How To Set Up An Email Signature In Outlook

Set Up Email Signature In The New Outlook On The Web

How to Set up an Email Signature in Outlook

The layout of the email signature editor in the new mail client has changed, although, its functions are primarily the same as in the old client. Two buttons were added: format painter and quote.

  • Log in to your Office 365 account and go to Outlook, or use the direct link to the new mail client.
  • Next, open the Settings by clicking the gear icon in the top-right corner. Then, click View all Outlook settings at the bottom of the pop-up window:
  • Go to Mail> Compose and reply. Here, you can create or edit your email signature, and choose whether it should appear automatically in your messages. If no checkbox is selected, you will have to add the signature manually when composing an email. The Settings window should also be accessible using this link.
  • Instead of creating your signature from scratch, you can use the free email signature generator to quickly create a well-formatted email signature and paste it into the Outlook on the webs signature editor.
  • After you finish setting up the signature, hit Save. The signature settings should be applied right away.
  • Add A Logo Or Image To Your Signature

    If you have a company logo or an image to add to your signature, use the following steps.

  • Open a new message and then select Signature> Signatures.

  • In the Select signature to edit box, choose the signature you want to add a logo or image to.

  • Select the Image icon , locate your image file, and select Insert.

  • To resize your image, right-click the image, then choose Picture. Select the Size tab and use the options to resize your image. To keep the image proportions, make sure to keep the Lock aspect ratio checkbox checked.

  • When you’re done, select OK, then select OK again to save the changes to your signature.

  • How To Set Up A Signature In Outlook On A Mac

    Mac users are also able to personalize their messages with Outlook signatures.

    To create a new signature on a Mac:

  • Open Outlook and select the Preferences tab under Files.
  • Choose Signatures.
  • Press the + button next to the Edit Signature box.
  • Type your details into the Signature text box. The editor allows you to:
  • Add images by pressing the Photos icon. Browse the web for photos or select a picture from your device.
  • Include a hyperlink to a web page by clicking the Link icon.
  • Create a table with the Tables option at the editors top.
  • Once youve designed the signature, close the editing box.
  • Exit the Signatures window.
  • To include your signature in all Outlook messages on your Mac:

  • Choose Preferences from the drop-down Outlook menu.
  • Navigate to the Email section and tap Signatures.
  • In the Choose default signature section, select the account that will use the signature.
  • Enable signatures on all messages in the New Messages drop-down box.
  • Use the Replied/forwarded option to add a signature to message replies and forwarded emails.
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    Signatures In A Corporate Environment

    When you are in a corporate environment and are responsible for proper signature usage in your corporation, then you might want to consider ways to centrally manage signature usage. This can be achieved in various ways such as via a script to generate personalized signatures on the client or mail server or a combination thereof. There are also specialized tools for this such as CodeTwo Exchange Rules and CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365.

    For an example of a client script and instructions how you can configure Exchange to automatically generate user signatures or append corporate disclaimers to outgoing messages see the guide Setting up a Corporate Signature.

    How Do I Make A Cool Outlook Signature

    Setting up an email signature

    The easiest way for making a cool Outlook signature is by using an Outlook signature maker. The best signature maker for this is Wisestamp since it has over 20 different add-on and features that allow you to customize your signature to fit your needs. You can add GIF banners, custom buttons, a handwritten signature, and much more see some cool examples here.

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    Professional Email Signature Templates

    Thisflexible bundle of professional email templates from Envato Elements includes360 individual HTML files. Choose from between 30 different layout options and12 different color styles. You can easily personalize these templates with yourown logo, photo, and information. There’s also HTML help documentation to helpyour customization go more smoothly.

    Ifyou’re looking for a sleek, modern professional email signature template withplenty of useful features this could be it. Here’s just some of the featuresyou’ll find in the Modern Email Signature Template:

    • Uses smart objects

    Outlook Email Signature Generators

    The good news is that there exist plenty of online email signature generators that offer a selection of beautifully designed email signature templates. The bad news is that very few of those generators allow exporting their email signatures to Outlook for free.

    In our previous article, you can find a quick overview of 4 most popular email signature generators, and 3 of them let you export your custom html signatures to any email client, including Microsoft Outlook, free of charge.

    For example, to copy your email signature created with the Newoldstamp generator to Outlook, simply click the Outlook icon, and will see the detailed step-by-step instructions:

    In addition, there are a number of specialized tools to create and manage Outlook email signatures, for example:

    • Exclaimer Signature Manager – email signature software solution for Microsoft Outlook. It provides a number of email signature templates that let you create professional Outlook signatures that combine static text with images and dynamic data.
    • Xink – makes it easy to update your email signatures across different email clients such as Outlook, Office 365, Google Apps for Work, Salesforce and others.
    • Signature-Switch – an Outlook add-on that improves use of HTML-based signatures.

    All three are paid tools, though trial versions are available.

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    Bonus: An Email Signature For Consistency Across The Company

    This one isnt a copy-and-paste template its a tool. But its relevant and useful enough that we couldnt help but mention it.

    For companies that want the benefits of a custom signature, but also need to have consistent branding across its workforce, you might consider using LeadFuze.

    LeadFuze is technically a search engine for leads, but they also have a free email signature generator. The tool offers a wide variety of layouts that are easy to customize.

    But perhaps the best part of LeadFuze is the feature that allows you to generate a shared URL with the same template and deploy it to your team. They can then use the URL to fill in their own personal details using the same signature format. That way, everyone on your team will have the same streamlined signature.

    Shorter Is Better Than Longer

    How to Setup an Email Signature in Outlook 2019

    In general, 3 4 lines of signature text should suffice. Depending on what you include, you may have to make some choices about what information takes priority. In general, aim to allow enough space for your name, job title, company, and phone number. Its okay to get creative some of these things can fit together on a single line of text.

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    How To Add A Signature In Outlook For Mac

  • Open Outlook.
  • Go to the Preferences menu. You can find this by clicking File > Preferences, or by hitting the Command + Comma keys.
  • .
  • .
  • Edit the Signature name. The signature will be named Untitled by default. Click on the Untitled signature name and rename it whatever you like.
  • Type your desired signature details in the Signature box.
  • Customize your signature settings in the Choose default signature section. You can choose to associate a signature with a certain email account, or have the signature appear in new messages or emails you reply to or forward to others.
  • .
  • Compose a new email.
  • Your new signature should appear at the bottom of a new message. If not, you can manually insert your signature. Simply click on Signatures at the Message tab in the New Email window, then insert the signature you would like to use.
  • While Outlook is a great way to stay on top of emails and tasks, it is prone to security issues too. Learn how to strengthen your Microsoft Outlook account with these top security tips.

    Adding A Signature On Office 365

    1. Sign into your account on Outlook Web App

    2. Click on the cog wheel in the top right-hand corner and select Options.

    3. Click Mail> Layout > Email signature. The Email signature will appear on the right-hand side once selected.

    4. Make sure you select Automatically include my signature on messages I send and Save the signature once you have finished.

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    Outlook 3: Outlook For Microsoft 365 Vs Outlook On The Web

    It might come as a bit of a surprise, but officially, theres no such thing as Outlook 365. There are two Outlook versions which this name may relate to: Outlook for Microsoft 365 and Outlook on the web. Both come as a part of the Microsoft 365 subscription, which is probably the reason why so many users came to name them Outlook 365. This can be very confusing, especially since the name doesnt explain whether the user means the app installed locally or the webmail version. The name stuck nonetheless and nowadays can be found all over the Internet, including tech community forums and specialist websites.

    To be precise, Outlook for Microsoft 365 is the version of the app installed on desktop or laptop computers. Its the most recent iteration, originating from a long line of apps included in Microsoft Office suites and standalone programs, so you might say its the longest known, as it brings to the table all the features and improvements implemented over the years.

    How To Create And Add A Signature To Messages

    How do I set up my email signature in Outlook?

    In Outlook, you can create one or more personalized signatures for your email messages. Your signature can include text, images, your electronic business card, a logo, or even an image of your handwritten signature. You can set up Outlook so that signatures are automatically added to all outgoing messages or create your signature and add it to messages on a case-by-case basis.

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    Download A Professional Email Template

    Beforeyou can add a professional email signature to your Outlook email, you need to findthe right email template for your brand. You can find attractive email templates on Envato Elements.

    EnvatoElements is a great service that gives you unlimited access to hundreds ofprofessionally designed creative assets such as email signature templates,WordPress themes, presentation templates, and much more! As an Envato Elementssubscriber, you’ll even get access to exclusive premium video tutorials.

    Forthe professional email signature examples in this tutorial, I’m using the 1000 Email Signaturestemplate:

    This cool template from Envato Elements has somegreat user-friendly features, including:

    • A smartcatalog to help you find the email signature that’s right for you
    • Alternativefonts Lato, Montserrat and Raleway for HTML files
    • Ahelp file document so you can get started quickly
    • And more!

    Allthese features and more make this signature template a great choice for aprofessional email signature.

    Note: To justdownload a single email template without access to any other creativeresources, purchase a professionally-designed email signaturetemplate on GraphicRiver.

    How To Add A Signature To An Email In Outlook

    If you configured Outlook with a default signature for each of your email accounts, the signature should automatically appear when you start a new, blank email message. To change the signature or to insert one if you don’t have a default, do this:

    1. Open Outlook and then click “New Email” in the ribbon bar to create a blank email message.

    2. In the untitled email message, go to the ribbon bar. Click “Signature.”

    3. Choose the signature you want to insert from the drop-down list.

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    Manually Add Your Signature To A New Message

    If you’ve created a signature, but didn’t choose to automatically add it to all outgoing messages, you can add it later when you write an email message.

  • Go to your mailbox and choose New message.

  • Type your message, and then choose > Insert signature at the bottom of the compose pane.

  • When your email message is ready, choose Send.

  • Copy The Email Signature Image To The Directory

    How To Set Up Email Signatures In Outlook

    Onceyou’ve finished your email signature graphic and hyperlink files, copy thefiles into the following path on your PC hard drive:


    *YourUsernameis the Microsoft Windows username assigned to you.

    So, in this example where we’re using the name Jane Doe the path would be:


    Note: The directory path pictured in the example above is the default path where MSOutlook email signature files are stored. If you or your system administratorhave changed this path, you’ll need to use the new location where your emailsignature files are currently stored.

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    How Do I Add My New Email Signature To Outlook

  • Log in to your Outlook account and select the Home Tab> New Email
  • In the Include group section, select Signature > Signatures
  • In the Choose Default Signature section, be sure to select the account you would like to associate with the signature from the e-mail account dropdown
  • In the Select Signature to Edit section, click the New button and name your signature
  • In the Edit Signature section, paste in your HubSpot generated signature and select OK
  • How To Use Multiple Email Signatures In Outlook

    Multiple email signatures in Outlook seem to be a very useful invention. Why? Firstly, you may need them when sending emails from different email accounts in Outlook. This is a quite common practice when working for more than just one company. Secondly, you may need to respond to some emails as a member of a certain business team or on behalf of that team its not hard to guess that you would need to use different email signatures depending on the recipients. Finally, you may opt to use different signature for internal and external emails a simple one and an extended one .

    Lets then find out how to create multiple email signatures in Microsoft Outlook!

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    How To Add Hyperlinks To Outlook Signature

    Naturally, nothing prevents you from adding a link to your web-site by typing it in full. But the company name that links to your corporate web-site will definitely look nicer.

    To make any text in your Outlook signature clickable, just do the following:

  • In the Edit signature box, select the text, and click the Hyperlink button on the toolbar.

    If the hyperlink text is not added to the signature yet, you can simply place the mouse pointer to where you want to add a link, and click the Hyperlink button.

  • In the Insert Hyperlink window, do the following:
  • In the Text to display box, type the text you want to make clickable .
  • In the Address box, type the full URL.
  • Click OK.
  • In the Signatures and Stationery window, click OK to save the changes.
  • How to make an image in your Outlook signature clickable

    To make the logo, social icons or other image in your Outlook email signature clickable, add hyperlinks to those images. For this, perform the above steps, with the only difference that you select an image instead of text. For example, here’s how you can make your company logo clickable:

  • In the Edit signature box, select the logo, and click the Hyperlink button on the toolbar.
  • In the Insert Hyperlink window, just type or paste the URL to the Address box and click OK.
  • That’s it! Your brand logo has become clickable via a hyperlink. In a similar fashion, you can add links to social media icons such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

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