. However, the best placement will depend on your website.

    You want to make sure visitors see your form when theyre most likely to sign up. So, avoid pages already focusing on other calls to action that might distract the user. Instead, choose places where your ask is relevant to the content theyre looking at. For example, if someone is reading an educational blog post, theyll probably be interested in signing up for emails sharing similar tips.

    Learn more about what makes an effective email signup form in the following video:

    How To Increase Your Email Subscription List

    How to Add a Email Subscription Pop-Up to Your Wix Website

    Your choice of marketing tactics and effectiveness of campaigns is dependent upon whether you are launching a new product/brand or working on an existing product line. Every business is a little different. However, the following breakdown will help you establish general boundaries and techniques for increasing your email subscribers and get more conversions.

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    The Tools You Need To Add Email Subscription To WordPress

    WordPress allows you to create beautiful websites. But the massive number of plugins in the WordPress repository means that you also have access to tons of incredible tools that can extend its functionality.

    As we have mentioned in one of our previous articles, there are some fantastic WordPress email marketing plugins. One of them is FluentCRM, a free, native email subscription and marketing automation plugin for WordPress.

    However, in order to set up an email subscription mechanism on your WordPress site, well need two other plugins that integrate with FluentCRM. Dont worry all of them are free, and none of them needs to be installed manually.

    The email subscription plugins well be using are:

    • FluentCRM
    • FluentSMTP


    FluentCRM is a free email marketing automation and CRM plugin for WordPress. Well be using FluentCRM for building our email subscribers list and for sending out emails.

    FluentCRM comes with contact profiling, segmentation, email campaign management, email marketing automation, and a granular reporting system. It also has a premium version that adds many additional features and integrates with many WordPress plugins.

    Fluent Forms

    In terms of features and build quality, Fluent Forms is the best free WordPress form plugin. Well be using this as our email subscription plugin to collect leads.


    Example : Frequency Type

    The Frequency Type form, allows your contacts to select the frequency of communications they receive from you, within a given list.

    For example, if you are emailing out three new blog posts each week, you will want to allow your subscribers a choice between receiving them daily, weekly, or even as a monthly digest.

    With this subscription management form you add a tag to a contact based on their preferences that allows you to segment your list when sending an email campaign.

    This format is best used when you are sending content out to a list at least once/week.

    Example subscription forms that allows a contact to completely unsubscribe or select email time preference.

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    How To Set Up Membership Fees On A Monthly Basis

    Most good membership tools will give you the option of setting the billing type to recurring when creating a new membership plan or product.

    With the MemberPress WordPress plugin, for example, you can use the Product Terms box on the Add New Product page to change the billing type to recurring.

    Once youve changed from One-Time billing to Recurring, you can then set the billing interval. With MemberPress, you can use one of the predefined intervals or create a custom schedule for payment collection.

    Some tools might also give you the option of creating a trial period, after which the members can cancel their subscription or graduate onto the standard recurring payment plan. This feature can be a great way to entice new members into your course.

    Further useful recurring fee options available to you may include the ability to set a maximum number of payments that are to be collected. After this period, the user can then either be removed or granted lifetime access to the course.

    Email Subscription Best Practices

    Setting up subscription preference from the userâs end:
  • Make it easy to subscribe
  • Use lead magnets
  • Take the sender name and subject lone seriously
  • Run tests and make changes
  • Consider drip campaigns
  • Send triggered emails
  • Email subscription is an opportunity to drive traffic to your site and nurture leads. If you play your cards right, you can see some outstanding results from your email campaigns. Take a look at these ten tips to get you inspired.

  • Make it easy to subscribe. Using embedded or a pop-up subscription form on your site/blog with a clear CTA is a place to start.
  • Use lead magnets. The lead magnet, also known as an incentive, is a great way to motivate your customers to share their personal information.
  • Go with double opt-in. Its a sure way to have a good mailing list that consists of an engaged audience.
  • Be mobile-friendly. Use responsive sign-up forms since many people use their smartphones or tablets to consume content on the internet.
  • Provide newsletter frequency options. Let your choose how often they want to hear from you.
  • Be recognizable. Design your emails using your brand colors and styles to increase user awareness.
  • Take the Sender name and subject line seriously. Make your sender name recognizable and personalize a subject line for better email open rates.
  • Run tests and make changes. A/B tests are a great way to see which email works best.
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    Send Personalized Messages To Your Subscribers Behavior With Email Automation Conditions

    Personalize your messages to your email subscribers based on their engagement with your email funnel.

    Here is how you can do it.

    Repeat the same 3 steps . Then apply Wait for, define the time when the next email to be sent.Use If/else conditions to personalize messages, e.g. send email to who confirmed a subscription or who didnt.

    Apply the condition Has opened an email and split your automation for the two branches, Yes branch and No branch.

    Based on the interaction of your contacts with the first email, you can define the rest of your registration email series.

    To increase your email open rate, set up your email automation to send a reminder email to new users who did not open the subscription confirmation email.

    For users who opened your email, apply another condition Link click to identify the users who engaged with your previous emails from those who did not.

    Contacts who opened and clicked a link are more likely to convert to customers. You can proceed with your registration email workflow and onboard your converting registrants.

    For contacts who did not confirm the subscription, you could send them a reminder, or a lead nurturing email.

    Subscription email workflows help you create a personalized customer journey for higher conversion rates.

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