How To Send Secure Outlook Email

View And Reply To An Encrypted Message For Microsoft 365 Recipients Using Outlook For Pc

How To Send Secure Email In Outlook 2010

If you’re in a Microsoft 365 organization, you can read messages encrypted with the encrypt-only or do-not-forward policies, or custom protection templates in Outlook 2013 and Outlook 2016 for PC, Outlook 2016 for Mac, Outlook on the web, Outlook for iOS, and Outlook for Android, Outlook on the web,and in Outlook for iOS and Android, and Outlook for PC in the Monthly Targeted Channel. Microsoft 365 users on Semi Annual Channel will be taken to Outlook on the web to read the message. Users with other email accounts will be prompted to obtain a one-time passcode and read the message in a browser window.

To reply to an encrypted message

  • Choose Reply or Reply All.

  • On the page that appears, type a reply and choose Send. An encrypted copy of your reply message is sent to you.

  • How To Send Encrypted Emails In Outlook With Secure Send:

    1. Start your free trial of TitanFile to get access to the Secure Send add-in for Outlook. Dont worry, no credit card is required!

    After you install the Secure Send add-in, Secure Send will now appear in Outlooks navigation ribbon .

    2. Craft your email message by adding an email, subject line, and message

    3. Attach a small file as you normally would or use the Attach Large File button to attach a large file.

    4. Click the Secure Send button instead of Outlooks send button

    and thats it! The entire email will be encrypted and the confidentiality of it will be preserved while its in-transit and at rest.

    Your recipients will receive an email with a button to access the email message and files securely. See the screenshot below.

    When your recipients click on the Access Files button, theyll get redirected to a page where they can set a name and password for an account to access the secured email attachments.

    After creating their account, they will gain access to a secure two-way communication channel and have access to the files and messages you sent.

    Recipients will also be able to send messages and files back to you.

    Its as simple as that!

    Remove Encryption From Send Emails

    In Outlook it is possible to remove the encryption of the email after you have sent it. After you have removed the encryption recipient can read the email without verification.

    • Go to your send items in Outlook
    • Open the encrypted mail that you have sent
    • Select File and select Unrestricted Access under Encrypt.

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    Types Of Email Encryption

    #1) S/MIME : S/MIME is based on non-Sequential cryptography and allows the sender to sign the message to enable verification.

    #2) PGP/MIME : PGP/MIME sends the message as a whole and also includes the attachments. It is the main alternative encryption protocol.

    #3) SSL/TLS : SSL/TLS is the standard protocol in relation to moving emails from the sender to the receiver. It is a basic requirement of sending emails.

    #4) Third-Party Encryption Services: This is a software that you can download and can be used within minutes of being purchased. Be aware that the quality varies, hence research is required.

    #5) STARTTLS: This is an email command protocol which instructs an email server that an email client wants to turn an insecure connection into a secure connection.

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    How to Send Encrypted Email on 3 Major Email Platforms

    With email security challenges on the rise, it is important to encrypt the emails to protect sensitive information and ensure safety during the message transmission. Encryption converts a readable email from plain text to cipher text or code and requires a private key that matches the public key to decrypt, decipher, or decode the email for reading. If the end-user or the hacker , doesnt have the key required to decipher the message, they see an unreadable text.

    In this article, you will learn three different methods to send or receive a secure email in Microsoft Outlook.

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    Features And Cost Of S/mime To Encrypt Emails In Outlook

    Once the initial setup has been completed and certificates have been properly shared, email encryption using S/Mime in Outlook is relatively user-friendly. However, if you are considering encryption options for your business email, we recommend this option only for cases where your recipient explicitly asks for such encryption. That is only likely the case if your business or professional practice serves large enterprise clients or government agencies. Companies working with small businesses or independent individuals are not likely to be able to use S/Mime, as these parties typically utilize free webmail accounts on platforms like Gmail and Yahoo, and may lack both the resources and knowledge necessary to purchase and set up this encryption option.

    If S/Mime is used, it is important to note that users cannot access encrypted emails outside of the Outlook application. Moreover, recipients may be unable to forward encrypted emails to other users. And S/Mime is not compatible with G-Suite email accounts using GSSMO. Such G-Suite email accounts must instead use IMAP.

    The cost of S/Mime varies greatly. In 2019, the certificate prices of Microsofts recommended CAs ranged from $39 to $369 annually. This is a recurring fee that has to be renewed each year, or every 2-3 years if multiple years are paid ahead of time. Furthermore, this is the cost of a single certificate for a specific user. Thus, each user within an organization must obtain a unique certificate.

    Send Encrypted Email From Office 365

    Office 365 secure emails can be send using Outlook Online. The principal and technique are the same as with Outlook, only the menu looks a bit different.

  • Compose a new email in Outlook Online
  • Select Encrypt in the toolbar
  • Click Change Permissions if you also want to prevent forwarding of the email
  • Click Send when done.
  • If you dont see the encrypt button, then click on the 3 dots. You can also add the encrypt button to the bottom toolbar:

  • Select the gear icon and choose All Outlook Settings
  • Select Mail
  • Enable Encrypt.
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    What Is A Secure Email Exactly

    Before we talk encryption, what IS a secure email, exactly?

    A secure email is exactly what it sounds like: an email that anyone can’t read except the specified recipient. In simple terms, itâs a regular email with a few security enhancements added on.

    When weâre talking about secure emails, there are 2 important things we need to cover:

    • Sending safe, encrypted emails that only the recipient can read.
    • And making sure your email attachments are properly encrypted for the right person.

    So, before we cover the actionable steps on how to secure your emails, letâs take a look at some more info on this.

    View And Reply To An Encrypted Message Without Microsoft 365 Using Outlook For Pc

    How To Send Secure Email In Outlook 2013

    If you’re not using Outlook with Microsoft 365, your encrypted message will contain a link in the message body.

  • Select Read the message.

  • Select how you’d like to sign in to read the message. If your email provider is Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft, you can select Sign in with Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft respectively. Otherwise, select sign in with a one-time passcode.

  • Once you receive the passcode in an email message, make a note of the passcode, then return to the web page where you requested the passcode and enter the passcode, and select CONTINUE.

    Tip: Each passcode expires after 15 minutes. If that happens, or if you cant open the message for any reason, start over by opening the attachment again and following the steps.

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    Initial Setup For Encrypting Emails With S/mime

    To set up email encryption with S/Mime on Outlook, individuals should:

    Acquire an email encryption certificate for oneself, import it into Outlook, and then share it with the intended recipient. Verify that each intended recipient has purchased and installed an email encryption certificate into Outlook or an alternative S/Mime compatible email platform. This certificate should be shared with the sender. Gain an understanding of the necessary steps required to send an encrypted email.

    An email encryption certificate can be acquired from numerous certificate authorities . With that being said, Microsoft does encourage individuals who wish to encrypt email to utilize one of its preferred CAs: Comodo, GlobalSign, or IdenTrust. No matter which CA the user chooses to go with, it is imperative to ensure that the email security certificate is purchased, not the SSL certificate which is often more noticeably advertised.

    Once purchased and backed up, the certificate can be imported into Outlook by completing the following:

    To share ones certificate with an intended recipient, a digitally signed message must be sent to each recipient one wishes to send encrypted messages to. To complete this task successfully:

    How To Send A Secure Email In Outlook Tips For Maximum Protection

    Email encryption sounds like something super-complicated that only tech-savvy users can understand. Moreover, many online users believe that email encryption isnt important for them, as they dont run an online business or dont regularly send precious information through email.

    However, whether you use Microsoft Outlook email services for business, communication, entertainment, or any other purpose, you should know how to secure emails and know what you need to do to make sure all of your information is always protected. In this article, well provide you with valuable tips and tricks for maximum protection and share helpful pointers for sending a secure email in Outlook.

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    Quick Ways To Encrypt And Send Secure Emails In Outlook

    Wondering how to send secure emails in Outlook?

    Sometimes, we send confidential details and sensitive data via our Outlook mails that we would not want to reveal to unconcerned personnel. That is why putting some protection over those emails to keep them away from cybercriminals and hackers is essential.

    The essence of encrypting your outlook email is to stop unauthorized people from accessing the enclosed information.

    Outlook email encryption changes the content of your email to an end to end encryption. That means only your enlisted recipients can access the details of the email.

    When secured, an outlook email opened by an unauthorized person will look like a scrambled ciphertext that makes no sense. The only way anyone can access such an encrypted message is by inputting a set private key. After the recipient enters a private key, the texts unscramble and become readable.

    If your outlook emails contain sensitive information, it is crucial to utilize email encryption to keep them inaccessible to cybercriminals.

    That way, even if your email were hacked, the encrypted messages will remain untampered with and unreadable.

    Ready to start sending secured outlook emails?

    This article is a step-by-step guide to encrypting your outlook emails using three different methods. Hereâs what weâll cover:

    Encrypted Email Options For Individual Email

    MS Outlook: How to Secure Your Account &  Encrypt Emails

    You can customize these settings for an individual email by clicking the dropdown menu beside Encrypt Email in your Outlook ribbon, and selecting Use Custom Settings.

    Once you have customized your settings, click OK. The current email will be encrypted using the settings you chose. These settings will apply to the current Encrypted Email only.

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    Discuss Your Concerns Today

    If the certificate and password get misplaced, then the user will not be able to access the previously sent and received emails that were encrypted. And if the user purchases a new certificate, the recipients need to update the users old certificate with the new one. The update process is perhaps the most challenging of all the configuration steps.

    How to import the S/Mime encryption certificate into Outlook?

    The following steps will direct users on how to import the certificates in Outlook:-

    • Open the Outlook application.
    • From Menu, select File and go to the options tab.
    • On the bottom of the Menu, present on the left side of the Outlook options tab, select Trust Centre.
    • Open the Trust Centre and click the Trust Centre Settings button.
    • Now the trust centre window will open. From the menu of trust centre settings, click on Email Security.
    • Under the Digital IDs section, click on the Import/Export button.
    • Now Import/Export Digital ID window will open. Check whether the Import existing Digital ID is checked if not, then put a check against it.
    • Enter the password you received while downloading that security certificate.

    Now, the certificate is successfully imported into Outlook.

    How to send a digitally signed message using Outlook

    A digitally signed message must be sent in order to share the certificate with all those whom the user wants to send an encrypted email. Lets see how it can be done.

    How to add certificates to someones contact data?

    How To Use S/mime Encryption On Outlook Emails

    Once you have your password, the first thing you’ll need to do is back it up somewhere!

    Before you send or receive any emails via S/MIME, you and your recipient are going to need a digital certificate . You can follow the links that Outlook provides to get your hands on one, or do your own research to find a certifier online. Once you have your password, the first thing you’ll need to do is back it up somewhere! You won’t want to purchase a new one if you lose it, or if you install Outlook on a different device. Without your certificate, you won’t be able to read any previously sent or received encrypted emails, either.

    The fist thing you need to do is import your S/MIME certificate to Outlook. To do this simply follow the steps below:

  • Mouse over the top-left of your Outlook window and navigate through File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings> Email Security.
  • You should see an option to import your certificate, labeled Import/Export, so give it a click.
  • A new window will pop up, and you’ll need to make sure that the option to Import existing ID from file is highlighted.
  • Next, select Browse to find your certificate.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter the password associated with the certificate, so do so, and confirm.
  • The Import/Export window will close by itself, and you’ll have finished importing your certificate!

    Next up, you’ll need to . To do so, simply:

  • Type up your email.
  • Navigate to the top of the message window and select Options, then More Options.
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    What Is Microsoft Outlook

    Developed by Microsoft Corporation, Microsoft Outlook is an application for sending and receiving emails. Apart from sending an encrypted response, Outlook can also be used for scheduling appointments, managing tasks, contacts, notes and much more. Microsoft Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office Suite.

    Non-commercial use of this application is free like all other email service providers, but for commercial use, you need to buy a commercial subscription to Office 365. Subscription of Office 365 comes with all the other Microsoft Office apps like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook and much more.

    As we all know, Microsoft Outlook is one of the most reliable and used email service providers in a broad spectrum of industries for sending and receiving emails, distributing files, scheduling meetings and much more. It is crucial for an organisation to keep sensitive information and data secure.

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