How To Send Videos That Are Too Big For Email

Transfer Videos From Android Devices To Computer

How To Send Large Videos In Email

One of the common disadvantages of sending files under Android is the limitations when it comes to size. But it doesn’t matter since there are still some ways that users can take advantage of to remove such limitations. Although many third-party tools can be used, finding a good one can be challenging. So in order to save time, we have a recommendation for you here – MobiKin Assistant for Android.

This software allows you to transfer different kinds of files from Android device to computer, including videos, photos, music, contacts, call logs, text messages and so on. Except for that, it also equips other helpful features, such as importing files to Android, editing contacts info, sending messages on computer, installing and uninstalling Apps, etc. All in all, it is a good Android device manager.

Now just download and install the recommended program to your computer and start transferring the big videos on your Android without size limit.

Step 1. Make your Android device be recognized

Launch the installed program on your computer and then connect your Android phone to the computer via Wi-Fi or USB cable. Next, you need to go with the on-screen prompts to let the software successfully detect the connected device. When the tool successfully detects the connected device, you will see the following interface:

Step 2. Preview & mark the videos you want to transfer

Step 3. Export the big videos to PC

Send The File Through A Cloud Service

Youcan also put a large file in a cloud storage area and then share it. Commoncloud storage services include Dropbox,, and OneDrive.

OneDriveis Microsofts cloud storage area. Its built into Windows. If you’ve got a Microsoftaccount, you can store up to 15 GB on your free OneDrive account. You can find OneDrivein your Windows File Explorer :

Step 1. Copy Your Files to OneDrive

Letsexamine how to share large files using Microsoft OneDrive. In the exampleabove, Ive already created a few folders, including one called . To share the filesthrough OneDrive, I open two instances of File Explorer on my PC. I click onthe files I want to share to select them and then drag them into the OneDrivefolder:

Step2. Get the Sharing Link

Oncethe files are in the folder you want share, right-click on the folder name tobring up a pop-up menu. Select MoreOneDrive Sharing Options. The OneDrive window opens with the dialog box:

Youllsee a variety of ways to share the files in your folder, including throughsocial media. To share the files through Microsoft Outlook, click the Copy button to copy the link shown tothe clipboard.

Step3. Add the Link to an Outlook Message

OpenMicrosoft Outlook and create a new message. Press CTRL+V to paste the link into your email message:

Whenyou’re ready, click the Send buttonto send your email message. When message is received, the recipient can clickthe link in the email to access the large files you shared.

How To Send Large Videos Using Cloud Services

Most cloud storage services let you upload files much larger than the email send file limitations.

Upload the video file to your own cloud storage account. If the file is large, it could take a few minutes. Once uploaded, you can right-click on the file and get the share link to paste into email.

If youre using Google Drive and Gmail, Gmail will actually prompt you to upload to Google Drive if you attempt to attach a file thats larger than the send file limit.

Cloud share account limits are larger than email, but they arent unlimited. The free storage limits for each of the most popular cloud storage services are:

  • Google Drive: 15 GB
  • Microsoft OneDrive: 5 GB
  • Apple iCloud Drive: 5 GB

So long as your video files are smaller than this limit, and you have available space in your account, you should be able to upload your entire file to share with whoever you like.

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How To Send A Video Using Outlook

The process of sending videos with Outlook isnt as complex as you might expect.

Its similar to the process employed by Yahoo Mail or Gmail and takes little more than a few seconds to accomplish.

With Outlook, you have two options when sending videos via email. You could either send your video:

  • As a link
  • Or add the video to Outlook by inserting it as an attachment.

1. Send a video in Outlook emails by sending it as a link

The process of sending videos through Outlook is fairly easy.

Just follow the following steps and you should be fine.

Then click on Insert hyperlink, paste the link, and click OK.

With this, your email is ready to be sent and your video is safely linked.

2. Add video to Outlook emails by inserting it as an attachment

Take note that Outlooks maximum attachment file size restrictions are 20 MB rendering most video files too large to send via email attachment. The linking procedure in option one would be better if youre sending a large file.

For compressed files or small video files, however, simply click on the Attach option, go to Browse this computer, select your video and upload it.

Now you can compose the body of the email and send it.

How Can I Send A Large Video File To Another Phone

3 Ways to Email Large Video Files

For two iPhone users, an AirDrop is an excellent option if theyre close by. If not, Mail Drop via iCloud works great too. Two Android users can use a file transfer app or send the files via email.

Android users can make the most of Apples Move to iPhone app. iPhone users, on the other hand, should stick to email when sharing large files with Android users.

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File Sharing With Clipchamp Sharepages

Are the above suggestions just not making the cut? Weâve got one last recommendation that we think might just be the right solution for you.

Weâve created a solution to the âfile size too bigâ error. Clipchamp Sharepages are a place to showcase the videos youâve created in our online video editor with anyone on the internet. Itâs fast and completely free. Instead of uploading your large video file to a cloud or compressor, all you need to do is share a link directly after editing.

Your Sharepage will look a little something like this.

Icloud Mail Drop: Use With Apple Mail

If you want to send large files via email, you can use iCloud Mail Drop feature. When you send an email of size more than 20MB, Mail Drop automatically kicks in. Instead of sending the file through the Apple email server, it uploads the file to iCloud and posts a link or preview to your recipients. The link is temporary and will expire after 30 days.

If the recipient also has macOS 10.10 or later, the attachment gets quietly auto-downloaded in the background. And if you’re sending it to another email provider, the message contains an indication of the file’s expiration date and a link.

With Mail Drop, you can send big files up to 5GB in size. You can send them from Apple Mail, the Mail app on iOS, and on Mac and PC. Mail Drop support every file types and attachments don’t count against your iCloud storage. For more details, see Apple’s Mail Drop limits page.

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Control What Happens After You Transfer Videos

With Dropbox, you always run the show. When you transfer a file by sharing a link from your Dropbox account, your recipients can view, comment on, and download the filebut they wont be able to edit the original. But if you do want others to be able to edit your videos, you can simply invite them to a shared folder with the files inside.

Dont want prying eyes peeking at your stuff? Just add a password or set a date for the link to expire, and only those with access can watch your videos.

Attaching Large Video Files To Emails You Send With Outlook

How To Send Large Video Files Via Email – Quickly and Easily!

The maximum size of the file you can send via Outlook cannot exceed 20MB, which can limit your options if you have to send videos through emails on a daily basis. Luckily, Outlook offers an easy way to attach large video files to all emails you send through this emailing platform.

Click on the dotted-grid icon and then select the One Drive option from the drop-down menu. Afterward, you just have to choose if you want to upload a single video file or an entire folder. Your files will start uploading immediately, so you should just create a new email, click on the Attach icon and select the video files you added to One Drive. Click on the Next button and then choose the Attach as a One Drive File option and proceed to insert the recipientâs email and the message.

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How To Send Files Too Big For Email

Most of these are even free

Are those files youre sending too big for anemail? Maybe you tried text and that didnt work either. Fortunately, there arelots of ways to send large files to people over the internet, and most are evenfree.

Maybe its vacation photos you want to send to a friend, home movies that your uncle asked for, or your music collection, 4K raw video files, backup data, video games, etc.

No matter what youre sending, there are ways to make it work. However, before choosing the best way to send the large files, first identify how big they actually are so that youre using the most appropriate service .

Transfer Send Or Share Large Files How You Want

No matter how many large files you need to send there is a medium out there to help. The file transfer service you use can be as complicated or as simple as you want. Dont get trapped by file limits imposed by your email provider! Pick a storage solution that can accommodate the bandwidth of files you need to transfer .

If youre more old school then purchasing a flash drive will give you an efficient means to transfer your data. But if you want something you can access from anywhere, then a cloud storage provider like Google Drive or Dropbox is probably a better fit.

If youre more technically minded and want to manage a high volume of file transfers then downloading an FTP server might be worth it for low priority files .

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Reasons You Might Be Unable To Email A Video

From time to time, even in the best of worlds, you may face some difficulty when sending videos via email usually when you try to send large video files without compressing them first.

And the common occurrence is that your video surpasses the limit for whatever emailing platform youre using.

Yahoo Mail and Gmail have a limit of 25mb, while Outlook has a 20mb file size clause. Youll have difficulty sending videos if theyre larger than the set limits. Also, there are times when system glitches occur. At times like this, you will probably notice that youre not the only one experiencing problems and it usually clears up after a while.

The best way to ensure that youre always able to send your videos without any problems is to first compress them, or upload them on a cloud service or social media platform, so you can just send out links.

Easy Ways To Compress Video Files For E

How to Send Files Too Big for Email

You just created an awesome video or screen recording and you want to share it via e-mail with your friend or colleague. As soon as you attach the file and hit send, your e-mail system doesnt allow you to send the video, or you receive an angry phone call complaining that you have filled up your friends inbox.

Video files can range from 10 MB for a one-minute video, to a hundred MB or more for a longer video, making them too large to attach to an e-mail.

Before 2004, you had two options to share a large video filecopy the file to an USB flash drive and pass it to your colleague, or use a sharing service like YouSendIt.

Today, we have many more options to compress and send a large video via e-mail. In this blog post, I will explain 6 easy ways to compress video files:

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How To Send Large Videos Via Email

Sending a large video via email will work, but only to a point. Check the size of the video file youve recorded and determine if it fits within the limitations of your email service.

The email send limits for the most common email services are :

  • Gmail: 25 MB
  • ProtonMail: 25 MB
  • Zoho Mail: 20 MB

You may be able to stretch this limit a little further by compressing your video file.

  • To do this, right click the file, select Send to, and select Compressed folder.

In this example, compressing a 223,765 KB video only shrunk the file to 223,037 KB. This will be the case with many videos, depending on the video file format.

If you find that this is the case with your large video file, you have one last option to send via email. You can upload the file to a cloud service and email the recipient the link.

Faq: Why Is Google Drive Lowering The Quality Of My Videos

Large video files immediately uploaded to Google Drive will appear to be blurry. This happens because Google Drive displays a lower resolution version of your video while theyâre still processing the HD version behind the scenes.

Donât panic, your video wonât stay blurry. Once it has finished processing, your video will appear in high resolution again.

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Sending Large Video Files Through Gmail

It only takes a click to start uploading the video file from your Gmail account. Simply click on the Google Drive icon and head over to the Upload tab. You can then drag-and-drop a video file from a folder on your local hard-drive to Google Drive and then hit the Upload button. The length of the upload process depends on the size of the file and the speed of your Internet connection.

How Do I Send A 20 Minute Video Or Longer

How to Send Large Videos on Gmail,How to send attachments larger than 25MB in Gmail

You can send videos of any length with Dropboxsend a 20 minute video, an hour long video, it doesnt matter. You can create a shared link and send it via email, chat, or text for an easy file transfer. You can also share files directly from your Dropbox account. Your recipients do not need a Dropbox account to view or download your videos.

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